tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Special Occasion Ch. 01

A Special Occasion Ch. 01


I've been asked to post this story on Literotica, a fantasy somewhat based in reality, by some of my previous readers. I hope you enjoy it.


Tonight was the night we'd all been waiting for. Certainly some of us had been waiting with more anticipation than others, but we were all glad that it was finally here and the tension of waiting was over.

This night had taken lots of planning, and we'd spared no expense to make it happen, but when Gee called and told us he'd arrived at the hotel we all finally knew that it was going to happen.

Up until that phone call Sam had been hoping that Gee wouldn't show up: perhaps he would change his mind, his girlfriend wouldn't let him come, or even that his plane might crash on the way here. But when he called to say he'd gotten to the hotel she knew that there would be no turning back.

This was only going to be one night, but she knew that it would be a night of sex that none of us would ever forget. She knew that she was going to get every part of her body used, and perhaps abused, by both of us, and often at the same time.

Although we'd never met, we knew what each other looked like, and Gee certainly knew every detail of Sam's body from the photos that I'd sent him. When he called we made arrangements to meet in the hotel bar at 5:00 for a couple of drinks before going up to the room. He confirmed that he had already set up the video camera as planned and that we would supply the 35mm camera and any needed lubricants or toys.

Since this was going to be a special night Sam was waiting patiently for instructions for the evening. I told her what time we'd leave the house, what to wear for the evening, and then as she was heading in to shower told her that we both wanted her pussy to be shaved nice and smooth! She didn't say anything, but simply nodded her head with each bit of instruction that I gave her.

When it was finally time to go, Sam came down the stairs dressed in just what I had asked of her. She looked stunning! As required she was wearing her silky black nylons and garter belt without any panties. She had complied with our wishes and her freshly shaved pussy was in stark contrast to the black stockings and garter belt. She was also wearing her little black 1/2 bra that held her breasts up and out with the nipples fully exposed.

I couldn't resist and started to photograph her as she came down the stairs. She had expected to wear a sheer dress over this outfit, but when I told her no, that she wouldn't she again simply nodded her head in agreement. Since this was winter she would be wearing a coat. I'd often taken her out to a movie or shopping in the winter before wearing a coat and nothing else so this wasn't anything new.

When she reached for her long winter coat I told her that wasn't the right one, and handed her the shorter fall jacket. Once again she didn't say anything but simply put the jacket on and zipped up the zipper. This was just perfect, it covered up all the essentials, but as she zipped up I could see the tops of her stockings without any problem.

Since I didn't want to be late we quickly jumped into the car to head to the hotel. Sam gave a little squeal when we got in the car as her bare ass came in contact with the cold vinyl seat. While sitting in the car she let her jacket ride up, and I could easily see her white skin above the tops of her nylons. I was so anxious for the evening to begin that I had a hard time keeping within the acceptable speed limit as I raced to the hotel.

By the time we finally arrived Gee was already sitting in the bar. He looked as anxious as I was, and later admitted that he had come down early to get a drink since he couldn't stand the anticipation. When we walked into the bar he immediately stood up to greet us, it was obvious that he recognized Sam from the many photos he had seen of her.

We found a booth back in the corner, and ordered a round of drinks. Both Gee and I needed them to relax and ease the anticipation and Sam needed one to help ease her worries. We quickly finished our drinks, and soon the discussion turned to Sam, and the upcoming night of events.

Gee confirmed that he had the video camera all set up, which was something that Sam hadn't been prepared for. She began to squirm a little at this and complained about "making a movie." I simply told her that she didn't have any choice in the matter, that this was a big event for us all, and we wanted to have it recorded for later use. Once again she just nodded her head and looked away for a few moments. By this time the level of excitement was beginning to overcome my judgment, as it often does, so I reached over and began to unzip Sam's jacket.

She was sitting between us and during our previous conversation had tried to keep the hem of the jacket pulled down to cover her bare pussy. Now that I had started from the top she knew it would be no use to try and cover up. Almost as soon as she released her hold on the jacket the bottom hem slipped up to show the top of her stocking. I encouraged Gee to "take a peek" by sliding it up a little higher.

He didn't need any encouragement and slowly slid her jacket hem above the stocking to reveal a portion of her white thighs. I could see him rub Sam's smooth skin for a few moments before he lifted it even higher to reveal her shaved pussy. With her pussy now in plain view Gee got even bolder and slipped his hand between her legs. Without saying a word, or making any sound, Sam simply spread her legs a bit to allow him access.

It wasn't long before he managed to get a finger inside of her cunt and started to pump in and out. I don't know what might have happened next if the waiter hadn't shown up right then. He asked us if we wanted any more drinks, but all the while kept his eyes glued on Gee's hand stuck in Sam's bare pussy. I told him to bring us the bill, and with a sigh he suggested that we might want to put "that away" before the dinner crowd comes in.

As soon as he left Gee once again continued his assault on Sam's pussy. Just before he returned I suggested that we needed a little more exposure here, and that we should open up her jacket to show the waiter. After all it would be a good tip for him. Gee agreed with me, and although Sam started to say no the two of us quickly had her jacket unzipped and pulled open.

When the waiter returned with the bill we had instructed Sam to take it from him, and pay him. We had stuffed enough money into her bra, so when she took the bill from him she had to reach under her tit and get out the money. She actually managed to do this all with a smile for him, but her hand was trembling through it all.

None of us could wait any longer, so we quickly got into the elevator to head up to the room. Since we were the only people on the elevator as soon as the doors closed we quickly began to feel up Sam's body. It's really fun to meet someone, and work with them, when they have the same ideas you do! We hadn't even gone up one floor before her jacket was opened up and pushed back to fall down to hang at her elbows. When we reached the right floor to get off Gee walked out first with Sam behind him. Seeing that there were no people in the hallway Gee suggested that she take off her jacket and give it to him. She looked at me for directions, but I only nodded my head in agreement.

We began to walk to the room with Sam between us while Gee carried her jacket. Although she was nervous about what was going to happen, and being almost naked in a public hallway, Sam's nipples were already rock hard. When we arrived at the room we heard the elevator doors open and close again. Somehow we all knew that whoever had gotten off was going to walk down the hallway we were standing in. We also all knew that we wouldn't be going inside until we had exposed Sam to whoever was coming.

Fortunately it wasn't hotel security, or some one that might not enjoy the sight of an almost naked women. It was just a weary salesman with his suitcase in tow. He was so occupied with his thoughts that he didn't even see us until he was a few feet away. Suddenly he looked up and saw Sam standing between us. He smiled about as big a grin as he could and came to a stop in front of us. His eyes moved up and down her body, stopping for some time, to rest on her pussy, her tits, and then settled on her bare pussy once again. He let out a low whistle and asked "how much did we have to pay for her?"

I explained that she was really expensive, that she was my wife. With that he started to laugh since he didn't believe me. About that same time he noticed the wedding and diamond rings on her hand and it finally sank in. Then he started to babble and again asked if it was true. I nudged Sam so she finally spoke up and said that yes she was married to me. I told her to explain what we were going to do that night. After a couple of pleading looks at me she finally told him that tonight she was going to fuck and suck us both as often as we wanted.

Then I prompted her to to tell what else we would do. After a deep breath she finally said that tonight she was going to take two men at the same time. That Gee and her husband would both fuck her at the same time, and that we were going to start with one in the ass and one in the mouth. By the time she'd gotten out those words she was totally embarrassed and was blushing.

She had hardly finished explaining before Gee opened the door and we quickly disappeared inside the room. Once we were inside Sam took a deep breath and slowly let it out. Although she knew that she was in for a very involved night of sex she seemed relieved to be in private. She looked around the room and quickly exited into the bathroom. I wondered how long she would stay in there.

Perhaps she'd lock herself in and never come out? Gee showed me the video camera and explained how to focus it and zoom in and out with it. When he heard the bathroom door open he quickly switched it on. As Sam came back into view he was following her with the camera. Once again she asked if we had to have the video going for tonight. I asked Gee what he thought and he assured her that we wanted everything caught on tape.

Sam knew that now was her time to perform so after taking a couple more deep breaths simply asked what we wanted her to do now. Since she was already almost nude we couldn't have her do a strip tease for us, so instead told her that we'd like to watch her dance for awhile.

She really doesn't like to perform like that, doing it just for the sake of having someone look at her, but as soon as we found some music on the radio she began to move a bit. She really wasn't getting into this, but was doing her best to sway back and forth in time to the music. Gee began to give her instructions as he followed her moves with the camera. First she was to look right into the camera, and keep her gaze centered there. Then he had begin to rub her body with her hands. Slowly she looked like she was at least getting used to the performance and she alternately rubbed her breasts, thighs, ass and pussy.

Soon Gee had her pulling on her hard nipples with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Even though she would never admit to enjoying this, her body was beginning to betray her. Her nipples stayed hard and pointed after she let go of them, and she was beginning to rub her pussy just a little harder and faster than before.

She was still wearing the same outfit that she started with, but it provided no hindrance for access to either her nipples or her pussy. Sam asked if I wanted her to undress, but after some consideration we both decided that we'd leave her dressed like she was. Dressed in the black stockings, garter belt, and half bra she looked much more the slut wife that she would have if she were naked.

By now both Gee and I were naked and since Sam was getting tired I suggested we all move to the king size bed. Gee put the camera on record and aimed it at the bed as Sam laid down in the middle with one of us on each side of her.

Gee and I spent the next few minutes exploring every inch of Sam's body with our hands and mouths. When I finally got Gee's hand out of the way and both my fingers into Sam's pussy I was surprised to find that she was indeed turned on, and ready for sex. I slowly started to pump her pussy with my right hand, and instructed Gee to rub her clit with his thumb. This left each of us with a free hand, which we used to rub her breasts and pull her nipples. I knew that Sam couldn't hold out for long and in just a couple minutes she began the telltale arching of her back as she started to quietly shudder.

When she has an orgasm this way Sam always reaches down and grabs the fingers on her clit to push them into her pussy, and this time was no different. It was an unusual feeling to have Gee's fingers enter Sam's pussy while mine were already in there. She held us both in her for a few minutes, and when she finally relaxed she let go of our hands. I asked her how she felt, and without too much prodding I was able to get her to admit that she felt good, and that she had enjoyed her orgasm. She knew that now was her time to make us feel good, so she asked me what I wanted her to do.

To be continued...

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