A Tease Too Far


* * *

Hey, guys, Nathan here. Listen, I know this is Aunt Brandi's story, but there's a few things I'd like to comment on, and this seems to be as good a place as any to jump in.

To start with, my aunt's right about our relationship -- we're not really enemies, but we certainly aren't the best of friends. When you think about it, that's actually pretty understandable. I mean, here were two people -- Uncle Ted and Aunt Brandi -- who'd made a conscious decision not to have children. They had a pretty good idea what they wanted out of life and had gone a long way towards achieving it. And then I came along. Face it, I just wasn't part of their master plan. Still, we're family. And when I really needed them, they came through for me, even if it might have been a little grudgingly.

Okay, now you know where I stand on that issue. Now let's talk about last night.

So there I was, minding my own business and watching a little porn when Aunt Brandi, my mom's younger sister, comes flying in. I gotta tell you, she startled the crap out of me. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't that I thought I was doing anything wrong, it's just that porn's not really the type of thing you want your aunt to catch you watching, know what I mean? Anyway, she caught me, and then went about putting the screws to me.

Now, I've seen Aunt Brandi in action enough times to know that she's definitely the playful type. Quite a little cock tease, actually, and certainly not the type who'd let a person off the hook without putting them through at least a little pain and humiliation. And I have to admit, she did a damn good job of making sure I didn't get off scot-free.

Like when she massaged my shoulders and leaned down to whisper that even she liked to watch porn. She even blew in my ear! I gotta tell you, that really freaked me out.

And then she sat down on the sofa and offered to watch it with me, even going so far as to pull me down beside her. And when I slid to the end of the sofa to create some space between us, she scrunched up next to me. I mean, this is my aunt, man. It was just plain weird!

After that she started talking about the movie and expecting me to talk about it with her. I mean, really! I'm going to describe a girl getting fucked doggy style to my aunt? Or I'm going to tell her that, yeah, I actually do like watching girl on girl porn . . . a lot! Or tell her what a power trip it is to watch your sperm spew all over a woman's face and tits!

I gotta admit, Aunt Brandi certainly knew which buttons to push. And push them she did, right up to the point where the BDSM scene came on.

To be honest, I don't think I've ever seen a person go through such a complete transformation so quickly. I mean, one minute she was in control of everything, keeping me in a constantly shifting state somewhere between confused and just plain desperate, and the next minute it was like she was in a hypnotic state, powerless to do anything other than watch the drama play out on the little screen in front of her.

I could tell she was getting into it. I mean it was pretty obvious, wasn't it? Her breathing was getting heavier, she was fidgeting more and more on the sofa. She was even actively playing with my thigh, squeezing it and rubbing her hand up and down its length, even brushing against my cock on a few occasions.

But even though I knew she was totally zoned out, it still took several minutes for me to get up the nerve to get myself involved in her little game. After all, this wasn't just any old horny female, this was my mother's sister, for Christ sake.

My first move came when I leaned into her, pressed my right arm ever so slightly against her breast, and then withdrew. It happened just after she brushed her hand against my cock for the third time, and while it may have been a trivial transgression on my part, it was a transgression that Aunt Brandi didn't seem to notice, and that gave me the courage to take the next step, which was to lay my right hand on her bare thigh.

Now that transgression she noticed, acknowledging it with a sharp intake of breath, even as her own hand squeezed harder on my thigh. But to my amazement, she didn't rebuff the advance. She did, however, begin gyrating her hips forward hungrily as she slid her hand back against my rock hard cock. A moment later I matched her advance with one of my own, sliding my hand back against her exposed panties and rubbing my baby finger up and down between her panti-cover lips.

I gotta tell you, the way her body responded to my touch sent shivers shooting through my body, easily stripping away any last vestiges of reluctance I may have had. And so, while keeping my right hand pressed firmly against her now wet panties, I reached across her body with my left hand with every intention of slipping it under her robe and onto her breast.

It was at that precise moment that her body erupted in orgasm, no more than a handful of seconds before the movie came to an end. Quickly, I withdrew my advancing left hand, even as I allowed my right hand to hold its position against her pussy.

Well, you know what happened next. Aunt Brandi awakened from her lust induced stupor, made a smart-ass comment to demonstrate how 'in control' she was, then removed my hand from her thigh and walked away.

But even though my body was groaning in pain as she left me high and dry, my mind was churning through the events that transpired that evening. And when it finished digesting all the information it had observed, it came to the following conclusion -- If I could somehow find a way to get Aunt Brandi to watch porn with me one more time, there was a very real possibility I could push her over the edge again. And if I could do that . . .

And with that thought firmly in mind, I rose to my feet slowly, then made my way to my room and one of the most intense masturbation sessions I've ever had.

Anyway, that's all I have for the moment. Now I'll let you get back to Aunt Brandi.

* * *

Chapter 2

It was 7:45 AM when I finally managed to pull my hands away from my pussy and climb to my feet. Then, still in my birthday suit, I made my way to the bathroom to take care of my morning duties with thoughts of Nathan still very much on my mind.

The first thing I had to deal with was the obvious one -- had I, as Nathan's aunt, let things go too far? The truthful answer to that question was yes, and I knew it. The problem was, I wasn't much in the mood for truth, and the reason why was really quite simple -- last night had been a major turn on, and be it right or wrong, I simply couldn't get it out of my head.

Now, as I've already told you, I love to flirt and I love to tease. And if I do say so myself, I'm quite adept at both arts. But the thing is, in normal situations the game is played verbally or visually, using suggestive banter with sexual undertones, or by flashing a little bit of leg, freeing an extra button on your blouse, or adding an extra little wiggle to your walk. And while actual contact can certainly be part of the game, we're talking about a casual touch on the arm or back, or maybe a pat on the fanny or an 'accidental' bumping of a breast . We're certainly not talking about the side of your nephew's finger rubbing against your panties and slipping between your hungry, puffy lips and bringing you to orgasm!

The simple truth was, when it came right down to it, I hadn't been prepared for what transpired last night. I hadn't been able to maintain control of either myself or my nephew. And while I knew deep down that the appropriate course of action was to walk away, to pretend last night never happened, to do everything in my power to avoid a repeat performance, I also knew that that wasn't the way it would play out. Simply put, last night I had a near sexual encounter with my sister's son. We flirted with and then crossed the line that separates acceptable from taboo. It had been one of the most unbelievable turn-ons I'd ever experienced, and someway, somehow, I was going to have a repeat performance. And before you start screaming about incest, understand this -- this time I'd be the one calling the shots, and this time I'd most definitely be ready. And other than some flirting, teasing and a little light petting, nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- was going to happen, . . . at least not until we were each back in the safe, private confines of our own bedrooms.

I was still clad in naught but my birthday suit when I exited the bathroom and retrieved my panties, teddy and robe from the bedroom floor. I then went to the walk-in closet, where I tossed the panties in the general direction of the hamper and hung the robe and teddy on a hook on the back of the closet door. After that I moved to the back of the closet, slipped a short, silky white robe -- the one I reserved for only the most special occasions -- off its hanger and exited the closet.

Knowing that Nathan only had one class on Fridays, and that not starting until 11:00 AM, I knew I had more that enough time to 'stoke the fire,' if you catch my drift. So, without feeling the need to rush, I tossed the robe onto the bed, turned to my dresser, opened the top drawer and pulled a small, snug fitting pair of lace trimmed white panties from the back corner. Then I closed the drawer, took a half step backwards and stepped into the panties.

Positioning myself sideways in front of the mirror, I took a long look at my scantily covered derrière. I stuck my ass back slightly, then arched my back to accentuate my curves. Then I ran my hands slowly, almost longingly, over my hips and up my sides, before easing them onto my chest to caress my naked breasts.

After retrieving the robe from the bed, I slipped it on, tied the sash around my waist and returned to the mirror, where I went through a series of maneuvers, twisting first to the left, then to the right, then stretching my hands above my head and rising onto my tiptoes before turning my back to the mirror and bending at the waist. And through all these maneuvers I kept my eyes glued to the mirror -- or more specifically to the reflection of my ass -- as I made sure that each move put the appropriate amount of skin and panties on display. Satisfied, I turned towards the mirror and leaned forward, noting how that pose put a very large part of my breasts on display to anyone who might happen to be looking in my direction. And as a wicked little smile crept across my face, I straightened myself up and gave my nipples a firm little pinch through the thin fabric of my robe. Then I turned for the door and headed downstairs.

I paused when I reached the kitchen door, took a slow, deep breath and straightened out the front of my robe. Then I eased into the kitchen, making sure to give my hips just a little more wiggle than normal.

As expected, I found Nathan sitting at the breakfast table, sipping his coffee while reading the sports page. He raised his eyes nonchalantly when I entered the room, then shook his head and did a double take when he saw what I was wearing.

"Morning, Nathan," I smiled, sliding over to the coffee pot to pour myself a cup. "Sleep well last night?"

"Morning, Aunt Brandi," he replied hesitantly, not quite certain what to make of my scanty, revealing attire. "I slept fine, thanks. And you?"

I took my cup, moved over to the center island and set it down. Then I lowered my forearms to the island top and pressed them against the sides of my breasts as I leaned forward. Once I was certain that Nathan was aware of his unobstructed view of my cleavage -- a view he dare not take advantage of with me staring right at him -- I answered his question.

"I slept marvelously. Better than I've slept in ages." I held my position for several moments, torturing the poor boy with the forbidden view, before finally turning my head away, ostensibly to check the time, but actually to give him an opportunity to sneak a quick peek down the front of my robe.

"I'm going to get myself a bowl of fruit. Want some?" I asked, turning back towards him just as he was turning his head away.

"What?" he replied automatically before managing to pull himself back together a bit. "Oh, no thanks," he replied, unable to keep his eyes from dropping ever so briefly back my cleavage. "I'll get myself a bagel on the way to class."

"Suit yourself," I smiled as I pushed myself up from the island.

I went to the cupboard, opened the door and raised my arms to grab a bowl. Even though I only had to reach to the second shelf, the slight increase in airflow I felt around my ass confirmed that the bottom of my panties were almost, but not quite in view, just the way I'd planned. I held this position several seconds longer than necessary, ostensibly fumbling to grab hold of a bowl, but actually making sure Nathan had an ample amount of 'peek time.'

After placing the bowl on the counter, I turned to the refrigerator, which conveniently put my backside facing directly towards Nathan. I opened the door, then bent at the waist until my upper body was nearly parallel to the ground, giving him a wide open look at my panti-covered ass while I fumbled with the fruit bowl. Only after giving him sufficient time to get a good look at my assets did I straighten up, close the door and move back to the counter.

I took my time dishing up the fruit, then returned the bowl to the refrigerator, repeating the show I'd given him just a few moments earlier. Then I grabbed a spoon and made my way to the table, choosing the chair beside Nathan instead of my normal chair. I then turned the chair at an angle so I'd be facing partially towards him while still allowing myself to use the table. Satisfied that everything was positioned just so, I lowered myself to the chair, making certain that my thighs were exposed almost to the edge of my panties.

"So," I said, offering the sweetest, most caring smile I could muster, "do you have any more porn?"

* * *

It was shortly after 7:00 PM and I'd just finished putting the dinner dishes in the dishwasher. "So, what time is the show?" I asked Nathan, who was sitting at the kitchen table looking through one of his text books.

"I need to look through this for a bit," he responded without lifting his head. "How about in an hour?"

"Perfect," I replied with a smile. "That'll give me a chance to change into something more comfortable and relax a bit." And with that I turned and made my towards the kitchen door, stopping just before rounding the corner.

"Would it bother you if I wore the white robe I wore this morning?" I asked with a smile as I turned back towards my nephew. "It's really the most comfortable thing I own, but if it'll make you uncomfortable . . ." And I let my voice drop.

I could see Nathan take a deep swallow. "No,' he managed to utter, trying desperately to keep the smile from sliding across his lips. "Whatever you're most comfortable in is fine."

"Great," I smiled. And with that, I turned and made my way out of the room, knowing full well that my nephew's eyes were glued to my blue jean covered ass, even as his mind was dreaming about once again seeing me in the skimpy little robe that only barely covers my assets.

I went directly to my room, retrieved the robe from the closet and then grabbed another pair of lacy, tight fitting panties from the drawer. Once I was changed I made my way to the living room, where I sat quietly and thumbed through a magazine while Nathan finished his studies. It was barely past 7:30, a full half-hour sooner than he'd originally said, when he popped his head around the corner.

"I'm almost ready, Aunt Brandi," he announced, his look confirming that he was very pleased with my choice of attire. "I just need to run upstairs for a minute."

"Take your time," I replied nonchalantly. "I'll wait for you in the family room." And with that I rose to my feet and made my way to the family room, taking my seat in the middle of the sofa and adjusting my robe so that most, but not quite all, of my thighs were uncovered.

It was barely three minutes later when Nathan stepped around the corner in a pair of cut off sweatpants and a plain white tee-shirt, a single DVD in hand. He made his way to the DVD player without speaking and slipped the disc in, then slid onto the sofa beside me, close enough that I could feel the heat of his presence, but not so close that he was actually touching me.

"I couldn't find anything with much of a plot, Aunt Brandi, but this is sort of similar to scene you seemed to like last night," he smiled.

"I see," I responded guardedly as Nathan picked up the remote and started the movie. And in spite of myself, a shiver of nervous anticipation shot down my spine as I thought back to the one theme from the previous night that I liked above the others. Then, remembering that that was the scene that almost got me in trouble, I made a mental note to not let things get out of hand again. 'Play all you want,' I told myself, 'but always, always under control.' And then, as another shiver shot down by back, I slid my hand onto Nathan's thigh and gave it the softest of squeezes. Game time!

The first scene opened with a brunette in her mid-thirties -- more or less my age -- slowly pacing from one end to the other of what appeared to be a family or great room. A silky, lilac colored robe with a sash tied loosely around her waist covered her from shoulders to mid thigh.

Although I couldn't put my finger on anything specific, there was something about the way the woman was walking, something about the manner in which she was carrying herself that caught my attention. And despite the vow I made a few moments earlier about keeping a firm handle on things, I found myself shifting anxiously in my seat, much more intrigued by the woman on the screen than perhaps I should have been.

I watched intently for nearly a minute as the woman walked first one way, then the other, back and forth, over and over and over until my concentration was broken by Nathan's hand sliding onto my thigh. I turned towards him and smiled sweetly. Then, after lifting my left hand from his leg, I removed his hand from my thigh and returned it to his lap. Then I returned my hand to his thigh, gave it a soft squeeze and turned my attention back to the movie. Score one for me, I thought smugly.

The woman's pacing continued for several more seconds, coming to an abrupt stop when the sound of a slamming door filled the room. With an expectant look on her face, she turned towards the entrance of the room and waited. Several seconds of silence ensued, followed by the sound of slow, deliberate footsteps coming her way. And then, there he was, stepping around the corner and entering the room as if he owned it.

I couldn't help the gasp that slipped from my throat as two things became instantly clear. First, this clearly was not going to be an affair of equals. It was not going to be a scene where two lovers throw themselves into each other's arms and grind their bodies together in near equal parts of love and lust. Nor would it be a scene where some sweet Sir Galahad would sweep the woman off her feet, carry her to the bedroom, lay her down, and then kiss her softly and make sweet, tender love to her all night long.

No, what we were about to see was a man taking what he wanted. We were about to see a man toy with a woman, tease her, maybe even punish her. And then we were going to watch him take her in any and every way he desired while the woman gave herself completely and whole-heartedly to his will, allowing him whatever spoils he desired, and in whatever fashion he chose to take them.

The second thing that became instantly clear was, that while the woman was nearly my age, the man couldn't have been a day older than Nathan. And as Nathan's hand slid onto my thigh for the second time, I was forced to acknowledge the obvious -- score one for Nathan. And a small shiver shot through my body.

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