tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tempting Vacation Ch. 03

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 03


Their trip from the airport to the resort was uneventful. Ron had managed to not touch, rub, or think indecent thoughts, about Pam, Beth, or Amy for that matter. Even though he knew he was "allowed" to lust for Amy, given the propensity for his hair-trigger penis to fire to attention, he felt it best to avoid any distracting thoughts for the time being.

Their beach front resort was quite nice, with extensive grounds, pools, bars, etc. Their room, however, had been purchased with a budget in mind. It was a one-room efficiency unit. It was nice and clean, but not very big. The front room consisted of one double bed, a sofa bed, and a roll away cot leaning against the wall. The back of the unit was split, with the bathroom on the left, and a kitchenette to the right. There was a sliding door from the tiny kitchen to a cozy patio, which then connected directly to the pool area.

"Well, this is not what I expected. The travel agent said it was a two room unit that slept five." Pam stated in a slightly irritated tone. "I had planned on you having a room to yourself Ron. I am going to the front desk to see if I can straighten this out."

"Well, technically it is two rooms," Beth said before volunteering to go with her, and as they walked along the path that led to the office, she said to Pam, "Do you really think it is best to give Ron a room to himself?"

Pam's thoughts immediately went to the two previous incidents with Ron, remembering the way his engorged dick had looked as it pulsed only inches from her face in the back seat of her car. And then how long and hard it had felt pressed into her back on the plane, as she had been forced to grind her body into his excitable young penis. She reminded herself again of her vow to avoid any more awkward situations with her daughter's boyfriend, and she knew having the four of them share one room was not the best way to accomplish her goal.

Beth's voice brought Pam back from her brief day dream, shaking the lurid thoughts from her mind. "Are you ok? You seemed to be a million miles away."

"Um, yeah, my mind just wandered for a second." Pam replied. "Don't you think it would be more proper to give him a bedroom of his own?"

Beth, to the contrary, had been delighted with the accommodations. She knew at once her prick teasing thrills would be just that much easier to attain with Ron sharing their room. "More proper, maybe, but also more potential privacy for Ron and Amy. I can just imagine the late night 'movies' they would watch, or the afternoon 'naps' they would take , if you follow my drift."

"Oh Beth, Amy and Ron would never...I mean...Do you really think I should be concerned about them in that way?" Pam asked the question, even as the image of her petite daughter bouncing up and down on Ron's huge dick flashed through her brain. Unexpectedly, Pam could feel a tingling between her legs, even as she forced the graphic picture of the two teens from her thoughts.

"Oh come on Pam, are you that old already? I mean your daughter is turning out to be just as sexy as you are, and you can't convince me you haven't noticed how good looking Ron is." Beth said, neglecting to tell her friend about the telltale cum stains Amy had managed to get on her shirt at the Miami airport.

Beth was paying particular attention to Pam, as she looked up a little to quickly, eager to deny having ever noticed Ron in that manner, "No, I haven't really paid much attention to him. I guess he is kind of cute, for a teenager that is. You are right about Amy though, I see men giving her lustful looks all the time now. I don't know why Ron would be any different." Pam answered, convincing herself, with Beth's help, that she couldn't let Amy be alone in a bedroom with Ron's giant dick.

Just a few steps from the office door, Pam and Beth turned back to their room, each convinced everyone would be best served by leaving the sleeping arrangements as they were.


As soon as Pam and Beth had left the room for the office, Amy had grabbed Ron by the neck, pulled him to his knees and lifted her dress to reveal her bare pussy. He pushed her back onto the bed and began to lick up and down her wet lips. Ron wanted to ask her about the conversation he had with Beth on the plane concerning the 'ice cream' stains, but Amy was pulling his head so urgently into her crotch, he couldn't have spoken if he had to.

"I have ..been wanting your... face between ...my ...legs....ooooh... for the last 24 hours. I am.....ahhh..... so horny I.....mmm.... might explode, God ...that.... feels... good!" Amy's words escaped between her labored breathing.

Ron, somewhat taken aback by Amy's aggressiveness, was licking and sucking on her as best he could, and only because Amy heard her mom and Beth outside the window at the last possible second were they able to disengage before being caught. Ron dove, stomach down, onto the bed just before the door opened, safely concealing his cock as it had began to swell and grow yet again. Amy, still breathing heavily, made her way to the kitchen area to fix a glass of water.

After Pam explained there were no other rooms available, Amy grabbed her swimsuit from her suitcase and said, "Ron and I are going to explore the beach for a while, as soon as we get on our suits, ok?"

"Sure honey, maybe Beth and I will catch up to you later." Pam said, as she began to help Beth unpack, placing their various belongings in the dresser drawers.

Ron knew he had only a few minutes before Amy came from the bathroom, and he would have to get up from the bed to go change. As much as he wanted to admire Pam and Beth as they went about unpacking, he shut his eyes instead, hoping his swollen cock would subside enough to avoid another embarrassing situation.

He had tried to act natural around Pam since their forced friction on the plane, and he was thankful she now seemed perfectly normal. Maybe all the commotion and movement when they were in the aisle had distracted her from even noticing what had happened. Ron decided that if he accepted that as an explanation, it would make it easier for him to look her in the eye for the rest of the trip.

Amy was taking a long time, and as Ron was replaying Steve McNair's last gasp drive against the Rams, reliving the frustration he had felt on Super Bowl Sunday, his cock began to soften and shrink. He moved quickly on to recalling his own stats from his most recent basketball season, now making some real progress toward a flaccid cock, when he heard Beth's voice.

"Wow Pam, you sure do have some sexy undies here." Beth taunted, holding up several of Pam's bras and panties for all to see.

"Beth! Give me those right now." Pam demanded of her friend. Pam had never been much for frilly lingerie, but Dave's recent invitation to have Amy meet his new, much younger girlfriend had put Pam in a funk. As a pick-me-up, she had gone shopping at Victoria's Secret. At this very moment she was regretting having done so.

Holding up a yellow, demi-cup bra and matching lace panties, Beth pranced around the room, saying "Hubba, hubba, check out my sexy friend here Ron, I bet you didn't know your girlfriend's mom had such a naughty side, did you?"

Ron just grinned sheepishly, deciding the best thing to do here was nothing. He laughed as Pam began to chase Beth around the small room, attempting to grab the garments from her. After a few seconds, Pam managed to push Beth to the couch, only a few feet away from Ron's position on the bed. Pam threw one leg across Beth's lap as her friend held the bra and panty, one in each hand, up as high over her head as possible. Pam leaned forward and stretched up in an attempt to retrieve her things. She didn't even realize how her dress was pulling higher and higher up her thighs, threatening to reveal a portion of her bubbly ass cheeks at any moment.

Beth had a good idea of the image they were providing young Ron. Beth's dress had been scooched up when Pam crawled onto her lap, and as she slid down further beneath Pam, she could feel her hemline pull up across her upper thighs. She then purposely spread her legs ever so slightly, hoping Ron was paying attention for a quick shot of her panty covered pussy.

Just as Pam grabbed both items from her, Beth reached around and briefly pulled up Pam's dress, exposing her black thong and bare cheeks to Ron's gaze. "Hey Ron, is she wearing anything sexy and lacy today?" Beth said between fits of laughter as Pam semi-playfully punched her in the arm, and got up from the couch.

"Damn it Beth, you can't do stuff like that." Pam said, genuinely pissed at her friend.

"Oh, come on Pam, if we are all four going to be roomies this week, we can't be carrying around a load of false modesty. Ron's going to see more of us in our bikinis that what just happened, besides, it is no big deal, right Ron?"

"Uh, well...No, not at all, I hardly saw anything, really." Ron lied, hoping they could not tell how utterly impressed he had been with the brief glimpse he had gotten of Pam's luscious ass.

At that moment, Amy come from the bathroom, and said, "What in the world is going on out here? It sounded like a herd of buffalo just went through." She looked at the other two women, each breathing hard.

"Oh, your mom got all goofy because I showed Ron her new underwear." Beth said.

Ron was attempting to slip unnoticed into the bathroom to change when Amy said, "It's no biggie mom, Ron has enough Victoria Secret catalogs in his room, I doubt it is anything he hasn't seen before." He stopped, and began to deny her allegations, when Amy went on, barely able to suppress her laughter, "Only kidding, sorry Ron."

As the three women chuckled at Ron's expense, he locked the door behind him, and began to undress. As he emptied his pockets, he found Amy's forgotten purple panties. The recent images of Pam and Beth wrestling on the couch prompted him to rub the panties over his hardening dick. He imagined himself on the couch with the older women, fucking one, then pulling out and having his cock sucked by the other. In a matter of seconds he spewed a big load of cum all over Amy's already soiled panties. He quickly shoved them deep in his suitcase, pulled on his swimming trunks, and went to join Amy for a stroll down the beach.


After about 30 minutes of strolling up, then back down the beach, Amy was as horny as ever. College students on spring break were all over the beach, and Amy noticed how many of the older guys were giving her the once over, even as she walked past them holding Ron's hand. Her bikini was no more revealing than most other girls on the beach, although there were more than a few wearing thongs, some even topless.

She liked the fact that college guys were checking her out, and she didn't even mind Ron looking at the co-eds. She knew he would be more than ready for some fun as soon as they could be alone, not that he needed any additional motivation with the way Beth and her mom were behaving. She couldn't really explain it, but she found herself enjoying the thought of Ron being all hot and bothered, watching him trying to hide his hard dick from the others. But, as another group of guys turned to follow her down the beach, she also began to understand the things she had heard Beth tell her mom before, about how exciting it was to be a tease.

As they got closer to their resort, Ron had finally decided not to tell Amy about everything that had happened on the plane with Beth. She would probably think he was just imagining things Beth had never intended, besides, he wasn't exactly sure what had taken place himself.

"Let's go back to the room, maybe they are up there on the beach somewhere by now, and you can pick up where you were earlier." Amy said, smiling seductively at Ron.

He readily agreed, but as they got to the resort pool, Amy spotted her mom and Beth lounging near the patio to their room, happily sipping on Bahama Mama Rum drinks, and soaking up some sun.

"I am so hot for your tongue right now Ron," She whispered, trying to think of a plan, "Okay, we'll say you want to take a nap cause you're still tired from our trip, and I am going to explore the other end of the beach. I will double back around to the front door and sneak in to join you."

Again Ron agreed, and as Amy explained all this to her mom, Ron took the opportunity to admire both women from behind his mirrored shades. Beth and Pam were both wearing fairly normal two piece suits, but their bodies were anything but normal. They were each reclining back on a lounge chair. He knew he should be trying to keep his vow of avoiding such lustful temptations, but for their age, hell for any age, their boobs looked fantastic. Not so firm to look like implants, but there was not the droopy quality that Ron had noticed before on many older women. He had once again abandoned his attempt at restraint, and was trying to check out the clingy material covering Beth's crotch when Amy kissed him on the cheek, telling him to go and have a good nap.

He went through the patio doors, past the small kitchen, and straight to the bathroom. Ron had remembered the small window there from earlier. He twirled the slender rod hanging down by the window frame, slowly opening the mini-blinds until he could clearly view the women who had unknowingly kept his cock hard for the better part of the last 18 hours.

Ron had intended to only get a nice, long, uninterrupted look at Beth and Pam as they sunbathed 10 feet from the window. But, as he admired their bodies, he could not resist slipping his trunks down and touching his prick. Touching quickly became squeezing, then stroking, and before long Ron was rapidly jacking off to the sexy pair outside the bathroom window. He was so intent on trying to cum before Amy got back, (he knew getting it up again for her would be no problem at all, and besides, he might last a little longer when Amy wrapped her soft lips around him), he didn't hear her come in the front door. Only when the bathroom door begin to open did Ron realize she had gotten back from the beach. He managed to turn from the window before she entered the room, but his trunks around his ankles, and his hard cock in his hand could not be hidden.

"Ron, did you start without me?" Amy said, half smiling, and staring at his erection.

"Just a little," he said, grinning at Amy as she carelessly flung the door closed behind her, leaving it open an inch or so. She shimmed out of her bikini as he said, "I wanted to be good and ready for you."

"Well, I hope your tongue is good and ready for me, you have to go down on me before you get any relief." Amy responded, briefly squeezing his dick as she hopped up to sit on the back of the toilet tank. She then spread her legs and softly stroked her hand across her already wet pussy, "Come and kneel before me, Slave." Amy said in her best authoritative voice.

Ron readily did as she instructed, and as he began to lick and kiss on Amy's thighs, she noticed for the first time her ability to see Beth and her mom sunning just outside the window. "This is perfect Ron, I can watch mom and Beth while you, mmm, while you do me, and that way we can have some.....ah, mmmm, .... warning before they come back inside."

Ron just moaned his consent to her plan as he continued to nibble and suck on her swelling clit. Amy was still peering out the window when it hit her that Ron had been doing the exact same thing when she had surprised him just moments earlier. He had been masturbating, staring at Beth, ....and her mom for that matter. Her initial reaction was to confront him, but he tongue felt so good, she didn't want to stop him right now. Besides, as Amy continued to look outside, she knew she couldn't blame Ron at all. Beth and her mom had better bodies than anyone Amy had seen on the beach all day, as attested by the fact that every guy at the pool had turned their chairs to an angle that afforded them a better view of the sexy 35 year old divorcees. As Beth knelt next to her mom, her ass swaying gently as she applied sunscreen to Pam's back, Amy thought the guy sitting nearest her, with his wife and kids, was going to start stroking himself on the spot, that is until his wife's sharp slap to his arm redirected his gaze.

Amy watched as Beth's near perfect breasts swayed only inches above her mother's exquisitely pronounce ass cheeks, her hands rubbing up and down the back of Pam's legs. Amy couldn't help but flash back to her fantasy from the plane, and as soon as she pictured Beth's lips wrapping around her pulsing clit, her body began to quiver. She clutched Ron's hair, pressing his face more firmly into her dripping pussy. Her orgasm overtook her as she kept her eyes locked on Beth's hands gliding up and down her mother's body.

In their brief sexual history, Ron had never seen Amy cum so hard. He was quickly becoming a big fan of eating pussy. His face was covered with her juices and he savored her taste as he rose from between Amy's legs. "I would really love to do it with you, right now." Ron said to her as she slumped against the wall, her legs still invitingly splayed open. His rock hard dick was at just the right angle to sink between her slippery lips. All he needed to do was take one step to her, and he could be inside.

"Oh, Ron, I want to too, but, ....well....you look so big and hard, ....I just don't see how women can do it. I am kind of scared, you understand?" Amy truthfully explained. She had been thinking about having sex with Ron since the plane, but she knew how much she had to stretch her mouth to get his thick head past her lips. She just couldn't imagine his dick pressing inside her pussy.

Ron took a step toward her, leaning closer to kiss Amy's lips. "Sure, I mean, I guess I understand." As he spoke, he allowed his throbbing member to press against Amy's flat, sweaty stomach. Her hand automatically grasped the thick shaft, and she looked at Ron's cock.

"Look how big it is in my hand. It turns me on and makes me scared at the same time. Now look how big it looks down there." Amy guided Ron's cock head down to her still pulsating labia. The slick lips allowing her to press his head down closer to her opening. The head was throbbing a deep purple as blood rushed forward to greet her pussy.

"Maybe we could just try a little?" Ron pleaded.

"Well, just push it against me a little, let's see how it goes." Amy said just before Ron began to press his engorged cock into her slit. "See what I mean, if I could get the tip in, I think, maybe, ... I could handle the shaft,...but for God's sake Ron, look how your head is stretching my opening."

For as badly as Ron wanted to disagree with Amy and press onward, he had to agree. Her tight pussy looked to be stretched wide, and only half of his mushroomed cockhead was wedged into her hot, wet opening. She would have to stretch more to let the rest of the head past.

"Sorry Ronnie babe, I just don't think I am ready yet," Amy said as she pushed his prick away. "Take my seat up here and I will give you my best blow job, ok?"

Even though he was disappointed, Ron admitted to himself he was kind of scared too. He didn't want their first time to be a bad experience, for either of them. He was more than happy to take his seat on the back of the toilet, as Amy place her hands on his thighs and began to lightly kiss all around his tortured cock.

He was watching Amy's lips wrap around about two thirds of his dick head, her tongue snaking out to attack the exposed flesh, when Amy suddenly pulled away. Grasping his shaft at the base, she said, "You have to watch out the window so we don't get caught, all right?"

Ron agreed, realizing it was likely a once in a lifetime opportunity to peer at your girlfriend's sexy mom sunbathing, while her daughter gave you a blowjob a mere ten feet away. Pam was still on her stomach, her ass pointed directly at the bathroom window. It was quite a sight to behold. The purple fabric stretched tightly across her incredibly firm derriere, allowing 1/3 of each cheek to be exposed to the sun.

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