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A Special Christmas Vacation


When I married my husband Glen 6 years ago, I was a young doctor working to eat and pay off my student loans. I drove a 10 year old car, lived in an apartment with a slob of a roommate, and was absolutely miserable. We met just as I was starting my second year in the Emergency Room. He was the on-call surgeon, and we hit it off right away.

It was a whirlwind romance, and he hooked me with a big house, help with paying off my student loans, and I had a surgeon for a boyfriend. 6 months after we got married, he had my loans paid off, and I thought I couldn't be happier. That's when he got the offer to work for another hospital at nearly double the pay. He was a sweetheart and told them that they needed to find a place in their E.R. for his wife. They gladly obliged, and that's where we are today.

He had a 12 year old daughter when we got married, but we rarely got to see her. Her mom was not the most pleasant person to deal with, and with us moving to another state, it only got harder. We saw her every other major holiday, and for 5 weeks in the summer. And it seemed that every second she was with us, she couldn't wait to get away. Her and I never really got along that well, and I was too busy to notice or care.

It was a few years in to our relationship when I started getting hints of his other interests. We have twin Mac Books, and I accidentally grabbed his from the kitchen table. What I found were numerous videos and pictures of gay sex. I would like to say I was surprised, but I really wasn't. We very rarely had sex, and when we did, it had all the fire of a bucket of water. I have always been a very up front person, and didn't like to let things stew, so I confronted him about it.

At first, he got pissed because I was in his computer, but after threatening to leave him and take his beautiful house if he didn't stop being a complete fuckhead, he came around. We came to the agreement that our marriage was more of convenience than anything else, and that we would explore other avenues of sexual fulfillment. We both loved each other, but the sex clearly wasn't working.

Hospitals are a meat market for those who are looking. Nurses and Doctors come and go, and married or not, always seem to be looking for fun. I had my fair share of both in the first little while, but also came to the realization that I was also gay. I already had to be discreet because of my marriage, I may as well be discreet when it came to my sexuality.

As of late, work has really gotten in the way of my life. 6 months ago, as a favor to a friend, I began moonlighting in a "Doc in a box" that was having trouble keeping decent doctors and PA's. The pay was decent, but I was working 90 hours a week. I was hardly ever home, and when I was, it was really to sleep a few hours, change clothes and shower. I think I went an entire month without opening my fridge for anything other than a Diet Coke.

My step daughter Samantha had been in my house 2 days before I even noticed she was there. Glen swears that he told me she was coming and bringing a couple of friends, and that I even told him to make sure there were enough towels downstairs for them all, but I don't remember a bit of that. And if I hadn't caught them at the breakfast bar that morning, I think it may have been a few more days before I had noticed they were there.

Samantha is an 18 year old Freshman in College. She got in to Oregon State on a full ride volleyball scholarship, and to my surprise, was actually keeping above a 3.5 average.

"Well, hello Samantha! I didn't even know you were here." I was waiting for her usual teenage attitude in response. Instead, she stood up and gave me a hug.

"I was wondering when I was going to see you, how are you?"

Her cheeriness and willingness to actually hug me, threw me for a loop. "I'm very good Sam, just working way too much. It's so good to see you." She hugged me again, and then turned to her friends.

"This is my friend Lacie.......Lacie, this is my step-mom Jennifer." A tall skinny blond with hair in a bedhead rats nest stood up to shake my hand.

"It's nice to meet you Jennifer. Sammie has told us a lot about you. So, you're an Emergency Room Doctor?"

"Yeah, as well as a doctor at a walk in clinic..............and I work way too many hours..Anyhow, Lacie, it's very nice to meet one of Sam's friends" I shook her hand, and from that handshake, she had to be an athlete.

"And, this is my other friend, Bailey." Bailey was a very pretty redhead with breasts that didn't look like they belonged on her body. She pushed her glasses up on her face, and stood up to shake my hand.

"It's nice to meet you Bailey. It's nice to meet both of you." I really had to go, my shift started in a half an hour, but I didn't want to be rude. "Girls, you are welcome to eat whatever you find, and you can totally make yourselves at home. Sam, I don't know if your dad told you or not, but we got the theatre room done. There are a couple thousand movies on the hard drive, and if you can figure out how to use it, you can watch whatever you want. I can barely use it, so I won't be much help. Oh yeah, and Sam, I know your dad has your car all filled with gas and everything...................you probably already know that..........but if you want, you can take my Jeep. It's out in the other garage. I don't know that there is all that much gas in it, but come by the ER and I will give you a gas card." Samantha gave me another hug and thanked me, we said our goodbyes, and I left them to their breakfast.

To understand this story a little more, you kind of need to know the layout of my house. There are 7 levels to my house, the bottom level being the gaming area. There is a half court basketball court, 2 bathrooms, a full bar, pool table, dart board, 90" TV, foosball, pinball machines and a variety of leather recliners and couches. On the next level, we have an indoor swim spa that has a 12 person hot tub on one end, a theatre room with god knows how many thousands of dollars in electronics, another bathroom, 2 bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace and a covered porch with it's own sound system. The main, ground floor level had the gourmet kitchen, the formal dining room, an informal dining room, a living room with a ground to ceiling fireplace and grand piano, a deck that overlooked the foothills, 2 bathrooms, and a guest room. The rest of the levels are all partial levels that have the rest of the 4 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. My bedroom was on the top level, and the bathroom alone was bigger than my first apartment. The great part of all of this.................Glen has paid for nearly all of it.

Because of the Holiday, my shift was only 10 hours, so I felt like I had won the lottery when I got home by 7. The walk in clinic was being staffed by the PA's for the next 5 days, and I had the next 3 days off from the hospital, so I had been making mental plans all day for what I was going to do.

First thing was a super long, hot soak in my 84" tub. When we built the house, Glen had me meet the designer at a plumbing wholesaler to pick out all the fixtures and tubs. When I saw this tub, I just had to have it. It is 7' long, 4' wide, has about a kajillion jets, aromatherapy, led lights, and it was a combination air tub and whirlpool tub. In the last year, I have only used it maybe 5 times, and I was going to use it tonight.

The stereo was on in the main floor living room, and it was turned up pretty loud. I was in a good mood, and although I wasn't all that fond of this shit music, I poured a huge glass of wine, and went upstairs. It wasn't until I actually got in to my bedroom that I heard the splashing and giggles coming from my ginormous bathroom. I had a feeling that the girls were in their bathing suits making a mess of my tub and having a grand old time, I didn't expect to see what I saw.

I have a fireplace that goes through the master bedroom and in to the bathroom. That fireplace is directly in front of the tub. And as I looked through the glass, I saw three naked girls washing each other and giggling as they did it.

My first reaction was to knock on the door and tell them to get out of my tub and that they probably shouldn't be doing what they were doing. I also thought of just throwing the door open to see their surprised faces and then tell them to leave................I sat in front of the fireplace thinking all these things while also never taking my eyes off of them.

The doctor in me took over within a few minutes, and although pornos like to paint the picture of young girls frolicking in a tub to have it turn in to a carpet munching fiesta within a few minutes, I knew this was just three girls having fun in the biggest bathtub any of them had ever seen. I got up and knocked on the door.

"Um, girls.................I know you are having a great time in there in that huge ass tub, but I have a bottle of wine out here and that tub is calling my name." I heard gasps as they realized they had been caught, and then some quiet whispers.

"Ok Jen, well be out in just a second..............Dad isn't home is he?"

"No, he won't be home until tomorrow morning, he is the on call surgeon tonight. Why?"

"Because all we have are towels, we didn't want to walk all the way through the house with just towels on if dad was here."

"Oh, ok. I will just be out here sitting on my bed, polishing off this bottle of wine. Please rinse out the tub when you're done, and then start me some water."

It was a few minutes before Samantha came out, with only a towel on her head. I hadn't seen her naked since she was twelve, and she had definitely grown up. I had to keep myself from staring at her, and her bald crotch. She walked up to me, took the wine glass from my hand, took a swig, then handed it back. Her slightly more modest friends followed short thereafter with their towels around their midsections.

"Did you rinse out the tub Sam?"

"Yes, step-mother, we rinsed out the tub. Can I have some more of your wine?"

"How about............no. Your dad would kill me if he knew I gave you wine."

"What about if I call him and ask him? And he says yes?"

"Then I really don't care, but if he does, and that is a really big if, you are not leaving the house. And as far as your friends, their parents would have to approve of them drinking, and I really doubt any of that is going to happen. And besides, you are going to have a hell of a time getting your father to answer his phone anyhow."

"Well then, I am just going to have to try then, won't I?" She grabbed my Iphone from my dresser and called him. He must've picked up on the first ring. "Hi Daddy!"

Her conversation didn't last long, but when it came right down to her asking the question, it just flew out of her mouth like it was nothing, and her father had no problem with it at all. And he told me so when Sam handed me the phone. The other two girls called their parents, and after talking to a "totally chill mom", and a "way laxed dad", Bailey and Lacey had their approval to have a few drinks. I still wasn't going to forgo my tub time and told them as much. I also told them that they were going to have to wait until I got out before they commenced to their little party.

I didn't lay in the tub nearly as long as I wanted to. The guilt of knowing that I was holding up these girls fun got the better of me, so I got out. Once I got dressed, I headed downstairs to find them all sitting in their pajamas at the breakfast bar, patiently waiting like little kids looking for pancakes.

I led them down to the bar, and they all bellied up like old pros. I had done some bartending in college, and although I was no bottle flipper like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, I could still mix a mean drink. And by mean drink, I mean I knew how to put just enough liquor in to a drink to make it still taste alcoholic, but not too much to have a person on their ass two drinks in.

"Okay girls, what can I get ya?"

"So, what, are we just gonna sit in front of this bar and get hammered? Or are we going to do something fun?" Samantha looked at the girls, testing the waters for a different answer.

"Well, you guys are the ones that wanted a few drinks, you tell me what you wanna do."

They exchanged a few blank glances, and I could tell that Bailey wanted to say something, but was too afraid to say it. "Bailey, what are you thinking to do? I can see the wheels spinning."

"Um, well, maybe we could play quarters or something...............or maybe like....that one game with a deck of cards."

"Uh, what game with a deck of cards? You're gonna have to be slightly more specific. Like poker or something? Go fish?"

"No, it's like truth or dare, but with a deck of cards........The truth cards are ace thru 7, and you have to also take a drink with ace, two or three.........Then the dare cards are 8 through king, and you have to take a drink on any face cards."

"And what's a game like that called, and where did you learn it? Sounds kind of complicated." The other girls looked at me like I was a window licking moron.

"I don't know what it's called, but we used to play it at summer camp, except we wouldn't use alcohol, because obviously we didn't have any. But one of the girls I shared a cabin with taught it to us."

I didn't really care what they did, I would make them a few drinks, leave a bottle of wine with them, and curl up in front of the fireplace next to the bar and watch them do their thing. They however, had different ideas. I had a pretty good idea about how this night was going to end, and the thought of cleaning of puke turned my stomach. I made them agree that I could cut them off of the alcohol at any time if I thought it was getting out of hand.

My first round of drinks was a pitcher of strawberry margaritas. They went down all too fast, and after partaking in one myself, immediately made another one, a bit stronger, and told them to take their time.

I found them a deck of cards, and went off to the couch to watch them. I wasn't so lucky. They all insisted that I come over and play with them. I was never big in to truth or dare, or drinking games, even in college. And I wasn't all that keen on playing it with a few girls that were barely old enough to vote.

As I suspected, the first half an hour or so were the typical truth questions, with a few idiotic dares thrown in. How many guys have you slept with, have you ever ------, have you ever done it -----, when was your first time that you ------? Now of course I was sworn to absolute secrecy, being made to pinky swear with all of them. And the dares were just as boring and typical as you might imagine. My enthusiasm for this game was wearing thin really quick, and I didn't have all that much of it to begin with. I had all but made up my mind to call it a night and curl up on the couch as per my previous plan, but decided I could make up one more pitcher of margaritas. I thought it also might be a good time to teach these girls how to shoot tequila.

I brought the bottle, 4 shot glasses, a salt shaker, and a squeeze bottle of lime juice. I know your supposed to use actual limes, but I didn't have any of those.

"Okay girlies, it's time to do a tequila shot. Have any of you ever done one before?"

Still bashful Lacey raised her hand like she was in school and in a less than confident voice said "Um, isn't that where you drink the tequila out of someone's belly button and then lick the salt and the lime?"

I just laughed. "No honey, that is a body shot, and that's something for another time. A regular tequila shot it from a shot glass. You wet the area behind your thumb like this.................sprinkle on some salt.............now normally you would have a wedge of lime to hold between your fingers, but since I don't, you just hold on to the lime squeezy thing. Take the shot in your other hand, lick the salt, breathe out, shoot the tequila, then squeeze the lime in your mouth. Or in this instance, just squeeze some in your mouth. Watch me."

I did it just like I instructed, then told them to do the same, one at a time. Not a one of them seemed to like it all that much, but all three asked for another. I tentatively poured them each another shot, and we did them together. Bailey said some lame ass toast that I had never heard, and we downed our shots.

I didn't realize it was my turn again until after we all put down our shot glasses, and they all stared at me.

"Okay step-mother, it's your turn again, take a card."

I drew the Ace of spades, and had to take a drink of my margarita before answering a truth question from Samantha. It was this question that set the hole night on it's ear.

"Okay, here is a good truth question for you. Have you ever had sex with another woman."

I felt my cheeks go flush, and immediately thought of lying. I guess blame it on the tequila, but I heard my mouth say "Yes!" before my brain told it to.

"Really? I just thought you were just some prudey doctor. I would have never guessed that. Like, did you do it in college or what?"

It was too late to talk my way out of it now, so I just spilled the beans. "Yeah, I did in College. Also, in High School, and quite a few times since then. Your father and me have an understanding that I won't go in to here, but.........................." I stopped. This is the part that I had to make them pinky swear that anything they here wouldn't leave the room. "Girls, you have to pinky promise me, just like I did you, that anything you hear me say stays right here." They all agreed, and we exchanged pinkies.

"Okay, you're dad and I have an agreement. A few years ago, I caught him having an affair. At first I was mad, but we came to the agreement that although we love each other very much, our marriage is very much one of convenience. We haven't slept together in years, and through much soul searching, I came to the realization that sex with men wasn't my thing."

In unison, they all blurted out "You're a lesbian?"

"Yes girls, I am a lesbian. A lesbian in a male/female marriage. He does his thing, I do mine. But I can tell you this right now, neither one of us has all that much time for our things."

They all kept looking at me, almost to the point that I was starting to feel uncomfortable. I was just about to ask them why they had gotten all quiet, and could actually feeling my blood starting to boil at the realization that I just told them my darkest secret when Samantha grabbed my hand.

"Jen, I think it's great. I really do. So many woman are scared of what they are, I'm glad that you trusted us enough to tell us. "

"Thank you Sammie, that means a lot................but are we going to sit here and grill me about liking chicks, or are we going to move on with the game?"

They all laughed, when Sam asked me if I had any cigarettes. I certainly wasn't going to go in to my doctor speech about smoking when I actually did have a couple of packs in the bar for occasions such as these. So I went behind the bar, and Sam and I stepped out on the patio.

"So, can I ask you another question, like, off the record?"

"Off the record? You watch too many TV shows. But yeah, of course, ask me anything."

"You can't tell them I told you or anything, you promise?"

"Yes of course."

"Well, last weekend, Lacey, Bailey and I got a hotel room and had a threesome."

"Um, okay. What's the question? Do you feel bad about it?"

"No, not at all. We had all been talking about it for a while, and Lacey had already tried it with a girl once in high school, and Bailey was fingered by a girl at the movies once. I had only ever kissed a girl once on a dare, but I really wanted to do more. So, like we did it and stuff, and it was all fun like, but it was something different for me."

"Something different how?"

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