tagBDSMA Submissive's Punishment

A Submissive's Punishment


I realize I've been pushing my limits quite a bit but until this afternoon when we spoke on the phone, I didn't realize how far I'd gone. I could tell from your voice that you were displeased with me. I figure that perhaps I could make things better by fixing you a marvellous dinner. Part of me hoping that it will eliminate the punishment I'm sure you've already decided on. The house looks perfect; it's clean and practically sparkling from top to bottom. I begin cooking your favourite meal and preparing your favourite dessert.

I'm almost done when I hear you come in. I clean off my hands and greet you with a smile and a kiss. "I'm making you your favourite," I tell you quite sure you can smell the delicious aroma. You say nothing, only nod in acknowledgement. That's not a good sign. I begin to grow anxious.

I set the table and serve dinner. I pour some wine for myself and get you a beer. "How was your day?" I ask with an almost unnoticeable shakiness in my voice.

Again no answer, I look up at you and you're just sitting there staring. I only hold your gaze for a moment. The energy in the room makes me very uncomfortable. Any more of this and I'll start crying. I continue to eat somewhat slowly. I know you're contemplating something, I can feel it.

Before I realize that you've got up, you're by my side with a fist full of my hair.

"Stand up," you order while pulling me up with my hair before waiting for my answer.

"Yes Sir," I state while being dragged to my feet. My heart starts beating faster and my breathing increases. You say nothing more, dragging me towards the bedroom. I knew this was coming, or at least had a fairly good idea. Once we reach the bedroom, you toss me towards the bed.

"If you move from that spot, this will be much worse than you could ever imagine, understood?"

I nod, completely awash with fear, "Yes Sir." You've never been this upset before, at least not that I could remember. I watch as you head to the dresser and remove a silky blindfold and a belt. I feel like running, but it's like one of those dreams where you're just frozen in place. From the dresser you head to the closet, where you keep the rope and a make shift spreader bar. I make a very slight movement towards the door which apparently you catch out of the corner of your eye.

"Go ahead, I dare you," you practically growl. I feel very much like prey in the proximity of a very dangerous predator.

I gulp and as you approach I back up trying to keep some distance between us. You quickly reach out and grab my wrist. You bring me to the bottom of the bed and then release me. "Take your clothes off, now."

I keep my gaze towards the floor, "Yes Sir." I slowly begin removing my clothing, a little too slowly for your liking. I hear the snap of the belt, "Now!" I practically rip the remainder of my clothing off.

"Now bend over the baseboard of the bed," you direct. I don't like the idea of being exposed so openly, but comply nonetheless. You tie my wrists to either side of the baseboard in such a fashion that I'm unable to put any weight on my arms. Then, you whisper in my ear while pressing up against me, "You've been a naughty girl. I'm not happy with you, pet."

A tear rolls down my cheek. You move away and shortly afterwards I feel you spreading my legs and securing them in the spreader bar. Once it's secure you gently run your hand up the inside of my leg all the way to my already wet pussy, "Feels like someone wants to be punished." I hear you chuckle.

I shake my head, knowing that's definitely not the reason I'm wet, "No Sir, that's not true." I feel the sudden pain of you gripping my hair again, tightly.

"Did that sound like a question to you!?" you demand.

"N-no Sir," I reply quietly.

"If I hear anything other than a, "Yes Sir" or "No Sir" you'll stay like this until morning, and only then will I begin your punishment. Understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good girl," you caress my back gently and the touch is like velvet. You press against me once more, I can feel your erection this time, and you gently place the blindfold over my eyes tying it securely. You kiss the back of my neck and then there's nothing. I can hear you still in the room, I can hear you moving, but it's very subtle. I know exactly what's coming now and even though the blindfold is over my eyes, I close them tightly.

The first loud crack of the belt against my bare ass makes me jump. "That's one, how many do you think you deserve? 6, 8, 10?" all of which are rhetorical questions. The second loud crack of the belt against my bare ass sounds, "I'm thinking 10. It's a nice round number and it should make your ass nice and red."

I don't have to see you to hear the smirk plastered across your face. My hear sinks at the thought of 8 more belt lashes. The third lash makes contact but the words you state almost hurt more. "We'll start counting now. One, what do you say, pet?"

What do I say? What does he mean? Thank him. I don't want to thank him, not for this, this is inhuman and cruel. You want it though, or at least part of you does. The sooner you admit it and embrace it the less difficult you'll make it on yourself. Argh!

Without too much hesitation I respond, "Thank you Sir."

I hear you moan slightly, "Good girl." At least, I've pleased you, I think to myself.

"Two," which is followed by another impact of the belt. I can feel the warm red glow of my ass already evolving, along with my tears.

"Thank you Sir."

"Three." I let out a muffled cry. My heart pounding and my breathing becoming very shallow, I'm unsure of how much more I can handle.

"Thank you Sir."

"Four." There's no more muffle to my outcry this time.

"Please, stop," I plead.

I immediately feel your tight grip on my hair. "Tsk tsk tsk. I do believe we have a very naughty girl here. I know how to make you obey," after which you release your grip. I can hear you've gone back to the dresser but for what? Within a minute you return and the moment I feel the rubber against my lips I'm fully aware that you've retrieved the ball gag. You fasten it and return to my discipline.

"Shall we try again? Four."

My gagged response is obvious. "Thank you Sir."

The remaining six belt lashes continue like that with no more incidents up to ten. My ass stinging, warm and red while my face is wet from tears. My pussy is throbbing, wet, and desiring to be filled with your cock, but I know that won't happen tonight.

"Are you going to be a good girl from now on?" you ask in a soft voice.

"Yes Sir," I answer through the ball gag.

You pat my head, "Of course you are, but your punishment isn't over yet. You're going to take my hard throbbing cock in your ass, aren't you?"

The tears swell up again, I squeeze my eyes shut, "Yes Sir," I respond quietly.

I hear you removed your pants; Your hand runs up my inner thigh from my knees. My pussy is drenched and the inside of my thighs are glistening with my pussy juice. You reach my pussy and circle it with two fingers. I moan in pleasure and desire. I want more. I want you to fuck my pussy, your pussy. I feel your cock against my ass. I try not to tense as I feel your cock push inside my ass. You reach once hand around to my pussy and start playing with my clit while you begin to fuck my ass.

Thrust after thrust you push into me harder and harder. You play with my clit between your finger and thumb, occasionally inserting a finger in my pussy. It's pure torture, and I both wish for it to end, as well as, wish that it would never end. Is that possible? Can one be torn like that?

Thrusting in and pulling out, harder. Thrusting in and pulling out, still harder. I can feel your cock beginning to swell. Then, without notice, you quickly insert 3 fingers into my pussy while still playing with my clit with your thumb. I moan loudly and squirm but there isn't much squirming room. Oh God, I'm going to cum. I quickly ask for permission, "Please Sir may I cum?"

"Sorry doll, I can't understand you," you reply between thrusts, clearly just wanting to torment me longer.

"Pleeease Sir, may I cum?" I know you know what I'm asking. I need the release. I feel you begin to jerk slightly. I moan louder, wishing to be allowed release.

"Yes my pet, you may cum. Cum for me," you reply after an agonizing amount of time passes. As the words reach my ears, my orgasm begins strong and deep, even with you still thrusting hard into my ass.

"Oh God!" I moan as I cum and spasm, slightly. I feel you thrust a few more times, each harder than the previous one, then I feel your hot, warm cum inside my ass. I feel you grip my hip with your free hands really tightly as you explode inside me. My hands clench into fists and my eyes roll back and I feel a second wave of my orgasm flow over me.

After a few more moments of you inside me you pull yourself out and I hear you leave the room. You leave me there, tied, spread, your cum dripping out of my ass, my pussy juice dripping down my leg, all alone. How long is he going to be gone? I wonder. What if he doesn't come back until morning? He wouldn't do that ,would he? Of course he would, but would he do it tonight? I did my best to please him, to take my punishment without incident.

What feels like hours are only a matter of minutes and then I hear you return. I can feel you standing behind me, perhaps admiring the view. I feel your hands on my ankles undoing the fasteners, then on my wrists, undoing the ropes. I reach for the ball gag to remove it but am stopped.

"Don't," is the only thing you say and then you undo it and remove it along with the blindfold.

There you stand smiling from ear to ear. "Well done, pet. You certainly took that a lot better than I expected."

I feel ecstatic and I'm sure it shows now. "Thank you Sir."

"Go take a shower while I finish eating dinner, doll."

"Yes Sir." I immediately head for the shower, the feeling of being punished makes me feel somewhat embarrassed and disciplined, but the reward of hearing how pleased you were with my performance overthrows the negative emotions.

I will be trying harder not to displease you, though. It's definitely better to not have to go through that kind of punishment again.

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