tagHumor & SatireA Tail of Simple Country Folk

A Tail of Simple Country Folk


A few years ago I was approached by Penelope who was after a small field to keep her pony on. She knew I let some one else keep their horse on my farm but possibly not that they were an old friend, I think the current term is friend with benefits.

I'd known my friend Debbie since school, I'd been happy to let her have the use of a small field which had become too small to be economically viable. One down side of modern farming is that the machinery we use is a little awkward in confined spaces. Like I said I was happy for her to have the field for next to nothing and even happier when our relationship became even more mutually beneficial.

But back to Penelope. She was a little on the pushy side, especially when she knew I had several small fields which weren't being used productively. She was asking all sorts of questions with regard to Debbie's field and seemed to know how much Debbie paid in rent. I pointed out that Debbie had been renting the field for years but secretly I was a little put out that Debbie had obviously told her how much she paid.

To get rid of Penelope I eventually agreed to let her have one of my vacant fields but I pointed out she would have to pay a lot more than Debbie did. I mentioned the price I wanted which made Penelope pull a face. It was more than she could afford she told me, to which I replied that I was sorry about that.

'How about we have the same arrangement you and Debbie have?' Not sure exactly what she meant by that I said, Sorry?

'What if I had sex with you, say twice a month and paid half what you ask?'

Wow, did I say Penelope was pushy? I've not really said anything about her have I. Briefly she was mid forties starting to fill out a little, quite smartly dressed. Ok looking chest and a twinkle in her eye alluding to hidden depths. If I had been out on the pull she was easily a woman I would be interested in sleeping with. I took my time to think about my reply, the business man in me had been roused from his slumbers.

'How about sex once a week and two thirds what I've asked for?

'I can't afford any more than half... what if I sleep with you once a week and assure you that it'd be no holes barred, rough as you like sex? I've dated farmers before, I now what you lot are like.'

That as they say was an offer too good to pass up, but as I said the business man in me had been aroused. 'That sounds like a deal I might be interested in. Sleep with me first, if we get on ok then you have yourself a deal.'

And that is exactly what happened. Penelope came around to my place the next evening at nine. It was quite a surreal experience really, I mean if it were a date, there'd be a level of uncertainty, will she won't she. But it was as if we'd been together for ages. We chatted over a coffee, watched a sitcom and retired about half ten. I used the bathroom first then warmed my bed while she had a shower. She emerged from the bathroom wearing a towel which she unselfconsciously removed before climbing into bed with me.

We had sex which for a first outing wasn't that bad. I didn't take up her offer of 'no holes bared' sex, being happy to save something for next week, or maybe the week after. We both slept well and parted the next morning both happy with the arrangement.

Debbie popped around that evening and sly asked if I'd enjoyed myself last night. She obviously knew Penelope had stayed which meant she was in on the deal. I half wondered if I'd been set up but realised it didn't matter if I had. I had wondered what Debbie's reaction to me having a regular sleeping partner would be, but realised as she had been instrumental in setting it up, she obviously didn't mind. I smiled and told her it'd been ok.

I didn't complain when Debbie said she could stay the night if I wanted some company. Later in bed after we'd ground to a sweaty standstill I couldn't help but consider myself just a little bit lucky to be sleeping with two equally energetic and attractive women. Not only that, attractive women who knew about the other. I'd be the first to call me a jammy bastard if I was someone else.

But that was only the start. Within weeks another woman contacted me. Well I say woman she must have only been twenty two if she was a day. Susan was a friend of Penelope's, she had the chance to buy a really nice pony but first she needed a small field. When I looked a bit uncooperative, she straight out said she would be happy to rent it with the same arrangement I had with Penelope.

Jesus I thought to myself, is no one else renting out small fields. I went thought the motions of considering her offer as I looked her over so to speak. I couldn't help but wonder if she was just young. As if hearing my thoughts she told me that I shouldn't let her age bother me, she wasn't a kid or anything.... Yeah right. She may not have been a kid but she was a long way from being a woman. Being quite thin, almost skinny, gave her an elf like appearance a little boy like if the truth be known. But what the hell I was fifty and even if I was regularly sleeping with two other women, I wasn't about to turn a third away especially one thirty years my junior.

We looked over the small field which she thought was perfect, I asked if Penelope had told her how we'd sealed the deal. Oh yes she said, I'm happy with that, you won't be disappointed I can promise you.

By then a sort of rota had fallen into place where Penelope usually stayed over on the Wednesday and Debbie, if she stayed, would stay one night at the weekend. Monday night fitted in with Susan and me so as it was Monday I looked forward to seeing her later.

I happened to bump into Penelope later that day, she asked if I'd seen Susan, I said I had and that she was coming to see me that evening. Penelope gave me a sly smile and told me to take it easy on her, she was only a kid. I told her I didn't know what she meant and went on my way smiling from ear to ear.

Sex with Susan was completely different from what I grown used to. I had forgotten just how much women learn as they mature. Sure Susan had a great body, no wrinkles no sag in her small tits and a twat so tight I could hardly slip two fingers in, but for all her talk of being worldly wise she may as well have been a virgin. But who am I to complain. Teaching her the fine art of fornication was going to be an amusing diversion to say the least.

And so for a while my life drifted along very comfortably. Debbie started to stay over at least once a week, either Friday and or Saturday evening. We usually went out to a film or a meal usually both. Susan would arrive at eight on the Monday evening. She liked to cook and usually either arrived with something she'd made or cooked something for us both. Straight off she admitted to not being as well versed as she'd made out. When she realised I was ok about that she asked if I could coach her, which of course I was more than happy to do. She was a quick learner with a vivacious appetite.

Tuesday evening I got to charge my batteries for Wednesday when Penelope stayed. Sex with Penelope was different to put it mildly. It wasn't unusual for us to take our activities out of the bedroom, out of the house even. She had a thing for trees, and often had me tie her securely to one before slipping her a length. Then there were the whips and candles....

That happy state of affairs lasted for a few months, I have to say that the expression 'the more you have the more you want' is a very true. When Susan's mother, Margaret, approached me I wasn't that surprised when she told me Susan needed to rent a second field. She had always done what she could for her daughter and she was willing to except the same arrangement as Susan had for her other field. I said that sounded fine to me. I mentally tossed up which night to suggest and figured Sunday would work best. I had to keep Tuesday free as I needed at least one nights rest before and after sleeping with Penelope and Friday or Saturday were set a side for Debbie.

Luckily Sunday was good for Margaret who again was happy to have a trial run. When we first had sex it wasn't lost on me that she was Susan's mother, in many ways they were like sisters. Both were painfully slim and both were a little on the shy side, although by then I'd knocked a lot of that out of Susan. Sex with Margaret was perfect for a Sunday evening, nothing too energetic, straightforward missionary sex though now and again she was happy to climb on top and do the work. This never quite felt the same as when a woman with a fuller figure is on top. Half the joy of sex in that position is derived from sucking and nibbling the swinging breasts. With Margaret and Susan they were all but absent but both were gifted with very tight vagina, which more than made up for any short comings in the chest department.

I realised things were about to get out of hand when a friend of Debbie's contacted me. She was in a real bind she told me. The field she was renting was going to have houses built on it. Anne told me she knew the set up and had talked it over with Debbie. If it was ok with me they were happy to juggle Friday and Saturday between them. What I didn't know at the time was that Debbie and Anne were very close friends.

Anne came for her 'trial' on the following Friday and I have to say was a real pleasure to be with. Being a friend of Debbie's she was close to my age but Christ did she take some keeping up with. My big surprise came the following Friday when Debbie and Anne both turned up. At first I wondered if they'd got the dates mixed up until they let me in on their little secret...

By now I had gone so far beyond being a jammy bastard... to paraphrase Joey from Friends, that line was a dot to me. In case you've forgotten, I was sleeping with a mother the night before her daughter, followed by a night off. Then there is the sexual equivalent of all in wrestling with Penelope, before two nights with Debbie and Anne either on their own or in tandem.

How long I could keep this up was anyone's guess but I was willing to give it my best shot and probably die of a heart attack in the process. At that point I was determined not to except any more offers of sex from potential field renters, from now on they'd have to pay the full whack in cash. I stuck by that decision right up until Marie contacted me...

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