tagBDSMA Special Day In The Life Ch. 05

A Special Day In The Life Ch. 05



Forty minutes later I'm kneeling at Their feet, holding a serving tray high above my bowed head. Making breakfast of real food that I could smell is horrible torture. Slaves eat porridge made from dog food and whatever dead critters are found washed up on the beach. It's hard to swallow your drool when you've got a rubber dick jammed down your throat too.

The freaking devices locked inside me continue to torment and tease me endlessly. While I cooked and thought They might not see, I tried to hump the corner of the counter too, but it didn't work. Once They must have suspected I was trying that and I got a strong zap in my guts. I did not try again.

Now I'm Their breakfast table. When I slavishly presented their breakfast, They did not take it. They simply chose to use me as their table. As i'm slllowwwly being fucked, ass probed, and fingered mechanically, They're eating a delightful breakfast. My arms ache. I try not to quiver. I'm sure that if a drop of coffee spilled I'd be fried or zapped or both.

Carolyn kicks my knee. I look up. She makes another dismissive wave of Her hand. I guess They've finished.

Very careful to not spill anything, I lower the tray. "Yep," I think as I look over the tray. "They finished."

I guess They want me to clear the tray and wash up or something and did not want to bother to tell me. There is still silence inside my hood. Her wave was clear enough though I decide and I unfold myself from my knees to stand, just as the devices inside me kick in yet again.

I stumble. The glass with a bit of orange juice still in it slides off and breaks on the floor.

BIG mistake.

Nancy brings both of Her hand to Her face, makes an "O" of Her mouth in mock surprise. Her eyes twinkle with devilish delight though.

Carolyn reaches for the control and sadly shakes Her head stabbing at various buttons.

"BAD slave! BAD slave must be punished!" She states with stern irony.

In a heartbeat I'm screaming in my gag, writhing in agony on the floor, begging. "Mmmm Mmmmm" "Mmmmm Mmmmm" "Mmmm MMMmm" trying to say "no" "no" "no!"

My clit is shocked every two seconds for a second that seems like an hour. I'm sure I'll never orgasm again when my clit is shriveled like a raisin.

My rectum and vagina are being broiled. I picture what a car cigarette lighter looks like and imagine two of those inside me!


But something else is happening too. The corkscrew-shaped dildos start turning a FULL turn, stops and REVERSES a full turn, stops, twists a full turn, reverses again and again and again.... non-stop, quick and powerful! The smaller one in my butt now bumpity-bumpity-bumps in my a-hole like crazy, sending shock waves all through my tail and hips. The little nubs on either side of my clit that were squeezing me every couple seconds start to wobble around in slow circles constantly, rubbing my clit, just like fingering it non-stop. "Gawd! Oh Gawd! Oh my Gawd!!" I scream uselessly through my gag.

I'm gasping not able to get my breath because my corset is so tight. PantPantPantPantPant is all I can do, tiny little short breaths whistle through my nostril and penis gag holes.

I crawl frantically to Carolyn's feet and rub my gagged and hooded face against Her shoes. I can not kiss and lick them. I MUST submit to Her. I'm twitching, screaming, thrashing around while I try to show submission as desperately as I can.

The pair of corkscrews twist and twirl within me just like agitators in a washing machine. My clit is swirled around and back and forth by the pair of nubs, and I CUM!

I feel myself squirt and squirt and squirt inside my rubber shorts. The pain from the shocks to my clit sets the pace of my waves of orgasm.

In that one instant, just a tenth of a second, all of my paingasm training flashes thru my mind, just a jumble of memories....

Every day all new slaves, including me, had to beg for everything; eat, drink, pee, poop, speak, sleep, stand, kneel, everything. And permission was granted only after we lick a Mistress' boots or lick Her to orgasm.

Then every few hours, day and night, I was chained or strapped or clamped down totally immobilized and helpless, legs spread wide, and commanded to beg for an orgasm.

Every single time I was fingered until right on the brink, then whipped on my cunt, finger fucked more, then clothes pins snapped on my labia lips, fingered, then another pin, a dildo slid in me, then my clit was zapped with a cattle prod, then the Mistress fucked me hard with the dildo, while She snapped another pin on my clit and twisted my nipples one at a time with Her other hand. I would cum in terrible pain. Every day. About every three or four hours I'm guessing. There was no way to tell time. They even woke me up to do this. I never knew if it was day or night, June or September. This all happened deep in a dark dungeon. I was in one cell forever it seemed. All I did was beg, suck a Domme's clit, and be trained.

It was always different, cattle prods, clothes pins, riding crops, long needles, painful ointments, whips, different Mistresses every "shift," with one thing always the same. Intense pain always accompanied my orgasm. A Clitoris Alliance slave girl is trained to know she will only cum in severe bondage and excruciating pain.

I knew what was happening to me. I'm not dumb. But it does not change that after months of this I dreamt about being pussy whipped to orgasm, yearned to be chained and tortured to get that. I begged for it. If I had to pee or got hungry, I craved licking a Mistress.

All of that bubbled and simmered in the background of my mind in the moment while I rub my gagged hooded face against Mistress Carolyn's foot. Just feelings. Just the way I am now. What I consciously thought frantically to myself all in a jumble was...

I must submit!

I have to get Her to stop the pain

Shit that hurts!!

Do I look sexy enough like this?


Uh! Uh! Uh! Uhhh!!

I must beg Her to like me

This orgasm is SO beautiful

I do NOT want the pain to stop

I must beg Her to stop the pain

The pain is so fucking BAD!

She's wonderful, I love Her

Please don't stop it

FUCK! that feels great!!


I pray I look sexy to Her

Gawd it hurts SO good

More! I beg it!

I think She likes me

Uh! Uhhh! Uh! Uhhh! UHHH!!

I submit! I submit!

My mind was a swirling mess of conflicting terror and joy, fireworks and a train wreck, just like my genitals. I desperately rub my face on Her feet, stroking and caressing them. Whatever She does to me I will accept. My heart pounds. I hope I don't die. I don't want to die. I yearn be Their slave forever.

The shocks to my clit stop suddenly. The screws cool and stop moving. The nubs stop wiggling my clit.

Mistress Nancy pulls me up to my knees by my ponytail. I see Her say something to Mistress Carolyn, which I can't hear but Carolyn hands Her the remote control. Nancy glances at the remote, glances at me, still holding my ponytail, brings the control to Her lips.

I wait eagerly, utterly filled with deep devotion and total focus, 100% of my attention on whatever She might say.

"Slave girl? pFffft pFffftt," She blows into the microphone," Can you hear me?" She asks.

I whine once.

"Good." She says. "you have been a very very bad slave. you WILL clean up your horrid mess." She bends down so Her face is like an inch from mine, a tight painful grip on my ponytail pulling me to Her.

"In the cabinet under the sink in the kitchen are rags, a bucket and scrub brush. you will find a dustpan and whisk broom. There is carpet cleaner there too. In the bathroom under the vanity is a hair dryer. In the hall closet is a vacuum cleaner. you WILL get up all the broken glass. you will scrub the carpet, dry it with the hair dryer, vacuum up the dried foam. Understand slave?"

I whimper once.

She glances at the control in Her hand. Pushes some buttons. The nostril and penis gag air holes in my hood SNAP SHUT!!!

"Go. Now slave." She says in an offhand manner, releasing Her grip on my hair, turning away from me as if no longer interested in me.


I jump to my feet and run to the kitchen...

I put the bucket in the sink, splash in some of the cleaner, turn on hot water to fill the bucket....

I run to the bathroom, dig through the bottles of shampoo and other stuff under the vanity to find the hair dryer, grab it and run...

I run to the closet and grab the vacuum....

I drop the vacuum and hair dryer on the carpet and run back to the kitchen...

I CAN'T BREATHE!!!! no matter what I try there's NO AIR getting though the tight rubber hood that encases my head!

I run to the kitchen, bend down to get the dustpan, and whisk broom, stand up, turn off the water, tuck the dustpan and whisk broom under my arm, grab the bucket in one hand....

I run back to the sitting room and put everything on the floor....

There's no extension cord for the dryer and vacuum!!!! I sob!!!!

I run back to the closet in the hall and grab the one dangling from the top shelf...

I plug in the cord behind the settee, plug in the dryer and vacuum...

I run back to the front of the settee and fall to my knees, sorta slidin to a stop by the spill and broken glass...

I'm frantic, sucking my gag. THERE'S NO AIR!!! I sob and pick up the broken glass real quick. I don't need the whisk broom...

I'm a total wreck, sweat pouring out of every pore on my body, a squishy, slimy, icky oozy mess in my rubber...

Just then, the two screws start to twitch again, the nubs squeeze my clit gently.

"Mmmmm Mmmmm," "Mmmmm Mmmmm," "MMMMMM MMMMMMM!" I wail thru my gag!!!

I dab at the juice with the rag, scrub at the stain with the brush like crazy...

I plunge the scrub brush back in the bucket and scrub more...

My lungs ache. my vision gets wobbly and blurry....

I turn on the hair dryer and wave it over the wet carpet. I can't hear it through my hood. I can not feel the air blast or anything through my latex gloves. I don't even know if it's even on!!! I pray that it's on and working!!!!

Sllloowwlly I see the water dry...

I sob....

The things within me twirl their teeny eighth of a twist, my clit is squeezed, my vision blurs, I try to gasp but there's NO AIR!!!!!

The spot on the carpet looks dry, white powdery, looks dry!! "HURRY!" I think...

I grab the vacuum, flip the switch, and still on my knees hug it cause I don't think I can stand, running it back and forth over the powder, I pray that it's on cause I can't hear that either...

I glance up hoping for mercy but see through a blurry haze the Mistresses are ignoring me, chatting pleasantly even though I can not hear Them...

Everything goes gray, then black, I think I fall over still hugging the vacuum.....

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