tagNovels and NovellasA Swinging Neighborhood Ch. 06

A Swinging Neighborhood Ch. 06


Author note: This story is completely fictional but it is based on experiences over a lifetime. Many of those experiences have been embellished in this story. All characters are at least 18 years of age. I broke down the story into chapters and I will submit it one chapter at a time. The series will continue as long as I get positive feedback. Suggestions for additional chapters are welcome through the comment section or e-mail. I have already used some previous suggestions and requests from readers in this story.



It was two months after Ken and I returned from the ski trip when I took a big chance in the neighborhood. Ron was still banging some teenage girl at work and Joe was up to his old tricks again. It was rumored that Joe was sleeping around again this time with his secretary and one of the school teachers. That's when Ron's wife Judy and Joe's wife Nicky started hanging out at one of the singles bars. Sandy had moved on in my life and I was dating a girl named Trudy at the time. I was also occasionally sleeping with a couple of sales girls from the office.

I had just gotten back from a business trip and I was on my way home from the airport when I decided to stop for a nightcap. I decided to check out a place called Cody's because I knew that's where Judy and Nicky hung out. I was curious to see if they were there that night and if not maybe I would get lucky. It was about 8:00 PM when I arrived at the bar. I looked around and the place was packed; it was a true meat market. I walked around the large circular bar and found an empty spot. I ordered a Johnny Walker Black on the rocks and then I scanned the room.

It was my first time at Cody's but I was convinced that anyone could get laid in this place. I sipped my drink and watched people on the huge dance floor. There were a lot of women dancing with each other in addition to couples on the floor. Then I learned it was ladies night and drinks were half price for them. That explained all the chicks in the place. Of course the guys gravitated toward ladies night too and the air was filled with sexual tension.

"Oh my God they will let anyone in here now," a woman's voice yelled behind me.

I turned around and it was Nicky and it was obvious that she had had plenty to drink. She stumbled over to me and threw her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. I put one arm around her to steady her and I kissed her back. She shoved her tongue down my throat and I knew she was close to being drunk.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she said slurring her words.

"I just decided to check out the action. I heard that this was a hopping place," I replied.

"Are you sure that you're not spying on Judy and me," she giggled.

I laughed too and replied, "No I'm not spying. What you two do is your own business. Where is Judy anyway?

"She's over there with some guy," Nicky said pointing.

I then spotted Judy and she was pressed up against some guy and they were kissing. Then they broke the kiss and separated. Judy looked around as if she was trying to locate Nicky and then she spotted us. Judy headed over towards us and hugged me when she arrived. Judy then kissed me as Nicky had.

"I'm ready to leave," Judy said.

"Really it looked like you were enjoying yourself," I teased.

"I'm not in the mood tonight and I have had enough to drink," Judy said.

I took that to mean that she didn't feel like fucking anyone that night and I asked, "Are you okay to drive?"

"Yeah, I'm fine and Nicky is riding with me. We'll be okay," Judy replied and then asked, "What brought you here tonight?"

"Just curious, I heard it was a good singles place," I told her.

"It's good for horny married women too," Nicky slurred and the giggled again.

"Come on girl we need to get you home," Judy directed.

"I'll see you around. I'm just going to finish my drink and then I'll be on my way too," I said.

I watched as Judy and Nicky left the bar. As they walked toward the door a few guys patted them on the ass. Judy ignored them but Nicky wiggled her ass in response. I was convinced that the two of them came there to get laid but for some reason they passed that night. I finished my drink and then I headed for home. My curiosity had been satisfied about the bar and about Judy and Nicky. I drove home made my self another drink, threw on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and then kicked back in the family room. I was sipping my drink and day dreaming when I heard a knock on the back door. I had no idea who would come to the back door at night. I flipped on the flood lights and I saw Nicky standing there wearing sweats. I opened the sliding door

"Well are you going to ask me in?" she laughed.

"Nicky, what the hell are you doing here?" I stammered.

"I came over to get laid. You didn't think that you were going to get off that easy did you?" she replied as she reached for my cock.

I pulled her inside my house. Even though it was private I didn't want to chance anyone possibly seeing us standing at the door with Nicky groping my cock.

"What have you got to drink?" she asked blatantly.

"Nicky, Joe," I stammered.

"He's out somewhere fucking some bimbo. We have plenty of time for you to stick that big cock in me but first I need a drink. Do you have any white wine?" she said as she walked by me into my family room and sat on the sofa.

I got her a glass of white wine and when I returned to the family room Nicky was sitting with her legs curled under her on the sofa. I handed her the wine and went to sit in the lounge chair but she patted the sofa for me to sit with her. I sat next to her on the sofa and picked up my beer.

"I've watched the trail of girls come and go at your place since you moved here. I was hoping that one day we would get to fuck each other," she said in a sultry voice.

"Joe and I don't fuck anymore and he doesn't eat me or play with my pussy. He just drinks all the time and expects me to blow him when he is in the mood. But I have needs too and if he won't fuck me anymore I will find someone who will," Nicky went on.

She then stood up and took off her sweatshirt baring her nice medium sized tits. Then she dropped her sweatpants and she was equally naked under them. Her blonde bush was neatly trimmed and she had a delectable curvy ass.

"You like?"

"You're very attractive Nicky but we shouldn't do this."

"Why not don't you think I have a fuckable body?"

"You have a very fuckable body and you are very desirable."

"Take off your shorts."

I hesitated since I now had a hard-on from looking at her body. But she insisted so I stripped off my shorts and my hard cock sprung out in its erect state.

"See I knew it. I knew that you had a nice cock. Let's go to your bedroom," she demanded at seeing my state of desire.

There was no turning back now so I led Nicky to my bedroom. Once in the room she jumped on the bed and bounced around in her nakedness like a giddy teenager. I moved toward her and she lay down on her back and held her arms open to me. She spread her legs slightly and looked apprehensively at my erect cock. I got on the bed between her thighs and nestled my cock at the opening to her pussy. I moved the head of my cock around her vulva and gently prodded her outer cunt lips. Nicky moaned softly as her pussy got increasingly wetter. Satisfied that she was wet enough I eased my dick in a little parting her labia and finding the entrance to her pussy. I pushed more of my cock into her and in spite of her wetness she was still very snug. For the next several minutes I pushed in and pulled out, each time pushing a little more of my shaft into her sopping wet hole. Finally my cock sank all the way into her snatch causing Nicky to gasp aloud. Then as I began to saw my dick in and out of her, Nicky wrapped her legs around my lower body and humped her hips up at me. As I picked up the pace I made sure that my cock stayed in constant contact with her clit.

Nicky surprised herself with another quick orgasm but I kept right on fucking her and she came multiple times in succession. Her pussy was flooded with her cunt juice and I could feel my cock soaking in her nectar as I pushed it all the way in. Nicky was experiencing a continuous string of orgasms which had her body thrashing and jerking about as they led up to her final crescendo. Her body stiffened and she grabbed my shoulders as she wrapped her legs even tighter around my torso squeezing my lower body.

"Oh God, I'm cumming again, hold me, please hold me, oh, oh, please," she cried out as a thunderous climax ripped through her body.

Nicky stiffened at first pushing her hips toward mine and then she went out of control. Her hips humped rapidly up and down as her body thrashed about. She was grunting and groaning and gasping for air as she reached her crescendo. All her fanatic actions accelerated my own orgasm and I flooded her womb with barrage after barrage of semen. I plowed my cock into her as far as I could as I released a steady flow of spunk into her pussy. We both humped each other furiously until our orgasms subsided. I kept my weight on my elbows as I lay on top of her so as not to crush her body with my weight. Nicky's vaginal muscles clenched and unclenched around my shaft milking my cock dry.

Her cunt was a receptacle holding our combined juices and my cock felt as if it bathing in warm oil. My cock slowly deflated and slipped from her tight pussy with an audible sound. Our juices flowed out of her pussy as soon as my cock slipped from her hole just as if a stopper was pulled out of her. I rolled to my side along side of Nicky and flopped on my back.

"Oh my, I needed to cum like that," she sighed and then added, "But I have never been flooded like that before and you came so much."

As I lay by her side I noticed that her tits were standing straight up and her aroused nipples were pointing at the ceiling. I tweaked the hard little nubs between my fingers causing her to gasp and quiver.

"My breasts are very sensitive," she murmured.

I leaned over and kissed her breasts and sucked on her sensitive nipples. I rubbed her firm flat tummy as I sucked on her tits and her rock hard nubs.

"Oh I love that it makes me feel so feminine," she cooed.

As I sucked her tits and continued to rub her belly, I let my hand drift down to her wet pussy. I ran my fingers through her cum soaked pubic hair and I felt my cock starting to harden. Nicky begged me to let her rest as she was sure that she could not possibly cum again. I rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips to a level with my cock as I knelt behind her. I eased my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her doggy style. Nicky was content in this position since I was not in contact with her clit. I slammed into her from behind causing her curvy ass cheeks to jiggle. As I fucked her from behind I looked at her tight asshole and wondered if anyone or anything had ever been in there.

I scooped up gobs of her pussy juice and smeared it in the crack of her ass spreading around her nether hole. I added saliva to my finger and probed her tight aperture with the tip of my finger. She tensed when she felt my finger probe her asshole. I gathered up more juices and added more saliva as I continued to probe her hole and open her up. I gently pushed a very well lubricated finger into her ass and the tiny aperture opened up to accept the digit. More saliva and more juices greased her asshole sufficiently to allow me to slide my finger all the way into her rectum.

Nicky thought that I was preparing her ass for my cock when she said, "Please don't try to fuck my ass."

"Don't worry," I assured her, "I will just play with your ass as I fuck you."

Now with my cock in her pussy and my finger in her ass I was approaching another orgasm. I could it building in my balls, travel through my scrotum and splash the insides of her vagina with my warm semen. I came buckets in her pussy again. That night Nicky didn't bother to shower at my place but just threw on her sweats and went back to her house. Before she left she made me promise me to keep our encounter to ourselves. She patted me on my cock and said goodnight. I lay naked in my bed somewhat drained after two intense orgasms and wondered what else was in store for me in the neighborhood.


Walt meets Trudy and brings her to a neighborhood block party.

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