tagErotic CouplingsA Splendid Day

A Splendid Day


Greg and Shannon have been seeing each other since just before Christmas and things are going nicely. Almost too nicely, if you ask their friends. They are always together now, and while they are careful when they're around friends or family members, as soon as they are alone they indulge, sometimes with reckless abandon. The chemistry between them is electric! That awkwardness of a new relationship is long-gone, and they are having the time of their lives exploring each other and the new things they discover together.

When winter eased into spring, Greg and Shannon found a comfortable rhythm they are still enjoying, taking full advantage of this summer's warm weather. During the work week they enjoy lunch at one of their favorite little cafés or restaurants near where they each work. On the weekends they spend as much time together as they possibly can. Saturday often begins early in the day and sometimes lasts the entire weekend. You can't say they've moved in with each other, they are truly inseparable, especially on the weekends.

Last Saturday Greg stopped by to pick Shannon up for the day's outing. He was stunned by her beauty when she opened the door. Wearing a white summer "sun dress" trimmed with tiny little yellow accents, she smiled and kissed him hello. The dress' thin linen fabric enabled the skirt to flow freely when she walked. Somehow in this dress she looked both younger and older at once. Younger in that it gave her a look of innocence, older in that it accentuated her feminine form like nothing Greg had seen her in thus far. "You are stunning in that dress, Baby!" he blurted. Maybe he gushed a bit -- but he didn't care. She looked incredible and he felt great that he would be spending the day with her.

"You don't look so bad yourself, Handsome," and she stepped back into her apartment, inviting him inside for a moment. Double-checking that they had all they needed for the day's shopping, they started out. Greg didn't mind shopping with her; it was a perfect opportunity to spend time with her -- lots of it.

About eleven-thirty they decided to beat the noon rush and stop at a nearby Bistro, ordered and chose a place in the outdoor café near the busy sidewalk. While they waited for their sandwiches they sipped their drinks and talked. They love talking, Greg and Shannon, and have discovered they love it when the topic meanders all over the place. Anything goes -- anything is on-topic. It's great. So when Greg asked Shannon if girls ever had fantasies, he wasn't terribly surprised to hear her say "sure". He was a bit surprised, though when he asked if SHE had any and she blushed, nodding that she did.

"What is it? Have you ever told anybody?"

She blushed. "I haven't... yet"

"Well then, now's the time," he smiled.

Shannon leaned closer, her eyes bright with anticipation, then leaned back... "I don't think I should"

"Sure you can," Greg countered, "I'll not blab it all around, you know that."

"Well.... Maybe."

"I won't spread it - honest - but I'd love to know."

She leaned in again. "Someday, " she began... hesitating... "Someday I wanna fuck like crazy -- outdoors."

"Ooooo nice one!" Greg beamed. "Where outdoors? Anything specific?"

"All kinds of places when I fantasize, really." She offered, "I just like the thought of the sun shining down, making me warm, even a little sweaty while I lose it with my lover."

Greg took another sip of his tea. "How often you think about it? A lot? Or just now and then."

"Well in summertime, like now, I think about it all the time. Not much in the winter, though -- who wants to freeze themselves, ya know?" She laughed and tossed her pretty hair back over her shoulder again. Greg had accepted her little bit of info, even asked more questions. She wondered if he would be the one to make it real.

"So... if you had a willing accomplice, you'd take the chance?" Greg WAS interested. The growing bulge in his pants was evidence enough of that, and he was kind of glad the table kept her from seeing, at least for now.

"I might ... " she paused and waited a sec, then continued "... why?"

"Cuz I think I'm gonna volunteer. Ya wanna? Shall we?" His smile was obvious now, and his cock continued to throb upward out of sight.

"Ummmm .... I dunno ... maybe ... depends on what you're thinking." She was suddenly wet, but caution was making her think twice. Twice would be enough, she hoped, because she and Greg were electric together, she knew it would be exciting. But she didn't want to be a fool and end up with a bad reputation as a result. Outside didn't mean in a crowd -- Greg needed to know that. "I don't mean in the middle of a crowd at a rock concert or anything."

Greg studied her face as she spoke. He could see the desire in her eyes but he knew if he made her uneasy she could decide "not yet" and he didn't want that. Looking like she did right now, fucking outdoors would be super! He wanted her. Today.

Before they knew it, Greg and Shannon were in the car, headed for a little park Greg remembered passing on one of his extended bike rides. Windows down, the radio pumping tunes into the summer air, they anticipated making this little fantasy a fun memory! It didn't take too long to find, the town was little, and as they wove through the streets toward it, it seemed quiet today. Perhaps everyone had gone to the city today. That would be kind of nice, more privacy for them!

"It's a nature park, "Greg explained, "They've re-created how this little town looked a hundred years ago. So people can step back in time and remember, I guess. It's quaint, isn't it?" Her turned her to him and kissed her. The air was warm, the sun shining down on them, making her hair shine like crazy, and their kiss turned into more. She could feel his arousal and pressed her mound to him as they kissed. She loved it when his hands were all over her like they were right now. His touch ignited her desire and made everything better -- hotter. Plus it excited her that her lover was going to help her make a dream come true, maybe right here!

Letting themselves stop --at least for now-- they began to walk into the park. The trails were of wood chips, not concrete, so everything seemed quieter. The grass was nice and green. Little signs next to trees described what kind of tree it was and a bit about its history. She saw no playground equipment, so there would be no young families to worry about. "I like it" she said, and took Greg's hand as they walked.

He squeezed it once, then let go and put his arm around her. "Have you seen any of this in your dreams?" he asked.

She scanned the quiet little park for just the right place. "Not yet." She smiled. "But I'm looking." Then they saw it at once, it seemed; a lone picnic table under a huge evergreen tree.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Greg ventured. He pulled her tighter to his side, feeling the curve of her slender waist and her hip against his. "That looks pretty good over there."

"It does!" She felt his hand lower and grab her butt through her thin little skirt and knew he could probably feel that there were no panty lines. He'd probably just assume she was wearing a thong today. But she'd actually left her panties at home. Her sun dresses felt best when she went without. But she could feel herself getting wetter still as they approached the little place they'd chosen. Greg leaned against the end of the table and drew her close, spreading his feet so she could stand between his legs. She draped her hands over his shoulders and smiled at him. Something told her this was the day one of her favorite things was going to come true. Clasping her fingers behind him, she let him pull her tighter. He was pretty hard already, she could feel, and getting harder. So she ground against it to speed things up. Smiling at each other, they felt it happen. Soon slow, dry-thrusts began, mimicking the motion they knew would soon be the real thing.

He opened wider. She moved into his space and felt him lift her skirt. Ohhh her bare skin on his silky basketball shorts felt good! She lifted herself up and down, feeling his hardness follow her line. She was probably getting his trunks wet but that was okay with her. They weren't going to stay on long. She knew that now.

Their kisses deepened and became hungry kisses. Desire so strong now, they wanted it -- and knew today they'd take it -- outdoors. In a public park. Lucky for them there was no one around. At least not right now. Shannon reached, pushed Greg's waistband aside and lifted his cock out of hiding, brought it to her pussy and lifted her leg to give him room to come inside. It took but a moment for him to slide in and then lift her up so the two of them could sit on the picnic table, his cock inside her, her legs wrapped around him.

"Feels gooood" she whispered.

"Why are you whispering?" Greg smiled. "Say it out loud. So the squirrels can hear. And the birds. And the bunnies watching us and remembering they like to hump too. Say it out loud."

"Feels gooooood" she said again and began to ride him.

"Yeah... do-it-lover..." he urged her. Greg wanted her to take control this time, it was her fantasy they were fulfilling and he wanted it to be everything she wanted. He was here to please HER this time, even more than himself. "Fuck-yeahhh you're doing it - outside even!" His low laugh sparked another layer of passion inside her and she lifted her hands over her head as she rocked up and back. Feeling him deep inside while she looked all around. Oh it felt great in the out of doors! She lifted her skirt up over her head, and away her white sundress soon found itself on the table behind them. Greg unclasped the bra and set her girls free. "Ohhh my beautiful lover," he breathed, "look at you!"

Leaning back on his hands, he lifted his cock into her and clenched his muscles inside so she could feel him twitch there. She smiled and gripped him back, lifting her breasts to him as she writhed and moaned. "Oh this is perfect, Gregory," she purred "absolutely perfect." They moved together, inhibitions gone completely enjoying the excitement of sex outdoors. Then she saw movement. "Oh-no."

"What?" Greg stopped and looked where she was looking. A group of bicycles was approaching on the trail behind them. His back was to them, thankfully, so he sat upright and pulled her close, his chest her breasts' covering. "Hold still" he whispered. She did.

The bikers pedaled by, chatting and pedaling happily, and Greg hoped none of them would notice him and his girl. He watched her eyes follow them, left to right in her vision, and then he saw her relax and raise her eyebrows in relief. "That was close!"

"No, THIS is close," and he bumped her, his still hard cock picking up where they left off. She smiled and answered his motion with one of her own. Greg could feel his balls swinging freely as they fucked, her juices dribbling down his cock and onto his scrotum. "And you're dripping," He added. "Friggin soppin WET!"

Shannon lifted his shirt up and over his head, tossing it onto the pile of dress and bra. Naked they played -- quickly. Lustily. Greedily. They didn't know when the next group might ride by so they hurried to finish. They both needed to cum, and they both did -- loudly! She shouted when she climaxed and he growled like a wild animal when he felt his sperm burst like a fountain inside her. "Ohhhh wowwww"

Time stood still a few minutes while the lovers memorized how everything felt. Looked. Smelled. It was their first time having sex outdoors and they wanted to remember it.

"You did it!" Greg finally broke the silence.

"I did! WE did! I never knew! Thank you!" Shannon's smile was huge, her eyes still dark with desire, but satisfied as well. "We should dress though, in case more people ride by."

"Oh, let them look!" he teased, "You are perfect! They need to see you."

"Shuddup" Shannon laughed, but she cupped her boobs for him anyway. "They are for you -- not the whole world."

"True" Greg smiled and leaned to kiss them both. "Did you enjoy playing outside, girls?"

She laughed again and playfully gave them each to him once more. "We did!"

Reluctantly, they pulled their clothes on again. Shannon thought for a moment about leaving her bra off but then decided to wear it too - one never knows who you'll see in town, and this dress wouldn't hide a thing, especially if she stayed aroused as she is right now. They started toward the car and soon Shannon broke and ran ahead. Smiling brightly she turned around and flashed her lover, lifting her skirt to her waist.

Greg grinned and cupped his balls in his hand, suggesting he was ready to do it again.

She whirled and flashed him her ass, looking over her shoulder at him.

"You tease!" he called to her, and ran to catch up. Unlocking the car, he opened her door for her and held it while she sat down. Looking him in the eye, she raised her dress again before he closed the door, letting him see her pussy, and the wetness of them both now coating her inner thighs.

"Omigod --" He smiled and closed the door, coming around to his own side. Starting the engine he backed out of the parking space and then kissed her before putting the car in Drive. "Where to now?" he wondered outloud.

"Let's find another park!" She beamed "-- let's do it again!"

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