tagBDSMA Student's Revenge

A Student's Revenge


My last year of school was a bit of a holiday. My best mate Trev and I mucked around most of the time and we caused as much mayhem as possible. At seventeen years old we thought we were god's gift to the girls and harassed them at every opportunity. We were also the masters of practical jokes and we took every opportunity to have as much fun as possible. There were limits as far as harassing teachers went as corporal punishment was a big part of school discipline in those days. Six stokes of the cane on a cold day was nothing to be sneezed at, there were a few teachers that you were very careful around as they were masters of wrapping a four foot length of cane around ones backside. The result would be that you would have trouble walking and sitting down for a day or so and be scarred for a week. Other teachers were however fair game and if you did get them mad enough to cane you it wouldn't be too bad. To be fair Trev and I did get our share of thrashings at the five years we spent at the school. But usually we only received two or three strokes at a time for minor misdemeanours.

In the last year we were pleasantly surprised at our new English teacher who was a tall striking blonde named Mrs Kennedy. We had a few female teachers at the school but most of them were built like pack horses and had more testosterone than all the boys in our class. The fact that Mrs Kennedy wore short skirts or tight fitting pants was enough to excite a class of adolescent boys into frenzy. In other classes there was normally a fight to sit at the back of the class where you could misbehave. In her classes there were fights to sit at the front to get a better view of her shapely legs as she stretched up to write on the blackboard at the front of the room. The front of the room was elevated so that she stood higher.

On Trev's fateful day we were both sitting at the front of the class right behind where Mrs Kennedy was writing on the board. His new trick was to wait until she was stretching up and then he would drop his pen onto the floor. The plan was that when he bent down to pick up his pen he would have a better look up the short skirt that she was wearing. We had both done this successfully in previous classes but luckily for me Trev was in a better position than I was. He dropped his pen as planned and was bending down getting a good eyeful when Mrs Kennedy turned and caught him red handed. Trev just smiled as he sat back up again as the rest of the class including me laughed.

Mrs Kennedy turned to face the class, she looked angry as the class laughed at her predicament. She then glared at Trev's smiling face for a few seconds

"Go to the office and get six canes." she said to Trev.

Trev surprised at her just sat there.

"Off you go, and don't take too long." She added before turning back to the board and continued writing.

Trev still smiling got up and left the class while the rest of the class whispered too each other. Five minutes later Trev returned with six assorted canes and placed them on Mrs Kennedy's desk as he was told. He then turned to sit down. "Stay right there." Mrs Kennedy said as she stepped over to the desk, she sorted through the canes before selecting a thin straight cane and placed the rest back on the desk before turning to the class.

"Okay. Unlike other female teachers I administer corporal punishment myself. I take discipline very seriously and I never give less than four strokes. These are the rules. If the recipient stands up or touches his backside before I have delivered the last stroke he will get additional stokes for each time he does so. Now Trevor here has demonstrated an act of vast stupidity which has earned him six of the best. Let this be a lesson to you all that I won't tolerate this sort of behaviour."

By now Trev had lost his confidence as was unsure on how this was going to go; he didn't have to wait long to find out.

Mrs Kennedy walked to a clear spot in front of the class and touched the floor with the cane. "Put your toes there, face the window and touch your toes." she told Trev.

Trev did as he was told and Mrs Kennedy walked up beside him and placed the cane on his backside and measured off the correct distance. His trousers were stretched tight and offered little protection for what was coming.

"Remember what I said about staying down or you'll get extra." she reminded Trev.

She had a couple of short practise swings before she swung high and wide and brought the cane crashing down hard onto Trev's backside. From where I was sitting I could the look of pain begin to register on his face. She stepped back and placed the end of the cane on the floor before stepping up again. The second stroke was harder and again she waited a good five seconds before readying herself for the next. It was now apparent that Mrs Kennedy had done this before. The third stroke was just as hard and Trev's knees began to sag. He got no sympathy.

"Straighten up. Three to go." she demanded.

The fourth stroke was the worst so far, the cane nearly bent double as it landed like a pistol shot. Trev yelped and stood up stroking his now red hot backside, his face was twisted in pain. She gave a second or tow of respite.

"Doesn't count, over you go, Three more yet."

Trev bent over again and the remaining three strokes were delivered with increasing ferocity as she swung her body weight into each one. Trev struggled to stay down so that he didn't get any additional.

"Okay, you can sit down now." she said smiling to Trev who was now standing rubbing his backside with his hands, his face told the story. Sitting down was the last thing he wanted to do. He sat gingerly down and hid his face in his hands trying bravely to not to let on to others of his anguish.

"Just to keep the class on their toes I will be keeping a cane or two in my class ready for any other boy who wishes to try my hand." Mrs Kennedy said before turning back to the blackboard with what I thought was a grin of satisfaction. It would be a number of years before I found out that I was right.

Five minutes before the end of class Mrs Kennedy sorted through the canes and selected two and instructed Trev to take the rest back to the office where he got them from. He had to drag himself out of his chair and the rest of the class watched as he walked cautiously out the door.

I caught up with Trev a bit later and he told me that it was the worst caning he had ever had, he could hardly walk. We had swimming late in the day and Trev's backside was the centre of attention in the changing rooms. Seven perfectly spaced parallel red and blue welts stretched across his backside. It was a lesson to all of us and the only other one in our class to get a thrashing by Mrs Kennedy that year was Fatso Smyth who got caught cheating in a test. She gave him three strokes in front of the class and when he cried she gave him the other three at the end of the class. We all stood outside to listen as we didn't Fatso Smyth. I still liked Mrs Kennedy and while I was still a little cheeky I ensured that I didn't push it too far, the idea of her lining up a cane on my backside just didn't appeal. A few years after I left school all corporal punishment was banned at schools, it was too late for Trev.

Seven years later I had served my apprenticeship as an electrician, the company I worked for specialised in commercial business work. Just before Christmas I was given a job to rewire part of a residential house as commercial work was a little scarce around this time of year. The tall blonde woman who opened the door looked a little familiar but I couldn't place her at first as I meet so many people in my line of work. It took a good half an hour of talking to her about the job when the penny dropped that it was Mrs Kennedy. Her hair was shorter and she was a little fuller in the figure but she still looked good. She too was giving me a once-over as I must have appeared familiar to her. Since leaving school my hair was longer and I had filled out from playing sport. I didn't say anything about school but to my surprise an hour later she clicked who I was and correctly guessed my name. I must have made some impression on her at school. For the next day or so I toiled hard rerunning cabling and changing switches and outlets. From time to time she helped me untangling cables as I ran them. It was when I got into the roof things came unbearable, the hot summer sun bearing down on a tin roof turned it into a sauna. When I came down Mrs Kennedy suggested that I cool down in the pool at the rear of the house. She gave me a pair of trunks and after changing I dived in, it was a huge relief.

We got friendly as the days past, she told me to call her Helen and we started having lunches together. It was me that brought up the day that she thrashed Trev while we were having lunch at a table by the pool. She laughed.

"I had to make my first caning at the school an example to the rest of the class." she told me grinning as she took a bite from a sandwich. "You did that; you should have seen his backside later in the afternoon." I said.

"I never got to see the end results." she replied.

"His backside was black and blue."

We sat and smiled at each other. "Tell me." I asked. "Did you actually enjoy caning students? I reckon that most of the teachers did."

She looked at me for a few seconds. "Yes I did, it was most gratifying to exact revenge on troublesome students."

"Trev wasn't causing any trouble when he got his."

"From what I remember he was trying to look up my dress, a very well deserved thrashing I would have considered." she said.

"We were all trying to look up your skirt." I cheekily added.

She laughed. "Well, you were lucky then. I remember I was quite looking forward to giving you a thrashing sometime but it never happened."

"I was careful not to do anything too bad."

"Spoilsport." she commented. "For me there was nothing more satisfying then seeing a boy succumb and jump up to grab his backside and earn another stroke."

Later in the day before I went home I had another swim, to my surprise Helen walked out in a small white bikini and dived in with me. We laughed and talked for a while we cooled down. She then got out of the pool and lay on a recliner near the pool; I then got a good look at her body. She was tanned with small breasts; her best attributes were her long tanned and shapely legs. I lay on a recliner next to hers as we basked in the afternoon sun. I would look at her body as I talked to her but she had me at a disadvantage as she had donned sunglasses and I couldn't tell where she was looking. I soon found out

"If you keep looking at me like that I'll have to thrash you like I did your friend Trev."

I was feeling cheeky. "It would almost be worth it." I said.

"Really, well it could be arranged." she turning to me, she took her sunglasses off and looked me directly in the eye. She was grinning as if to dare me.

Oops, I thought to myself. It was time to go as I had to pick up some cable from the depot ready for the next day which would be my last on this job.

Helen was quiet as I tided up my tools and gear and stored them in a spare bedroom. She then made the strangest proposition I have ever heard. I was heading for the door to leave when she walked up close to me still dressed in only her bikini.

"I have something to ask you. Would you like to make love me?" she asked in a shaky voice.

I was stunned. Here was a beautiful woman fifteen years older than me asking if I wanted to fuck her. She must have read anticipation in my face.

"There's a catch, you'll first have to let me give you six of the best. On the bare." she quickly added.

That took the wind out of my sails, I certainly wanted to fuck her but taking a thrashing was another matter.

"I'll tell you what, why don't you think about it tonight and make a decision in the morning. I'll make it worth your while. Wouldn't you like to play with these?" she said.

She pulled the straps of her bikini down and exposed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. She let me gawk for a few seconds before covering them up.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning then." she said as she ushered me out the door.

I didn't sleep much that night and I finally decided that it wasn't worth it. I could get all the sex I wanted from my current girlfriend. Trouble was she was at her parents for the evening and wasn't available for a romp. A pity really as it might have made all of the difference.

The next morning I arrived at Helen's house and started work as usual, she didn't say anything until I finished all of the work just before lunch. I was packing up my tools when she approached me with a grin on her face.

"Well, did you make up your mind?"

"Yeah, I think I'll give it a miss." I said.

Her face fell in obvious disappointment. "Oh dear, I was so looking forward to a bit of fun.

"Sorry, as much as I like you and would like to take you to bed I don't think I could take six of the best." I told her.

She wasn't about to give up. "Just think, a few minutes of pain and then you will be able to fuck me for the rest of the day. I'll do anything, I love to suck a nice big cock and then fuck for hours."

She could see me wavering and took appropriate action, for her anyway. She undid the buttons on her blouse and dropped it onto the floor, then came her shorts and then her bra. The last to go were her panties revealing a completely shaved pussy. My growing erection stretching my jeans gave me away.

"Come with me, it'll be worth it." she said as she guided me by the arm down to the basement garage. Like a fool I let her. She led me to the right side of the garage away from her car. She then stood in front of me and undid my jeans and pushed them down to my ankles, my boxers followed. My cock was sticking straight out and she stroked a few times before she stepped away. I was so nervous I forgot to even look at her body as she stood in front of me. She then picked up a long thin cane which had been leaning up against the wall.

"Okay, same rules." Six of the best, no touching your backside or standing up until I've finished. If you do it'll be extra strokes." she said.

"But before you said it will only be six." I countered.

"It will be if you stay down. Come on, let's get it over and done with. Bend over where you are and touch your toes. "

I relented and obeyed, I noticed my once proud erection had now gone.

"I've always wanted to cane a bare backside. It'll be good to see the damage." she said.

I felt the cane touch my backside and then two light taps, a second later the cane whistled down. It took a half a second for the pain to first register and then build up to a searing burning sensation. The pain had just started to ebb seconds later when I felt the tap tap preparing for the next stroke. The cane again bit into me again and the pain doubled as I struggled to cope with it. The third and forth strokes were unbearable and I gritted my teeth to help control my self.

"Hey you're taking this real well." she said as she stepped up for the fifth stroke.

It was a real stinger but I managed to stay down. Last one I thought thankfully. Only one more to go. She waited a few seconds and then placed the cane across my backside and again gave it a tap.

The last stoke was worst of the lot, I don't know what she did differently but it felt as if I had been hit by lightning. I jumped up and rubbed my searing backside.

"Oh dear, that was bad luck. That one doesn't count." she said. "But that was six." I muttered through clenched teeth."

"Sorry, but I hadn't told you to stand up. One more to go. I'll give you a minute if you want.

I turned and looked at her, her face was either red from the effort of the caning or she was turned on. I looked at her nude body trying to take my mind off my backside which now was on real fire.

"Okay, times up. One more to come." she said as she taped the floor with the cane.

I reluctantly bent over and felt the tap tap of the cane. A second later it whistled down for the last time and the familiar searing burning sensation registered in my brain. This time I stayed down until she told me I could stand up. The pain was incredible and while I wanted to rub my backside I was too scared to.

"Wow," she said. "That looks fantastic; I wish I could have caned all those boys in the bare. I felt her hand touch me and move gently over the welts on my backside. "It feels warm." she commented.

It feels fucking hot from where I sit I thought to myself. I had an idea, I kicked my jeans off and pulled my boxers carefully up and headed up the stairs and into the pool. I removed my shirt and dove in. The cool water brought instant relief and I stayed there for a good fifteen minutes. I then got out and went looking for Helen, I found her on her bed, legs spread and playing with a vibrator on her pussy. She smiled when she saw me and put the vibrator down. I walked over to the bed; she sat up and took my cock into my mouth. She was good at sucking a cock. I was surprised when it quickly became erect, she continued sucking for a minute or so before she pulled me down on top of her. She reached down between her parted thighs and guided my cock into her pussy, it was warm and wet. I started to move inside her and she matched me stroke for stroke. Her hands strayed around to my backside and again touched the pronounced welts. After a few minutes she rolled over and got on her knees before guiding me back into her. I had a perfect view of her shapely figure as we pounded away at each other.

I then started to take an interest in her backside. An earlier girlfriend had introduced me to anal sex which she had a liking for. None of my later girlfriends would have anything to do with it. I slipped a finger around her pussy to lubricate it and then placed it against her anus applying pressure. She stopped moving immediately, she gasped as my finger slipped easily inside her. I moved it slowly in and out so that she could get used to it, I then removed my cock from her pussy and placed it at the entrance of her anus. Applying pressure the head of my cock popped inside. Helen jumped and again gasped, I slowly began to push further in.

"Please no, don't do that. It hurts." she cried.

"But you said I could do anything I wanted if I let you cane me. Remember?" She didn't answer, I moved slowly back and forth until I was all the way inside. She tried to get away from my cock by moving up the bed but I just followed her all the way until her head hit the headboard of the bed. I then moved in and out of her with long slow strokes. It felt real good to me but she was struggling under the onslaught.

"Please stop." she asked. "It hurts too much."

"My arse hurts too." I said.

"Not as much as this." she replied.

"Well, I could cane you instead."

There was silence as she considered what the worse option was. I slid my cock in hard and she tensed up.

"Okay, okay I'll take a caning. Please take it out." she pleaded.

"Six strokes. Same rules as yours." I said.

"Please no, not six."

I pushed hard back into her again.

"Okay, I'll take six."

I pumped her a few more time, I was reluctant to take my cock out as it was a nice tight fit but I did in the end. She collapsed on the bed.

"Okay let's go down stairs." I said.

Helen pulled herself from the bed, she had a sulky look on her face but I felt no sympathy as my arse was still sore. I washed my cock before followed her downstairs and into the garage. I picked up the cane from where she had left it and pointed to the same spot I was standing not so long ago. She looked gingerly at the cane, it was the first time she was to be at the receiving end of it and she was scared as hell. To her credit she stepped up to the mark and touched her toes. Her tanned legs were in contrast to her white buttocks and I was about to add another dimension. Using her own technique I placed the cane against her backside and adjusted my feet to the right stance. I raised the cane and brought it down firmly across her backside. I play squash and tennis and my hand eye co-ordination is normally very good. It landed right in the middle, she jumped and her hands appeared around to rub her backside, luckily at the last second she removed them. A red line was now apparent. I lined up and delivered the second stroke, she yelped but stayed down. By the forth stroke I was getting the hang of it and she was obviously suffering. I really let her have it with the fifth stroke and she jumped up crying holding her backside.

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