tagLoving WivesA Swinging Door Opens Ch. 3c

A Swinging Door Opens Ch. 3c


After the first couple of times of screwing my wife without concern for being interrupted, I wondered if Mike would continue, especially now that he was aware of my knowledge of what he was doing with her. I sincerely hoped that he would. I had enjoyed finding her with a load of his cum in her, waiting for more cock. It seemed that the more she got, the more she wanted, and I certainly wanted that trend to continue. So it didn't come as a great shock when I found out that he not only would, but also intended to keep using her fully, and even increased the times he enjoyed my wife's luscious tits and sweet pussy.

Since Linda didn't mind (and in fact even tacitly encouraged him), I certainly didn't. I found out he was seeing her frequently, not only in our apartment, but also as frequently as he could in catch-as-catch-can situations. This is the story of just one of those, written not only because it was such an original place to fuck her, but because it marked somewhat of a turning point in her life and enjoyment of sex.

Mike was an amateur photographer. In addition to his job, which kept him in tunnels below ground level for many parts of the day, he was also a semi-official photographer for his company. He had wanted to take pictures of Linda from the very first time they had met, and even managed to get a few of her in very sedate poses, but this day was something quite different.

He had invited her to his workplace several times, but she had not been interested – at first. As their relationship grew and she became more enamored of him, so did her interest in being closer to him even as he worked.

"How do you like my little hide-away?" he laughed, indicating with an arm swung wide the confines of his office some 150 feet underground.

Linda laughed too. It wasn't anything like what she had expected. Just looking at the little construction shed pressed tightly against one wall of the massive tunnel, she hadn't expected anything like this. One wall was taken up by a twin bed. An end was reserved for the tools of his trade and the other was taken up by photographic equipment. Only the side next to the tunnel had any openings and even these two were covered with venetian blinds that Mike now turned to prevent anyone from seeing inside.

"I spend a lot of time down here," he explained, bolting the door from the inside and motioning her over to sit down on the small bed. "After I've been working for twelve or fourteen hours, this comes in pretty handy. People know how they can reach me, " he told her as he took the pager from his belt and tossed it across the room to land next to his tool belt. He sat down beside her. "Today isn't going to be one of those days though," he told her, taking her into his arms and kissing her with the familiarity of long-time lovers.

Linda hadn't expected anything like this when she had accepted his invitation to tour the facility with him. She was modestly and fully dressed; complete with a half-slip, "sensible" panties, hose and a garter belt as opposed to the knee-high hosiery and bikini panties or crotchless panty hose she usually wore when Mike was around. She was even thinking of objecting concerned about the possibility of being interrupted as she felt one of his hands gently fondling her breast while he kissed her. She shivered with the realization that he already knew the way to her enjoyment as well as her husband's. She couldn't help the swelling she felt in her bra as her breasts reacted to his touch. She knew she wouldn't stop him if he continued, even as she felt his fingers move to the buttons of her blouse and begin unfastening them one at a time.

Mike never let her retreat once he started preparing the object of his affection for breeding, and today wasn't to be any different. He felt her hands pushing against his chest, an involuntary reaction to his passion, but they didn't have any real force behind them. No more than the whispered protests she was making about "doing it here." Mike felt the resistance fading, then ending as their tongues joined in mutual passion. His hand slipped under her blouse and covered her breast through the heavy bra. Even in this "armor" that my wife wore when she was not expecting something like this to happen, he could feel her nipple swelling against his palm.

"It's been so long," he whispered, knowing that only two days before he had fucked her in our apartment. "I've missed you so." His hand was already beneath her breast, pushing it up against the firm cup, feeling it slip upward, then the warmth of her flesh falling into his hand. The still fastened bra suspended the majesty of it. He heard her gasp with pleasure as he took command, pushing her back down on the bed and lowering his head to take her swollen nipple between his lips.

Linda, both feet still on the floor, her body twisted beneath his, found herself unwilling to resist him, just as she had been the first time he had covered her breast with kisses. She felt the hand that had been holding her breast slide down over her belly, warm even through her slip, under her skirt and down her thighs. A warm hand moved slowly up the inside of her thighs. She felt them spreading almost without conscious though as he pushed the slip high around her waist. Probing fingers gently traced the outline of her pussy lips. She knew she was already wet and felt an instant of shame at the ease with which she allowed him access to her cunt. Insistent fingers were tugging at the wet crotch of the panties and she felt herself lifting her hips. Allowing Mike to pull them down below her hips, over her thighs and then over the high-heeled pumps she wore. They were thrown across the room as he had done with his pager.

"That's better," he hissed against her breast before resuming the slow, deliberate sucking and nipping of the now throbbing nipple. His thumb rested on her equally swollen clit while his fingers slipped between engorged lips that welcomed his touch. She gasped again as she felt his long middle finger slip into her slowly, one joint at a time. Her hips surged upward, begging him to bury it in her. She felt it begin slowly stroking the inside of her vagina, expanding the feeling of rapture that was captivating her.

Mike kicked off his moccasins. He was certain he had her, and it was time to make what he dreamed of come true once more. He stood up, towering over her, and slowly began taking off his trousers. He smiled at her as her own eyes moved down his body to the bulging erection tenting his trousers until, as they slid down his thighs, it jumped to full erection, the tip already glistening with his pre-cum.

"Are you sure….." she managed to murmur, pointing at the door.

"Don't worry, honey," Mike told my wife. "No one even knows that we are down here, and no one is going to disturb us." He lifted her legs and stretched them along the length of the bed. Kneeling on the bed, he took off his shirt and slowly lowered his body over my wife's. He had made sure of that, he assured himself, by turning off that pager and locking that door from the inside. No one would dare disturb him if they found that door locked, knowing his passion for naps between long periods of work as well as his use of the tiny building for a darkroom. "We have hours," he murmured as he directed his swollen cock head to the now exposed junction of my wife's thighs. "Even Earl can't disturb us down here," he laughed.

Linda felt the mushroom shaped head probing her cunt slide into her, the friction eased by the juices both were exuding now. The pleasure of her body joining his was indescribable. She had never gotten over the sensuousness an illicit love affair triggered in her. There was always that instant of almost indescribable bliss when she felt the erotic sensations stirred by a man's cock entering her for the first time. Even as she felt Mike gently pressing the muscles guarding her depths aside, she knew she could no longer resist the thrill of sex with a stranger. She had struggled with her thoughts long and hard, finally deciding to pull out all the stops her lovers might encounter. All the warning flags were there. She shivered with the pleasure as she felt Mike enter her inch by inch. Her arms encircled his shoulders, and her legs crept up the calves of his legs as she welcomed him into her superheated cunt, sighing with the passions his manhood stirred. It was at this moment, after having enjoyed only three other men's cocks in her juicy, cock-loving pussy, that she realized there would never be another day when she had all the cock she wanted. She was firmly hooked, wanting only to be impaled by a thrusting, cum shooting cock as often as she could have it from as many as wanted her.

Mike sighed too. He never tired of fucking this woman, unlike some of the others he had screwed. This was the hottest pussy he had ever been in, including Tonya's. Even as he felt my wife move against him, thrusting her hips upward, driving his cock deeper into her cunt, he knew he would always be needing her, unsatisfied until he fucked this beautiful piece of ass again. She was his. He knew Earl fucked her every night, and Earl had even told him of the others who had fucked her. Instead of causing jealousy, it made Mike want her more, to devastate her with his rooting cock, to feel every inch of her body against him, to suck and fondle those lovely breasts….. He withdrew almost totally; leaving them connected only by a thin strand of cum, watching my wife's reaction as she felt the thick hardness of him almost leaving her. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, gasping with the pleasure he was giving her. The lips of her pussy were quivering, waiting for the next assault. Then, almost brutally, he jerked his hips forward, driving his full length into her. The marvelous feeling of the heat of her core surrounding his cock head literally drove him to near orgasm as his cock told him of its undiminished need to feel her cunt surrounding it in the depths of their passion. Reason returned as he felt her thrusting up to meet the long strokes. She was begging him to fuck her, fill her with his cum. Slowly he began working against her, retreating just enough to pull an inch or so out of her cunt, then pressing it completely into her, rotating his hips to cover all the side of that hot pussy with their combined juices. He felt himself bottoming out against her cervix and reached beneath his to pull her up higher as he ground himself against her baby-making equipment, sighing with delight.

"Oh, baby, I love fucking you," he whispered in her ear as his hands found her breasts once more. Pushing her bra cups down to hold them high, he pushed the other breast out and caught it in his mouth. He began slowly began sucking them alternately as he fucked her, squeezing them gently but firmly enough that her nipples extended another quarter inch. He continued the slow grinding motion of his crotch against her pubic mound, feeling her clit extended into his own pubic hair as he fucked her. "One of these days I'm going to fuck you all night, then sleep with you and let you feel my cock inside you when you wake up. I'm going to suck these beautiful jugs of yours until you think I'll never let go of them again. I'll feed you so much cum you'll be coughing it up for a week!"

Linda shivered, but not from fear. Mike was the first man who had stirred her from the lethargy of her marriage and sent her on the first of her trips to ecstasy in another man's arms. Earl still showed no hint of objection to what she was doing, even though she had long before surpassed the desire she had felt as soon as she realized Mike wanted to make love to her. He had uttered no objections to Tim fucking her, or even her first black man. Each experience had built on that first one until like a mountain, it loomed over her, threatening to take her life over completely. The shiver first came when she realized that she didn't want to resist the challenge. It was so beautiful to accept it. She murmured her agreement to what Mike was predicting. Marriage had shown her the beauty of sex, the thrill of finding your lover taunting you in the early hours of the morning, the feeling of her crotch wet with the juices that allowed him to penetrate her. With that had come the comfort of his emboldened flesh entering her, titillating her, until she felt the molten seed gushing into her. The spontaneous and unexpected delight as she herself entered heaven with a gush of feminine juices as she joined her man in orgasmic bliss. It never failed with a new lover, as it had occasionally with Earl. He hadn't been resentful; instead he held her close and explained that mysterious thrill. She still didn't understand why it felt so good, or why he didn't object, but she no longer questioned him about it, accepting instead the long, slow, delightful screwing he gave her when he learned another man had been in her that same day or night. She didn't understand his need to suck the products of her lover and herself from her pouting pussy, but it no longer mattered. She didn't try to rationalize it. It was far easier to accept his explanation and enjoy the gentle fucking that it was his "reward," letting him have his way with her, enjoying the feeling of his seed joining others inside her well-lubricated vagina.

Mile slowly undressed my wife without taking his throbbing cock from the warmth of her depths. Her blouse and bra joined her panties on the floor. Her skirt and half-slip were around her waist in a tangled roll. The easy movements of their erotic dance were even more enjoyable now as they flowed through some of the same positions they had used in the motel. She still lay on her back, but her right leg was over his shoulder and he stood straddling her other. He liked this position because he could watch his cock moving unrelentingly in and out, in and out, strengthened by the mere sight of his penetration of her and the glittering juices that left little bursts of starlight glimmering in her pelvic bush. He liked watching her breasts move as he fucked her, swaying gently up and down, then in an almost circular motion as he plowed her depths. Her eyes were closed and a dreamy smile played over her crimson lips. She was enjoying it as much as he, a reward he never ceased to savor. Other women looked on it as duty, but not this one. This one liked getting fucked and he knew he would never outlive the thrill of fucking her, his cock so deep in her that he could see it's outline through her lower belly.

Linda felt him explode in her vagina in a blast of hot seed that erupted several times before slowing then only oozing out the remainder through the tight lips surrounding his cock. Unlike his eruption which had triggered her own, Mike never stopped. She knew from past experience that she had only put a damper on his appetite. Unlike most men, Mike was multi-orgasmic, just as she. Her eyes opened and she saw him smiling down at her, aware that she had felt him. She answered it with her own lazy smile and held her arms up to him, inviting him to get closer once more.

When she felt him withdraw, she knew what he wanted and rolled over on her side. She thrust her buttocks back against his crotch as he joined here on the bed and entered her once more. His arms closed around her, one over her shoulder, the other beneath hers, as he cupped his hands over her breasts and once more began gently swing his cock in and out of her now very juicy cunt.

Mike smiled to the back of my wife's head. "Nothing like a good, well-trained mare," he though to himself as he slowly fucked her. "She really likes this stuff and I really like stuffing her". He almost giggled as he realized the import of his thoughts. Linda had let him fuck her the first time that they met alone and hadn't offered any resistance since. He wondered to himself as he punched back and forth in that hot core if Tonya enjoyed strange cock as much as Linda. She seemed to, even after returning home freshly fucked by her own paramour, she endured and seemed to like having him fuck her through her previous lover's still hot cum.

He allowed his mind to wander as he slowly fucked my wife. He thought of how easy it had been to just let Tonya find her own way and drift into the relationship with their friends. Tonya had never even considered it "swinging". To her it was just a mutual attraction that wound up in the bedroom one day in the most sincere form of friendship. Shortly after the first few times, she learned that Norma, Jim's wife, went both ways and how she now joined her husband when he took her into their bed. He smiled to himself, remembering how easily Norma had succumbed to his own advances. There wasn't any jealousy there, he had to admit, even when they had experimented with a foursome on Mike and Tonya's bed. It seemed perfectly logical to fuck Norma while Jim nailed Tonya. After all, Jim had said several days later, good women were hard to find. His face had lit up in a sly smile when he had suggested that sharing was really the best of all worlds.

Mike hadn't minded sharing, especially since it left him free to explore other like-minded ladies he knew, but none had been like this one, he remembered. Even though she had told him that Earl was aware he was dicking her, he had tried to hold it close to his vest. It was only when Earl had led him into a conversation that told him he knew of their relationship was Mike able to admit to himself that Earl was aware and didn't mind.

"She's a lot of fun, isn't she?" he had asked him that day. "Did you enjoy your day with her yesterday?" he had asked the day after Linda had been with him together in the motel all day. Mike had said it was a "great' day, still playing coy until Earl had mentioned screwing her through Mike's cum. "She certainly must have enjoyed it. I don't think I've ever seen that much cum in her before. We really screwed the night away after that," he had stated openly.

Mike had still tried to keep his involvement as low key as possible, but had given it up once Earl had told him he was welcome to come over "anytime" with a wry smile. That had led to a very frank discussion where he had suggested a quid-pro-quo with Tonya, but Earl had questioned the possibility of that.

"She doesn't seem at all interested," he had said. Mike had explained Tonya's own extramarital affair and told him that he should still try. Earl had only smiled and nodded, saying he would, but that, by all means, whether he was successful or not, Mike and Linda should continue their own involvement. "She likes you and she likes going to bed with you, so enjoy yourselves. I don't mind a bit. You just make it better for me." That had been the end, as far as Mike was concerned. He had no compunctions about fucking Linda now, whenever or wherever it suited him.

Linda came hard, the sound of her explosive orgasm resounding from her vagina in a massive expulsion of air, trapped until now by the pistoning cock filling her completely. The almost convulsive tremors shook her body and brought her slowly back to reality. She drifted down from the mountaintop of delight slowly, feeling her lover's cock relentlessly drilling her as her body shook and jerked in delight within his grasp.

"Everyone of them is better than the first," Mike sighed as he slipped from inside her once more. "Let's see if that can possibly be," he suggested. "Let me take these off," he told her, rolling my wife over on her back and slowly pulling her slip and skirt off, lifting them to avoid the sopping wet flood of cum that filled my wife's pubic pelt. "That's beautiful," he told her as he dropped the clothing to the floor and knelt between her thighs to kiss the swamp of lust. He felt her hips pressing up, wanting him to do her as her husband did, but re resisted the inclination to do. Pussy eating wasn't his cup of tea, although he certainly didn't mind the feeling of those soft, smiling lips of hers around his cock.

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