tagGroup SexA Springtime of Two College Couples

A Springtime of Two College Couples


My girlfriend, Trinh, and I have been together for a little over two years now. We met and started dating during our sophomore year in college; we took each other's virginity a few months into the relationship. While the logistics of having sex with Trinh hasn't always been easy -- we don't live together and each of us has roommates -- the sex itself has usually been satisfying, at least I think so, and Trinh seems to think so, too, from what I can tell. I can't always say I've been the most imaginative lover, but hey, one doesn't necessarily have to be good at sex to enjoy it. "Vanilla" is okay...and "vanilla" is pretty much what it had been.

But the "vanilla-ness" of our sex life ended a few months ago -- thanks to my friend Jeff and his girlfriend Daisy.

I met Jeff a quarter before I met Trinh. We don't have all that much in common, but we've still been hanging around each other all this time regardless. Jeff and Daisy, as individuals and as a couple, stand in notable contrast to Trinh and me. Trinh and I would most likely come across as your typical Asian-American college nerds. I'm a little geeky and Trinh is a bit on the quiet side and still childlike in some ways -- she's almost 22 and yet still writes with Hello Kitty pens, for crying out loud! Physically, I'm 5'6" and kinda skinny, hair kept neither all that short nor all that long and not in a particularly fashionable style; Trinh is 5'0", relatively fair-skinned, straight hair extending to just below her shoulder blades and also slight of build -- A-cup breasts and a similarly proportioned ass. Daisy and Jeff are also both Asian, but the physical similarities pretty much end there. Both of them are a bit taller than we are -- Daisy and Jeff each stand about four inches taller than Trinh and I do respectively. Both are also of a somewhat tanner skin tone than Trinh and I are. Jeff's kinda preppy-looking with a boyish sort of face. I actually think he bears a faint resemblance to John Cho, but no one else in our circle of friends seems to see it. He clearly spends time at the gym; he's not bulky or anything like that, but very well toned and defined. Daisy has these kinda big, beautiful dark eyes, and a pretty nice figure below her shoulder-length black hair -- roundish C-cup (I'm guessing) breasts and a nice ass. But more important than their physical features and attributes is that they both carry themselves with a lot of cool and self-confidence -- certainly more than Trinh and me and, quite frankly, more than most people I know.

Our transition from relatively innocent and not-terribly-adventurous young college love-birds to...to...well, whatever it is we are now began relatively innocently enough. I mentioned to Jeff that Trinh and I were getting together for pizza that Saturday night, and Jeff asked if he and Daisy could join us and also suggested that we do something afterward. I was thinking in terms of a movie or bowling or something like that; Jeff, apparently had other ideas. Not knowing what he had in mind, I tentatively said OK, got Trinh's approval, and we had ourselves a double date.

The evening started out perfectly normal. Conversation covered the usual topics: classes, grades, family, stuff like that. Then the conversation took a sharp left turn when Jeff asked, "Hey, just wondering: Are you guys exclusive with each other?" Neither Trinh nor I had any clear idea of what he was actually asking, and so he clarified: "I mean, do you two only sleep with each other and nobody else?"

I was stunned that he would ask what I regarded as an exceedingly personal question: "Well, yes!" I answered emphatically. "And even if I was cheating on Trinh, I certainly wouldn't say so here in front of her and you guys!"

"Oh, I'm not talking about cheating," Jeff explained. "I'm talking about being in a more 'open' relationship."

"Meaning...?" I asked, still not comprehending what he was getting at and where he was going with this.

He further clarified: "Sometimes, Daisy and I like to bring other people into our bedroom; it adds a little variety and excitement to our sex life."

At this point, my jaw began to drop, and Trinh was just beginning to comprehend what Jeff was saying.

She then turned to Jeff and asked, "You mean that you...sleep with other girls...," and then turned to Daisy and continued, "and you...sleep with other guys...in front of each other?"

"Yeah," Jeff affirmed, rather matter-of-factly -- and then he added, "and I've also done it with other guys, and she's done it with other girls, too." By now, not only was my mouth wide open, but my eyes were practically bugging out of my head! But Jeff wasn't done; he responded to my obvious astonishment with regard to their same-sex activities. "Hey, why not? Each sex has something to offer, so why discriminate? Why limit yourself? It's all good," he said, amazingly casually.

Then Daisy chimed in, walking back what Jeff had just thrown out there -- but only a little: "Hey, it's okay if you're not into that. Jeff and I just though it might be fun to have you two over at our place for some nighttime activities." Then she smiled, put her hand on Trinh's shoulder and continued: "But you know, if you guys are up for trying something just a little different, we don't even have to trade partners; we can stay with our own partners and just put on a little show for each other. How would you feel about that?"

I thought Trinh would pull herself away from Daisy's hand, but she didn't. Instead, she turned to me and demurely said, "Well, that would be...different. Sounds kind of exciting. What do you think?"

At this point, there were two thoughts that were racing through my brain. On the one hand, I was not keen on the thought of two other people watching my girlfriend and me have sex. But on the other hand, I didn't want her to feel humiliated if I said no after she had gone out on a limb like that. Against all good judgment, the latter consideration ultimately overtook the former, so I gulped and nervously nodded to her and said, "Okay."

We finished eating and walked to their apartment -- they live together, unlike Trinh and me. Daisy and Jeff were talking and laughing as we walked; Trinh and I joined in the conversation when we could, but the vibe on our end wasn't quite as convivial as it was on theirs. Trinh, while game enough to try this, was obviously a bit nervous. Personally, I was more than a bit apprehensive about what I had just gotten myself into -- or, more accurately, about what Trinh had just gotten us both into. It wasn't just that we were about to do something in a rather not-so-private way that I, for one, had always regarded as a private matter. It was also that I was becoming very conscious about the likelihood that the "show" that Trinh and I were about to put on for Daisy and Jeff wouldn't come close to measuring up to the "show" that they would put on for us. Sex, for me at least, had always been for love and for fun, neither of which, as I said before, required that I had to be particularly good at it. But now, having sex with my girlfriend was supposed to be performance art?! While I had obviously never seen them have sex before, it was pretty clear from the way they talked that they were in a different league than we were. How were we supposed to compete?! And why was I even thinking in terms of competition?

After we arrived at their apartment, our hosts led us into their bedroom; they sat down on the bed and we followed suit on the other side of the bed. Jeff put his arm around Daisy and then they both looked over toward us. "Ready?" Jeff asked.

Trinh and I looked at each other, then Trinh looked over at Jeff and Daisy, smiled and nodded in the affirmative. Trinh pretty much had to give our response because I could make absolutely no pretense of being ready for any of this. No matter; we were in too deep at this point.

Jeff began to kiss Daisy. Trinh then turned to me; I swallowed hard, and then nervously began to give her a couple of gentle kisses. At this point, I would ordinarily begin to undress Trinh, or we would get up and undress ourselves; when it came to foreplay, I had never been particularly slow or methodical -- I suppose now that such is typically the case for the college-age male -- and Trinh never told me that she expected or wanted anything different. But on this occasion, we apparently had the foreplay manual being acted out on the other side of the bed! Jeff and Daisy kissed each other slowly and sensually, and we could see when their tongues would venture into each others' mouths. Daisy had placed her hand on Jeff's crotch, but Jeff was still working exclusively above Daisy's shoulders for a while longer, kissing and gently biting the back of her neck and then deliberately working his tongue up her neck to the back of her left ear. It took him a while, but he finally reached for a breast while nibbling on her earlobe and teasing the other parts of her ear with his tongue.

While this was happening, I held Trinh around the waist, occasionally kissing her cheek but mostly we both acted as spectators for a while. Finally, I gently guided Trinh's torso back until she lay horizontal on the bed. She moved over a bit so I could lay next to her on my side. I brushed her cheek with the back of my right hand as I kissed her on the forehead, then I began to kiss her lips slowly and sensually -- much, much more so than I ever had before, following the lead of our hosts. I fumbled for the buttons on her blouse with my right hand as I cradled her head with my left, then lifted her up just enough to undo her bra and remove her blouse. I was struggling to multi-task as smoothly as I could so as not to ruin the mood (as if there could ever be a "mood" in this kind of situation); it was requiring a lot of concentration.

Jeff and Daisy, on the other hand, seemed to have this all down.

Daisy stood up and moved to stand in front of Jeff between his legs as he sat on the bed. She then lifted his shirt up over his head and tossed it on the floor before kneeling in front of him and kissing his chest -- or at least that's what I surmised she was doing, as Jeff's back was turned to me. Jeff leaned back on his elbows, taking care not to lean all the way back onto Trinh, as Daisy gradually kissed and licked her way down Jeff's subtly chiseled bronze torso until she reached his pants. She undid his belt and pulled down his pants and underwear, and then reached down to remove his shoes, socks, pants and underwear, all the while kissing and licking his inner thighs. She quickly removed her t-shirt and then lowered her head to Jeff's crotch and appeared to work over his penis and balls with her tongue from what I could tell (again, I had an obstructed view); as she did this, Jeff reached to remove her bra, liberating her perfectly shaped breasts.

After removing my shirt and shoes, I had now fully turned my attention to Trinh's more bite-size breasts, taking turns licking and gently sucking on each nipple; I stopped briefly only to unbutton Trinh's jeans, then I returned my mouth to Trinh's breasts, moving my hand beneath her panties to begin fingering her pussy. This made her squeal and giggle just a little, as it often did; she didn't seem all that self-conscious about being watched, unlike me.

After a while, Jeff stood up, bringing Daisy to her feet with him. After he whispered something in her ear, she bent over, hands pressing down on the edge of the bed, so that she was now looking right at Trinh and me. Jeff went behind her, pulled off her jeans and then he began to lick her pussy -- or possibly her ass -- in either case eliciting a soft but satisfied moan as his tongue hit the sweet spot in question.

I took that as my cue to remove Trinh's jeans and panties and position myself between her legs. I began to lick her snatch, interrupting myself as needed to finish undressing myself. Although Trinh seemed to be content with the attention she was receiving down there, she still looked over at Daisy and watched seemingly intently at the scene happening on the other side of the bed. I was moving my tongue in and out of Trinh's pussy much more attentively and deliberately than I ever had before. I wish I could say that it was because I was much more cognizant of how much I needed to be pleasuring her than I ever had been, but the truth is that it was my self-consciousness about being watched -- and possibly being judged -- by our hosts that dictated a lot of what I was doing.

Daisy then stood up, and while Jeff was holding her and kissing her lips as well as the back of her neck, he also began to grind against her backside. A bit more of this and the heavier breathing that went with it and it became obvious that Jeff was about to enter her. Jeff placed his hand on Daisy's back, and with that, Daisy bent over again and widened her stance just a little, and Jeff then guided himself into her. At first they seemed absorbed only in their own pleasure as Jeff's thrusts began to find a rhythm, but on occasionally they would steal a quick glance at Trinh and me to see what we were up to.

I moved up to where I was face to face with Trinh. As I began to kiss her, she apparently decided to become a bit more assertive; she pushed against my shoulder until I rolled onto my back, then she began to straddle me until lowering herself onto my dick. As she began to gyrate, she reached for my hands until I clasped hers.

Trinh took turns gazing lovingly into my eyes and then looking up at nothing in particular in ecstasy. I took turns looking lovingly into her eyes and then looking at the competition across the bed. Trinh really seemed to be getting into this. I absolutely could not believe this; I thought I knew this girl -- and not just in the "Biblical sense" -- and I didn't ever imagine that she had this much of an adventurous streak at all let alone an exhibitionist streak. To me, however, all this felt surreal. I could make the case that the parts of me that were in direct contact with Trinh were enjoying this; the part of me above the neck, however, wasn't quite there yet. And it didn't help that I was painfully aware of whenever Jeff and Daisy were looking squarely at us.

At one point, Jeff slowed down a bit as he and Daisy were looking at us, smiled and uttered what I interrupted as a one word rhetorical question: "Well?" Aside from all the moans, groans and squeals, it was the only verbal exchange from the time we started until the time we were done.

Trinh's response was, appropriately, non-verbal; she just looked over her shoulder at our hosts, smiled and eagerly nodded before getting back to the matter at hand. I may not have fully agreed with her response, but I give her credit for being able to make one.

Jeff picked his pace back up, thrusting himself into Daisy more aggressively now; I could hear his front-side slapping against her ass more consistently.

Meanwhile, Trinh rocked back and forth with more energy. After a little while I sat up and tightly held Trinh close to me as I began to match her energy with my thrusts, and I began to kiss her as passionately as I ever had. I didn't last much longer, though; I tensed up, gave a few more purposeful but less frequent thrusts, clenched my teeth, looked up at the ceiling and came. My body went limp and I collapsed onto my back. Trinh began to wind down, laying down on top of me and resting her head against my shoulder as I held her and ran my fingers through her hair.

Jeff climaxed not long thereafter. He then pulled his spent dick out of Daisy and bent over to kiss her back; then he kissed the back of her neck as she began to stand up again.

They both sat on the side of the bed, his chest against her back and his arm around her waist and both of them turned enough to look over at us. Again, I felt their gaze and it was not an entirely comfortable feeling, although I was finally beginning to care a bit less than I had up to that point.

"Well," Daisy asked us; "What do you think? Adds an extra thrill, doesn't it?"

Trinh looked over at Daisy and answered, "It does, actually," then let her head fall back onto my shoulder.

Then Daisy looked at me: "How about you, Sanford?"

"Well," I struggled to reply, still not fully all there; "I never thought I'd do anything like that in my entire life. And...and...and now I have." I'm not sure what my facial expression must have looked like at that moment, but it didn't appear to have caused Daisy nor Jeff much consternation.

We all eventually got up to dress -- well, Daisy and Jeff went only so far as to put their underwear back on -- and the chit-chat as we did so was amicable and inconsequential. We said our goodbyes, and I walked Trinh back to her apartment.

When I had my arm around her during this particular walk back to her place, it seemed to mean more to me than it ever had before, as if to say, "Whatever happened tonight, it doesn't change anything...please, you can't let it change anything!" It didn't seem, though, that any such thoughts were going through her head. There was a persistent smile on her face during the entire course of that walk. She seemed to feel a bit more...alive than usual. I, on the other hand, just felt confused. When we got to her door, we kissed and said our goodbyes, just as if it was any other date. Then I went home.

I spent most of the next day working on a project, so I didn't see Trinh; we just talked for a while on the phone, but the subject of the previous night didn't come up. I was reluctant to mention it, and she apparently didn't see any need to either.

I ran into Jeff on Monday morning after my global trade class. I did my best to avoid the subject of the weekend's escapades, but Jeff didn't oblige.

"Well, what did you think of Saturday night?" he asked.

"Well...I...," I struggled to reply, trying hard not to offend.

Jeff sensed my discomfort. "Hey, no harm if you didn't like it," he said. "You tried something, it wasn't for you, but that's okay; it's all part of the experience, right? It's cool if you don't want to do it again."

"Strangely," I had to admit, "I can't fully say that I didn't like it. It felt like a part of me actually did."

"I can guess which part!" Jeff crudely retorted with a smile and a lack of shame.

I just answered with a dirty look.

We sat down on a bench and continued the conversation. "I hope you don't mind if I ask," I asked, "but how did you and Daisy get into that sort of thing?"

"It started about the middle of last year," he answered. "Daisy and I went to this party, and someone had started passing around a joint. And we had never done pot before and figured 'Okay, let's try it.' And we actually took a few hits, not just one, so we got pretty buzzed, especially since this was the first time we'd ever done this. And there was this white girl there -- with pretty big tits -- who really got hot for Daisy and started hitting on her, and we were both just too high to do anything about it. So about half an hour later, she invites us over to her apartment -- she lived just down the hall -- she takes Daisy by the hand and semi-drags her down the hall to her apartment, and of course I follow. And she really starts seducing Daisy and then starts undressing her, and again, Daisy was kinda too buzzed to fight it and I was too buzzed to think better of wanting to watch it -- hey, it's the standard guy cliché about wanting to watch two girls do it, right? And even as high as I was, I could see that Daisy was starting to enjoy this and wasn't just going along. So this girl pretty much explored every inch of Daisy with her tongue and she brought out a dildo and began to use that -- and Daisy started to give as good as she was getting! And sooner or later, they could both see me straining to contain myself, so the other girl finally gives me 'permission' to join in and fuck my own girlfriend -- I didn't get to fuck the other girl; she may not have thought much of me or she may just not have been into guys at all or she may just have wanted to do only one thing at a time, I don't know -- but at least I got to fuck."

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