tagNonHumanA Succubus Awakens Ch. 01

A Succubus Awakens Ch. 01


This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it enough warrant part 2.

Special thanks to darkgoddess2478 for her editing goodness.


A Succubus Awakens - Part 01

Aubrey Cavanagh was late for class. Well, not exactly class, just homeroom. As she left the girl's restroom, she thought about what had been happening lately. She was tired of high school, but would be graduating in two months. Aubrey was very eager to get off to college, and get out of her father's house. She still wanted to go somewhere local for school and stay in the Chicago area. These last two months should have been a simple matter; grades were never a problem for her at all. It was something else that was distracting her: something that had caused her to be late for class so much lately.

As she hurried into class, her homeroom teacher Mr. Brandt took in her 5'7, toned, athletic body. He knew she kept it so firm by running track and he had never missed one of her track meets. He loved the way her long blonde hair glistened in the sun as she sat in her desk by the window. She had pert little tits and an amazing ass. He might have said that her best feature was her legs, but you'd have known he was lying. No, the cause of his infatuation lay in her eyes. Heterochromia Iridium, it was called. He only knew this because he had looked it up on one of the sleepless nights where he found he couldn't stop thinking about her. She wasn't the most popular girl in school, but she was his blue and brown eyed angel.

He noticed she was looking at him peculiarly. She cleared her throat nervously and said, "I'm sorry I'm late, Mr. Brandt."

Caught off guard, he smiled awkwardly and returned to his desk.

As Aubrey sat and stared out the window, she wondered what was happening to her. She just felt...strange...down there.

Aubrey wished she had a bit more knowledge of her body's inner workings. She'd rather die than ask her dad, and he was fanatical about keeping her off the internet. When puberty hit her father had their family doctor answers her questions. Unfortunately the doctor was somehow embarrassed by their talk.

"If only mother had stayed around…" Aubrey thought.

Aubrey's mother had run off before her first birthday and she had never met her. Her father was very religious and very strict with her. One of her "cooler" aunts divulged a few things at a family reunion last year. Apparently, her father was so devastated by her mother's sudden departure that he was severely depressed for months. Not long after he turned to God. She said he was pretty wild in his youth, but Aubrey couldn't imagine that at all. Aubrey figured that the bible must have done the trick for him.

She had had "urges" before, but Aubrey had never pleasured herself. It was just dirty in her mind; she knew it was her upbringing that made her feel that way, but she still couldn't bring herself to do it. She concentrated on school and track and getting into college instead of indulging her urges. She would figure sex out while in college.

Of course, it wasn't that simple. She never found herself very attracted to boys. She knew which ones were cute and which weren't, but it took her awhile before she realized that the desires of her friends were not her desires at all. Aubrey had taken stock of her situation; a sexually repressed teen that may be a closet lesbian and may have a below average sex drive. She figured it was below average, anyway. If not, her friends must be way above average.

Aubrey snapped out of her reverie when she again felt a tingle in her loins. "What is going on?!" Aubrey screamed inside her head. Did she need to go to the restroom again? She kept thinking she had to pee but that was never it. It was quickly becoming much more than that as the tingling spread to her inner thighs. The feeling was flickering back and forth between warm and very sensitive and slowly spread down her legs. Against her will, her legs stretched out along the floor, her toes pointing forward as she stifled a gasp. Aubrey closed her eyes leaned back as far as she could in her desk while trying to conceal what was happening to her. She quickly glanced around but no one seemed to be looking at her. She whimpered as her nipples suddenly felt as if they were on fire. "Oh god," she thought, "my tits are burning up!" Aubrey wondered why she had used the word 'tits,' which she had never before, when the tingling took complete hold of her lithe frame. Her face and neck were flush and she grabbed onto the desk, fearing she might fall out of her chair.

A few seats behind Aubrey, a nerdy kid named Josh said, "What the hell is that smell?"

Her eyes shot open and Aubrey suddenly realized how completely wet she was between her legs. A few of the students started to sniff the air while others giggled, and Mr. Brandt told them to quiet down. Aubrey seemed to have regained some control after her shock of what was happening. She sat up, her ass sliding around in the wetness on her seat; her body still radiating heat. Finally smelling her own arousal, Aubrey was nearly lost in the pure lust of the aroma. It was a familiar scent; her own scent, but also sweeter than it had ever been before. It smelled of honeysuckles, strawberries, and...candy. But most of all it smelled like the wet pussy of a very horny girl.

"Where were these thoughts coming from?" she thought. She had a strong urge to fondle her own breasts at the smell of it. Some of the female students had secretly done just that; most of the males were shifting in their seats.

Aubrey was out of her mind. Her body felt unfamiliar, like it was someone else's. Her senses were overwhelming her as she could smell her arousal and that of those nearby, her tongue playing around her mouth and licking at the back of her teeth, as if it were aching for something new to taste. Aubrey's clothes were constricting around her, choking her, and she needed to get them off. Her fingers grabbed at the hem of her t-shirt, and she shivered when they tickled their way across her flat tummy.

"What the hell am I doing? I can't take off my clothes in class!" Her mind saying one thing, but her body certainly not agreeing. Leaving her hands under her shirt, she stroked along her warm flesh, achingly close to the button to her jeans. Her shirt suddenly unimportant, she ran her hand back and forth under her navel. Popping open her jeans, Aubrey sighed as she felt that much closer to freedom. She felt the heat coming from her pussy.

"Pussy?" Aubrey thought, "I never use that word." Regaining some control, her eyes focused and she was looking at an enormous wet spot in the crotch of her jeans. She didn't know what was happening to her; she had never felt this way. Aubrey started to panic and leapt from her desk. Her legs wobbled as she moved to the door, and she lowered her books to cover the wet spot on her jeans. She was suddenly very aware that they weren't buttoned, "I have to... I have to go," she said to no one in particular as she left the room. Aubrey cringed when someone pointed out the shiny wetness on her chair after she left.

She rushed towards the restroom, one hand grasping her books and the other absent-mindedly sneaking back up under her pink t-shirt. Her skin wasn't just warm, it was hot, and hotter than she knew was normal. Just as a finger snaked up to her bra-clad breast did she realize she was in the out in the open in the hallway. Aubrey scolded herself. She wasn't used to her hands moving without her consent, and she certainly wasn't prepared for the way her body tingled.

The door to the restroom slammed open. Aubrey dropped her books on the floor and dashed into a stall, immediately grabbing her crotch through her jeans and moaning loudly. She gasped aloud, realizing she didn't know if she was alone. One hand still rubbing her pussy through her jeans, Aubrey lowered her head to see a girl's feet two stalls down, wearing black boots. Cursing her bad luck, Aubrey leaned against the wall of the stall to analyze her situation and growled when she realized that her hand was on her pussy. She knew that the girl had to be curious why she had moaned, but Aubrey also knew if didn't get her shirt off she might pass out. She had to chance it. Aware of how quiet it was in the restroom, Aubrey slowly and breathlessly peeled her t-shirt off and hooked it on the door of the stall. One crisis averted, Aubrey took a breath and fanned at her heaving breasts. She figured that getting her shirt off would at least lessen the heat, but her breasts were still burning up.

It was then that she was overcome with pleasure as her bra squeezed her tits and popped off. Aubrey moaned loudly in the process. Both hands went to her aching breasts, and she looked down in shock to find that they had grown in size. Her nipples long and erect, she must have been a large C, where as before she was a small B. Naked from the waist up, Aubrey was embarrassed beyond measure. As far as she knew there was still an unknown girl two stalls down. She tried to figure out what could have caused her breasts to grow, not to mention everything else that had happened, one of Aubrey's rebellious hands played with her left nipple. It was pure ecstasy concentrated on that spot, which soon crawled across her chest and danced around the nipple's neglected sister. Aubrey couldn't control herself and gave in, her other hand stroking the attention-starved nipple, hoping the need might eventually go away. She was rewarded by jolt of pleasure as she shuddered and squeezed her tits in her hands, moaning loudly. The release was not enough. Aubrey pulled the zipper of her jeans down, the sound unmistakable in the silence of the restroom. She was starting think about how that noise isn't uncommon for one to hear in a restroom, but that thought quickly vanished as her left hand wormed its way down to her soaking pussy. It was as if her hands were reacting only to her overwhelming needs and her mind was becoming more and more helpless.

The moment her wayward hand had unobstructed access to her pussy, Aubrey was rocked by a devastating orgasm. "Fuck!" she moaned loudly; it was the first she had ever had and was unprepared for how it would feel. Her hand was absolutely swimming in her juices as her fingers went mad between her drenched lips. She could barely stand and plopped down on the toilet seat, her jeans tightening around her hand. Aubrey's mind was barely able to think, but she had a moment of respite with her left hand trapped helplessly in her jeans, continuing to try to reach her aching slit. Her right took the initiative and began to struggle to get her jeans and panties down. She felt ridiculous writhing on that toilet seat, too horny to stop playing with herself and too impatient to stand up and take her pants off. She whimpered as she realized that she could neither reach her clit nor get fully undressed.

"Need some help in there?"

The question hung in the air, coming from the other side of her stall door. Aubrey truly freaked out, screaming in her head, "No! No she can't see me like this! I can't imagine even imagine how I must look!" It was quite a sight. Aubrey was lounged back on her seat, blonde hair plastered to her face with sweat, making her all the more alluring. Her new tits were rising and falling with her breath; little pink nipples pointing into the air; perspiration covering her belly and making her body sheen. One hand was shoved down her jeans, the pink of her panties peeking out between the opened zipper, and a tuft of pubic hair beyond that. Her legs were spread a bit to give better access, but not too much as she was still struggling to get her jeans off.

Aubrey knew how she looked, and she wanted to scream no. She wanted to tell this mystery girl that she did not in fact need any help. Instead she kicked off a shoe and unlatched the lock with her socked foot. The door slowly opened....

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