tagBDSMA Sub's Christmas Present

A Sub's Christmas Present


The Domme had been planning her new sub's Christmas present for some time. Even so, it was still just a practice run leading up to the main event.

He showed up a couple of months ago, upon the recommendation of a friend. He confessed a deep desire to cede control, and let a woman take him, use him as she saw fit. The Domme snickered and explained that he had much to learn, much to do if he was to become the sub that he desired. After a simple nod of assent, she gave him his safe word and stripped off his clothes.

He had a very ordinary body, but a nice cock. So much work to do, she thought. She put together her plan, and started implementing it that very night. Get dressed, she commanded. Then a trip to the piercing parlor, where they gave him a frenum (a bar below his cock head) and a guiche (a bar through the bottom of his nut sack).

During the next two months, she patiently waited for the piercings to heal and taught her new sub the basics. She put him on a diet and sent him to the gym to get rid of his gut make him nicer to look at. She taught him to deep throat her strap on, and he learned to enjoy their pegging sessions. The laser treatment center got rid of the body hair. After many, many coaching sessions, he finally could eat her out properly. She had been patient, and patience has its rewards.

So on Christmas Eve, she led him down to the basement again, lashed him to the iron cross, and stripped him with a pair of scissors. When finished, his clothes had been reduced to irregular strips of cloth. Though naked and vulnerable, his erection throbbed with visible excitement. She replaced his frenum bar with a large segment ring, and flipped the ring over his engorged cock head so that it circled his shaft and lubed it up with his precum.

Hauling him down from the cross, she bent him over her padded bench and clipped the bracelets around his wrists and ankles to the bench. But she exercised some care, elevating his ass so that his erect cock couldn't touch the bench or anything else for that matter. Then she plugged in the Electronic Muscle Stimulator (EMS) and the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) units, but did not turn them on.

She slipped in a small anal plug to loosen him up, attached a pair of electrodes to each ass cheek, and selected a cable with two alligator clips. One clip went on his frenum ring, the other fastened on to the bar in his nut sack, and then she plugged it into the EMS unit. Next, she connected the ass electrodes to the EMS unit as well. But she didn't turn it on. Yet.

Upon command, her sub pushed the plug out of his ass, leaving a gaping hole that was ready for something bigger. This time she took out her biggest electrified anal plug, lubed it up with electrode gel, and worked it into his gaping ass. Once it was snugly in place, she wired it to the fourth EMS channel.

Almost done. Two more pairs of electrodes were attached to his tits, with each pair mounted on either side of a nipple. They went to the TENS unit, along with violet wand that she grasped with her long black latex gloves.

She first turned on the TENS unit, used a low intensity setting, and selected a program that made his tits tingle and throb. Gradually, she raised the intensity setting until his pecs started to twitch -- pleasurable, not painful. She adjusted the setting on the violet wand channel as well, so a light tap on his skin made him jump a little, and felt more like a zing than a zap.

Next, she turned her attention to the EMS machine. Starting with the Ass Plug Channel, she used a slow pulse that forced his sphincter to contract around the intruder, and a high intensity that made him clamp down hard every 3 seconds, rubbing his prostate each time. The tingling tits and clenching ass were starting to turn him on, and a soft whimper let the Domme know she was on the right track.

Focusing now on the ass cheek electrodes, she used the same program she chose for the ass plug, a strong pulse every 3 seconds, and synchronized the program with his clenching sphincter. She raised the intensity, and he began humping the bench. But his erect cock couldn't touch anything as he involuntarily pistoned his hips and the seven inch cock swung back and forth.

Finally, she flipped on the Cock Stim Channel and gradually increased the volume. With the positive electrode on his nut sack and the negative one on the ring encircling his shaft, the electricity coursed from his balls to the tip of his cock every few seconds, making it twitch. As the power increased, the twitch became a clench, then a spasm.

Forces of nature took over. His spasming cock pushed more blood into the cock head, squeezing out more precum, lubricating the ring and making the head swell. The swelling head made the ring fit tighter, creating a better connection between the EMS unit and his dick, forcing more electricity through his dick. And the tight ring started to restrict the cock shaft's veins, making it harder for the blood to leave his turgid member. His swollen dick, throbbing and slick with his precum, gradually turned from pink to dark red to purple. Despite the onslaught on his tits, his ass, his cock, he still did not cum.

The Domme was very good. Yes, she had taught him to control his orgasms. But much more important, she controlled where the electrodes went and what settings to use. She had him involuntarily bucking and thrashing, desperate to fuck something, to fuck anything, hanging on the very edge. But he could not cum. Lord, he was desperate. But he was also unable, incapable of consummating his own orgasm.

The poor sub started to become frantic. His need was intense, his senses overloaded. He had no control of his own body - the electrical pulses coursing through him held him securely in their grasp. The tingling in his nipples could no longer be ignored, as the sweat from his chest made the electrodes conduct more and more current. As his ass flexed and clenched around its intruder, his mind lost its focus, and he became more and more convinced that he was being fucked by the biggest cock in the world. Barely hanging on the edge of his orgasm, he slowly smiled and simply enjoyed the ride.

She moved in front of him, and pushed her strapon under his nose. With a command, he started sucking on her dick, slurping and licking noisily between the grunts that were driven from his lungs by the electrodes. His spasming ass pushed his face down on her cock, forcing more and more of the phallus down his throat, only allowing him to come up for air briefly before pushing his face into the rubber dick once more.

Finally, the Domme decided to have mercy on her new sub. She took the violet wand, and grazed his back, causing him to arch his back and gasp. Then she reached underneath, and touched the wand to his engorged cock head.

He came off the plastic dick and instantly screamed with release. The cock that had been clenching with dry heaves, erupted with huge spurts of goo, making a mess of the padded bench. The ass plug that had been tickling is prostate, now forced his muscles to clamp down, squeezing more and more cum from his balls.

The Domme grazed his cock head with the wand again, renewing the intensity of his orgasm and forcing it to continue. The abused sub screamed once more as his cock spasmed and ejected more goo. On and on the orgasm continued, with waves of contractions coursing through his pulsing cock. As each new peak began to subside, the Domme flicked his dick again, evoking more screams and more cum. But each new peak milked a bit less from his balls. The squirts became dribbles, the dribbles became drops, but the screams, the frantic humping, the tingling tits, and the orgasm kept rolling over him again and again. She emptied his balls, milking every drop from him. He could do nothing to stop her.

After twenty minutes of continuous orgasm, the Domme gradually cranked down the intensity of the two machines and then turned them off. Her new sub was a wreck, quivering and twitching in a large pool of his own cum while the enormous plug remained in his ass. Gradually, she eased the plug out and detached the electrodes.

She spoke for the first time. "Merry Christmas, slave. You performed well. Next week, on New Year's Eve, I shall take you to my favorite gay bondage club in the city. I shall treat you to another session like tonight in front of the crowd. But it will be a new treat for you, since you will have real cocks to suck instead of my plastic toy. Perhaps I shall invite your friends from work..."

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