tagNonHumanA Surprise for Sharon Ch. 02

A Surprise for Sharon Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Removal of Sharon's Problem

Awakening suddenly feeling panicky and utterly confused Sharon lay unable to move for the moment, she never was a morning person at the best of times. Finding herself in an unknown bed in the unfamiliar hotel room Sharon felt very strange indeed, oddly satisfied and incredibly weak. Weakly she lifted her arm and checked her watch, it read six forty five, too early for her, far too early.

"Oh fuck!" she muttered softly to herself as memories began to emerge.

Sensations of wicked contentment welled in her as various memories of the previous evenings events slowly returned to her both thrilling and upsetting her. Staring up at the gently turning ceiling fan Sharon lay immobile as each new fragment drifted into place, again and again she shook her head in disbelief and amazement at the extent of the depravity she had sank to. In all her life she knew sex had never ever been so good as that and her body ached delightfully from her exertions. Strangely the best parts seemed sort of vague and hazy and try as she might she was unable to recall the finale except the intensity of its climax; she must have reached a state of overexcitement.

Rolling over on her side Sharon saw the bedside clock, the digital display read 18:58 it wasn't morning at all it was almost seven PM. Concern reared up as she realised that she must have slept all day, nervously she wondered how Peter would react when she returned to their room. As her moment of panic faded Sharon decided quite out of character that she didn't really care what the useless fat bastard said or did, he could drop dead as far as she was concerned.

Rising very slowly from the crumpled bed Sharon stretched cautiously as she was feeling a little light headed. She was naked, her garments were neatly arranged on the end of the bed and they looked freshly laundered. Deciding she was in no real hurry to face him Sharon decided to bathe here and redress before going back to their room. Noticing the swollen red weals on her neck in the bathroom mirror she was puzzled as she had no known recollection of what may have caused them. (The wounds that Raven inflict can heal phenomenally quickly and all trace would be gone completely within two days if Sharon was allowed to live that long.) Whilst the bath water ran she examined the wounds more closely and felt oddly excited as her fingers ran over the raised weals about her throat as if some ungraspable memory stirred her more primal urges.

As she bathed in the hot scented water she relaxed letting her tired mind wander back to the previous night and unbelievably she began to feel sexually aroused yet again. After last night's marathon session she should have been satisfied for weeks but the irresistible ache grew inside her belly once more. Beneath the hot deep foamy suds she allowed her trembling fingers to creep to her groin to furtively touch herself intimately and her already eager body responded so quickly she almost felt ashamed. Closing her eyes and settling back in the hot water she allowed her wayward hand to do whatever it wished as it delved between her thighs to seek her throbbing clitoris. Fast and sure the fingers completed their task gently rubbing her bud to grant Sharon a trembling orgasm in very little time. The ensuing climax was quick and gentle and her body quaked and arched slightly. As the shuddering tremors spread out to the extremities of her body she bit her lip and laid back sinking in the hot deep foamy water as her own gentle fingers diligently finished their task, her mind's eye focused upon Raven's beautiful face.

Once dry after her bath Sharon slipped into her dress and scooped up the pile of undies and bundled them into her handbag before leaving to face the music. Cautiously at first she entered her hotel room and was pleased to find it empty and then she relaxed, the confrontation with her husband was postponed at least. Peter was probably already getting pissed downstairs in the bar again, that could spell real trouble for her later. Anyway for now his absence was a blessing and she could worry about him later she smiled to herself as she cast off her dress and slipped into her old T-shirt nightie.

Still extremely weary from last night's experiences Sharon was feeling very exhausted, she settled back on the soft bed and she almost immediately fell into a deep sleep. Before long the dreams came to her, she dreamt of Raven and of them making love locked in everlasting wondrous embrace. Sleeping soundly she was unaware of anything and dreamt on through the night and well into the morning when Peter woke her up wanting to row with her demanding to know where she had been. She lied to him amazingly almost convincing herself as her mind conjured up the plot.

Last night she had taken unwell, unable to find him Raven had invited her up to her room where she had been violently sick and in a weakened state had fell asleep. Raven had tried several times to call their room but there had been no answer, Sharon knew he would have been in the bar or asleep and told him so. Huffily he sort of accepted her story seeing as she made him appear the guilty party and left, after all, the bar was open now. Sharon couldn't tell if he had really believed her lies or not, she had never lied to him before about anything more serious than money.

Unable to settle she dressed in a pretty 1950's style dress with a circle skirt, daringly and totally out of character going naked beneath it. Sharon found herself studying everyone differently as she left the hotel and went to find something to eat. After an enormous meal during which Sharon spent the time eyeing up the passing people she suddenly felt so tired once more that she retired to their room. It was past dusk late in the evening when the telephone woke her with a start. Sharon's heart raced as she heard Raven's soft sultry voice in her ear flowing sensually from the handset. Already in a state of arousal from what she had been dreaming about she was alarmed at how excited the girl's voice made her.

"Sharon?" "Yes, hi!" her throat tightened making her voice squeak. "I want you again tonight my love" the silky voice teased "You will come to me I've a further surprise for you". "I'll be over to the room as soon as you wish," she squeaked excitedly. "No, now listen Sharon, listen well," Raven's soft inviting voice continued explaining "my friend will bring you to me, she'll be with you very shortly my love!" "Oh Raven I'll be waiting" Sharon stammered like an adolescent schoolgirl. "Soon you will be with me Sharon and Peter will bother you no more if that is your wish." "Tell her to hurry please?" her heart fluttered excitedly not really listening to Raven.

The line went dead leaving Sharon holding the handset bewildered as she finally tried to actually remember what Raven had just implied to her. Within moments though there came a soft knock upon the room door. Dry mouthed and shaking with excitement Sharon hurried to open the door. As her eyes fell on the stunning woman who stood outside the door Sharon knew immediately that she was Raven's friend. The young, compared to herself, woman was surrounded with the same highly sensual aura that Raven possessed, though it was not as powerful it overwhelmed Sharon easily. She was very attractive with masses of long curly flame red hair that made Sharon's own auburn curls look dull and her emerald silk dress clung to her lithe form in the most alluring manner. Striking ice blue eyes tore into Sharon with the same eager passion she had seen in Raven's gaze last night making her exquisitely nervous.

Without conscious thought Sharon stepped back from the door to admit her guest, smiling the woman nodded her acceptance then entered the room wafting past the awestruck Sharon who closed the door behind her. Sharon followed her guest watching her mesmerised. When the girl spoke her voice had a smooth seductively lilting Irish accent that quietly took over Sharon's faltering will and left her already dwindling defences reeling in disarray.

"Hello Sharon my name is Katrina, Raven sent me for you." "Hi," was all that escaped her lips she was almost speechless. "Hi," Katrina smiled, her voice seemed to question as she continued "Do you desire anything of me before we leave?"

Caught by Katrina's twinkling eyes she felt unsure of the questions meaning Sharon shook her head to say no but her eyes had very obviously already given her inner thoughts away to the other woman. Upon seeing this creature outside her door Sharon's wayward libido had reacted immediately. Beyond the reach of her common sense her whole being began throbbing with arousal and Sharon knew she could not help but submit to the woman willingly if she made any advance at all upon her. Dry mouthed and trembling with hopeful anticipation she stared mesmerised into Katrina's eyes as the red headed creature slid a little close for comfort. With her peripheral vision she could see the Irish woman's arms move as her hands reaching out for Sharon's hips.

"I really don't think we should Katrina" her voice wavered as she weakly protested "Raven wants me." the half hearted objection died quietly on her lips as Sharon gazed enthralled into Katrina's enchanting blue pools as the Irish girl softly spoke. "We have a more than a little time to amuse ourselves before you are required for Raven's pleasure." the flame haired beauty laughed softly but confidently.

Sharon's heart was in her mouth and her feet were rooted to the spot as she watched the smiling girl as she sank gracefully to her knees before her. Seeing what the delectable creature intended to do in her wickedly twinkling gaze Sharon shivered in expectant delight but still struggled against the creatures overwhelming power with wavering resolve.

"But..." her defence crumbled easily as she spoke, "but..." "Quiet woman! Submit to me," the girl smiled knowingly as she continued, "I too want to sample your delights! I want to see for myself what intrigued my mistress so!"

Restrained by Katrina's power Sharon stood helpless as she felt the intrusive hands on her hips gently running down over her dress and trembling thighs to her bare knees. Licking her pouting lips meaningfully with the tip of her pointed tongue Katrina grinned up at Sharon's blushing excited face as she slipped her hands under the hem of the dress to electrifyingly glide up her bare thighs.

"Oh shit... oh shit!" Sharon gasped in fearful anticipation as the fingers drew nearer to her already highly aroused naked pubis. "I er... Oh Oh Ahhh!" she wailed as the intrusive fingers spread wide over her sex and without hesitation both Katrina's thumbs sank easily deep into her yielding moist flesh. "I see you are more than ready for me my sweet" came the husky whisper from below as Katrina withdrew her hands and stared up meaningfully at Sharon.

Poised defenceless Sharon trembled in silent expectation as she helplessly watched Katrina as the crouching woman lifted the hem of her dress and ducked beneath it letting it fall over her back. Just the feel the woman's hot panting breath blowing upon her naked thighs and belly as Katrina's delightfully gentle hands caressed her outer thighs and naked buttocks excited Sharon intensely. Sharon saw their reflection displayed in the wardrobe mirror and she couldn't tear her gaze from the erotic vision displayed before her. Spreading her legs as best as she could she stared enthralled at her perverse reflection submitting to the most carnal base desires and whimpered with pleasure. The sight of the woman on her knees with her head and torso hidden beneath her skirts only fuelled Sharon's burning excitement to fever pitch as the first tenuous lick landed on her moist and eager flesh. Moaning aloud she grasped at Katrina's head through her dress and watched her mirror image as the adept woman began to lick, suck and nibble at her pouting flesh without delay. Sensing that this would not take very long at all Sharon let her inhibitions go and uncharacteristically she began urging the woman on quite coarsely.

"Go on suck it you bitch" she wailed, "that's it, a little more, ooh, ooh, ooh, lick me harder more oohhh!" her coarse demands came flowing from her exciting both the girl and herself.

Beneath her skirts Katrina gripped her bum firmly painfully sinking her long nails into the soft flesh as she responded to Sharon's order enthusiastically. Hungrily sucking at the flowing juices as her long tongue writhed expertly over and between Sharon's swollen lips Katrina manipulated her with incredible skill. Suddenly Sharon felt the intrusive tongue plunge deep between her labia thrusting up into her throbbing vagina several times in quick succession giving her as much pleasure as any cock had ever done.

"Ohh you dirty fucker!" she moaned excitedly, "fuck me, come on you bitch, fuck me!"

Sharon was wracked in spasms of pure pleasure as the long firm unnatural tongue thrust deeper into her and writhed around inside her sensitive cunt much better than any cock could ever do. On trembling legs she took hold of Katrina's head once again through the fabric of her dress and tried to guide the woman's tongue to her aching clitoris.

"You red haired cunt sucker make me come!" Sharon barked out. Obediently the tongue then eagerly attacked her hard little responsive button of a clitty. It flicked rapidly at the swollen bud and before very long Katrina had brought her to the very edge of orgasm.

" Jesus fuck I'm coming Oooaagh!" she wailed as the orgasm blasted through her "Shit, shit! oh fucking shit!" she screamed.

Holding the woman's face tightly against her groin Sharon cried aloud knowing she would be rewarding her lover's efforts with waves of hot love juice. Whilst the orgasm ripped through Sharon her eyes were clamped tightly shut and her head was thrown back as she held Katrina's head tightly whilst thrusting her crotch eagerly against the girl's eager mouth as the delightful contractions shook her to her core. Unfortunately the two women were so totally engrossed in their frantic love making they both failed to notice as the door slowly and silently opened.

As he had stood beyond the door he could hear the unmistakable sound of his wife crying out with pleasure and thought he had caught her with another man. Bursting into the room angrily he was stopped dead in his tracks by what he saw for a moment in total disbelief. Before him stood his wife with her legs spread wide apart she was crying out very loudly apparently in orgasm. Under her skirts between her open legs Peter saw the lower half of another filthy slut who was knelt beneath her skirt doing who knows what to his wife and to his horror Sharon was obviously more than just enjoying it.

"You dirty fucking whore" he screamed in anger shattering their reverie and then began to lunge for Sharon with murder in his eyes.

She heard him and screamed in absolute terror, Sharon was quite sure he would kill her and Katrina in his rage. Screaming panic-stricken Sharon tried to turn and run as he closed quickly on her but time seemed to slow to a crawl as he hurtled closer. In a flash of flame red hair Katrina rose up between them and amazingly Peter stopped dead in his tracks. In slow motion Sharon watched his big hands reaching out menacingly for the much smaller girl's throat and was about to scream again when in a flurry of action Katrina lashed out and unbelievably felled him with a single furious blow to the temple. As he crumpled to the floor time accelerated back to normal and she wailed in terror.

"Quiet Sharon! Close the door now!" Katrina urged Sharon grabbing her attention, "we need to act fast."

Katrina made a hushed phone call and appeared to relax easing Sharon's fears too.

"What are we going to do?" Sharon was still quite panicky "When he wakes he'll fucking kill us both." She was shaking with fright and needed reassuring. "Everything is under control" she smiled at Sharon quelling her fear "Tie the fat bastards hands and feet" she laughed "Raven has made plans so don't worry my sweet this fat arsehole wont bother you any more" Katrina's cold answer sounded frighteningly final.

Grabbing two ties from the wardrobe Sharon did as she was told without delay, as she rose shock struck Sharon hard; she looked down at Peter lying crumpled on the floor then turned to face Katrina to protest as terror threatened to make her panic. Suddenly the girl took Sharon by the back of her head and pulling her face close kissed her full on the lips. The taste of her own climax that still glistening around the girl's mouth was wonderful as Katrina talented tongue explored Sharon's mouth and she kissed her back with equal fervour. Strangely the caress totally quelled her fears and she relaxed in Katrina's arms whilst they waited. When the promised help arrived Katrina broke away to let them in, the two maids pulled in a laundry basket and nodded solemnly to Sharon. Soon Peter was being wheeled discreetly from the hotel room hidden in the basket to who knows where. Strangely she felt neither guilt nor remorse as the maids pushed her husbands unconscious body out of her room with a sense of finality that should have disturbed her. "It is time. Raven wants you" came a colder Katrina "Come now"

Following meekly Sharon was led down the service stairs to the hotel basements then through a hidden doorway in a storeroom and still lower still through a passage cut into the bedrock far beneath the hotel foundations. At last they entered a large dimly lit chamber, the hot air was heavy with incense and other dark strange scents that Sharon could not place, she began to perspire in the moist heat of the chamber. As her eyesight adjusted to the flickering torch light Sharon saw Raven seated on a wide stone dais near one end of the chamber. Two naked girls attended Raven, behind her two naked young men discretely stood at a distance in a guarded pose. Casting her eyes about Sharon noticed several others around the poorly lit extremities of the chamber. Around the chamber several girls milled in various stages of undress whilst four were seated playing strange exotic music that Sharon had never heard the likes of. Across from the dais Raven reclined upon a raised section like a stage was curtained of with rich heavy blood red drapes guarded by two naked blonde girls who appeared identical.


As the splendid creature beckoned them to come over Sharon needed no helping hand following Ravens demand eagerly. As she drew closer Sharon saw that Raven was obviously naked beneath a thin shimmering simple translucent green gown that clung to her perfect form. It was simply gathered at her slender waist by a thin silver belt and Sharon noticed the girl's arms ankles and throat were adorned in masses of glinting jingling trinkets as Raven motioned them closer.

"I understand you couldn't keep your hands off my latest diversion" Raven's voice contained a poorly veiled anger as she spoke to Katrina. "I could not resist it my mistress" Katrina whispered, "this morsel was how can I say, too tempting by far!" "I hope you found it stimulating my dear Katrina!" hissed Raven throatily, "a suitable penance will be arranged for you have no doubt!"

They talked of her as if she was a mere possession not a person and Sharon realised that in their eyes she was! A little sane part of her cried out that this was crazy and that she was lost in a world of insane debauchery. It pathetically pleaded with her to flee this madness but the vision that reclined before her held her in bonds stronger than any iron shackles, love, a pure one sided adoration held her helpless.

"It matters not," Raven laughed dismissing any anger in her voice "Your hunger has brought us a new entertainment, has it not?" Her hand gestured toward the curtained stage before them. "This is for you Sharon, see what I am willing to do for you my love!"

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