A Sticky Situation


This story is entirely fictional...


My boyfriend, Scott, has gotten himself into quite a predicament, and I don't know whether he even knows yet, but he will before too long. He's been throwing up for weeks now and seems to be able to eat only white bread, which he normally hates, and potatoes. He's also tired most of the time and has been sore in unusual places. He thinks he just has the flu that's been going around, but I know better... he's pregnant, and it's not my baby (I had a vasectomy when I was married and still trying to play straight), though I did play a role in getting him knocked up.

I guess I should also explain that my boyfriend is FTM -- born female, but living as a man thanks largely to the hormones he's been taking for years. Testosterone injections have masculinized him and, as long as he's on them, make him infertile, but he hasn't had any surgeries. He's naturally so flat-chested that his chest looks male anyways, especially now that he has chest hair... and neither of us want him to get rid of his pussy. Sure, a bigger cock would be fun to play with, but it wouldn't make up for the sensation of sticking my cock deep into his pussy and rubbing my cockhead up against his g-spot and cervix. Anyway, back to how he got knocked up...

Every Friday evening, Scott's officemates go out for dinner and drinks to start the weekend. Up until several months ago, Scott would go out with his officemates some weeks and not go other weeks, but it was no big deal either way... he could take it or leave it. But about five months ago, I noticed a change in Scott's behavior. First, he started going out every single Friday night and it seemed to become very important to him. I asked him about it, and he said that the boss had made it clear that everyone was expected to join in on the Friday night festivities to build camaraderie in the office. This sounded slightly strange to me, but because Scott's boss is known to be a little strange, I accepted it without too much question.

Then, the showering started. Our apartment has a small hot water heater, so normally, I shower in the evening and Scott showers in the morning, but when he would come home late on Friday evening, he'd race in the door and almost rush to take a shower. I asked him about this also and he insisted, like he insisted about the Friday nights out, that it was nothing and that he just feels a little dirty after a long work week.

About four months ago, I'm in the middle of doing the laundry when Scott races in from his Friday night out, kisses me hello, and runs up the stairs to shower. After I get the last load of laundry started, I carry the hamper back upstairs and put it back in the closet to find that Scott has peeled off his clothes and thrown them in a pile where the hamper usually lives. As I pick them up to put them in the hamper, my hand hits something very wet... the crotch of Scott's recently discarded briefs, still warm from being worn. He has clearly tried to ball the briefs up to cover up the crotch, but it didn't work. The crotch is full of streaks (and one pronounced glob) of thick, white fluid. I lift them to my nose and take a nice sniff. Sure enough, Scott's briefs smell strongly of his own sex lube and of a man's cum... and since we haven't fucked in a few days, I know the load leaking out of Scott's pussy can't be mine. I look down and am surprised to find that my own cock is as hard as a rock... thinking about Scott taking some other man's cock and cum makes me want to fill his pussy with mine.

When I hear Scott turn the shower off, I quickly throw the underwear in the bottom of the hamper and the rest of his clothes on top of it and then I jump into bed, trying to pretend that nothing is wrong. Scott notices my rampant hard-on as soon as he gets into bed and is all over me. As we kiss, I reach down to feel his pussy and I'm surprised at how wet he is... and then I remember that he's still probably full of the other man's cum. I slide down his body and he tries to pull me back up again, wanting me to fuck him right away and maybe afraid of what I'll taste or smell, but I'm on a cock-sucking mission.

His cock is so swollen and hard that it protrudes almost an inch past his labia. I circle my tongue around the head and pull his whole cock into my mouth, alternating between sucking the head and running my tongue around his base. He smells amazing... a combination of his own sex juices and semen. Using my thumbs, I gently pull his labia apart, just until his vulva is visible and, just as I expected, a little blob of semen is squeezing its way out of his hole. I run my tongue around his vulva and scoop up the dripping semen with the tip of it. As I push the tip a little further into him, I am rewarded with more thick, creamy cum. Evidently, the man left a large load inside of him.

Scott is writhing from my oral assault on his pussy and has become very vocal about needing my cock, so I move back up his body and run my cockhead around the spermy hole I just had my tongue in. Scott grabs my ass and pulls me into him. The feeling as my head pushes through his vulva is amazing. He's so tight and wet for me. I slowly push in until my balls rest against his ass and my cockhead was rubbing against his cervix. His pussy feels like it was made for my cock.

I love bottoming out inside of him, knowing that I've filled him as much as he can be filled and that he's taken all of me. I get even stiffer inside of him when I realize that some of the wetness is the other man's cum still coating his pussy. Just the thought of Scott taking another man's cum in his pussy has me coming in no time, filling him with yet another load.

As Scott rolls over, snoring, I can't fall asleep. All I can think of is his infidelity. I'm not upset with him for having sex with someone else as much as lying about it... and then I think of the perfect revenge and wait for Monday morning to roll around. I plan to provide unavoidable evidence of his infidelity.

When Scott leaves for work on Monday morning, I spring into action. I go to the kitchen and get a new bottle of peanut oil out of the pantry. And then I go to Scott's nightstand, find his bottle of testosterone and use a syringe to replace all nine remaining shot's worth -- four and a half month's worth -- of testosterone with peanut oil. When Scott takes his bi-monthly testosterone shot after work, the shot won't contain any hormones and he probably won't know the difference.

As I predicted, Scott took his shot and, several days later, still hadn't noticed anything was wrong, though he did seem a little sluggish and tired. When Friday rolled around, however, he stayed out late and again came home with his briefs -- I found them balled up in the hamper after he got into the shower -- almost dripping with the other guy's (or guys'?!?) cum. And again, after his shower, Scott hopped into bed and we had a repeat performance from last week. He was hot for my cock and I wasted no time in sampling the goods left by my unknown competitor and then filling his pussy up with another of load. We repeated the same pattern (tampered shot every other Monday, Friday night work "happy hour", hot sex after I find his cummy briefs on Friday night) for the next two months, until Scott started feeling sick all the time and I realized that my plan had worked.

I'm not sure when Scott became fertile again, but I do know that he's having morning sickness and has developed the slightest baby bump. He certainly kept his eggs bathed in fertile seed, so I'm not surprised it happened so quickly. I'm hoping he won't figure out what's going on for another couple months so that he's forced to carry the pregnancy to term. I'm looking forward to seeing his little man-tits swell up with milk and his nipples darken in preparation for breastfeeding... and I'm looking forward to seeing his belly swelling with the life growing inside of it. I just wonder whether Scott will even know who the baby's father is or whether he's been taking several raw cocks every Friday night... from the looks of his briefs on some of those nights, I'd guess it's the later.

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