tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Strip Game Gone Wrong

A Strip Game Gone Wrong


It was a hot summer night in August and I couldn't sleep so I decided to run down to the corner bar to have a quick drink before going back to bed. It was a Thursday night and the bar was fairly empty but I did see two women in the bar that I had said hello to on a couple of other occasions. I walked over to them and we started talking. I was having such a good time with them I decided to stay and have a few more drinks before I went home.

After about my fourth drink the bartender said business was too slow and he was closing up for the night. It was not even midnight so I said to the two women what should we do next and was surprised when they suggested we go back to my house. I said fine and we walked up the block back to my house. I kept trying to get a flirty, sexy conversation started but they just kept looking me over and giggling. After a few minutes we got to my building. My building doesn't have a doorman and the front door is always unlocked. We passed through the lobby and stepped into the elevator. I hit the button for my floor, the six floor. This was the building's top floor and the elevator started it's slow, bumpy journey up. Joan laughed and said nice elevator.

When we got into my apartment I went to the fridge and saw that I only had two beers. I gave Joan and Karen one each and settled on the couch without one. I was hoping one of them would join me on the couch when Joan said let's play strip poker.

I was sure I hadn't heard her right so I asked her if she said she wanted to play poker. She said no she had said she wanted to play strip poker. After she said this it seemed like Karen had heard it for the first time and she started jumping up and down shouting yes let's play let's play, I want to see him naked. Hearing that I got an instant erection.

Well at this point I should tell you what everyone was wearing. Karen was wearing sandals, which was good because it meant no socks, jeans, probably a pair of panties, a t-shirt and a bra

Joan was dressed a little more sexy with nice flats, again good because it meant no socks or pantyhose, a knee length black skirt, again probably a pair of panties but you never can tell, a sleeveless white crew neck, and a bra.

I was wearing shoes, no socks (bad night to go out without socks) jeans, underpants and a t-shirt.

I had four articles of clothes. They probably had five each.

Joan said we would play baseball. I never played it before but learned that night. If you don't know how to play this poker variation look it up it because it is a great strip poker game. Joan explained how it is played. It is played somewhat like stud. You can play either the 5 or 7 card version. 5 card is best.

It's played as follows:

All cards are dealt face down. The first play turns one card over. The next player turns their cards over one by one until they either beat the first player's card or loses. If you are really gambling you can bet on every card or when you beat the previous hand. It goes for player to player until all the cards are turned over and there is a winner and one loser.

In the strip version, the loser strips one article of clothing. The suspense is great, plus the game goes nice and slow.

One time after that first game I played in one game of 5 card baseball when on the first hand four player all got pairs and the fifth player turned over all her cards one by one and only had an 8 high. She though she was smart because she paid by removing her panties from under her skirt. I don't know why she didn't take her shoes off first. She ended up the first one naked anyway.

We drove her home wearing only a sheet. At first we told her she had to go home naked because she lost all her clothes but she started to cry so we gave her a sheet and told her we'd drive her home instead of making her walk, Her friend, another woman, pulled the sheet off her when she got out of the car and she had to run into her apartment stark naked. We all laughed as we watched her struggle with the lobby door.

Sometimes when I play I leave the jokers in but they are not wild. If you get one joker you have to strip one article of clothing, but you can still win or lose the hand. If you get both jokers you win automatically and get to pick who strips the next article of clothing.

Joan decided that it would be boy against girls. She explained the rules. If I won they both had to strip, but if either one of them one, even if one of them won and the other had the low hand I had to strip. She also said that for the girls each shoe counted separately. I said since I only had four items of clothes it wasn't fair and I wouldn't play but Karen stepped in and said it was okay, shoes count as one article of clothes for everybody. Like it would matter much. Or at all.

I lose the first hand, shoes. Second hand shirt, third hand pants, and as they giggled, fourth hand boxers. Completely naked in front of two hot and fully clothed women in less then ten minutes.

I said now what I have nothing left to lose. I was hoping they were as turned on as I was and that the game of strip poker was just an excuse to have a three way which I had never experienced. You could tell I was turned because I was naked and my erection was prove positive. As I mentioned they were still fully clothed but I hoped they had gotten at least a little bit excited watching me lose so badly.

Well Karen said there was something else I could lose. She said we could play one more hand and if I won they would strip completely naked but if I lost I would have to do something for them. Joan looked a little bit upset. They way the game was before played they had little chance of losing the game but what Karen just suggested gave me a 30% chance of seeing them naked. I agreed before Joan could object not thinking what the something for them might mean.

As the cards were being dealt I started to wonder then worry about the something else I might have to do. I hoped what they'd make me do would be to masturbate in front of them and not some silly thing like spanking. What I didn‘t realize I would have little choice in what would happen.

The hand was close. Joan's first card was a joker but since it was winner take all it didn't matter, it just made it harder for her to win. Joan ended up turning over all her cards because she couldn't beat my pair of eights so she was out of the game. All I had to do was beat Karen's pair of Kings. I didn't think I could but my last card was another eight so I had three of a kind in a five card stud game. Karen‘s Kings no longer looked like a threat. It was her turn. I was grinning, it looked like her last hand of the night was a loser. Over went a ten, then another ten. Two pair but so what she still had no chance.

Then the last ten. A full house in a game of five card stud. I would have thought she cheated except I had shuffled and dealt. Joan perked up right away. I could tell she was expecting to strip because she had already taken off her shoes. They went right back on.

What should we have him do said Karen? I hadn't realize that if I lost they could plan anything. I was so eager to see them naked. Nothing had been agreed on so I made a suggestion. I could masturbate for them. This is what I had wanted to do all along.

Joan laughed. What makes you think we want to see you masturbate? she said. I was starting to realize Joan was a bitch but I still liked Karen and I wanted to masturbate for her as part of the dare.

Too bad it wasn't our apartment we could sent him home nude said Karen. Yeah too bad it isn't was Joan's reply. I was surprised but thinking about trying to sneak home naked was turning me on. Karen saw that I was getting an erection at the though of being naked outside and said to Joan, well look at that, now we really will have to get him outside and naked.

Joan decided that we would go back to their place and then have me strip and go home with only my keys. Before I could protest Karen chastised Joan by saying the dare has to be fair and reasonable.

We could do something with the elevator I suggested. I figured it would be a fairly safe risk because when I looked at the clock it was 2am. Plus at least I wouldn't be on the street. I figured I could talk them into something simple like riding down to the lobby and running back up the stairs naked.

Elevator? Joan said. Okay something with the elevator. But don't think you are getting off that easy. I have a great imagination, and I don't want to hear any suggestions from you naked boy. She sat down to think. I didn't know what to do. I have been naked in front of my girlfriends even when they were dressed, as well as other way round, but with these two women it was different. I never saw them naked. Would never see them naked, and I had to stay naked until I fulfilled my commitment.

As Joan sat on the couch thinking, I stood there naked as Karen kept walking around me getting a good look. At 2:15 I said if she didn't decide by 2:30 the game was over.

Her first idea was I had to stand in the elevator and give a piece of my clothes to each person who entered it until I was naked and then I could come back in the apartment. She really didn't have that much of an imagination.

I said it would take until morning for that plus if any minors came by it would be a criminal act. I'd be branded a sex offender for life. Public indecency was one thing. Being a registered sex offender for life because of a game of strip poker was another. Karen agreed with me, bless her.

In the end it was Karen, the little demon, that came up with the idea.

This is what I ended up doing. I had to go down to the lobby and take off one piece of clothes and throw it in the elevator. I would then send the elevator back up to my floor. When they received the article of clothes they would send the elevator back down. I then had to take off the next piece of clothes and repeat the procedure until I was naked.

This time no matter how much I complained they demanded that shoes counted separately. That made five trips. Joan said I had to be completely naked in the lobby but Karen decided I could start dressed but I still had to send up the clothes one by one and shoes would be last.

When I sent up the last shoe they would send down the key to my apartment.

Standing naked in my apartment building lobby naked on a Friday morning waiting for a key was going to be a nightmare. Some people would be leaving for work soon. I still don't know why I did this. I don't know why I just didn't get dressed and kick them out of my apartment. Maybe it was because I still hoped to masturbate for Karen. As I though about it my dick got even harder. Her I was fully clothed in my lobby soon to be completely naked. I took a big breath, pulled my shirt off and threw it in the elevator.

I realized to get my pants off I had to take my shoes of anyway. I took them off as I waited for the elevator to come back. At least now I was happy I didn't wear socks. The elevator door opened and I tossed my pants in. I waited and the elevator came back. Moment of truth. I pressed the button for the six floor and off went my boxers and my dignity.

I was naked in my lobby and still had to send my shoes up on their own separate trips. What would I do if someone came in?

It took forever for the two shoes to make their trips.

After what seemed like forever the key came down with my shoes. I figured Karen was the kind one who sent down my shoes. But instead of my keys the shoes had a quarter in one, and a note in the other. The note said I had to find the nearest phone booth, and call them on their cell phone because they said they might not be in my apartment anymore.

The note said that they might even have gone home by the time I got to a phone booth, but they would at least tell me where my keys were when I called. It could be anywhere between here and their apartment. A park bench. A subway bench. It depends on how much they really wanted someone to see me naked. I was hoping that Karen would remain the angel I now thought here to be and leave the key somewhere close by.

I was trapped. It was to late to do anything about it either. I realized they could have left anytime after they sent my shoes back down. The building had two ways in or out. I didn't really know these women. They could of left and just kept my key. I didn't know where they lived or anything about them except their first names. I could be locked out until the building management office opened and I could get my spare key.

The problem was that in the morning the building manager's 17 year old daughter ran the office before she went to school, and I didn't know if she'd keep quite. I was hoping that Karen would remain the sweetheart I thought she was and leave the key at least somewhere. If she was the angel I though she was she would leave it close by.

I ran to the nearest phone booth, hoping the key was in the booth. It wasn't so I called the phone number.

One ring, two rings, three rings, then four rings. Shit they weren't even going to answer the phone I was thinking when Karen's sweet voice came on the phone. Hi Robert. Feeling a little exposed? It must be getting cold out. Joan's idea was to leave your key under our doormat at home.

I was stunned. I didn't know far away they lived and it was almost four in the morning.

But I thought you were too nice for that so I left it under your doormat.

Thanks I squeaked out before I hung up the phone and ran home, my dick flopping around in the air reminding how stupid I was to agree to strip poker dares with two strangers no matter how hot they were. What would be next, getting so drunk I'd ply strip pool in a bar?

I almost made it home when two waitresses who lived in my building coming home saw me. I was too far away for them to really see who it was but I was worried they'd call the police but they must have realized I was doing a dare because I heard them laughing and calling out to come back and give them a show after I finished my streak. I might have been turned on by this idea when I was back in my apartment wearing most of my clothes but now all I wanted to do was get back to my apartment.

I got home picked up the mat. It wasn't there. What could I do? I wanted to cry. I was going have to hide somewhere until I could go and expose myself to the building manager's daughter and beg her not to turn me in. I dropped the mat down and heard metal hit the floor. I turned the mat over and saw the key taped to the bottom. When I opened the apartment door I saw my clothes folded nicely with the deck of cards on top. I felt like such a fool.

I went right to my bedroom to get at least a little sleep before work.

As I entered the bedroom I saw Karen there. A very naked Karen.

I hope you plan on calling in sick today she said.

Coming soon Joan's disgrace.

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