A Tempting Vacation Ch. 03


Ron was concentrating on Pam, and did not even realize Amy had yet to resume her blowjob, when she said, "Ron, I will suck you some more, I promise, but first, would you... I mean ..." she slowly stroked Ron's cock as she searched for the right words, "I would kind of like to watch, .....ah, well,....you know, watch you do yourself."

"What? You mean...., no, quit fooling around," Ron said, taken aback by Amy's request.

Nope, I am serious, I want you to jack off while I watch. And I want you to look out the window while you do it so mom or Beth won't come in and catch us" Amy said, determined that since she had gotten the courage to express this desire to him, she was intent on having Ron comply. She wanted to tell him she was getting some kind of perverted thrill, knowing he had been jacking off while watching her mom and Beth, but she was afraid of his reaction. "Please." She continued her sweetest, sexiest voice.

"You are really twisted, aren't you?" he said with an accommodating smile, "But I will do whatever you want." Ron then grasped his still hard prick and began to slowly stroke it, taking delight in the obviously pleased reaction on Amy's face.

"Don't watch me, you have to look out the window." She said, glad to see Ron obey her wishes.

He glanced back down at Amy, now leaning against the wall, her fingers actively playing with her soaked pussy. Encouraged by her body language, he decided to do what she had asked. As he looked back out the window, he was disappointed to see Amy and Beth making their way to the pool. He admired the view they presented strolling to the water, as did every other male, and some females lounging nearby.

"Umm, keep going Ron, I feel so dirty, but this is really getting me hot." Amy cooed as she watched her boyfriend jack off while almost certainly thinking about her mother. She surpressed a little giggle as she momentarily thought about the therapist that would one day hear this story, but Amy quickly pushed Dr Freud from her brain and continued to watch Ron's hand move steadily up and down his thick cock.

As Amy's fingers began to bring her closer to a second orgasm, she closed her eyes, and even though part of her felt like some kind of sicko pervert, she allowed her mind to picture a naked Ron rubbing sun tan oil over her mother's body. She pictured Ron's hard cock sliding up and back between the firm cheeks of her mom's ass.

Ron couldn't see Pam and Beth very well in the water, so he turned his attention back to his girlfriend, obviously nearing another orgasm. He watched her for several seconds. She looked so amazingly sexy, leaning against the wall, her legs spread open, with both hands now working rapidly across her wet pussy. "God, you look so hot right now" Ron said, unable to keep his observation to himself.

"Ron, you can't stop looking outside, or we could get busted." Amy said, a little irritated at having her fantasy interrupted.

Ron did as she asked, pleased to see Beth emerging from the pool, her body glistening as the water cascaded down across her lovely boobs and past her flat stomach. He couldn't located Pam in the pool, but he didn't really care at the moment, as Beth stretched back out on the lounge chair and began to rub oil into her skin.


Pam had barely gotten submersed in the warm pool water when she realized the Bahama Mamas had begun to have an effect on her. Not only was she feeling a little tipsy, but her bladder was calling for some relief. She left Beth swimming laps as she quickly made her way back to the bathroom. She quietly slipped through the patio sliding door, hoping not to awaken Ron from his nap. Pam didn't see him on the bed, but in her rum-induced determination to reach the bathroom, she just assumed he must have gone out the front door.

As she made her way to the bathroom door, Pam heard a muffled moan come through the partially opened door. Even as she told herself she should turn and go back outside, she crept closer, until she could peer through the small crack of space between the door and frame. Only a portion of the bathroom was visible to her, but her line of sight allowed her to see Ron perfectly, sitting on the back of the toilet, masturbating while he stared out the partially open blinds.

As her eyes locked onto Ron's penis, Pam stifled an audible gasp just before it left her lips. His hand was rapidly stroking up from the fat base of the shaft, to the purplish, engorged head. It looked even bigger then she had imagined from her previous encounters with him.

Pam's mind was reeling from conflicting signals. She knew the right, moral thing to do was to turn and leave. She certainly didn't need to be watching Ron jacking off, especially given the frustrating temptations that had already been presented to her on this trip. Her body, on the other hand, was urging her mind to stay and watch. The thrill of peeping on young Ron as he stroked his cock, unknowingly putting on quite a display for his girlfriend's mother, was ultimately an opportunity Pam could not resist. She continued to watch as Ron peered out the window, his cock almost frightening in it's size and apparent firmness. The realization that Ron was obviously watching Beth as he stroked himself came to Pam slowly. Furthermore, if he was watching Beth, he had most likely been looking at her as well. The thought of Ron fantasizing about her while he jacked off increased Pam's excitement level even further, and she instinctively slipped her hand into her bikini bottoms to provide some relief to the heat building between her legs.

"Ah,...I....can't.....last.......much....longer" Ron said as his hand continued its assault on his fat cock.

Pam found Ron's self-proclamation a little unusual, but was glad to have some advanced warning, and she leaned in closer to the door, hoping to get an even better view. It was at that moment that she saw Amy's hand enter her field of vision, and wrap around Ron's shaft. Pam's feet seemed glued to the floor as she saw her teenage daughter's nude body emerge from her previously hidden position on the floor, opposite Ron. Amy quickly positioned herself so that she was sitting astride the toilet seat, her face only inches from his throbbing cock. Her second hand joined the first, and nudged Ron's fingers completely out of the way.

Pam's mind was a quagmire of emotion. Should she barge in and break up what was happening, or should she turn and slip away quietly, then confront Amy later, or should she confront her at all? It all seemed like too much to sort out so quickly. Or maybe....she should stay and watch, that way she would know if they were merely engaging in some heavy petting, or if they intended to have sex, at which time she would of course intervene. Discreetly watching would help let her know exactly how to handle things later. Her body's reaction to the scene before her was lobbying heavily for the 'stay and watch' option. Pam's rationalization was an attempt to deny she was watching because she was getting some perverse thrill from seeing her petite daughter tugging on Ron's dick, but she knew deep down it was true. Her fingers had quit their activity beneath her bikini bottom as she struggled with what action to take, but she had not pulled her hand away from her damp pussy. As Pam saw her daughter lean forward and lick the engorged head of Ron's cock, her fingers began to move once again.

"Oh yeah,.....cum in my mouth baby." Amy urged Ron on, "but don't stop watching Beth and my mom, I don't want to have them walk in and catch us."

Ron, having previously looked down to admire his gorgeous girlfriend as she stroked and licked on his cock, did as she asked, and peered back out toward the pool. He still didn't see Pam lounging next to Beth, but he was certain she could not have snuck by him so quickly, and assuming she was still in the pool, concentrated on Beth.

Amy's hands were firmly tugging back and forth on Ron's cock as her lips locked over his head. She began to swirl her tongue on the underside of his penis. She had discovered he really seemed to respond when she touched him there. As her tongue did its job, she sucked relentlessly on the head, feeling it swell even more in her mouth.

Pam's fingers were quickly bringing her to orgasm, promising to offer some relief from the intense sexual frustration that had begun to consume her. The deliciously naughty temptations she had been inadvertently subjected to by Ron had driven her to the point she was willing to peep on her own daughter sucking his fat dick. She knew she would battle with her conscience later, but for the moment, she allowed herself to let go, and continue to finger her hot pussy as she waited to watch Ron cum in Amy's mouth.

She didn't have to wait long, as Ron exclaimed, "Don't stop Amy, I...am....cumming......agh.....Now! Keep sucking on me....Agh"

Pam wanted to scream, "Yes, keep sucking on him." But she kept quiet, even as she leaned hard against the wall, her own orgasm coinciding with Ron's. She managed to keep quiet, but it was a real struggle. Her legs felt weak as another wave of pleasure overcame her.

Amy tried to prepare herself, and she managed to swallow more than usual, but eventually it was more than she could take. She pulled away from Ron's still spasming cock, as it continued to spurt across her neck and chest.

Pam wanted to watch Amy lick Ron clean, but she forced herself to retreat back to the patio before she was spotted. As soon as she stepped outside, Beth said, "My god Pam, what's wrong with you, you look like you saw a ghost or something."

"Or something is more like it," Pam knew she should probably not tell Beth what she had seen, but there was no way she could make up a lie so quickly, and she knew Beth would not relent until she confessed as to what caused her to look so shaken. "I just saw Amy giving Ron a blowjob."

Beth spun around to sit on the edge of her lounge chair, "You What?!"

"You heard me," Pam replied, still trying to regain her composure. Her bikini bottoms were sticking to her soaking wet pussy, and she just hoped Beth wouldn't notice.

"You watched your daughter suck her boyfriend's dick, Wow, that is perverted, even for me." Beth said with an awkward laugh.

Beth's reaction put Pam on the defensive, "No,... I mean,.. I didn't mean to...you know...watch her, I didn't even know she was in the room at first. It was just Ron, by himself, doing, well, you know."

"You mean he was jacking off? And you were going to watch him?" Beth inquired with a slight smirk, getting more and more interested in Pam's tale.

Beth watched as Pam gave her a sheepish look, saying, "Well, it wasn't intentional, it's just that the bathroom door was open a crack, and before I realized what was happening, I saw him going at it, looking out the window and then I jus...."

"Wait a minute," Beth interrupted, "Ron was looking out the window, at me? Do you think he was watching me?"

"Yeah, he was watching both of us, at least before I went inside, Amy was making him watch us so they wouldn't get caught." Pam explained.

"Well, that plan didn't work too well, now did it? Then what...?" Beth asked, wanting to hear more.

"Well, it was only a few seconds, and I was getting ready to leave," Pam lied, carefully omitting the action her fingers had taken beneath her bikini, "when Amy came from out of my line of sight, and started to, well, to use her hands on him. I wanted to leave, but her little hands make him look so big and hard, I couldn't decide what to do. I didn't want to leave and let him try and put his dick in her, it would have hurt her for sure, it was just so big." Pam said, her brain drifting off to a mental image of Amy's tiny hands wrapped around Ron's fat dick. "So I waited until I knew what they were going to do for sure."

Beth, trying not to appear to anxious, said, "It was that big, really, I mean, how big exactly do you think?"

"Beth! I am not telling you this so you can get the dimensions of Ron's privates, I need to decide what to say to Amy. I need to take some time to sort through this right now.... But I will tell you, it was the biggest I have ever seen."

Pam leaned back on her lounge chair, her mind trying to purge itself of the sexual aura that seemed to engulf her since they left Nashville. She shut her eyes, and began to work through the options on how to deal with her daughter, oblivious to the numerous male eyes that were lustily admiring her.

Beth, as always, was acutely aware of the reaction she elicited from the men and boys around her. She deliberately adjusted her bikini bottom, pulling it up tight across her puffy lips. Pam's story had made Beth hot and she felt like putting on a tiny exhibition for her admirers. Knowing that Ron was evidently well hung, although she tended to discount Pam's ability to adequately compare, and had been jacking off while watching her was exciting. Plus, Pam's flustered reaction to having spied on Ron, coupled with their encounter Beth had observed on the plane, was causing her to dream up some apparently innocent, yet potentially erotic scenarios that might force both Pam and Ron to 'interact' against their will. And even if she couldn't orchestrate those fantasies, she was thinking of several options available to continue to tempt young Ron, and his potentially impressive cock.

More to Come.....

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