A Tempting Vacation Ch. 10


"Please, I haven't bought many men's swimming trunks before, maybe you can show me how to judge their fit." Beth played along, delighted with the attractive Bahamian girls responses so far.

"Well, obviously, this style is not for the modest." She said, locking her vision on the thick shaft and head clearly outlined only six inches from her face, "but, it is really something that is gaining in popularity. Many designers equate it to the way women's fashions hug every curve and accentuate the bosom, leaving very little to the imagination."

"Gee, I don't know," Ron finally managed to interject, "I mean, this just seems, well, almost obscene. I don't want to get arrested for indecent exposure, you know." Ron, while nervous and still embarrassed to being ogled by this stranger, was once again experiencing the same surge of excitement he had felt when Amy had coaxed him into standing before the two college girls by the pool, his cock obviously outlined behind his wet trunks, trunks that were the equivalent to a burlap sack compared to what he was now wearing.

"Oh Ron, don't be so up tight." Beth scolded, "Now Leslie, Ron's protests against this type of suit notwithstanding, is this the correct size for him?"

Leslie was eager to push things a little, and it seemed that the sexy older lady was more than willing to let her. She had learned over the years that such situations were not only titillating and fun, but usually came with a very large tip if she managed to play along to the customer's satisfaction.

"The first thing, obviously, is the waistline. Let's just see if there is enough play in the elastic for relaxed movement." Leslie reached up and hooked the first and second finger of each hand over the material, trapping them between the stretchy material and Ron's hips. She pulled out slightly on the material, and began to slide her fingers further back and around toward Ron's back. The result was that her face was being drawn closer and closer to the meaty shaft, trapped horizontally against Ron's thigh.

Ron looked on in amazement, as Leslie leaned in so that her lips were less than two inches from his straining dick. He felt the need to say something, but his lust filled brain and parched lips betrayed his ability to utter a coherent thought.

Beth was equally amazed at the brazenness of the sales clerk, but never one to miss an opportunity for some teasing fun, bent at the waist to more closely follow Leslie's actions. "So, how far out should the waist band pull to be a proper fit?"

Leslie was now guiding her fingers back toward the front of the suit, pausing just above the now throbbing mushroom head of Ron's prick as she responded to Beth. "Here, let me show you." She said, inviting Beth to place her fingers adjacent to her own. "Just pull out until the elastic pulls back with equal force."

Beth did as instructed, and both Ron and Leslie couldn't help but let their eyes be drawn to the substantial cleavage and golden orbs of flesh so tantalizingly displayed before them. Leslie's fingers remained in place as Beth pulled the suit further and further away from Ron's body.

To Ron's dismay, his cock was taking advantage of the expanding trunks to push outward and upward, rapidly moving toward Leslie's slender black fingers. "Um, maybe these are okay after all." Ron spoke up, at the same time breaking free from their grasps.

"Good, we'll get them, but maybe Leslie can find you something else to try on that will look just as good, I mean what's to say we can't get more than one bathing suit for you today. You two look for something and I'll go check on Sue." Beth said before turning to go back around to the dressing room.


Sue was still examining herself in the three angled mirrors, just outside the dressing room when Beth rounded the corner. "Oh my, you look amazing in that suit."

"Um, thanks" Sue responded, turning to her left and looking to her right to examine how she looked with two thirds of her ass cheeks escaping from the tiny purple bikini bottoms. "It's not too much, is it?" she asked, knowing full well how good she looked, but always eager for another compliment.

"Oh heavens, no, although I don't know if I should let you wear that around Ron, it looked like he, how shall I put this, really responded to your compliments earlier." Beth said, wanting to feel Sue out for her reaction to Ron's bulging trunks. Beth took in Sue's sexy dark skinned form. Given their size, she guessed Sue's boobs to be man made, but, they looked amazingly natural cupped in the relatively undersized bikini top.

Sue felt her face flush red as she looked at Beth, "I am so sorry about that, I had no idea he was, I mean, when you said he was self conscious, I thought is was because, well you know, that a tight suit would be embarrassing, um, well because it would, you know, for a different reason than, ah, the reason it is. God, listen to me ramble, I was taken off guard and I really didn't handle it so well when I noticed, well, when he turned to show me his suit. I hope I didn't come across in a way to make him feel badly."

"No, I don't think so. I am shocked as much as you are, I mean, I never looked at him, you know, down there before, but it couldn't really be avoided in that suit." Beth lied, still not certain how to reel Sue into cock-teasing Ron. "I left him with the sales girl to pick out some other trunks to try on, so maybe she'll help him get something a little less revealing. He seemed kind of weird about having his mom around, seeing him like that, you know?"

"I can understand that, maybe I should just go ahead and pay for these suits and meet you guys outside so I don't embarrass him anymore." Sue offered, although deep down she really wanted to get another peek at the way the skin tight trunks contoured to Ron's over-sized package.

Not wanting to let Sue get away just yet, Beth seized on a plan, "I don't think that would be the best thing for him, I mean, if he thinks he offended you, it will just make it harder for him to get past his whole self image hang up about, well, about his appearance. You know how young people are about body image, he has been so uncertain about his looks recently, I was really hoping this trip would bring him out some, that's why I was pushing for something different with those trunks. I just had no idea he would have such a big, ahem, obstacle in wearing them."

Beth continued, not sure if Sue was buying her line of bull or not, but decided to forge ahead, "I'd sure hate to reinforce any negativity about his body, especially from someone as young and pretty as you. If you act all weirded out by it, he will too. Maybe, if it's not too much to ask, you could hang around and act like it's no big deal." Beth finished speaking, her words "it's no big deal" hanging between her and Sue for several seconds, until Sue couldn't hold it in any longer and began to giggle. Beth quickly joined in, repeating the phrase "no big deal" between their growing laughter.

Beth looked up to see Leslie and Ron making their way toward them, and attempted to reign in her laughter. "Shh, here he comes with the sales girl.....so? Will you stick around and stroke his ego a little, or at least not make him feel like a freak, please?"

Sue managed to suppress her giggles, even with Beth suggesting she 'stroke' Ron's ego. Who was she to argue with a woman basically pleading with her to ogle her well hung son. "Yeah, I guess I can try, I mean, after all, it's really no big deal." Sue smile broadly as she repeated the punch line to Beth's earlier unintended joke, managing to conceal the crocodile smile just as Ron and Leslie joined them.

Beth quickly excused herself to do some more shopping, fulfilling her role as the "it would be to weird to be here' mother.

Ron held several more suits in front of his still quite swollen crotch, as Leslie spoke to Sue. "Are you finding everything you need Miss?

Ron was trying unsuccessfully not to stare, but it was just not possible. Sue stood there before him in the sexiest little purple bikini, barely covering her tight and petite body. Petite that is, except for her incredible breasts. In reality, they probably weren't even all that large, he thought, but they certainly looked disproportionate in comparison to her tiny frame. He could see her ass reflected in the mirror, each gravity-defying bronzed cheek starkly contrasting with the purple bikini, and demanding to be noticed.

"Yes, everything is fine. Do you need the dressing room?" Sue responded. She could feel Ron's eyes roaming over her body, even as he tried to conceal his interest. She was used to having men blatantly stare and make awkward attempts to hit on her, again, part of her job, but she normally either ignored them, or maybe even flirted a little, then gently turned them away. Having this shy teenager with a unusually large penis stealing glances at her was eliciting an unusual reaction from her. Sue could feel her body beginning to tingle and grow warmer. She felt sexy, deviously, deceitfully sexy, given Beth's plea for her to 'stroke' Ron's ego. She decided at that moment, that she'd play along with Beth's request, and let things develop as they may.

"Yes," Leslie responded, "Ron here has some different things to try on. Go on ahead now Ron, try one on and then give us a look." She said while pulling the curtain back for Ron to enter the small changing room.

Ron stepped in the oversized closet, and immediately spied Sue's panties and bra sitting atop the folded sundress on the small chair in the corner. They were a matching set, pink, with lots of lace. He confirmed the curtain was completely closed and picked up the panties. As he suspected, they were thongs, and he quickly put them to his nose and inhaled her scent, the aroma seeming to travel directly from his nostrils to further inflate his swollen cock.

His nervousness as to having two relative strangers, both extremely attractive, apparently waiting to critique his new swim suits was keeping him from getting fully erect. God, if Amy were here now, he thought, she'd be parading me around, probably trying to figure out a way to suck me off here in the dressing room while they waited only a few feet away. The thought of Amy providing one of her excellent blow jobs overtook a portion of his nervousness, and Ron's dick grew longer and fatter still.

"Try the green one first, okay?" Leslie instructed.

His thoughts of Amy interrupted; Ron began to slide the tight blue trunks down over his pulsing cock and full, saggy scrotum. He grabbed the green suit Leslie had picked for him. Ron had not paid any attention to what Leslie had selected from the rack after Beth had left them alone, simply anxious to move things along and get to what he had thought would be the safety of the dressing room. Now, he had both Leslie, and likely Sue, waiting for him to model for them.

He held up the foam green suit, thankful that it looked to be a little bigger than the one he just took off, and tugged it on. It was looser, but not by much, and the material was certainly thinner, and seemed to have more elasticity. Bottom line was that his blood engorged, semi-erect dick was likely more blatantly displayed in this suit than the last one. Ron thought about the way Leslie had knelt and run her hands all around his waistline out in the store, obviously not offended by his appearance. Would she do the same again, even if Sue was standing there watching? The thought excited him, but this was just so blatant, he just wasn't sure he could parade around like this.

"How does it fit, are you decent?" Leslie asked.

"Yes, they're on, but..." before he could finish his sentence, Leslie pulled the curtain back, exposing him to her, and also to Sue, standing just off to the side.

"Oh yes, these do fit nicely," Leslie cooed, obviously having taken the lead from Beth earlier, and now holding nothing back. "Step out here by the mirror and have a look." She ordered.

Ron, realizing that short of making a scene and hiding in the changing room, really had no choice, and slowly stepped over to the bank of mirror. He noticed Sue's eyes jerk up from his crotch as he glanced her way.

"Those look very nice indeed, don't you think?" Leslie asked Sue. "I really like the color, and the snugness of the fit."

Sue seemed at a loss for words, finally saying, "Uh, yes, they look quite good Ron, you can add them to Dave's American Express bill along with the others, if you like." Sue could feel her face flush, staring at Ron's most impressive cock, clearly outlined in the light green colored trunks.

"Well, before we ring them up, we should really make sure this is the correct size." Leslie said, as she stepped closer to Ron.

Sue watched in amazement as the sales girl stood directly behind Ron, and placed her hands on his hips as she looked over his shoulder to their reflection in the mirror. Leslie slipped her fingers just inside the waistline and began to tug the elastic material out and slide her fingers around toward his stomach.

"You see," Leslie said, providing Sue an impromptu lesson on how a men's suit should ideally fit, "in suits like this, with no draw string, the waist has to fit properly."

Sue stepped next to Ron, and stared openly at his crotch in the mirror, as Leslie continued on with her 'fitting'. Sue could clearly see his sexy outline against the suit. It appeared thick and long, and yet the gentle curve of the thick shaft was serving proof that he was not nearly erect. My God, Sue mused, how big and fat must it get if he's completely hard.

Ron could feel a slight bead of perspiration develop across his forehead, as the two women ogled him in the mirror. He was torn between his instinctive, embarrassed reaction at being blatantly on display, and the developing exhibitionist thrill that Amy had been pushing him toward the entire trip and he was now trying to embrace. Ron rather quickly decided to beat back his embarrassment and try to play along with the once-in-a-lifetime situation now before him. He thought for a few seconds while Sue continued to stare into the mirror, watching Leslie drop her hands down each of Ron's hips and slip her fingers into the stretchy hemline hugging his thighs.

"The waist, and legs feel comfortable." He interjected, "but I am just not sure, you know, about the way 'everything' is, well, is so, kind of outlined and visible, I mean , that's not normal is it?" He inwardly relaxed a bit, pleased to have been able to compose his thoughts in a coherent sentence, one he thought sounded at least half way natural, and hopefully not like a perverted attempt to prolong the attention he was receiving.

"I suppose, now that you mention it, it is a little unusual for a man's suit to be quite so, shall we say, unforgiving." Leslie responded, "but it is the growing fashion, and like I mentioned to you out by the racks, some designers are equating it to the way women's bikinis have left so little to the imagination."

Sue had said very little, but was making no effort to extract herself from the situation, finding it strangely exhilarating to be taking part in such an unexpected game of tempting and teasing. Realizing her body, and mind for that matter, were reacting to such a sexy and serendipitous situation, Sue was eager to play along. She glanced over to see Beth browsing the dress racks on the other side of the store. Not making Ron feel self-conscious, as Beth had requested, was one thing, what this sales girl was so brazenly inviting Sue to do was quite another, and not something Sue was sure his mother had intended. But......Ron seemed a willing participant, and as long as they could proceed without Beth observing, Sue was certainly game.

"It does seem only fair you know, men have been putting women in nearly next-to-nothing swim suits, like this one, for years now." Sue said, drawing all eyes to her own exceptional body and sexy bikini as she spoke.

"Yes, it is very similar Ron," Leslie added, "I mean, look at the small cut of her suit. Do you mind?" Leslie asked Sue, as she reached over to display the way the purple material hugged her body.

Sue silently indicated her consent with a brief side-to-side movement of her head, and Leslie continued, "Look at the top for instance, see how the material designed to cover the bosom is not even sufficient to cover much more than her areole, meaning that a woman with large breasts cannot possibly conceal her curvaceous assets. Luckily for, I am sorry, what was you name again Miss?" Leslie asked, still attempting to maintain a professional air even as her fingers traced along the exposed sides of Sue's breast.

Sue could feel herself getting hot and damp beneath the tiny purple bottoms as Leslie tenderly touched her while Ron gazed on. She attempted to respond as normally as possible, "Sue, my name is Sue Chang."

Leslie smiled at Sue and continued, "Luckily for Sue, she has a perfect body for a bikini like this one. Her large breasts and petite build really present the sexy vision I am sure the designer had in mind for this suit. So, you see Ron, some man likely designed this bikini with the very intention that a woman like Sue would wear this, and look utterly sexy in doing so. I mean, you can even see that the lining on this particular one is nearly non-existent, meaning that her, well, please pardon my boldness, but her nipples, if the least bit erect, are impossible to conceal."

All eyes were now locked into the mirror, and onto Sue's nipples and their increasingly vigorous attempt to burst through, according to Leslie, the bikini top deviously designed by a conniving male.

"So you see, while having your trunks be a little tight might be new for you, we women have been dealing with it for years." Leslie said.

Ron swallowed hard and licked his parched lips before finding the words to push ahead. "Ah, I see what you mean," he said, looking from Sues magnificent breasts to her angelic face, "but even with all that, it just seems like I am almost standing here naked."

"Come now Ron," Leslie responded, "I don't think it's quite that revealing, do you Sue?" Before she could answer, Leslie continued, "let us have a closer look to ease your worries, okay?"

Leslie nudged Sue around in front of Ron, and joined her there, their backs to the mirror providing Ron an excellent view of Sue's barely covered ass.

Leslie began, "I must admit, this suit is slightly more revealing than I normally see, but, and again, pardon my forwardness, but you fill these out more than most men I sell these to. But maybe I am viewing you with a more critical eye than most people would, I mean after all, I critique people in swimwear all day, every day." Leslie continued, pleased with herself for maintaining a professional demeanor. "Perhaps we should have Sue offer a layman's opinion. What do you think Sue, do these trunks offer Ron enough modesty, or are they so tight that he is showing too much?"

Sue looked to Leslie, as if to confirm that she was really asking her to discuss in detail the way Ron's package was displayed. Leslie gave her the briefest of knowing grins, and nodded her head in encouragement for Sue to indeed respond.

"Well, ahem, first of all Ron, I think the trunks look fantastic on you, but.....um.....I do see what Leslie means. You look to be pretty clearly, .....well, clearly defined behind that thin material."

"What, exactly do you think you can see?" Leslie asked, pushing ahead.

Sue was again taken aback by her aggressiveness, if only for a moment, as her professional experience kicked in, "Ah, well......it looks like his scrotum is cupped up, right down here." She answered, leaning over at the waist and pointing to Ron's balls.

Ron was treated to a fantastic view of Sue's large boobs swinging away from her body, and as she bent closer to his crotch, her ass presented a tantalizing view in the mirror behind her.

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