tagLetters & TranscriptsA Special Valentine's Present

A Special Valentine's Present


Dear Lynn,

Happy Valentine's Day! Five of them now and each one better than the last. My words can never express how much I love you. I never thought I could find such a perfect (and kinky) woman.

Last night was incredible. When your voluptuous, full body straddled my cock and buried me so deep, it was all I could do not to cum immediately. Just watching those D-cup tits bounce up and down as you came all over me would drive any man to bust a nut. The look you got in your eyes when you teased me that you wanted me to cum inside you and make you a mommy was amazing. The satisfied expression on your sweet face with that beautiful red hair spread across your pillow would make any man pound his chest in pride. Of course, the only disappointment was the ending; when you asked me to pull out before I could give you what I want so badly: our baby.

Along with this letter, you will find a few other presents as well, my love. Use the bath salts (I got the ones you like so much) to take one of the hour long soaks you love so much. Put on the white teddy and stockings that are in the box. Then walk down the hall to our room. Let me paint you a picture of what awaits you.

I have bought those red silk sheets you have been wanting. I wonder how your hair will look spread out across those. But I have also added a few other touches to our room: candles and roses, of course on this special day. The good thing about red sheets is that they will hide the stains from the rose petals our bodies crush. Their fragrance will mingle so sweetly with the smell of hot sex, don't you think? Lest I forget the sense of taste, there is also chocolate, strawberries and Champaign.

There are also a few other presents waiting, such as soft bindings for your arms and legs and even a blindfold. We have often teased about tying one another down; why have we not? Tonight though must be perfect; and you tied helplessly beneath me will be yet another fantasy cum true. I want this night to be something that we will both remember for all time; a Valentine's Day without equal.

Why you may ask? Because this night, this special day, I want the most precious gift of all from you; a baby, our child. We have talked about this; we have for the past couple of months teased and role-played. You have me so unbelievably hot and hard at the prospect that I found myself unable to concentrate at work with images of your taut tummy growing larger by the day with my child.

Sometimes we both have the tendency to over-think, to analyze, something to death. It is time now to do more about this than think or talk. On this perfect day of love, I want us to act, to make the baby we both want. So my dearest love, will you allow me to give you the most perfect gift of all today?

I want you tied beneath me, your red hair against those red sheets. The white teddy will highlight perfectly your pale skin. I want slip the blindfold over those expressive green eyes. Then I will tease your full body with my kisses and soft caresses until you are moaning, writhing and begging beneath my hard body. You will be helpless to take what you want this time, unable to push me onto my back and ride me as you did last night. You will be forced to wait, until you think you cannot take anymore of my games.

I will tease those sensitive pink nipples of yours then. As I do I will whisper against the heat of your skin, 'in nine months our baby will nurse from these.' Then as I continue to suckle and nip, my hands will slowly rub the soft flatness of your tummy, 'you will get so big, sweetie.' I will slowly slip down your body then, stopping to kiss that belly of course.

My fingers will slowly open the soft petals of your sweet pussy. How wet will you be for me then, my love? I will draw your hard clit into my mouth as I push my fingers deep into you, mimicking the act that will follow. 'I'm going to put my seed right here,' I whispered against your wetness as my finger finds the opening to your womb.

How much will you beg and plead? How badly will your body yearn for my hard cock then? Should I give into those pleadings? Should I fill your wet cunt with my hard cock and give you the orgasm that I have been denying you through all this teasing? When I do, will you beg me as before to 'make you a mommy?'

This time, my loving wife, I will not be the gentleman. I will not allow you to change that pretty, little mind of yours at the last moment. I will be your conquering knight, your bold lover, the alpha male claiming what is and always was his. I will take us both upon the wildest coaster ride of orgasmic bliss. I will squeeze orgasm upon orgasm upon powerful, soul-drenching orgasm from your lush body until you are trembling and compliant beneath me. Then and only then, I will I take what you offered, and give what we both want. I will fill you with my seed...and begin the new adventure which we have talked about and planned for so long.

And that, my loving wife, is the Valentine's Day present that I want most of all this year. Of course, my gift may take a bit of time before we can unwrap around Halloween by my calculations. Hmmm...my voluptuous witch with a round full belly has definite possibilities as well...

So my wife, my love, my best friend, my soul mate...will you be my very special Valentine this year? Will you add to this litany of praise that I sing for you daily...mother of my child? Will you make my deepest wish and fantasy cum true?

Forever yours,

Your husband, your servant, your master...John

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