A Tease Too Far


I managed to pull my eyes away from the screen and lower my gaze to the hand that was once again resting on my thigh. As I had the first time, I removed my left hand from his thigh, moved it to his right hand and returned the trespassing hand to his lap. And then I returned my left hand to his thigh. Only this time, I did not offer his thigh a consolation squeeze, and this time, I did not allow my eyes to meet his.

Steeling my resolve, I returned my eyes to the screen in time to see the young man begin easing closer to his prey, one tiny step at a time. At first the woman held her position, watching as her young Master approached. It wasn't until he drew within three feet that she began backing away. And she continued moving backwards, matching his approach step for step until she backed into a somewhat large expanse of open wall. And then, as Nathan's right hand came to rest on my thigh for the third time, the young man on the screen took one more step, completely closing the distance between them.

It was quickly becoming clear that Nathan had no intention of backing down from his aggressive attacks on my thigh. It was also becoming clear that these attacks, when combined with the sultriness of the movie, were beginning to have an effect on me, making it more and more difficult for me to continue to rebut his aggressiveness. I was even beginning to acknowledge that if I wanted to continue playing our little game, I needed to do something to slow his assaults, and I needed to do it while I still had sufficient will power left.

So, with as much bravado as I could muster, I took hold of his hand and lifted it from my thigh. But instead of returning it to his lap, I lifted it over my head and draped it across my shoulders. Then I lifted my eyes to his.

"Behave yourself, or I'll have to leave," I threatened. But when I heard the deep, quiet throatiness of my voice, a chill ran down my spine. That, I thought to myself, was not the voice of a woman who's still in control. And before my mind had a chance to question the sanity of my actions, I turned my head back to the movie and settled back against my nephew's arm.

For several seconds, the young man stood before the woman, staring into her eyes like he had all the time in the world. And why shouldn't he take his time, I thought, instantly submerging myself back into the movie. After all, he owned her. You could see it in his eyes, and you could see it in hers.

When the young man finally did make his move, he did it with near agonizing slowness, easing his left hand away from his side and lifting it to her neck, slipping it just under her chin, then lifting slightly as he eased her head back against the wall, all while the woman offered no resistance at all.

Next, he eased his right hand to the base of her neck, drawing the fingertip of his index finger ever so slowly down her chest until it slipped into the valley of her bosom. He hesitated there, sliding his finger first one way, easing it up the side of her fleshy orb, then reversing his direction and sliding it up the other. Then, after returning his finger to the center of the valley, he began easing the finger downward again, leaving a trail of exposed skin behind until he finally reached the sash.

With his left hand still pressing the woman to the wall, the young man slid his right hand over the loosely tied sash and began easing it open, pulling it away from her body until the ends came free and fell to her side. When the front of her robe fell open it separated enough to reveal that other than the robe, a tiny pair of black thongs was the only article of clothing that adorned the woman's body. And another chill ran down my spine as I realized just what a dangerous game I was playing, and that if I wasn't very, very careful, the woman on the screen would be me, and the body the young man was unwrapping would be mine.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as, despite my growing weariness, I sat there mesmerized, my eyes riveted to the screen as my buttocks began shifting uneasily on the sofa. I quickly became so engrossed that I wasn't even aware of Nathan turning towards me until he'd already slid his left hand under my chin and turned my face towards his.

Paralyzed, I looked at my nephew like a deer caught in the headlights. I watched him as he tilted his head slightly to the side, and I watched as he began easing his lips towards mine. I tried to turn away, to scream out, to do anything other than sit there helplessly. But I couldn't, and the next thing I knew his lips were brushing lightly across mine, only to pull away a second later, leaving me staring into eyes that were now mere inches from my own. And as I wondered why it was that I'd never noticed the quiet strength in those eyes before, he began lowering his lips back towards mine. And the next thing I knew I was sinking deeper into the sofa and closing my eyes as I accepted his tongue into my mouth.

I could feel myself surrendering to him, falling further under the erotic spell he was weaving. And I could feel myself squirming hungrily as his right hand began sliding over my shoulder, down my chest and onto my right breast, massaging the heavy orb through my robe, squeezing and caressing it even as his tongue was continuing its assault on my mouth

A few moments passed before I felt his left hand abandon my chin, sliding down my neck to start the slow journey down my chest. I could feel the digit working its way downward, tracing light little lines on my upper chest before slipping lightly into the valley of my bosom. I felt him easing his finger to the left, slowly making his was under the edge of my robe and up the fleshy mound that lay hidden beneath, even as his right hand was still busy fondling the other side.

It wasn't until just before he uncovered my left nipple that the realization that my plight was on the verge of matching that of the woman on screen fully hit home. And as a shiver shot through my loins, the thought that I might actually be losing myself to my nephew was enough to give me a small foothold in reality. And that was enough to allow me to slide my hand against Nathan's chest and push him away.

I sat there almost panting, my hand still on his chest. And although his right hand had slid back to my shoulder when I pushed him away, his left hand was still perched at the edge of my robe, nearly all the way up my left breast.

He watched me as I dropped my gaze to his hand, then returned it to his eyes. And with reluctance written all over his face, he withdrew the hand and returned it to his lap.

I felt an unexpected mixture of relief and disappointment as I pushed him back into his seat and allowed my eyes to again fall to my chest and the area his hand had just abandoned. I could plainly see that most of my left breast and a fair amount of my right were on clear display, and that the robe had parted enough below the sash to bring my clearly damp panties into view. But in a move that even now amazes me, I made no attempt to get up and leave. I did, however, pull my robe closed in front and re-cinch the sash. But after that I returned my left hand to my nephew's thigh and turned my attention back to the movie.

By the time I returned my eyes to the screen, the young man had just finished positioning a straight-back, armless chair in the center of the room and was in the process of sitting down. Once seated, he looked briefly at the woman -- who was now completely naked -- and then lowered his gaze to his lap. Just as he knew she would, the woman understood his unspoken command perfectly and moved to obey, stepping first to the side of the chair, then dropping to her knees and bending over his lap.

Once she was positioned over his thighs, the young man slid both his hands onto her, allowing the hands to glide gently over her naked back in small little circles, circles which slowly moved closer and closer to her quivering rear end. And when at last his hands reached those bare buttocks, he eased them onto the peachy globes and gave them a tender, almost loving squeeze. And then he slid his left hand to the small of her back, pulled his right hand away and delivered a very firm SWAT!!! to her right cheek, eliciting a loud yelp as his reward.

Now I have to admit that the firmness of the blow caught me completely off guard, and the gasp that left my own throat was nearly the equal to the yelp of the woman on screen. Further, I had no doubt that the blow was real, as opposed to some trumped up movie trick -- the nice pink mark on the woman's cheek gave proof to that, not to mention the fact that the sound I heard and the reaction I saw were not something that could be easily faked. Still, despite the obvious pain that the blow had inflicted on the woman, it still managed to elicit a very definite reaction in my pussy, a reaction I not only hadn't expected, but one that, quite truthfully, I wasn't quite sure how to handle. After all, unlike the movie with the two blondes and the ornery henchman, the scene I was watching now not only could happen in real life, it undoubtedly had on many, many occasions and in many, many households. And if I wasn't careful . . .

As my mind was absorbing what I'd just seen and trying to deal with my reaction to it, the young man on the screen withdrew his hand again, hesitated briefly, then delivered another blow -- SWAT!!! -- a blow easily the equal of the first one. This time, however, the blow was to the woman's other cheek, and as a new pink spot came into view, another tingle began reverberating through my loins. That was the precise moment my nephew chose to launch his next attack.

Now it wasn't as if Nathan came at me in a flurry. As a matter of fact, in the scheme of things, this attack came on relatively slowly, starting with a gentle nudging of his side against mine, followed by his hand slipping over my shoulder and easing down my chest.

But when it came right down to it, it really didn't matter if the attack was slow or quick. The point was that it was an attack, and as with all the other attacks he'd launched, it needed a response. So without pulling my eyes away from the TV, I addressed my nephew.

"Nathan, behave yourself," I said in a voice that was meant to be quiet, yet stern, thinking that would be enough to back him off for another few moments. After all, he'd backed off each and every time I'd confronted him before, why would this time be any different?

But as it turned out, this time was different, which became quite obvious when he failed to return his hand to my shoulder, choosing instead to let it continue its slow trip down my chest.

Startled by this new event, I quickly drew my eyes away from the spanking the young man in the movie was still delivering to his woman, and lowered them to my chest. Then I lifted my right hand from the sofa, took hold of my nephew's invading hand and pulled it to the side. Only when that task was complete did I turn my head toward Nathan.

"This is as far as it goes, Nathan," I said, trying my best to reestablish control of the situation. But as you might have guessed, my nephew paid my words no heed at all, ignoring them completely as he slipped his right hand from of my feeble grip, then used that same hand to pull my hand to the side and hold it there.

A panic quickly swept over me, paralyzing both my mind and body. It was a panic that was so strong that even when I saw my nephew's left hand lift from the sofa and move towards my lap, the only response I was able to mount was to draw my eyes away from my nephew and move them to the newest point of attack -- the sash of my robe.

Unfortunately for me, eyes alone would prove no deterrent to Nathan, and for the life of me I couldn't seem to make my arms or voice work. So, with my one hand still resting unrestrained on his thigh and the other held loosely to the side, I watched his hand begin working to free my sash. And as a giant wave of terror washed over me, I watched the knot come free.

It was as if everything was moving in slow motion and a giant cocoon was covering my body, holding me prisoner, barring even so much as a peep of protest. It was while in this stunned, catatonic state that I watched my nephew take hold of the right side of my robe and peel it to the side, then move to the left side to repeat the process. And before I could truly grasp hold of what had happened, I was staring out over a body that, except for a tiny little pair of panties, was completely exposed to my nephew's eyes.

For several seconds the world seemed to stand still. I found myself completely unable to do anything other than stare down at my nakedness in disbelief while my nephew sat calmly beside me, his hesitation no doubt meant to emphasize both his authority and my helplessness -- something he was succeeding at quite nicely, if you must know.

Anyway, it seemed like an hour passed before he finally made his next move, releasing my captive right hand, then easing his own right hand behind my head, intermingling his fingers with my hair, taking possession of the back of my head and turning my face towards his. And the moment our eyes met, his left hand slid onto my stomach, causing a shiver to shoot down my spine, even as goose-bumps were breaking out across my body.

I closed my eyes instantly, unwilling -- or was it unable -- to face my nephew. I could feel his hand drifting slowly across my body, first tracing little lines around my tummy, then broadening out to my sides. My body jumped instinctively as his fingers slid across my tickle spots, causing little tickling sensations to follow his fingers up and down the sides of my torso.

A moan slid from my throat as his fingers began circling my breasts, first working their way round and round the left one, then sliding across my nipple and moving to the other breast for an encore performance. By the time the palm of his hand slid onto my right breast and squeezed, all pretenses of resistance were gone. He had me, and we both knew it.

Even though he realized how far over the edge I was, Nathan continued to work me patiently, easing his hand over my torso, squeezing here, pinching there, all while I writhed helplessly beneath him, my squirms and moans becoming louder and less inhibited with each passing moment. It wasn't until a particularly hard squeeze of my breast elicited a loud, lustful gasp that he decided to take the game to the next level, sliding his hand down the center of my stomach and easing it towards my now damp panties.

When I felt the hand working its way towards the center of my womanhood, I did what any woman would have done in the circumstances -- I spread my legs wide and arched my pelvis upwards. Then, as the hand finally slid over my panties and onto my hungry mound, I moaned and groaned like a bitch in heat, pushing myself wantonly against him.

We continued like that, him rubbing my aching pussy while I squirmed helplessly beneath him, until that fateful moment -- the moment he eased his hand away from my mound, slid it up towards my belly-button, and then slipped it under the waistband of my panties.

When I felt the panties begin to stretch downward my instincts took over. Without conscious thought, I lowered my ass to the sofa, reached across with my right hand, grabbed hold of his wrist and stopped the attack. Then, for the first time since he'd launched his latest assault on my exposed body, I opened my eyes.

If my actions were meant as a protest -- which I really can't say with any certainty -- it was a brief one, as the moment our eyes made contact I melted, surrendering myself to the strong, steely eyes I'd only recently discovered. I released my nephew's wrist without further hesitation, then quickly moved my hand back to my side. Then, after spending several seconds staring helplessly into his eyes, I eased my fanny off the sofa and allowed him to uncloak my final modesty.

He removed the panties without further incident and then lifted them up to my face. And as he began rubbing the tiny wet garment across my nose and mouth, I gasped audibly, shocked at both the strength of my scent and the dampness I'd given off. And then, as another groan echoed through the room, I eased my eyes closed and surrendered .

But humiliating me with a panti-facial was not what Nathan had in mind, as became evident when he quickly tossed my undies aside and slid his hand directly back to my cunt. Then, with me squirming and writhing desperately beneath him, he rammed his fingers into me and began his assault in earnest.

To this day I can't believe the feelings that were shooting through me. I was out of control -- more desperate, more needy and wanton than I'd ever been before. I pulled my right hand from the sofa and lifted it to his back of his head, then snaked my left arm out from between us to join my right. And then I pulled his mouth down hard on my right nipple, even as I pushed my chest upward to greet him.

I ground my breast hungrily against his eager mouth, even as I was grinding my pussy against his hand like a wild animal out of control. I pulled his mouth from my right tit and relocated it to my left, then continued my lust-crazed horizontal dance. Finally, at the precise moment he bit down on my nipple and gave my pussy an extra hard ram, my body exploded, and wave upon wave of ecstasy the likes of which I'd never before experienced exploded within me.

It took several minutes for my breathing to begin to subside, and even longer for the fog to begin to clear my mind. The first thing I remember was the euphoric feeling that didn't just fill my head and loins, but somehow seemed to have found its way into every living cell in my body. Strangely, I was also aware that the movie I'd been watching was no longer playing, but I let that thought drift away without paying it any heed at all. Then I remember surrendering to the euphoria that was engulfing me, seemingly willing to spend the rest of my life lying their blissfully, my nearly naked body pressing up against . . .

'Nathan!' The thought hit me like an oncoming freight train, totally shattering the moment. 'Oh, my God,' I thought. 'What have I done?'

More an instinctive reaction than rational thought, I opened my eyes, pushed myself away from the back of the sofa and slid quickly to the front edge. But before I could push myself to my feet, a hand grabbed hold of my arm and pulled me up short.

"Where do you think you're going?"

I turned my head back towards my nephew, realizing in the process that my robe was splayed out behind me on the sofa and my body was still completely exposed. Instinctively, I moved to cover myself, but Nathan held my left arm firm while my right hand couldn't quite pull the robe around efficiently enough to do much more than partially hide my right breast. With a sigh of exasperation I gave up the effort and refocused my attention on my nephew.

"No," I said in little more than a whisper, shaking my head slowly from side to side. "This isn't right."

But in spite of my reaction, and in spite of my words, I couldn't deny that I was still very much intoxicated with memories of what could only be described as the most erotic experience of my life. And I also couldn't deny that, after everything that had already happened, sitting there in a nearly completely exposed state while my nephew maintained a firm, unyielding grip on my arm was doing a damn fine job of keeping those memories churning.

"Isn't right?" Nathan countered, interrupting my confused thoughts. "I'll tell you what isn't right, Auntie dear," he continued, using that derision of my name for the first time ever. "It's when a woman that's more than fifteen years a guy's senior -- a woman who's supposed to be responsible for seeing that he's raised properly and morally -- decides that it might be fun to play a little game of sexual chicken with him.

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