A Tempting Vacation Ch. 12


Beth suppressed a gigantic grin, thrilled that Sue was considering getting in the shower with Ron. "Oh honey, he is so drunk, I seriously doubt he'll even know you are in there with him, much less remember it in the morning."

Ron was leaning against the tiles, slowly catching only bits and pieces of the conversation between Sue and Beth. As he turned to see if he could peak past the shower curtain, he slipped yet again and thudded against the wall.

The near crash spurred the women from words to action, as Sue looked to Beth and said, "Okay, I better go ahead and get in there before he falls."

"Thank you so much. I really think this is for the best. I'll be right here to make sure everything is ok." Beth responded, stalling until she could further develop a plan to make this even more of a temptation for them. "Ron, Sue is going to get in there with you to keep you from falling and hurting yourself. Okay?"

Before Ron could respond, he bounced, albeit a little more gingerly than before, against the back wall of the shower. Sue stepped around the curtain and into the pulsating water. Seeing him displayed so graphically beneath the snug trunks throughout the day had been sexy for sure, but did not prepare her for the sight before her now. Not only was Ron still erect, his cock looked harder, fatter and longer than any she had seen in the doctors office. The head of his cock looked swollen and blood engorged to the point of appearing painful. Her eyes drifted up from the magnificent piece of manhood, even as she detected her own slick secretions mingle with the hot shower water cascading down her tanned thighs, to look at Ron's face. He didn't respond to her, as he was apparently taking in the sight she presented to him as well. She glanced down past her coal black hair, now damp and contouring to her sleek shoulders, to see her nipples jutting obscenely through the thin purple material of her bikini. Further down, she could feel the damp bottoms almost being sucked into her pussy, presenting an obvious camel toe for Ron's viewing pleasure.

"Is he okay?" Beth asked from the dry side of the curtain.

Sue dropped her eyes back to the cock throbbing a few feet in front of her, "Uh, yeah, he looks fine to me.".......

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