A Special Day In The Life Ch. 09


The Great Hall is huge. The centerpiece is a magnificent table that could seat maybe a hundred Mistresses. It's beautiful. I think a small airplane could land on it if needed. Actually, the hall might be big enough for an airplane to fly in. I almost chuckle to myself but straighten up real fast before I get lashed for looking silly. "Sultry! Sensuous! Don't get whipped!" I resolve with determination.

I heard that table was brought all the way from Germany when this castle was built six hundred years ago. I can't imagine how. It must weigh more than most houses. Maybe they had really big sail boats or whatever they call them I guess.

At the head of the table is Mistress Jane's throne, tall and grand, plush and ornate. At the other end of the table is a slightly smaller throne for the Captain of the Guards. Since the island does not have so many Mistresses recently, only twenty or so smaller thrones are lined up on each side. There's plenty of room. My eyes drift across a sea of glittering crystal goblets, fine wine glasses, sparkling silverware, elegant linnen. The soft glow of candles in silver candleabras, flames flickering slighly, adds to the regal atmosphere.

Every ten feet or so there are massive table legs. Each include a heavy iron ring to chain slaves. They are very nice iron rings though, not just the plain ones that are everywhere around the castle. I know I will work at one of them. I get the honor of actually serving the Mistresses who chose me. I hope I get to serve above the salt. Being a new 9 girl I doubt it and resign myself to servin the rude and rowdy Guards below the salt. I'll do my best though no matter what, I determine with the best slave-steel I can muster.

Since I'm last on the chain, my driver Mistress takes me first to where I'll work. I'm totally amazed as She takes me far up the table, only one table leg away from Mistress Jane's throne! "Gawd!" i think, "Lucky me! Am i gonna serve a Mistress Physician? Maybe a high official?" I swallow hard wondering why lil' ol' me is so honored. She locks a ten foot chain to my left anklet. I'm pleased to see it's as pretty as my shackles., "Lovely, shiny, glittery," I think. I would not want to look tacky.

"Kneel. Stay," She commands absentmindedly as She goes back to the other girls on Her chain.

"Yes Mistress. Thank You Mistress," I answer as I fold gracefully to my knees. I'd lick Her boots but She already turned away.

I dare to look around a bit. I chance moving my head without permission. I'm dying to see if I can figure out Who I'm to serve. Craning my neck a bit, I kneel up a little. I can just see the elegant place cards at the two settings nearest my chain. I gasp. In gorgeous caligraphy on the two cards is written "Mistress Carolyn Sternn" and "Mistress Nancy Lovelace."

My mind races. My bosom heaves. I get a bit moist under my armpits... and below. Now I know Who chose me. Now I know why I'm dressed and madeup mostly in gold, tan, beige, and taupe.

I kneel as prettily as I know how and wait.

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