tagNovels and NovellasA Strong Relationship Ch. 03

A Strong Relationship Ch. 03


Since meeting Neal, Mason had never been happier. Michy noticed every time she made love to her best friend, Mason seemed more giving, sensual and playful in bed. She had always been an exquisite playmate, but now, there was a new depth to it, like Mason had gotten in touch with a part of herself.

Tonight they made sweet love tenderly on Michelle's big bed, her body being tantalized by Mason, who gave her a sweet, lingering massage, followed by the tenderest of kisses, then a tongue that hit all the hot spots. The sensual Thai girl had never felt so adored, none of her past lovers had made her feel this appreciated.

A sweetly licking tongue was sliding up and down firm, tanned thighs as Michelle crested upon wave after wave of sapphic orgasm. Mason had worn the filmy white negligee Michelle had given her for Christmas, against her dark skin, it was a sensual contrast. Her body glowed with vitality as she feasted on Michy's shaven cunt and brought her to the 3rd orgasm of the evening.

"Fuck, you're insatiable tonight baby, not that I'm complaining. If Neal has made you that happy, maybe I should fuck him!"

Somewhat surprised -- because Michy rarely expressed an interest in men -- Mason lifted her face from between her lover's legs and said "Maybe you should."

"Maybe I will."

"Go for it!"

Stroking her lover's smooth back and stroking her hair, Michelle beamed at Mason. "You wouldn't mind?"

"Why should I mind two people I love dearly sharing a bed?"

"You love him?" Michy asked as she moved downward. The two women were facing away from each other, side by side, about to enjoy a slow, playful sixty-nine .

Mason sighed, she'd said it out loud for the first time. "I think so Michelle -- I care about him more than almost anyone and he's such a lovely man -- I keep thinking if I wake up, he'll be gone and it will all have been a lovely dream."

Michelle felt Mason's tender lips and soft, strong hands manipulating her body and she tried to keep her concentration. "He sounds so nice, why don't you tell him all this?" Michy had yet to meet Neal, so far, Mason had kept the two parts of her life separate. She suspected Neal knew she loved women, but she was almost skittish about letting him see her full sexuality, not wanting to burst the bubble of her newfound relationship.

Michelle was teasing Mason know -- she kissed behind Mason's knees and stroked just above the gentle curve of Mason's buttocks, two of her roommate's "Hot Spots". Mason bit her lip and her body shook a bit, there were few people as sexually expressive as Michelle and she also wasn't about to give up her best friend for Neal just yet.

"Ohhh lord Michy, I love your touch, you make me so horny baby!" Mason cooed as their tongues slithered into each other's nooks. The words were silenced for a while as the lithe women played and feasted on each other until sleep overtook them both.

Neal was going out of town for a few days, to the San Diego Comiccon. He'd invited Mason to join him, thinking a few days of fun in the sun would be a treat for her, but Michelle, her roommate, had to go away to a seminar and she'd asked Mason to cover her shifts. Neal hated traveling alone, so Mason suggested he invite Marta.

Marta was just a fun bundle of energy, she kept him company and made him smile for all of the trip. She also kept his cock drained and fucked him any way he wanted. Their suite was large and spacious and Marta made sure they fucked in every square inch of it. She was a little spitfire, sometimes they'd only just get in the door and she'd be all over him, tearing his clothes off and pressing her tight, toned little body against his and arousing him to a fever-pitch.

She was such fun, he forgot about meeting his idols, like Adam West and Neal Adams and John Byrne -- well, for the moment anyway. They'd go for dinner and she would play with his cock under the table and he'd have to sit for a few minutes before they could leave. One time, a few other comic fans came to their table to tell him how much they liked Comics Inc and his writing. He was trying hard to carry on a conversation, but it wasn't easy with Marta's tiny fist jacking him off under the table.

"God, you're an insatiable little fuckslut!" he growled as he drilled her gorgeous ass from behind in the hotel. "Don't you ever get enough?" He played with those sweet tits and saw her eyes sparkle as she turned to face him, her delight apparent.

"Nope -- hey, did you get a load of some of those Cosplay chicks? Some of them were yuuuummmmeeee ! We should invite them to swing with us lover, I'd love to share you with another girl."

He thrust in even harder when she said that. "You mean share me or share me?" he asked her as she pushed back against his invading cock.

" Share you!" Marta purred. "I've been curious about doing it with a girl for a while -- matter of fact, when I get home, I think I'm going to make a move on Mason -- I think she and Michelle are a lot more than just roommates. You wouldn't mind, would you lover?"

Mind? Now that she'd put the image in his head, all Neal could think of was this adorable little pixie and his lush, formidable girlfriend wrapped in each other's arms, a lesbian tryst before his eyes. Michelle too -- although he'd yet to meet her, he'd seen pictures -- and he had a vivid enough imagination to picture her and Marta, or her and Mason, or all 3 in depraved lesbian acts. He felt his cock actually swell a bit more.

"My goodness -- the idea of me and your lady turned you on, didn't it stud?" Marta purred. "Okay baby, that's one fantasy I promise we'll make happen soon -- if you give me another orgasm, that is."

Neal played it safe and gave her two.

Mason was about to close up for the day when she saw a beautiful, tall blonde striding towards her. "Stride" was the perfect word, for this tall blonde walked with a rare confidence. Nearing Mason, she tossed her ash blonde hair to one side and flashed a dazzling smile at Mason,. She held out her hand.

"Mason Evans? Hi, how are you? I'm Sam Williams."

Seeing that didn't register with Mason, the confident blonde added "Michy's ex?"

This time Sam saw a look of shock cross Mason's face. Just what had Michelle told the attractive bodybuilder about her?

"I'm sorry, something seems to be wrong?"

Mason regained her composure and said "I'm so sorry, I don't mean to appear shocked -- but I know so little about you, with a name like Sam Williams ... "

It dawned on Sam, who let out a hearty laugh. "You thought I was a man?" When Mason nodded, Sam laughed again. "Didn't Michy tell you anything about me at all?"

Mason shook her head, dark curls flailing about. It seemed to be a sore subject with Michelle, whenever Mason had tried to question her roommate about her past, especially with Sam, she'd change the subject. It became apparent to Mason very early on that Sam had caused her a great deal of pain.

Sam sat on a bench beside Mason and it was easy to see why Michy had fallen for her. She was lush and curvy, with curly, ash-blonde hair and a big, infectious smile. She wore a tight black leotard that revealed all her body and left little to the imagination, but there wasn't an ounce of fat on her body. This was a woman who exuded confidence, so her next confession was quite a surprise to Mason.

"My poor Michy. I hurt her, very badly, I know that now. I didn't mean to Mason ... may I call you Mason ... but in those days, I was very confused about my sexuality and my marriage was all chaos and ... "

Mason stopped her. "You're married?"

Sam nodded. "I never lied to Michelle, she knew from Day One. She was my Personal Trainer and then it became ... more . Neither of us expected it Mason, but neither of us stopped it either."

Mason watched Samantha move, there was an elegant sensuality to the woman. She continued her story.

"I knew my husband was a good man and I wanted to give my kids a good home, so I ended it with Michelle. She took it badly, but after 5 years, I thought maybe she and I could talk. My husband passed away last month, I'm all alone and I miss having a regular lover."

Mason smiled. "But what about your sexuality?"

Sam beamed. "I figured that out when I lost Michy. I'm bi, but I prefer women to men. Listen, could we get out of here? Are you free for dinner?"

Mason thought about it for a few minutes, Michy and Neal weren't around, so why not? Sam was very friendly and appealing and Mason didn't relish cooking for herself. She held out her hands and took Sam's.

"I would love to, but can you give me a some time to finish closing and grab a shower?" Sam nodded -- and in her own head, she thought about the beautiful, dark-haired girl's sensual, supple body in the shower, all soapy and glistening -- not yet, she thought. Maybe, just maybe, Michy would be open to sharing -- if she could win her back.

As she was hungry, Mason hurried through her chore and was done in about 20 minutes. Sam had changed, she now wore a calf-length skirt and a silvery blouse that clung to a spectacular pair of breasts. She didn't need them, but she wore heels that brought her height to nearly 6 feet. She gave Mason a hug.

"Thanks for the company. Hungry?"

"Famished. Where should we go?"

"Like steak?" Mason nodded.

Sam smiled. "One of the benefits of maintaining your regimen is you can eat whatever you want, most of the time. Let's go."

Sam had a Porsche -- her late husband had been a successful stockbroker, Mason found out. The restaurant was dark and amiable, the waitstaff very attentive to two sensual women. They split a carafe of a good red wine and chatted. A few times, Sam would put her hands on Mason's bare arm or miniskirted knee. Mason made no attempt to brush it away.

They even shared a nice dessert, splitting a Turtle Cheesecake and having coffee. Mason and Sam went outdoors, it was a cool night. Mason looked at her watch.

"I should call a cab and get back to the Club and grab my car. Thanks for a lovely dinner." Mason knew she was going to bat for Sam, she was perfect for Michy and obviously sincere in her desire to win Michy back.

"Tell you what Mason -- I live 10 minutes from here and it's late. My place is huge, come back with me, stay overnight and I'll drive you back in the morning. We can have a few drinks and make a night of it. What do you say?"

Always the type to go with her gut, Mason agreed. They talked more in the car, the conversation hedging on flirty. Mason figured why not -- they were both free agents, weren't they?

Samantha's home -- migod, it was tremendous, it had to be a least 10 rooms -- and once inside, Mason was agape at the rich paneling, wonderful decorations, fine crystal, this was the home of someone with money and taste. She turned around and Sam pulled her close and kissed her. It was a good kiss, a hard kiss, the kind of kiss that could take someone's breath away -- it did for Mason.

Sam pulled away, slowly. "I'm sorry -- I shouldn't have done that, I shouldn't have assumed ... "

Mason stopped her. "It's okay -- and oh yes, you should have. I wanted to kiss you Sam, I'm very attracted to you. You're beautiful, sensual and elegant, who wouldn't be?"

"But I should wait for Michy, shouldn't I?"

Mason took Sam's hands and sat her down on the couch. "If I know Michy -- and if I don't, who does ? - she'll be cool with it. You're not back together yet, so if you want what I think you want ..."

Sam nodded and Mason kissed her sweetly.

"... if you want this, then shouldn't we take this to a bedroom?"

Sam smiled. "Hang on a second beautiful, I'll be right back."

Sam sat back down on the couch and mulled things over in her mind. She'd certainly had some wonderful sex lately -- Michelle, Neal -- she figured hot little Marta would be in on the action soon enough -- and now, Sam. Beautiful, sensual Sam who ...

.... walked down the staircase in a lacy, black negligee that left zero to the imagination. She was a sex-fantasy come to life.

Sam swayed over to Mason and sat down beside her. "I figured you for a lingerie-type of girl, am I right?"

Mason leaned in and kissed Samantha heatedly, her arms around the other woman's back and staying with the kiss for a few minutes. "Very much so" she finally responded.

Samantha led the way upstairs to her bedroom. Like the rest of the house, it was beautifully furnished, a huge bed and matching chair, walk-in closets, it was spacious -- a sexy lady could have quite the party in here.

"Okay, I am dying to see you nude!" Sam said, practically licking her lips. Mason wasn't going to disappoint her, she slid out of her mini and top, leaving on only heels and lacy bra and thong.

"I was right -- you are a lingerie-type of girl!" Samantha said as she took in every smoldering, dark inch of Mason's plush figure. Mason practically dove on top of her on the bed.

"Want it a little spicy, do we?" Samantha purred.

"Uh-huh, can you accommodate?" Mason growled as she moved atop Sam. The hot blonde grinned back.

"Bitch, you're in for one fucking wild ride!" Sam hissed back as Mason began helping her out of the negligee. It didn't take long for both women to be almost nude, just a bit of heels and tease, as Mason would have put it. They kissed again, passionately, then slowed it down -- neither woman was in a rush, both were horny, both wanted this one to be memorable, sensual, kinky -- a combo of all that.

"Christ, you've got beautiful tits!" Sam said as she sucked one of Mason's cocoa-brown nipples into her mouth and played with them, big, round and firm, body sleek and wriggling against her own.

" I've got beautiful tits, look who's talking!" Mason smiled as she took one of Sam's boobs in her mouth and suckled. Sam sighed, loud and audibly.

"Lord, you're a naughty little vixen. Do you and Michy ...?"

"Every chance we get!" Mason giggled.

"Do you make sure she gets lots of chances?" Sam asked.

"Oh my, yes!" Mason sighed dreamily as she felt knowledgeable hands playing all across firm, sleek flesh. Sam sure knew her way around a woman's body, she was already feeling oh, so good.

Sam had been lonely for a warm, friendly lover -- she'd taken women lovers from time to time, missing the touch of a woman, she softness, the sweetness of pussy. It called out to her like a siren's call at those times and she could not, would not resist it's allure. Her husband knew by the end and he was fine with it.

But most of those lovers had been flings, often one-night stands or Call Girls who only sated the urge for a while and moved on. It had been some time since she'd felt loved and admired, the way Mason was making her feel right now. If someone wanted to label her a lesbian, she wouldn't have argued the point at this precise moment, no man had ever wrested the feelings out of her that Michy -- and now Mason -- had been able to do.

It seemed like they were linked, Mason would move in just such a way that Samantha could touch her wherever she wanted. Mason's pussy was so rich and sweet, Sam feasted on it greedily while she plunged two fingers deeply within. The tiny thong was barely an impediment to her actions, it was almost like a little game, how to get past it. She noted Mason had one of her own little kinks, she liked to fuck with her shoes on, the silver tip catching the glean from the bedside lamp. Mason's tits had lots of lovely, natural bounce and as she moved, her in-shape form rippled and sinewy flesh inflamed Sam's senses.

Mason considered herself a sexual animal and she had found a like-minded lover in Michy -- and she could see now why Michelle had been so lost, Sam was cut from the same cloth as they. Even in the throes of passion, Sam had elegance, even while her tongue was buried deep in Mason's cunt, she just seemed to be so graceful.

"Eat me, suck that horny cunt, you sexy bitch!" Mason hissed, knowing it would turn Sam on to hear her lose control.

"You've got a hot, slutty cunt -- like the way I'm eating it, don't you, you whore?" Sam growled back, her fingers finding Mason's engorged clit and squeezing it between her fingertips. Mason howled loudly as she felt a mini-climax surge throughout.

"I like everything you're fucking doing, keep doing it, you gorgeous fuckable cunt!" Mason growled, seeing in Sam's eyes the affect every lewd word had on her. It was like Sam had to maintain a facade for so long, that letting loose in the bedroom, with another woman, was her ultimate release.

Up until this point, it had been sweet, a bit naughty and very loving. When it became apparent to Sam that Mason could handle anything she dished out, she became somewhat more savage. She focused her attentions on Mason's tits and cunt, practically mauling them both, eager to send Mason sky-high in orgiastic bliss. She succeeded, Mason howled in delight and began bucking hard against Sam's seeking mouth and hands, her body arousing Sam in turn. Her own body, moving against Sam's, was the fucktoy that Sam wanted, needed and desired.

To anyone with two eyes, it was apparent these women knew what the other liked. Mason wriggled and moved against Sam, her pussy hunched against Sam's own, she raked her nails all over Sam's inflamed skin, leaving red scratch marks, she lost all sense of gentility and became an animal, biting Sam's tits and leaving teeth marks in them. Sam's wetness flowed, soaking the sheets underneath the trysting lesbians.

" Fuck , you're good!" Sam howled as Mason's tongue buried itself deep in her own horny cunt and sought out more pussy-cream.

"I was about to say the same thing about you!" Mason said as she removed her face from between Sam's smooth thighs and licked her lips of Samantha's spend. She'd already had several climaxes and licked Samantha's last climax from her pussy.

"Lucky Michy!"

"Lucky us!" Sam grinned as she pulled Mason close for a passionate, after-climax kiss.

"Excuse me!"

Mason and Sam spun around to see a tall, long haired brunette standing nonchalantly in the doorframe, in a tight black leather mini, GoGo boots and crop top. She was gorgeous, who the hell was she? Sam's lover?

"Is this a private party or are you willing to share -- Mom ?"

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