tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tempting Vacation Ch. 10

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 10


Author's Note: I had much of this story written years ago, but decided this week to actually edit it and submit. I have probably another 20 pages or so almost ready. Hopefully it will be only a few weeks, not years, before I submit Ch. 11. – Jack


Beth had been the first one to get up, only mildly disappointed to see Ron was positioned on his side; effectively hiding what she was almost certain would have been another of his towering morning hard-ons. After a quick shower, she had found Amy in the kitchen, looking rather hung over herself, sipping on a big cup of freshly made coffee.

"Feeling a little rough this morning?" she whispered.

"Oh my god, so this is what a real hang over feels like?" Amy responded with her own rhetorical question. "I don't really want to feel like this on my first day with my dad."

"Look, I know you took a shower last night, but a steamy hot shower, some aspirin and that cup of coffee might get you going in a better frame of mind. You go next and I'll wake up your mom to get her moving as well, okay?"

Amy agreed and when Beth heard the shower water start, she went to awaken her friend. As Pam stirred beneath Beth's gentle nudging, Ron turned over to his back, much to Beth's delight. As she had predicted, his lovely cock was jutting up, creating an unmistakable tent in his sheet. Knowing he was nude beneath the sheet caused a slight tingle to course through her yearning pussy. His breathing continued in a slow, rhythmic manner, confirming the deep, alcohol induced slumber in which his body sought refuge to recuperate from the excesses of the previous night.

"Good morning," Beth breathed softly into Pam's ear as she sat next to her on the bed. "I have a nice wake-up surprise for you this morning."

It took Pam a few seconds to gather her bearings, and then follow Beth's gaze to Ron's prone body, and his misshapen sheet. "Jeez, Beth, don't you ever quit?" Pam protested with her mouth, but her eyes never broke from the sleeping teen and the modestly hidden, ridiculously large cock to which more and more of her increasingly demented thoughts focused.

"Let's take a quick peek, while Amy's in the shower." Beth said, as she leaned across her friend's prone body and reached for the sheet. "Last night's little flash was way too quick for my taste."

"Beth! You can't be serious, I mean, what if he wakes up? You really shouldn't...." Pam carried on her hushed protests, even as Beth carefully pulled the sheet up and began to move it away from Ron's body. 'Ah,... Beth, .....I don't think.....ah, you should.... be doing this." Pam continued, although her halting words lacked any real conviction, and her eyes remained ready to take in the vision Beth was about to provide.

Beth dropped the sheet just below Ron's nearly hairless balls, across his muscular thighs. His cock was now in the open, subject to their lustful stares and further fueling their growing fascination with his oversized and seemingly ever present erection.

"God, look at how big, and perfect it is." Beth whispered, leaning further across Pam to get a closer look. Beth's actions, while admittedly flaming her own smoldering desires, were undertaken with the purpose of furthering Pam's willingness to go along with the 'inadvertent' and 'unintended' teasing scenarios Beth had scripted in her mind, and hoped to orchestrate while Amy was away with her dad.

"That was really sliding between your tits last night?" Beth asked, glancing down at the curve of Pam's right breast, escaping from her night gown as she rested on her elbow, visually examining Ron's penis. "God, I can't even imagine how sexy that must have looked." Beth continued, now allowing her finger to lightly trace a path down Pam's shoulder and into her cleavage, causing Pam's breath to catch as she comprehended what her friend was doing.

"Beth, what are you doing?" Pam asked, but didn't make her stop. Pam guiltily recalled the way Beth's lips and hands had felt the night before, and while part of her knew she should stop her, her wanton, depraved, and ever-growing libido prevented her from taking any action.

Beth traced her hand along Pam's exposed flesh, then over her gown, across her now erect nipple and down her slender waist, pushing the sheet aside as her hand descended. "Wouldn't you like to slide that big cock inside you?" Beth breathed into Pam's ear, her hands moving steadily closer to her pussy.

Pam never broke her gaze from the object of her lust, but did manage to convince her hand to intercept Beth's before it slipped between her legs. As good as it felt, she kept telling herself that the night before had been a drunken reaction to an unbelievable situation, and that she couldn't allow it to be repeated now, especially with her daughter just behind the bathroom door.

Beth allowed her hand to be diverted, and then redirected Pam's hand, along with her own, slowly reaching it out toward Ron's still throbbing cock. After allowing her lips to lightly graze Pam's ear, Beth whispered, "Let's just touch it, just once, for a second," she continued to breath damply into Pam's ear and neck as she continued, "we'll do it together, so we won't be alone if we feel guilty later.......come on, just a quick little feel."

Pam couldn't believe it, but she was allowing Beth to move her hand ever so slowly toward Ron's dick. Her pussy was on fire already, as much from Beth's damp breath and talented fingers as from the sight of Ron's cock towering above his lean, yet defined body.

At that instant, the shower water cut off with a noticeable clanking of the pipes. Pam jerked her hand free from Beth, and they both seemed to break from the near trance like mood surrounding their actions.

Beth got up and gently repositioned the sheet over Ron, gave Pam a knowing wink and said, "Come on, let's join Amy in the bathroom and get you in the shower."


Ron awoke slowly, the foggy haze of his hangover clouding his ability to realize the soft lips on his cock were real, rather than those of Pam and Beth, who had been expertly licking and sucking him in one of the myriad of dreams that had overtaken him during the night.

Ron looked down to see Amy urgently sucking his morning erection. She was wrapped in her bath towel, her firm breasts threatening to spill over the edge of the fluffy cotton material. Likewise, her hair was wrapped in a matching white towel, indicating she had already taken her shower.

Realizing Ron was now awake, Amy halted her assault on his cock and whispered, "Mom and Beth are in the bathroom, and I just couldn't leave the island with you in this condition." She squeezed his throbbing erection as if it was necessary to clarify the 'condition' to which she referred. "Be quiet and I'll try and finish before the shower cuts off."

Without a word ever being uttered by Ron, she deliberately engulfed the large pulsing head of his beautifully proportioned penis, taking as much as she could before letting it slip away again, so that only the head was once again subject to her swirling tongue and sucking lips. She knew it was risky, but since her plan to cement their relationship in the hot tub the previous night had failed, she just couldn't leave Ron behind on the island with no release from the tortuous teasing she had been subjecting him to, often with the unknowing assistance of her own mother.

Ron was nervous about the bathroom door swinging open to expose them to either Beth, or more importantly Pam. After her reaction to his accidental nudity the night before, he didn't want her to walk in on her daughter, once again, giving him a blowjob. But he knew Amy was not going to be deterred from her task, and rather than fight the immensely pleasurable sensation she was providing him, and the orgasm he so desperately needed and deserved, he decided to close his eyes and let his mind work in concert with Amy to cum as quickly as possible. Of course, as had been the norm of late, he immediately envisioned Pam, first in her workout attire back in Nashville, then her night gown, her bikini, and the way she had looked in the nude, as he spied her from the bathroom closet. The images in his mind's eye shifted rapidly until he settled on the vision of her from the night before, with his cock trapped snuggly beneath her lacy green bra.


Beth had made sure to leave the door open, barely even a crack, but enough to spy the bed where Ron lay sleeping. Amy hadn't disappointed her, having immediately descended upon Ron's sleeping body, and still erect cock. She watched their reflections in the open closet mirror, as the two young lovers exchanged whispered yearnings, and when Ron closed his eyes, obviously surrendering to Amy, Beth knew she wanted to include Pam in on this voyeuristic fun.

"Pam!" Beth whispered, while slowly pulling the shower curtain aside. "Here, take this towel, but don't turn off the water........there is something you need to see."

Pam stood totally nude before her friend, noticing the way Beth's eyes dipped to take in her nakedness. Even though they had seen each other in the buff in the gym locker room hundreds of times over the recent years, the sexual advances Beth had made recently put Pam's body on high alert, and she felt a jolt of sexual energy surge through her from Beth's prolonged glance at her glistening skin. Pam felt immediately sexy and proud of her toned body, even as Beth's lingering stare led her to wrap the towel across her breasts, and ever-hardening nipples.

"What's going on?" Pam asked as she stepped onto the soft rug, the shower water still beating against the tub.

"Shh, just be quiet, and come over to the door, you'll see."

Pam had a pretty good idea what she'd view through the slightly opened bathroom door, and she quickly let Beth guide her into position. As expected, her nympho of a daughter was hungrily lapping at Ron's now saliva coated penis.

"Looks pretty tasty, huh?" Beth whispered in Pam's still damp ear.

Pam didn't respond to her friend's leading question, instead focusing intently on the way Amy's petite hand grasped Ron's steel hard shaft, stroking it in conjunction with her bobbing lips and tongue. Even when Pam felt Beth's hands resume the gentle caress begun earlier in the bed, she remained motionless, transfixed on the sexy sight of her daughter and the teenage object of her own growing obsession. Only when Beth's hand dipped beneath the bottom edge of her towel and began to trace back up her thigh did she recognize the way in which the cool, dampness of her drip-drying body created an exhilarating contrast to the smoldering sensations emanating from her core, now quickly overtaking her with the assistance of Beth's soft touch.


Ron wanted to cum in the worst way, he had never needed an orgasm so badly, but......knowing that Pam could come out and catch them at any moment, and remembering her threat to tell his parents of his perversions, he just couldn't seem to free his mind of the fear and guilt cluttering his brain and effectively postponing his release. The sexy images of Pam kept giving way to one of her on the phone to his mother, coordinating a flight home to face his angry father, whose Southern Baptist beliefs would mean there would be a severe price to pay, not only for the sin of lust and engaging in premarital petting, but for the even more serious crime of embarrassing him and his position as Deacon of the church. Amy was giving him her best, not the teasing on and off again like so many times before, and yet, he just couldn't let go.

His cock remained rock hard, even images of his self-righteous father couldn't interfere with his always present erection. He kept trying to push the negative consequences to the side, and after settling on the memories of Beth tormenting him at the beach, he finally began to feel the all too infrequent rumblings of a long awaited orgasm.


"God, they are really a sexy sight, don't you think?" Beth continued her verbal assault. "I'd love to see her make him cum, .........but....on second thought...." She paused, her right hand now tracing over Pam's silky yet sparse pubic hair.

Pam's body quivered in anticipation of her friend's touch, even as she watched her own daughter continue her unrelenting assault on Ron's manhood. Mentally noting his uncanny staying power, Pam finally responded with a barely audible whisper, "What....ah, God Beth," gasped Pam, her response interrupted when Beth's index and middle finger found her swollen clitoris and gave it a gentle squeeze. Squirming voluntarily beneath Beth's talented touch, she finished her thought "What are you talking about?"

"It would be fun to watch them finish, but.......it would be more fun to stop them before they finish......Just think, knowing Ron was still unable to get any relief from last night, and then to have Amy take him right to the edge again this morning, can you imagine the hair trigger erections he'll be trying to hide from us......ooh, it makes me hot just talking about it." Beth ranted in a ragged, near breathless whisper, even as her fingers moved more rapidly over Pam's now obviously damp and incredibly hot labia and clit.

"Step back from the door." Beth directed, even as she extracted her fingers from a noticeably disappointed Pam. She quickly turned off the shower and almost at once yelled out to Amy. "Amy, your mom's through in the shower, if you want to wake Ron up for his."

Beth then made a racket as she fumbled with the door, before eventually opening it to find Amy moving rapidly toward the kitchen as Ron rolled over to conceal his erection. "You're up Ronnie boy." Beth chimed, smiling knowingly to herself at her double entendre.


The cold shower had helped, a little, but Beth's insistence that he rush to be ready for their cab kept Ron from self-administering the relief he really needed. He actually rode in the front with the driver, knowing his still half hard cock could not withstand another jam packed back seat ride like the one from the night before. Besides, just as Amy had the previous evening, Beth handed him a pair of Bermuda shorts to wear, and he was forced to go without any underwear once again. He certainly wouldn't be able to conceal an erection in the loose fitting, light weight shorts.

As the four travel companions made their way along the dock toward the ship, Ron admired the three women that had been the source of his near constant erection since leaving Nashville only a few short nights ago. Amy was dressed in fairly modest shorts and a matching tank top. Nothing too sexy for her dad, but like her mom, her ass in most anything was worth a second look.

Pam, on the other hand, appeared intent on showing Dave that no matter how young and sexy his new woman might be, she was not going to compare to what he left behind. The tight shorts and even tighter cotton top left little doubt as to the condition of Pam's toned and sexy 35 year old body.

Beth, as usual, was a walking advertisement for how to ooze sexuality. Her skirt was tight across her hips, but flared nicely outward, that is until stopping abruptly about 5 inches above her knees. Her crop top was not so thin as to blatantly expose her braless tits, but not quite substantial enough to keep a hint of nipple from providing a rewarding sight to an attentive passer by. The daring V-neckline was tied across the top of her cleavage with a thin ribbon, the loose ends of the knot trailing into the tanned crevice of her swelling breasts. If the knot were to come undone, Beth's bronzed bosom currently swelling to escape their sexy, but effective confines, would most certainly threaten to break free of the peach colored top.

Ron trailed contently along, lugging Amy's suitcase and happily admiring the tanned legs and swaying asses parading up the gangplank to meet Amy's father. As they made their way against the flow of departing passengers, Ron couldn't imagine how envious Amy's dad would be of him, going back to the island alone with Pam and Beth, then he looked up to see a man waiving excitedly to Amy, with an exotic looking girl standing at his side, and he realized that his girlfriend's father was perhaps envy-worthy in his own right.

After Amy ran to hug her father, and as the introductions were made, it became obvious to Ron that he was irrelevant to the rest of the group. As Pam had reminded them several times in the cab ride, he would be introduced as Beth's son, so that Dave wouldn't give Pam any shit about bringing Amy's boyfriend along on the trip. As soon as he shook Dave, and his girlfriend, Sue's, hand, he was forgotten. Dave, though indifferent to Ron, was ineffective at hiding his repeated glances to admire Beth's curvy assets. Fortunately for him, the budding tension between the other women soon took all of his concentration.

The conversation was rather stilted, the awkwardness of the group dynamics plainly evident as the women seemed to be settling into their first impressions of each other. And it was quite clear that their initial opinion of one another was less than Dave had hoped for.

Ron's first impression of Sue certainly didn't take long, and couldn't have been more favorable. She was obviously Asian, or at least some mixture of Asian heritage. She looked young, but it was hard to guess how old she might be, and her black hair and dark skin gave her an exotic look that was likely the source of Pam and Amy's coolness to her. She was petite, even more so than Pam, but unlike Pam, she appeared to have dressed in an attempt to downplay what promised to be a most impressive physique. Her knee length, pink sun dress was not too tight, and based upon the slightest hint of cleavage now visible, was concealing a rather impressive pair of tits. Being left from the conversation wasn't so bad after all, as Ron took full advantage to steal prolonged glances at Dave's stunning girlfriend.

After several minutes of forced small talk, Dave said to Amy, "So, I thought we'd take the helicopter ride to one of the remote islands, and do some snorkeling. What do you think?"

"Cool, but I don't think anyone else brought their swim suits." She replied.

"Ah, well, sorry if I wasn't clear, but the helicopter is one of those small little bubble types, that only seat 4, including the pilot." Dave said while motioning to the still occupied helipad on the upper deck. "I've already got it reserved for us. We leave in 20 minutes and will be gone until dinner time, they even prepare a beach side BBQ lunch for us after we snorkel." Dave continued to sell the outing to his daughter.

"Oh," Amy responded, the disappointment evident in her voice, "but I guess it will be nice to just spend some time with you and mom alone." She continued, knowing full well that her dad had not intended to take along Pam.

"Well, ah, honey, the plan was for you, me and Sue to go on this trip. I am sure you understand."

Amy was surprised at the negative feelings she had for Sue, even though she didn't even know her. All Amy could see was a young, sexy girl that was threatening to finalize any hope she held for her parents to reconcile. She suddenly realized that even though she had been telling herself for the last couple of years that they would not get back together, seeing another woman hanging on her dad's arm was making the point painfully evident to her. As a result, Amy found herself acting in a way she had never imagined.

She glanced toward Sue and purposely ratcheted up the heat on her dad. "But daddy, I just wanted to be with you and mommy, alone, I'm sure Sue wouldn't mind, would you?"

Sue, seeing right through the 'daddy's little girl' routine, didn't want to give in, but even more so, didn't want to see Dave be manipulated into choosing his ex over her. Sue knew how to play the game too, and having heard repeatedly of Dave and Pam's strained relationship, responded, "Sure Amy, I'll be glad to step aside, if your mom really wants to go."

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