tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA T-Girl Fairy Tale

A T-Girl Fairy Tale


Jared tossed the last bit of horse manure onto the highly stacked wheelbarrow. With a heavy sigh he gripped the handles and lifted. His muscular arms strained and bulged as he pushed the unwieldy load out the stable door to the large pile where he would deposit it until it was needed for the gardens. Sweat ran in rivulets down over his mostly hairless chest, then on down over his rippled abs to be soaked up by the waist band of his breeches. His skin was tanned from his new duties working the fields and gardens of the small estate where he once had been lord and master. Well, at least the son of the lord and master. Where before he'd spent his time with studies and hunting, now it seemed that he was doomed to only toil as a worker on an estate that once has been his home. He was no more than another beast of burden pulling in the traces set about his shoulders by his step-mother. He dumped his load of manure at the edge of the pile and at the thought of that woman he spat upon the ground. A clinging harpy who had conned his poor father into a betrothal complete with her and her daughters as heirs. His father had been completely smitten with her too, saying how she was the first woman that truly understood him. She was willing to talk about hunting, politics, and farming. The three things most dear to his heart. So much so that he signed all the papers making them heirs and agreed for them to move onto the modest estate before they were even married! They slept in separate bedrooms for a month as she spent his money on a lavish wedding. Then on the wedding night during the consummation of the marriage, father's heart gave out and he died in her arms. A tear slid from the corner of one of Jared's deep brown eyes as he thought of his father. Flipping his sweat drenched brown hair back out of those eyes he turned and trudged back into the stables.

She had put on a great show as she mourned father's death. She hid behind a kerchief and sobbed when ever someone who might take pity on her was within ear shot. As was custom she wore black for a month, but at the soonest opportunity she was back in her brightly colored dresses with the low cut bodices. A month after that found her planning a small affair where she invited as many of the local unattached royalty as was reasonably acceptable so soon after the death of a spouse.

Princess Angel

Angel yawned and adjusted her crown. She looked over the swirling crowd of dancers from upon the dais with a small sense of despair. Time and again her advisers had told her she needed to find a husband to solidify her position as Queen. Court intrigue being what it is, she knew her regent, Dutchess Dortello and the advisors were right. She had long since come of age and there was still no one she was interested in being attached to in a husband and wife kind of way. She found several of the butlers and one of the stable boys most interesting for the occasional, or more precisely, nightly diversion, but that was all.

Angel couldn't help but smile as she thought about the first time she dallied with one of the stable boys. She had been sure she was madly in love with Roland. He had been a couple of years her senior and nicely muscled with shoulder length blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. He was always very nice to her and listened intently as she regaled him with tales from court. Whenever Angel was around him she had to try very hard to hide her interest in him from showing in her riding breeches.

Finally one day when Angel returned from her ride she couldn't resist any longer and decided she had to have the older boy. She dismounted her horse, pushed him against one of the stall doors and kissed him passionately. When she broke the kiss he said,

"Princess Angel! I'm flattered, but I could get banished from the kingdom if I'm caught kissing you!"

"Believe me, I have much more than kissing in mind. After all I'm a young woman and it is time I tasted the fruits of love!"

Angel fumbled for the latch on the stable door and after popping the door open pushed him into the freshly cleaned stall. There was clean straw on the floor and grain in the manger awaiting Angel's horse. Angel kissed Roland again and unabashedly slipped her hand down the front of his breeches gripping his firm penis in her hand. He wasn't very big in that way but that held no concern for Angel, after all she was plenty big enough for both of them. With a quick pull of her other hand Angel untied the drawstring on Roland's breeches and they dropped to the floor of the stable. She then grabbed his billowing shirt and easily pulled it over his head. Roland stood there naked with his breeches in a pool about his booted feet. Angel pulled her own shirt over her head and casually draped it over the top of the stable door. She reached out and pulled his mouth to her uncovered breast, moaning in ecstasy as its warm wetness enveloped her nipple. Roland wasn't very experienced, but he was certainly enthusiastic and Angel noticed he was no longer protesting about banishment. As Roland roughly worked her nipple Angel untied her own breeches and let them drop around her feet. When Roland came up for air from his work on Angel's nipple he saw how much she wanted him for the first time.

The sun was slanting in through a window high up on the stable's wall and the light illuminated both their young bodies. Roland's body was well muscled and smooth, almost hairless, with his prick standing straight out from his hips. Angel's was curvaceous with her firm young breasts and a noticeably larger prick standing out from her own hips. Roland couldn't help but gape at the princess's large hard penis as it pointed at his own smaller cock. He looked at her then back at himself. The difference in size was unmistakable. Angel grinned and said to him,

"Don't worry, your size doesn't matter to me because I plan on us using mine. I heard one of the butlers tell one of the maids he was preparing to screw that if she sucked on it first it would get all slippery and go in a lot easier. It makes sense to me so I think you should do it too."

Angel reached out and gripped Roland's head. With a strength born of lust she easily pulled him to his knees in front of her throbbing cock. The head of her cock bumped against his closed lips. She looked down at him past those round young breasts and asked,

"What's wrong? Open your mouth and make me slippery so it's easier for me to push into you. You don't want our first time to hurt do you?"

Roland had tears in his eyes as he shook his head no. He slowly opened his mouth and the head of Angel's big cock slipped inside. Angel moaned and tried to push her womanly member deeper into his mouth. Roland resisted but to no avail. Angel, holding his head tightly, pushed until she was at the back of his throat and immediately came hard. Roland gagged on her cum as Angel stood there and quivered while after shocks from her first orgasm with an actual boy washed over her young body.

Angel pulled herself from his mouth and looked at Roland. Her cock was still very hard and she was quite ready for more, but now in the waning excitement of a spent orgasm she saw that she hadn't really been in love with Roland, just in lust with his body. After all, he was only a stable boy.

"On your feet." She ordered. "Now bend over the manger."

Roland did as he was told. He could hear in her voice that things had changed and he was no longer a love interest. He knew that he was now there for her pleasure. He assumed the position she required and waited tensely as she stepped up behind him. Angel repeated to Roland what she'd heard the butler tell the maid,

"Just relax and I'll slip right into you, then some proper thrusting can take us to new heights."

Angel pressed the head of her cock against Roland's quivering rectum and began to push. Roland moaned in pain as his sphincter stretched open and the tip started into him, but before the head of Angel's cock could get inside his hole, it quit stretching. Angel pushed harder and his unwilling hole stretched just a bit more as another moan of pain issued from Roland's lips. Angel's instincts told her that there was going to be a lot of moaning and stretching before she got inside Roland. Angel gripped his hips tightly in her strong hands, pushed again then relaxed, pushed again then relaxed, each time gaining just a little bit more depth and a groan from Roland.

They were both sweating in the afternoon heat and Roland was actually dripping sweat on the floor of the stall. He was terrified, afraid he might make too much noise and draw the attention of the Stable Master, but Princess Angel's penis wasn't fitting in him and he was pretty sure it was never going to fit. He knew he was going to have hand shaped bruises on his hips from her tight grip and he also thought he might faint from the pain. Angel pushed yet again and the pain that exploded in his arse made his head swim. His tight ass was making Angel's cock hurt like hell, but she was so close to having the head inside him she couldn't stop. With one last Herculean shove she finally forced the head past his iron tight sphincter.

Angel felt elated that she could finally get started with some real screwing when Roland turned to dead weight in her hands. As he collapsed to the floor of the stall her cock made a popping noise when his ass pulled free. Angel thought in horror, 'Oh my God, I've killed him with my cock!' She knelt beside him and placed a hand on his chest, she could feel his life's beat and he was breathing. Angel let out a sigh of relief and stood back up. Her cock was going limp and in truth it was hurting quite a bit. She thought, 'I would have thought sex was much more enjoyable considering how much the butler and maid moan when they do it.' Angel redressed and slipped from the stall to head back up to the castle.

A New Plaything

Jared was stoking the cooking fire for the evening meal when his two step sisters entered the kitchen. Patrice was a year his senior and Evelyn two years his junior. Patrice was wearing a low cut light blue country dress that fitted tightly from the hips up. The blue matched the blue in her eyes and she had a matching blue ribbon in her golden hair which cascaded down to the middle of her back. She was thin but not bony and had a nicely shaped almost athletic figure. Evelyn had a fuller figure with broad hips creating more distinct curves. The low cut pink dress was cut the same as her sisters, but her breasts were much more prominent. Her eyes were brown and her hair was a dark auburn brown that hung to her shoulders. Patrice was the tallest, but both girls were more than several inches taller than Jared himself. Under different circumstances Jared would have believed both young women to be attractive, but they tormented him whenever possible and since they were the offspring of The Harpy he couldn't tolerate being near them.

Both Patrice and Evelyn had on separate occasions and more than once caught him alone in the hallway. There they would push up against him and feel him up. Evelyn wasn't as rough as Patrice, but she was still very persistent. One day Patrice had even shoved her hand down his breeches and stuck her finger into his ass. Jared had shoved her violently away and was preparing to clout her when she said,

"Now, now, if you strike me Mother will have the blacksmith clamp you in irons for her to whip. You remember how that felt. I didn't hurt you or anything, besides it was only my finger." With her nose in the air she turned on her heal and headed down the hall. As she walked away Jared wasn't sure, but he thought he heard her say, 'Only my finger...for now.'

"So what will you be serving for dinner tonight Jared?" Patrice purred.

"Potato soup. Roast mutton with leeks." He said shortly.

"Oooo two of my favorites." She said sarcastically.

"Well if your mother hadn't spent all that money on the wedding we'd have more choices in the larder." Patrice took two quick steps across the kitchen and slapped Jared hard across the face.

"I'll not have you speaking about mother in that fashion. You're lucky she allows you to stay here at all. She could have sent you to serve in the Regent's Army."

Jared rubbed the side of his face and thought, 'I'm just about ready to abandon father's farm and join myself.' But he wisely said nothing out loud. In a commanding voice she continued,

"Evelyn and I require your...ah...services in our rooms. Since you do not have anything on the stove for now and mother plans to dine in town with the Earl of Scranton I want you to wait dinner and attend us first. Come Evelyn, let us prepare for Jared's help in our suite."

As Jared watched his step sisters swish from the room he thought that Evelyn was holding her hands in an odd way in front of her. To his mind they were just odd in general though so he released a heavy sigh, dampened down the fire so it wouldn't be out by the time he returned, and followed them from the room.

The sisters were already in the suite when he arrived and the doors were closed. He considered not knocking, but didn't feel like hearing the 'Knocking Lecture' again so he rapped smartly on the dark wooden doors.

"Enter." Came from within. Jared gripped the brass knob, turned and pushed the door open. As soon as he stepped inside the room something hit the back of his head and his world went dark.

When Jared came to he was trussed up and tied to a small wooden side table that was about waist high. The very next thing he noticed was that he was buck naked. 'Oh hell,' he thought 'they're going to whip me like their mom.' He struggled against his bonds to no avail as he attempted to look around the room for his wicked step sisters.

They were standing behind him outside of his field of vision, watching him struggle. The dresses were gone and each girl was only wearing her corset. The corsets matched the dresses and gave the girls dramatically curvy shapes. Even Patrice's small breasts looked round and full as they spilled out of the top of her blue corset. Evelyn's breasts needed no help and were barely contained within the top of her yellow one.

Patrice spoke from behind Jared,

"Feeling a bit helpless little brother?"

"Let me up at once. I've done nothing to deserve a whipping!" Both the girls giggled at that and Patrice continued in a haughty voice,

"My dear little brother, we have no intention of whipping you! Using you for our pleasure certainly, but not whipping you. Unless you fail to provide us with that needed pleasure." The menace in her voice was unmistakable. "With Mother away in the city visiting the duke you can expect to be spending some quality time with your loving step sisters. Evelyn I believe that the time has come to show our little brother how much we love him."

Jared heard their foot steps on the floor as they each walked down either side of him and came to a stop in front of him where he could see them. Jared's mouth dropped open in shock for there before him stood his two step sisters in their corsets. That would have been shock enough, yet to his greater amazement each girl had a stiff penis standing out from her crotch where her little cunny should have been. Jared stuttered,

"WWWWhat the hhhell! You're boys? I thought you were girls!"

"We are girls silly! Look at these breasts. Do boys have breasts like these?"

"Well...no, but girls don't have cocks like those either!"

"Oh! These little things? Patrice said with mild surprise in her voice, "Yes I suppose most girls do not, but they're sooo satisfying, I would bet they would have them if they could." The girls reached down and each gripped her cock. Patrice's was long and thin, matching her slight build. While Evelyn's was shorter, but very thick, so thick in fact she couldn't quite get her hand around it. "Get the device." Patrice said quietly to Evelyn. With a wicked grin Evelyn quickly stepped over to the night stand, opened the drawer, and retrieved a thick piece of steel rod with wedge shaped pieces of metal on either end. The rod was bent in the shape of a U and the wedge shapes were on the inside of the tips of the U.

Evelyn pressed the pointed ends of the wedges against Jared's mouth, but he held his mouth tightly shut. Patrice let out a rather ominous chuckle then said,

"It will do you no good to struggle against us little brother. We will take what we want from you." Patrice leaned down and licked along Jared's cheek up to his ear where she whispered, "Though if you struggle and thrash as we have our way with you, we find that quite...exciting!" She punctuated by sticking her long pointed tongue into his ear. Jared made a strangled sound and at that moment Evelyn pushed harder against his mouth.

The metal rubbed against Jared's teeth causing a shiver to run down his spine and as he tired to avoid the feel of the metal against his teeth he relaxed too much allowing the metal wedges to slip to the back of his mouth. Once the wedges were in place Evelyn rotated the rod around behind Jared's head locking the device in his mouth and conveniently holding his mouth open for their use.

When Evelyn stepped away Jared tossed his head and made some obscene sounds at them, but that was the best he could muster. Patrice said,

"We much prefer to have our man unencumbered by such devices because it inhibits the good sucking qualities that we so enjoy in a mouth, yet we have found that until our new man has been broken in it is best to use caution when sticking our cocks in his mouth. Teeth can be such bothersome things." Patrice stepped up to Jared's face. Her cock was just above his head so she had to squat down a bit to line up the tip with his open mouth. She easily slid her penis into his mouth and continued on to his throat until Jared gagged on her cock head. She pulled back then pushed in until once again he gagged on her throbbing member. Patrice let out a little moan of pleasure and began to pump in and out of Jared's controlled mouth. Evelyn stood there stroking her own fat cock as she waited her turn.

Jared's mind was spinning. He struggled, but it was to no avail. The girls had him truly trussed up with his mouth held open for their pleasure. As Patrice's cock hit the back of his throat again and again tears of frustration rolled down his cheeks.

Patrice noticed his tears and said to him, "Don't cry little brother. It may seem harsh now, but in the coming months you'll grow to love our attentions and eventually you'll ask us for them. Maybe even beg us for them." She pulled herself from Jared's drooling mouth as she said, "Your turn Evelyn."

Evelyn eagerly stepped up to Jared's mouth. She was exactly the right height, but as her cock head drew near to Jared's mouth he knew that she was going to be a much tighter fit. Where Patrice hadn't touched Jared's lips, Evelyn's cock dragged against his lips and even touched his teeth lightly. He could feel her cock making the wedges move out more tightly against his cheeks. Her pubic hair touched his nose at the same time her cock caused him to gag on her. Evelyn moaned loudly and without any warning began to enthusiastically pump his mouth. With each thrust Evelyn's pelvic bone bumped against Jared's nose and he gagged on the tip of her cock. His nose was hurting and he was sure that any second she'd hit him so hard it would start to bleed, but before that happened something else completely took his mind off of his nose and Evelyn's penis.

He felt something pushing against his sphincter and the cold realization that Patrice was behind him with her cock ready to enter him washed over him. He renewed his struggle against his bonds, but to no effect. He felt Patrice's hands caress his hips then move down onto the cheeks of his ass. She rubbed his ass enjoying the anticipation and dread she was causing, then spread his ass cheeks widely. Patrice watched his asshole quiver and move as she placed the tip of her penis on his skin above it and slowly dragged the tip down until was against his inviting hole. She watched the muscles across his back tighten as he prepared for her to enter him. But still she waited. Feeling his sphincter quivering against the tip of her cock she slowly began to push into him. Jared tried to squeeze his hole tightly shut to guard against her entry, but she was rock hard and there was nothing that could keep her out of him. Patrice moaned and purred,

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