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My wife told me she sent a surprise attached to an email, so I immediately started downloading the file. It took some time, so while I sat there I tried to imagine what she might have sent me. It was a video file so I knew it wouldn't be a batch of still pictures, which was the type of surprises she had sent me in the past. Of course being a video file it took almost 30 minutes to download.

Once it finally downloaded, I pulled my chair up to the desk where I had my laptop. The hotel had a very comfortable desk chair, so I simply sat back and relaxed as I took my mouse, moved the pointer to the file and double clicked. Not sure what the sound would be like I quickly took my earphones and plugged them into the computer.

As the video started I found myself looking at my naked wife on the bed. Her legs were spread open and I had a perfect view of her. Now with the camera angle, her face was pretty much hidden from view by her breasts, which are very large, even when she is on her back. The light pink nipples were already hard, pointing directly at the camera, certainly worthy of a close up if there had been anyone there to zoom in.

Of course my attention quickly dropped from her breasts to the main feature of the video and that is her pussy. My wife keeps her pubic hair trimmed short and thin, so while it is very dark, you still can see everything beneath. As the video continued she reached down with her left hand and pulled her labia just enough to give the fingers of her right hand access to her clit.

Gently sliding three fingers up between her lips, she found her clit and immediately began a slow circling motion while her left hand slid back up to her hip. Looking down her slit a ways, I could follow the delicate curve of her lips down to just the faint peek at her opening. Wishing my cock were buried deep inside that opening, I continued watching.

My wife suddenly paused the circular motions of her hand and I saw her move her fingers from side to side a bit, but once she had readjusted her fingers, she continued the circling again. It is fascinating to me that such a simple caress, three fingers on her clit can bring such pleasure to her, but just the thought of that had my cock hard as I continued to watch.

From what I can see her lips were only slightly open and her fingers actually disappeared in between them, so I couldn't see her clit and what she was actually doing to it. What I could see was the results of what she was doing as her hips just slightly lifted up a bit. As her fingers continued, she lifted her hips again, just like she does when it's my cock sliding in and out of her.

Soon she was lifting her hips in a rhythm, as if she were fucking, all the while her fingers kept circling, this time just a bit faster. Suddenly I heard something. Was it? Yes, a faint moan and I knew pretty soon I would be watching her come for me. Her hips moved up and down and her fingers kept teasing that incredibly sensitive clit.

Wishing I could move my head in closer and slide my tongue deep into her, I heard my wife moan again, this time louder, a bit more urgently. She then lifted up her thighs, bending her legs at the knees so she could move her hips easier. She was close, I could see that in her as she seemed to tighten up her muscles while her hand kept moving very fast. She moaned again, a sound filled with an urgent need.

I saw she was coming and the moan turned quickly into a whine as she lifted her hips up to her fingers and then suddenly pulled her fingers from her clit and clamped her legs together as her body convulsed in the pleasure. She kept her legs together for a few moments and then opened them back up to give me one last look at her beautiful pussy just before the video ended.

Figuring I needed to take a closer look, I set the video to take up the full screen, pulled off my clothes and started the video. Grabbing my cock I began to stroke quickly, wanting to time it so I would come together with my wife.


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