tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tempting Vacation Ch. 06

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 06


It had taken Ron a long time to finally fall asleep the night before. His brain had been consumed by the events of the last 24 hours. As he had replayed each incident over in his mind, he had tried to determine exactly what had been intended and what had been inadvertent.

Even though Beth and Pam were obviously not ashamed of their bodies, he didn't really think any of his encounters with them had been intended to deliberately arouse him. Amy, on the other hand, had been blatantly tormenting him, and while he wasn't about to complain about her behavior, he was completely confused and curious as to her ultimate intentions.


Ron's bed, after much discussion, had finally been squeezed in between the other two beds. Any other location in their small room would have required the ladies to have to climb over him to get to the bathroom. Ron wouldn't have minded for obvious reasons, but Pam was insistent that they position the roll-away-bead in a less prominent place. The portable bed was a half foot or so lower than the regular beds, and wedged tightly between them, causing Ron to have to enter and exit from the foot of his narrow bed.

After discreetly peering down the neckline of all three of his roommate's gowns as they positioned and repositioned the bed, Ron was once again feeling rather horny by the time they all retired for the night. Thoroughly replaying each and every tempting encounter of their trip over and over in his mind, Ron began to let his thoughts drift into numerous fantasies about what could have happened in each situation. Almost without fail, each fantasy led to him fucking Pam as she knelt before him, her perfect ass wiggling seductively as he eased his cock into her tight pussy.

Ron was fairly certain all three ladies were fast asleep, and he even thought briefly about jacking off to relieve some of his frustration, but the risk of getting caught was too high, and he eventually drifted off to sleep himself. His fantasies resurfaced throughout the night as vivid dreams, and as he lay stretched out on his back in the morning light, Ron's cock was pressing firmly against the loose fitting gym shorts he had worn to bed, noticeably tenting the sheet covering his body. He was in a deep sleep, the current dream involved Pam, Amy and Beth, all three taking turns sucking on his dick. Ron's body was motionless, with the exception of the sporadic bobbing of his dick as his body responded to the imaginary lips and tongues that swirled around his cock and balls.


Beth had been slowly awakened by the gentle rhythm of Pam's shower water beating against the tile walls. She opened her eyes without even shifting her body, and her first sight of the day was Ron's face as he lay asleep only a few feet from her. It had been great fun the night before to let him peek down her gown as they moved the bed from spot to spot. It was such a hoot watching him try to slyly steal peeks of all the exposed flesh being presented to him. Beth glanced over to where Amy was still asleep, having rolled over to her mother's side of the bed. Pam had made it perfectly clear that Amy would not be sleeping nearest to Ron, which meant that he had ended up sandwiched, in a way, between Beth and Pam.

Beth's eyes then roamed down the teenage boy's shirtless upper body, locking instantly on the sheet protruding above his crotch. The bulging sheet was indeed impressive, and Beth wanted more than anything to see Ron's cock in the flesh. The irony of the situation was not lost on Beth. She had been a cockteaser for years, and now, in the middle of some of the best exhibitionist opportunities she had ever had, tempting a good-looking boy with a hair-trigger cock, she was the one that was frustrated and longing to see more. Beth knew she really couldn't do anything to cross the line with Amy's boyfriend, but....the way Amy had been behaving, deliberately exposing her mother to Ron, who knew what might happen before this vacation was over.

As Beth lie there, trying to picture Ron's cock hidden beneath the sheets, she noticed Amy stir and begin to crawl from her bed. She feigned sleep and continued watching between the slits of her nearly shut eyelids. Amy, apparently still half asleep herself, quickly passed by, paying no attention to either Ron or Beth as she headed to the kitchen for something to drink. Beth watched Ron for signs that he would wake up also. His steady breathing indicated he was still fast asleep.


Amy was busy gulping down her orange juice when she noticed Ron's hard-on pressing against the sheet. She actually considered going over to wake him up with a quick and quiet blowjob, but even as she was weighing out the risks in her mind, she heard the shower cut off. Amy certainly didn't want her mother to come from the bath and catch her with Ron's dick in her mouth again. Actually, the thought of her mom peeking on them appealed to Amy in some deviant way. She couldn't explain it, and was even ashamed to admit it to herself, but it was true. Amy suspected her mom had enjoyed seeing Ron's big dick, and she had certainly enjoyed letting Ron spy on her mom in the bathroom last night. It was definitely perverted, and she had tried to suppress her feelings, but there was no denying that she was getting a jolt from tempting her mom with her well hung boyfriend, and vice versa. But never-the-less, now was not the time or place to let her walk in on yet another blowjob, besides, Beth was lying there practically right next to Ron, not that she would likely mind. She had most certainly enjoyed spying on him last night with her two young friends.

Remembering the performance she and an unknowing Ron had put on last night in the bathroom was making Amy hot again. She was really enjoying her evolving exhibitionism. Amy was recalling the details of her blowjob, and the way she had been inhaling the scent of Beth's panties, when she thought about the fun Beth must have had watching them, and yet another deliciously deviant plan came to her.


Beth remained motionless as she listened to Amy in the kitchenette while watching Ron's cock occasionally jerk and twitch beneath the sheets. She watched quietly as Amy stopped at the foot of the bed,glanced briefly at Beth, as if to confirm she was still asleep, then reached up and gently pulled back the sheet that was covering Ron's lower body. Beth had to really concentrate on pretending to be asleep when the light gray shorts, straining to contain Ron's erection, came into view. Even though the shorts had been noticeably baggy the night before, it now appeared every single stitch in each seam was being tested by the urgency of Ron's cock. Beth did allow her eyes to follow Amy as she left her boyfriend exposed and went over to window. She opened one of the blinds slightly, then turned and went back across the room to the bathroom. Beth was curious as to her actions, but began to piece things together when she heard her open the door and tell Pam she was going to go for a jog down the beach. Amy stopped just long enough to shed her nightgown, hastily throwing on a pair of tight shorts and a loose fitting tank top, before slipping quietly out the door.

Beth admired Amy's body for the few seconds it took her to change into the shorts and top, making a note of the fact that she had neglected to wear either panties or a bra. Beth was certain Amy would be watching through the recently opened blinds, evidently anxious to view her mother's reaction to Ron's bulging shorts. Beth, like Amy, was curious as to how Pam would react, so she continued to feign sleep as she heard the bathroom door open.


Pam had spent most of the time beneath the soothing water thinking about the unbelievable events of the previous day. What had begun as a completely innocent vacation with her friend, her daughter, and her daughter's boyfriend, had somehow evolved into a constant state of sexual tension arising from the repeated tempting encounters with Ron's penis. Not only had she inadvertently seen and felt his arousal on two occasions before they even landed on the island, she had then allowed herself to intentionally spy on her own daughter performing oral sex on him, not once, but twice. And then last night, it was obvious to her that Ron had been trying to peek down the neckline of her gown as they got his bed prepared. Even though she knew at the time she should have repositioned herself to keep from tempting him (he was a teenage boy with normal sexual curiosity after all), she had allowed him several prolonged views of her breasts while she pretended to be unaware of the sight she presented. As a result, she had been rather horny by the time they had all finally gotten to bed. But, as Amy leaned close to her and kissed her cheek goodnight, her improper thoughts concerning Ron were engulfed in a wave of overwhelming guilt that kept her awake, battling her conscience until the exhausting day finally won out and she drifted off to sleep.

The time alone under the hot shower had convinced Pam she could purge herself from the immoral thoughts that had nearly consumed her the day before. She was newly committed to interacting with Ron in a purely wholesome and appropriate manner. Pleased with herself for pursuing the moral high ground, Pam stepped from the bathroom feeling completely refreshed, both physically and mentally.

As she moved quietly around Beth's bed, her wet hair still dripping slightly onto her bare shoulders, Pam glanced first at Beth, and then to Ron, to confirm they were still asleep. Given her recent vow to refrain from tempting Ron, she certainly didn't want to parade past him to the dresser, wearing only a towel. She was almost to the foot of Ron's cot when she first saw his bulging grey shorts. He had evidently kicked off his covers, and now his erection was blatantly pressing upward against his shorts. Pam remembered back to her married days, when Fred had awakened many a mornings with a wonderful erection, although, he had never been able to offer anything close to the package jutting from between the legs of the teenager spread out before her.


"Look at him, look at him, come on look...." Amy was whispering to herself as her mother moved gracefully around Beth's bed. That same feeling that had overtaken her yesterday, when she knew Ron was undoubtedly lusting for her mother from his hidden position in the bathroom closet, was once again causing Amy's knees to buckle and her pussy to grow damp. She still couldn't explain fully why she was getting such a sexual thrill from deliberately teasing both her mom and Ron. She didn't want them to actually instigate anything sexual, and she didn't think either of them would, which, she had decided, may have been at least part of the source of her motivation. Her clandestine knowledge that they were both privately being tempted by the other, yet basically powerless to act on their lustful thoughts, was really getting Amy's juices flowing. It had certainly aroused her when her mother had admitted to spying on her sucking Ron's dick, and Ron's instant erection at hearing the same news left little doubt as to his reaction. Pam's explanation that Ron's was the biggest penis she had ever seen only made the games she was learning to play with them even more enticing.

"Bingo!" Amy thought as Pam stopped abruptly, obviously noticing Ron's bulging crotch for the first time. She was willing her mother closer to her boyfriend's hard cock, wanting her to stare at him, imagining how she must long for a big fat cock like Ron's.


Beth concentrated on keeping her body perfectly still as she focused her vision from behind her nearly closed eyelids. When her friend stopped to stare at Ron's straining gym shorts, Beth allowed her eyes to join Pam's. Ron appeared to still be sleeping deeply, although his cock seemed to be jerking and throbbing more and more. She could only imagine how horny he must be by now, no matter how many times Amy had sucked him off, the teasing Ron had endured over the last 24 hours was bound to be tormenting his teenage body. As Beth continued to watch his cock, she noticed how each bobbing motion it made seemed to increase it's rigidity, causing the already loose fitting elastic waist band of his shorts to be pulled up and away from his flat stomach. If only she were lying a little further up on the bed, Beth was certain she would be able to peek directly beneath the tented elastic of his shorts, and maybe see some of his big dick. She wanted to move, hell she wanted to reach over and grab him, but she knew that was out of the question. From her peripheral vision, Beth could tell Pam was still frozen in her tracks, blatantly staring at the impressive sight before her.


Pam's brain was spinning. How could this be happening again already. Pam had honestly committed herself only moments earlier to behaving appropriately in both body and mind, and now here she was, being presented an opportunity to discreetly admire Ron's thick cock as it pressed obscenely against his thin gray cotton shorts. She had only been staring for a moment, battling the lustful thoughts rapidly invading her brain, when she first saw his penis bob noticeably beneath his shorts. She managed to refrain from gasping at the sight of his bulging crotch as it strained to escape it confines, but she could not keep her own body from reacting as well. Pam felt her pussy grow damp and she fought the urge to slip her hand beneath her towel and pleasure herself as she had the previous night while watching Amy sucking on the very cock before her now.


Ron was in a deep sleep, unaware of the temptation and turmoil his throbbing prick was causing all three of his travel companions. But as the latest in a relentless procession of dreams consumed his brain, Ron's body was responding. In his dream, Ron was sitting on the hotel couch with Amy straddling him, her ass pressing into his stomach. His cock was jutting up between her legs, and Amy was slowly stroking it, as if it were her own. Beth and Pam were on their knees, their faces only inches from his dick as Amy's hand traced up over the head and firmly down his thick shaft. She would offer it first to Pam for a quick lick, stroke him once again, spreading her mother's saliva over his organ, then offer it to Beth. At the point she allowed both women to trap the purplish head between their lips, an orgasm began to rumble from deep within Ron's sleeping body. In his dream. Ron was squirming beneath Amy, his hands roaming all over her tanned body, but as he lay there in his little roll-a-way bed, beneath the gaze of Pam and Beth, his body was motionless, with the exception of his pulsating cock.


Pam forced herself to turn away from Ron's tented shorts, using all her will power to abide by her recent vow to avoid encounters just such as this one. She had grabbed her bikini from the dresser and was heading back to the bathroom, when the phone rang. She was startled by the ringing phone, isolated on the little night table wedged securely between the head of Ron's roll-a-way and the other two beds. Pam silently scampered back around both Beth and Ron's sleeping bodies, then up across her own bed to answer the phone. Her haste had caused her towel to loosen, and both her breasts sprang free as she lifted the receiver to her ear. Pam quickly glanced at Ron, glad to see he had not moved, with the exception of his cock. It was now bobbing rhythmically beneath the gym shorts. She retied the towel as best she could while sitting on the bed as she spoke into the phone.

"What? ....Yes? Oh, hi there Lois.... Yes, everyone is fine and the trip went smoothly. I think Ron is having a good time, but I think he is still asleep right now." Pam continued to listen to Ron's mother, hoping she would not ask that he be awakened.


Beth had torn her eyes from Ron to watch Pam crawl across the bed to answer the phone. Even though she had seen her friend's boobs before many times, there was something quite sexy in the way they had just escaped from her towel, and the precarious way in which she had reinserted them beneath the yellow cotton material. Realizing Pam would most likely have to awaken Ron to speak to his mother, Beth decided to remain 'sleeping' and discreetly observe her friend.


Amy had seen her mother break her eyes from Ron and head back to the bathroom. She was disappointed Pam had not taken the opportunity to really get a nice long look, and she left her position at the window to re-enter the room. Amy decided to wake Ron up for an early morning walk, she was already horny and wanted to have some fun with his morning erection. She had not heard the phone ring, nor seen her mother bound across the bed to answer it, so she was taken by surprise as she entered the room to find her mother sitting on the bed, her ear to the phone, but her eyes undoubtedly back to Ron.

"Hey, what's going on?" Amy said in a hushed, neutral tone, still trying to decide how best to react to the situation.

Pam turned back away from Ron's hard-on at the sound of Amy's voice. She felt guilty for having been caught by her own daughter ogling her boyfriend. She averted her eyes from Amy's and covering the mouth piece of the phone as she said to her, "I have Lois on the phone and she wants to talk to Ron, why don't you get him up." As soon as the last phrase left her lips, Pam knew it was a mistake. She felt her face flush red from embarrassment and clutched the loosening towel closer to her breasts.

Amy pretended to notice Ron's bulging shorts for the first time, and she began to giggle at her mother's unintended innuendo.

As Pam took in the entire situation, she could not help but to chuckle softly as well before regaining her serious demeanor and pointing to the phone. She then brought her finger to her lips, shushing her daughter as she said softly, "Amy you should really cover him up before you wake him, or else the poor boy will die from embarrassment."

Amy nodded her head in agreement with her mother as she went to the foot of Ron' bed and pulled the thin sheet up and over his bobbing shorts. She crawled up next to him and whispered in his ear, "Ron....Ron, your mom is on the phone.....Ron? Can you hear me?" She began to gently shake his shoulders.

Amazingly, Ron had remained in a state of deep sleep through the conversation carried on around him. He was on the verge of spewing an monumental orgasm inside his shorts when Amy's words began to invade his dream. Instead of hearing 'your mom is on the phone', Ron responded to Amy in a hoarse whisper, "Oh yeah Amy, let your mom have my bone, mmm, yes."

Pam's mouth fell open in disbelief upon hearing the statement uttered by Amy's sleeping boyfriend. Amy didn't want her mom to think she was so depraved as to find Ron's statement less than disgusting, although in reality she was getting turned on to know he was obviously having an erotic dream that included both her and her mom. She tried her best to act put out with him, and began to shake him harder, saying, "Ron! Wake up, your mother is in the telephone!"

Ron began to stir awake, only seconds before he was ready to erupt inside his shorts. As he was coming around, Pam turned her back to Amy and Ron, as she resumed her conversation with his mother.

Ron slowly awoke to Amy's jostling. It took him a few seconds to realize what was going on. He knew he was terribly hard, and oh so close to cumming, vividly hanging on to his dream as Amy leaned in close to his face. As he pulled her close to kiss him, anxious to get a quick blow job to relieve his frustration, she pushed him away, directing his gaze with her eyes to her mother on his right. Pam was sitting on the bed with her back toward them, wrapped haphazardly in a yellow towel as she spoke on the phone. Ron didn't remember voicing his desire for Pam to pleasure him, and he immediately brought his knees up, allowing the tented sheets to conceal his erection, glad Pam had not seen his hard-on.

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