tagNovels and NovellasA Strong Relationship Ch. 04

A Strong Relationship Ch. 04


Had she been prone to modesty, Mason would have covered herself. The 19-year old girl had caught her and her mother in the act of lesbian sex, but Sam didn't seem at all out of sorts. She made no move to cover herself, indeed, she just smiled at the girl and then back at Mason.

"I don't think that's my call to make, dear. Mason, this is my daughter, Tamara. Tamara, this is Mason – she's Michelle's roommate."

Boldly, the younger girl walked over to the edge of the bed and kissed Mason hello. The sexy girl had full, pouty lips and she made the kiss last just long enough to hint to Mason there might be more if she so chose.

"Michelle – your ex?" Tamara asked, Samantha nodding.

The imposing blonde turned to Mason and told her "After Tamara's father died, I told her everything. I loved her father, but I knew I couldn't stay in mourning for too long. I'm too passionate a woman. Tamara was very understanding – it turns out my daughter and I share many of the same traits."

Tamara sat beside them on the bed and it was obvious she was checking Mason out. "Including a passion for beautiful women, right Mom?"


"Have you two ever ...?"

"Shared the same woman? On several occasions." Samantha told her as she got up and put on the black negligee she had worn earlier.

"At the same time?"

Tamara nodded.

"Do you two ever ...?"

Neither woman answered that question and Mason wasn't sure she needed an answer. It was their business and Mason had never been the judgemental sort. The two women were obviously comfortable together, if that extended to their sexuality, so be it. Samantha spoke up.

"We didn't have those drinks I promised you, but would you prefer coffee and somethng sweet?" Mason nodded. "Me too. Mason, why don't you and Tamara talk. Take your time darlings – and Tamara, be on your best behavior!"

"Aren't I always, Mom?" Tamara teased as her mother left the room.

"Your mother is one very together lady." Mason said as Tamara sat closer on the bed.

"Yeah, she's cool. She misses Michy though – I think she fell hard for Michelle. Does Michelle miss her?"

"I think so. I'm going to try and get them together again, Michelle's very special to me and she deserves to be happy."

"Wow. What a really nice thing to do. That's just so cool, Mason. You're beautiful inside too. But I've got to tell you, looking at your curvy body is getting me so hot. I didn't hook up with anyone tonight and I'm really horny. Can I kiss you?"


This kiss was not just warm and friendly, it was sensual, delicious, passionate. Mother and daughter, both could kiss – Mason's desire to bed the daughter was just as strong as her desire to bed the mother. Mason's strong arms held the 19-year old girl tight, she enfused as much of her passion into the kiss as she could, hoping that Tamara's own body would yield to her lesbian lusts.

It did. Tamara moved closer, kissing Mason, their tongues dueling. Mason's hands ran through her long, wavy brown hair, Tamara closed her eyes and let her mind imagine how wonderful it was going to feel having Mason's lips on her skin, her hands on her body, their bodies grinding together, tits against tits, their cunts grinding together, noisy sex filling the house, noises she knew that Samantha could hear. The pair loved hearing each other having sex, it was one of their perverted kinks. Already Tamara could feel her body readying itself for a session of girl-girl loving she knew would leave her weak and trembling.

"I – I want to make love with you Mason, I really do. Would you like to have sex with me? Please, don't stop kissing me – just do it all over and make me cum!"

Mason found it very endearing to hear the lanky brunette begging, she quietly agreed and she squeezed Tamara's leather-clad ass. The young darling had a beautiful ass, she couldn't wait to bare it, Mason slid the mini down thighs that were silky soft and subtly perfumed. Tamara reminded Mason of some of her other lovers, they liked the little touches, they were sensualists. Mason's mind drifted briefly to Marta – she and Tamara were alike in some ways, different in others. What was Marta up to right now? When would she and Marta share a bed? Every time she and the younger girl got together, she ached to initiate her into the lesbian arts. It had to happen – soon.

"How's my sweet baby?" Neal grinned as Marta got in the car. Her miniskirt was the tiniest he'd ever seen her wear, it was just a strip of cloth. Her blouse was a black chiffon and she wore nothing beneath it, her skin was bare and sweetly perfumed.

"Fine, sugar daddy. Are we going to lunch first or do we just go back to your place and fuck ?" the pixieish girl chuckled. The little fling with Neal had become more serious, he was screwing her frequently and bought her nice things. She even had lunch with him on a regular basis, although the first few times, she could have sworn his assistant, Sunny, was giving her dirty looks.

"Are you hungry or horny?" Neal teased. He found 18-yearol old Marta's sexual awakening very sexy, had he not been so crazy about Mason, despite their age difference, he could have fallen hard for the tiny, Brazilian beauty.

"I'm famished, but you know with me, fucking comes first!" Marta purred, squeezing his cock through his trousers. "Have you given any more thought to what I mentioned before – asking Mason if she wants to do it with me?"

It was all Neal had been able to think about every time he saw Marta over the last few weeks – the image of this cute little nymphet and his powerful, sensual girlfriend locked in a carnal embrace. He knew he'd had to be very selective in the way he dealt with Mason if they were going to pull this off.

Mason ran her hands all over Tamara's now-naked body. She was darker than Sam, and sleeker, she wasn't built like a fitness buff. Every caress of Mason's strong, knowing hands illicited a satisfied purr from Tamara.

"You don't work out, like Sam?" Mason smiled as she nuzzled the back of Tamara's neck and ran her fingers down the girl's sleek spine to just above her ass. She felt the tremors that were going through Tamara as she touched her, the younger woman was highly responsive.

"Don't need to – I'm a GoGo dancer at the Blue Pelican nightclub, it keeps me in excellent shape!" Tamara replied with a lazy drawl. Mason's hands continued to explore her languid form.

"You're beautiful, absolutely flawless" Mason intoned as her lips replaced her hands and she rained sweet kisses on Tamara's dark, supple flesh. Tamara raised her head and sighed "That feels so wonderful, please keep doing that. Oh Mason, my body is yours, just do whatever you want and make me cum, please!"

Mason combined rubbing, massaging and licking to enflame the younger girl's senses and to arouse her fully. She had perfect legs, with nicely tapered calves, even Tamara's feet were nicely formed. Mason had slipped the GoGo boots off earlier and was rubbing Tamara's feet, she could see dew forming on Tamara's pussy lips, but it wasn't time to taste – not just yet.

Mason's mind was on the task at hand – turning Tamara into putty in her skilled hands. She worked her magic on Tamara's feet, licking tiny toes and working up soft thighs, seeing the brunette squirm and watching as her hands curled into tiny fists. The daughter did indeed have much of the same passion as the mother and Mason really, turly wanted to eat her pussy, but she exercised self-control and began to caress Tamara's beautiful, round rump and knead it playfully.

"Oh fuck, you have wonderful, strong hands. Mason lover, this feels so fucking good, you teasing bitch, please, please keep on doing that." Tamara moaned. Mason lowered herself down a bit and while she massaged Tamara, she let her hair trail ever-so-gently over Tamara's back. The younger girl sighed and her eyes closed, she was fully under Mason's spell now.

Her face buried in the pillow to muffle her moans, Tamara's lips bore a satisfied smile. Since their mutual confession to liking girls, Sam had brought Tamara many stunning and sensual partners, but she'd outdone herself this time. Dark, passionate Mason had topped them all and they'd barely even started. She yearned to feel Mason's lips on her cunt and she was a hair's breath away from begging when Mason seemed to anticipate her desire.

Mason went in behind and Tamara raised her ass so that the seductive bodybuilder could eat her out and manipulate her body. "Good going, little slut !" Mason teased as her tongue slithered up and down Tamara's pussy groove, then flatttned and slid side-to-side. Mason then stabbed her tongue in deep and used her hand to pat against Tamara's pussy and to stimulate her clitoris. Tamara felt her body kick into high gear as Mason increased the speed and intensity of her lovemaking.

Silently, with nary a word spoken, Mason flipped the girl over onto her back and began to eat cunt - hard . She was absolutely merciless and really gave Tamara a good tongue-lashing, fingerfucking, wild session of unbridled lesbian play. Tamara's head snapped back and she wriggled, but she managed to reach out and hold Mason's head firmly between her thighs and prevented her from stopping. Mason feasted on the sopping-wet pussy greedily, her own sexual insatiability surprising her. Her jaw ached a bit, but it was a small price to pay for tasting the lovely snatches she'd feasted on tonight.

Mason kept her hands and fingers equally occupied, really ramming them hard into Tamara's tight cunt. The girl had a "snapper" pussy and it gripped the fingers hard, but Mason also sensed Tamara's orgasm would be heightened because of it. She sucked the girl's dark nipples and licked the flat plane of the girl's stomach as she did her best to give Tamara the fucking of a lifetime.

"Want to mix it up a bit lover?" Mason said as she nuzzled the girl's neck softly. Tamara seemed out of it, so she explained.

She had Tamara lower her body down onto her face and she used her own strength to pull Tamara as close as she could. Straddling Mason, Tamara got the cuntlapping of a lifetime. Her body was creaming and she felt out of control, but she braced herself against the wall as Mason sucked her off to an orgasm that had her seeing stars. She screamed "Oh my fucking GOD !" and Tamara couldn't hold it any more. Her legs were like jelly and she keeled over, narrowly missing falling on top of Mason.

Tamara lay on the bed, Mason idly caressing her. She couldn't breathe, she'd never been so winded after sex, but there had never been anyone like Mason before.

Tamara stretched out and fondled one of Mason's round boobs, running her hands all over Mason's magnificent, sculpted body. She was at a loss for words as to what to say to Mason, so Tamara just kissed her sweetly a few times and rolled over, raising herself up on one arm. She was beaming.

"Wow. Mason, that was so amazing. I haven't felt like that in – no, I've never felt like that. I have to show you my appreciation."

Tamara kissed Mason with sensual desire, just letting her tongue slide along Mason's full, soft lips. Tamara was eager to show Mason that she too, could give pleasure and she wanted to take her time and do a good job. Her fingers skimmed along Mason's firm, sensual form, almost unbelieving at the perfection that was Mason's body. Tamara wanted to show Mason her desire, there wasn't any part of Mason that wasn't shapely, sensual or desirable. Mason made very sensual noises that seemed to come from deep within as the younger girl kissed her body. She just enjoyed Tamara's relaxed style of lovemaking and felt her body awakening sexually yet again.

Tamara had a soft, sexy playfulness that Mason found very appealing. Sex was recreation to the younger girl and as she moved and darted about Mason's body, Mason was delighted to see the girl was no stranger to loving a woman's body.

Downstairs, preparing coffee and cake, Samantha could hear the creaks of the bed and her daughter's sighs and moans blending with Mason's. She was proud of her daughter's lovemaking skills, it had come very naturally to Tamara. Whenever the pair shared a lover, Sam found the sight of her daughter pleasuring another female almost as sensual as when she herself was in bed with their playmate. Watching Tamara and another girl in bed was almost like watching an erotic painting come to life, she moved with such a supple grace when she was with another girl. Sam knew to bide her time – let Tamara have her fun, she'd go up and watch them in a little while.

Tamara loved the scent of Mason's arousal and the prior aroma of her sex-session with her mother. Mason smelled of fucking – Tamara was now between Mason's sleek thighs and eating cunt for all she was worth. She licked up as much of Mason's spend as she possibly could, craving more. Tamara knew that Mason could hold her in place with those powerful thighs, but she needn't bother – Tamara had no intention of going anywhere.

Tamara's slender, dancer's body was a real turn-on for Mason, and she was such a nimble, agile little lover. She arched herself forward and while her tongue plunged deeply into Mason's needy cunt, she reached out and manipulated as much of Mason's body as she could reach. Even at her tender age, Tamara had experienced many female lovers and she knew how to move and where to touch to arouse them. Men had their merits, Tamara knew – but there was nothing sexier than a beautiful woman at the height of pleasure.

Tamara had a sweet smile on her face as she could see how much pleasure she was imparting to Mason. She pressed her soft hands against Mason's beautiful, round big tits, from underneath, weighing them, then at the sides. Tamara moved her slender body upwards and now she was tit-to-tit with Mason, her stiff nipples against Mason's dark nipples, the pair of them now dry fucking each other. Tamara's tongue slid out and languorously licked Mason's nipples. She took her cues from the shine in Mason's dark eyes and the little coos the dark-haired bodybuilder gave her as her body was being teased and pleased. Mason's body was trembling and twitching, it had been a while since she'd cum this often in a day. Mother and daughter – it was difficult to determine who was better in bed, not that anyone was forcing her to make a choice. As Tamara licked and sucked her upper half, her hands weren't idle, her hand cupped Mason's drenched pussy and rubbed frantically, Mason's body arching up to meet the fingers that rubbed her pussy and clit.

Mason's mind drifted momentarily to Neal – she wondered what he'd make of all this. If their relationship was to move forward, she'd have to tell him about her little sexual pecadillos and let the chips fall where they may. If he was like most men, she doubted he'd mind her playing with other women – but which one should she share with him first?

Neal's wonderful cock was moving in and out of her pussy and Marta was riding him for all she was worth. Neal loved how energetic a fucker the teenage girl was, he also loved how sexy her tiny body looked while she was top-riding him and the blissful look that came over her sweet face while she was being fucked.

"Give it to me, sugar daddy, fuck your little Marta like the teenage slut she is!" Marta screamed as Neal's dick slammed deep within her body. It was very sexy to her that Neal wasn't threatened by her aggressive nature – he thought it very sexy, that she just couldn't wait to get naked and start fucking. They had barely been in the door when she wrapped herself around him and began fumbling with his clothes, they were still fused together by the time they got to his bedroom, but most of his clothes had gone. Marta had pounced on him and tackled him to the bed, her tongue flicking all over his skin, her hands squeezing and fondling his naked cock and balls. Marta gave him a quick blowjob to get him hard, but the lusty teen was too horny to wait long and she mounted him quickly and began to fuck him. If there was a better sensation than fucking, Marta hadn't found it. She thought a cock was the best feeling she'd ever had – but she had no basis in comparison, she was going to change that soon. She was going to get a promise from Neal after lunch to set her up with Mason – and if he kept fucking her like this, she might allow him to join them when they were done.

"You've got a gorgeous ass" Mason smiled as she stroked Tamara's body. The little minx had wrung an orgasm out of her that had blown her mind – how had someone so young become so good at pleasuring another person? Someone had taught Tamara to give and receive pleasure and taught her well. Mason thought it best not to worry about who that might be and just enjoy.

"I have to keep my ass gorgeous, I shake it often enough!" Tamara said as she snuggled closer to Mason. They were face to face on the bed, lying on their stomachs, recovering from their romp. It wasn't over yet, Tamara knew – there was a sense of unfinished business hovering in the air.

"So – you're Michelle's roommate, huh? Is she as good as Mom says she is?" Tamara asked, running her fingers through Mason's thick, dark hair.

"Michelle's a wonderful lover, but there are other reasons she's special. I have to find a way to get your Mom and Michy back together – Michy would never admit it, but I think she misses your Mom a lot and would take her back in a heartbeat."

"I want Mom to be happy – I think she'd settle down in a second if she could get Michelle back" Tamara said, nuzzling Mason's neck.

"Oh – I don't think Michelle needs your Mom to settle down, she just needs Sam in her life. Don't worry Tamara – I think I can make things all better."

"I believe it – you can make something else all better too."

"Oh? What might that be?"

"You can help me cum again – my pussy is getting that feeling again, like it needs your tongue buried deep inside."

"Isn't that funny – I have the same feeling." Mason pulled the younger girl to her and kissed her savagely, this time she was going to use her strength to her best advantage. She squeezed Tamara's rounded buttocks, then swatted them and said "This time, you little bitch, I'm calling the shots, get it?"

Despite the lateness of the hour, Tamara was wide-awake. "Yes – of course." Tamara's cunt was pulsating with unfulfilled need, she twisted and writhed as Mason's fingers invaded her pussy and began to fuck her. The gentle nature of the previous sessions was replaced by an anxious, needy urge to fuck and let go with whatever erotic thought came to mind.

Mason didn't see the need to be gentle this time – she drove her fingers in faster and faster and really let the young dancer have a superb fucking. She drilled her fingers in and out of Tamara's tight cunt, the girl's muscles contracted around her hand, but Mason's strength allowed her to take control. Tamara did her best to keep up her end of the bargain, a kiss here, a fondle there – but there wasn't much she could do this time, Mason was in full control and all Tamara really could do was relax and enjoy the ride – which she did, tremendously.

Mason flipped Tamara over and demanded "Okay, you little fuckslut , I want you to eat my cunt and do a good job, don't stop until I cum on your face – got it?"

Tamara was really getting into this new type of lesbian play. "Yes, I will!" she wailed and felt Mason's body lower to her face. Her tongue shot out and she used her hands to grab Mason's buttocks and hold her in place while Tamara ate pussy. Mason was really getting off on Tamara's licking tongue and it thrilled her that this beautiful young woman, who could likely have any playmate she wanted, was so eager to please her. Tamara's lean, sexy body was wriggling about as she ate pussy, so Mason once again began to fingerfuck the younger woman wantonly. Tamara's howls of pleasure were buried in the warmth of Mason's spasming cunt, Mason had really set off a chain reaction in the sexy brunette.

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