tagLoving WivesA Tempting Vacation Ch. 14

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 14


Lil regretted having agreed to check on Ron almost as soon as the words left her mouth, but she couldn't think of a good reason to back out of it, short of telling his mom she'd seen him masturbating in the store dressing room, and of course, that wasn't an option. Her guilt of having succumbed to the temptation of peeping on the boy had descended upon her almost at once, yet throughout the day, her mind had nonetheless continued to flash back to the sight of his hand wrapped around his incredibly large penis.

She was hesitant to even admit it to herself, but she had been uncharacteristically aroused all afternoon, even finding herself observing a few hunky college spring breakers that had been with them on their snorkeling excursion, often discreetly glancing at their clingy wet trunks when they would climb out of the water. Mike had unknowingly furthered her temptation by asking one of the particularly attractive college boys to help her remove her flippers while Mike himself assisted their daughter. The 20 something kneeling before her, his face only inches from her crotch, seemed to take longer than necessary, and continually looked up to speak to her, obviously scrutinizing her wet, clingy one-piece swimsuit which did little to conceal a fit yet curvy figure most any 40 year old would be proud to have. Lil recalled how her body reacted, the tingling heat seeming to travel directly from her moist crotch to her flushed face as the handsome young man blatantly ogled her as she stood there in the midst of a boat full of vacationers. Her puffy nipples, which were always a threat to 'present' when she went swimming, were now distending and pushing through the well padded bra lined swimsuit she'd worn to prevent this very thing. Usually, the heat, and quite frankly, the absence of sexual thoughts in Lil's brain, kept them at bay. But not now, with this handsome young man calmly devouring her with his eyes, they were impossible to miss. As soon as she stepped away from the nicely muscled boy, she had slipped her cover-up on, eager to hide her still growing nipples.

Lil had been surprised that even though Mike had seemed to notice the boy lingering at her feet, he acted like it was no big deal, and even thanked the young man for his help. Relieved that her husband didn't get jealous, or cause a fuss, she was free to relax and enjoy the ride back to the dock. For the remainder of their snorkeling excursion, however, no matter how much she tried to think pure thoughts, Lil kept replaying the way the young man had so blatantly ogled her, and even occasionally would steal prolonged glances at his tanned physique from behind her dark shades.

Feeling increasingly aroused, Lil had been hoping Mike would be up for lovemaking later that night, but she also knew he'd be drinking beer while watching the Heels, and while a couple of beers often led him to talk a big game, he usually fell asleep before things got very interesting. Now feeling rather horny herself, she had run into Beth and agreed to perform a motherly favor. Beth obviously trusted her to look after her son. Of course, she also had no idea of Lil's voyeurism back at the boutique. Yet, no matter some of the recent naughty thoughts, Lil was a proper Christian lady, and was perfectly capable of carrying out the favor asked of her by Beth. However, she hadn't seen Ron since their lunch, and the thought of going to his room, where he was alone, and likely asleep, still seemed like a bad idea. If he were to wake up, she just knew she'd be embarrassed and uncomfortable being alone with him, even though she had convinced herself that he had no idea she had seen him in the dressing room. Lil was committed to do the favor, but would make sure Mike would stop by with her on the way to the bar, that way everything would be completely proper.


Mike's soapy hand swiped yet again across his slowly thickening cock. He was reluctant to admit to himself that he was becoming aroused by the direction of his thoughts. He'd never been jealous of Lil, and she had often gotten a second look over the years they'd been married, but to go from not being jealous to getting a hard-on at the recollection of your wife being the object of a young stranger's lust was quite another story.

It had begun earlier that day, as the entire family had been boating around the island on a snorkeling excursion. He'd noticed her, uncharacteristically trying to check the young guys out on the boat, and had even messed with her a little by having one of them help out with her equipment. It was so unlike her, but even more unusual was the effect the relatively innocent events had on him. He'd been trying to get Lil to dress more provocatively for a long time, and in particular on this trip, and he'd always told himself it was so he could admire his still sexy wife, but as he had casually watched the college guy not so discreetly stare at her, he felt the stirrings of an erection. Watching more closely, he realized Lil's suit was still damp enough to contour to her body like a second skin. She had even been unknowingly presenting a well defined camel toe to the boy, kneeling with his head less than a foot from her crotch, and her nipples were noticeably erect as she stood there in the 90+ degree Caribbean sunshine. As he recalled the events, his cock once again started to swell. He couldn't really believe how he was feeling, but he was obviously turned on by the thought of Lil's relatively innocent exhibitionism on the boat. But it was really more than that; it was the thought that his demure, religious wife was potentially excited by the unplanned teasing as well. The way she had been glancing at the boy's crotches, her blatantly hard nipples and somewhat flushed color of her neck and face was a pretty certain giveaway after so many years of marriage.

Now, as he stood beneath the hot shower, he toyed with the idea of jacking off to images of Lil allowing the boy to rub suntan lotion on her back, or maybe of her nonchalantly flashing her panties later in the bar, to even an image of her parading in front of their bedroom window back home, knowing the neighbor's high school aged son was peeping from his room next door. These and other images were flashing across his brain randomly, and his cock grew still harder. He was about give in and stroke himself to completion, when Lil abruptly opened the bathroom door and joined him just on the other side of the opaque shower curtain.

His erection began to subside immediately, as he feared her opening the curtain and catching him in the act. She began to relay her recent conversation with Beth, the sexy blonde that had obviously been teasing him earlier at the boutique. Mike listened to Lil explain the situation. He was all for Lil and Beth becoming friendly on this trip because it improved his chances of being able to spend time near Beth, hopefully in a sinfully tiny bikini he was so certain she would wear. He didn't quite understand why Lil wanted him to go with her to check on Beth's son, but she seemed pretty adamant about it.

Still feeling extremely horny and the fantasy of Lil sexily turning heads in the bar fresh in his mind, Mike decided to try and leverage the situation as best he could. "I don't know baby, it's not long until tipoff, and I don't want to miss any of the action." Mike said, truthfully.

"But Mike, it won't take long, just go with me on the way to the bar." Lil countered.

"Well, I guess I could be persuaded." He said in a teasing tone. "How about you wear that new dress I bought for the trip." He had been hoping to get her to wear the dress during their vacation, but with the kids along, there really hadn't been an appropriate time and place. For tonight at least, the kids, worn out from a day of swimming and snorkeling, were content to stay in their adjoining room, order a pizza and watch a movie.

He'd given the dress to her the night before they left, but she could see the daring neckline and didn't even try it on. She did give in to Mike's pestering, and packed it, but certainly had no intention of actually wearing it. But after the events of the day, she felt a little more open to the idea. Plus maybe if she played along with him now, it would keep his interest up, even through the game and beers, for some fun later. She was certainly in the mood, and with the kids staying back in their room, this might be the perfect time to break from her conservative wardrobe and wear something a little daring.

"I guess I can wear it, if you really want me to." She answered, seeking out one last reassurance from her husband.

"Great, now go get it on while I get dried off." He exclaimed, surprised at how easily she agreed, and further, surprising himself as thoughts of the way the men in the bar might ogle his sexy wife unconsciously invaded his brain.

Lil stood before the closet mirror in the bedroom, trying to wrap her brain around the way she looked. She had never felt so exposed when preparing to go out in public. She would never ever wear anything like this back home. It was a red, halter style dress that buttoned all the way up the front to a much more daring scoop cut than she had ever worn, showing the golden swell of each breast peeking from the snug neckline. It also dipped almost to her waist in the back, which made wearing a bra impossible. Her full, yet pert B cup breasts were firm enough to go braless, although in recent years, gravity had slightly increased the jiggle factor. It was her nipples, however, that presented the challenge Lil had dealt with her entire adult life. She wore dense tops, multiple layers and thick, well padded bras, or at least some combination of the above. While they were usually somewhat dormant, she never knew when her thick nipples would spring to attention. It didn't require her to be sexually aroused for them to grow rock hard and extend out well over ½ inch from her reddish brown, quarter sized areola. They would grow long and remain quite thick. In her younger days, there had been many an embarrassing moment when she got cold, or perhaps nervous, that they would push through her bra and clothing, drawing second glances from both men and women alike. Over the years, she'd learned how to manage them with the proper clothing. This dress would not be considered proper clothing, for even with a bra, it was too thin and tight to come close to concealing them. Without the ability to wear one of her supper padded bras, the slightest extension of her nipples would be plainly evident.

The snugness of the dress across her upper body gave way to a looser fit as the dress became more flowing below her waist. The ivory colored buttons extended from the plunging neckline down to a couple of inches above her knee, then another 7or so inches of material hung down to the hemline. Each step she took would lead to one tanned leg, then the other, protruding between the wispy, colorful dress, the movement and contrast in color sure to draw attention to her bronzed and toned legs.

Tingling from both the day's temptations and her sun-kissed skin, she felt sexier than she could ever remember, but did she really have the guts to go out in public dressed like this? She decided to see how Mike would react. He would likely decide it would be too much and ask her to change.

After examining herself repeatedly in the poorly lit mirror next to the bed, Lil came back in the bathroom, where Mike was just wrapping his towel around his still respectable 36" waist.

"Wow! Look at you!" he growled, taking Lil by the hands and forcing her to spin for his inspection.

"I don't know, I feel so exposed. I mean not counting my shoes, I am only wearing two pieces of clothing." Lil said, fishing for more compliments. What she got was certainly not what she expected.

"You're right," replied Mike, "Two articles of clothing just won't do."

Slow to realize what he was up to, Lil watched as Mike knelt before her, slipped his hands beneath her dress and had her rather boring white panties pulled down to her knees before she even began to put up a fight.

"What are you doing Michael?!" she barked, using 'Michael' to let him know just how serious she was, as she tried to escape, only to be trapped against the bathroom vanity counter.

As soon as he pulled the panties over one foot, Mike dove beneath her dress and began to firmly lick and kiss across her pussy. He could smell her arousal even before his tongue confirmed it. She was quite damp, which only served to spur him onward. They didn't usually delve into much oral sex, as Lil didn't care much for it, and he had to practically beg her for a blow job. Once she got going, she seemed okay with it, but sometimes he just didn't feel like putting forth the effort to get her in the mood. Tonight, however, was a different story. Lil was putting up only token resistance, and his face was quickly becoming coated in her excitement.

Eager to keep her aroused and perhaps more willing to play along with him later, Mike decided to stop short of giving Lil the orgasm he knew was fast approaching, and pulled free from her now compliant hands on the back of his head.

"There now, isn't that a good reason to wear only ONE item tonight. You never know when I might decide to do that again, but right now I need to finish getting ready." He said even as he stepped back and tossed her panties into the tub, where the last of the shower water was still pooled at the drain. "And don't' go get another pair, because I'll just take them off of you too."

"Mike Johnson.......you pervert! And such a tease!" Lil cooed in a tone to let him know she wasn't all that upset. It wasn't often that he kissed her down there, and she certainly wasn't going to complain about it now. "What would the choir ladies think of me, dressed like some sort of floozy, and with no panties?" she continued, twirling before the mirror. She had actually forgotten about her nipples while Mike had orally assaulted her, but as she viewed herself in the bathroom mirror, she saw that her arousal was plainly evidenced by the pinky finger sized nubs creasing the dress. Now was the time to see if Mike would dial things back a notch or two to preserve his wife's modesty. "Oh no, honey, really, I can't wear this out in public, look.......it is almost obscene the way my nipples are jutting through this dress."

"So what.......we don't know anybody here.....besides, I think you look hot!"

"But, well, don't you care if other men can see?" She responded, taken aback that her husband was not calling a halt to her wearing such an erotically sinful dress.

Mike paused for a few seconds, trying to determine the best course of action. Did he really want to show off his wife so blatantly to a bar full of men? How would she respond? Would he get jealous, or turned on. As the image of Lil 'innocently' flirting with the young guys from the boat flashed across his brain, Mike's cock began to swell and he knew his answer.

He moved behind her so that they both faced the mirror. "I won't care, I mean how could I blame them, look at you, so sexy, and you are all mine, so why can't I show you off a little? Besides, you can't convince me you won't get at least a little turned on wearing that dress into the bar tonight, can you?" Mike said, hoping he wasn't pushing too hard. He pulled her tight so she could feel his erection pressing against her bubbly but firm ass, and reached his hands around to cup her breasts. He slowly grazed his fingers upward, the thin red material practically enabling him to feel each of the countless goose bumps surrounding her abnormally large nipples. Mike realized he'd grown to take them for granted over the years, due in large part because he never saw them like this, barely concealed in a sexy outfit. He shook her shoulders just a little as he said, "Look at you, your breasts are so sexy, and I love the way this dress hugs them so every little jiggle can be seen. Wow!"

"Oh you....just quit it. I will wear this for you tonight, but it will be the last time, so you better enjoy it." Lil shot back, deciding it best to just agree rather than lie to her husband about how excited the dress and this conversation was making her. "Now please hurry so we can check on Beth's son before the game."

"We've only got 10 minutes til game time," Mike said, checking his watch on the counter. The excitement of Lil agreeing to wear the red dress had caused him to forget his end of the deal, as he said, "I still need to shave, so why don't you go on down to their room and we can meet at the bar."

"Um, no, that was not our agreement. But I know you really want to watch this game, so I will cut you some slack, but I will not walk into that bar, dressed like this, all by myself. I probably shouldn't even walk out the front door alone. Why don't you just meet me there, room 101 down on the end by the pool, then we can go to the bar together." Lil replied.

Mike didn't want to push his luck and have Lil back out of wearing the sexy dress, so he quickly agreed to her plan and ushered her out of the bathroom and on her way.


It took several minutes for Lil to get from their room to Beth's pool front unit at the end of the building. Thankfully she didn't meet anyone on the way, and proceeded on auto pilot as her body was still buzzing from Mike's earlier oral assault. That along with him talking about showing her off at the bar were so out of character, she wondered what had gotten into him. Of course, the same could be said for her. Here she was, heading to a hotel room to check on a, hopefully, sleeping teenage boy whom she had spied on earlier that same day as he masturbated his enormous penis. And thanks to her husband, she was so horny she could burst, wearing a sexy red dress without a bra or panties, and actually somewhat looking forward to seeing what sort of reaction she'd get from the other men in the bar. But first, she needed to subdue her own hedonistic thoughts and quickly confirm Ron was still sleeping off his afternoon drinking binge.

She slipped the key card into the front door and did her best to open it quietly. She flipped the security bar over to block the door from completely closing so that Mike would not knock and wake Ron, then turned to assess her surroundings. The setting sun still provided enough light through the blinds to fully illuminate the room, and Lil froze in her tracks at the sight before her. His heavy breathing confirmed Ron was still sound asleep, however, he was also wearing, if you could call it that, only a white towel. In fact, it was more draped across his midsection, as opposed to actually wrapped around him, and all of one leg and most of his hip were exposed. Further, the apparently thin and damp towel did little to conceal the unmistakable bulge resulting from his hard penis.

Her mind began to whir with a myriad of thoughts. 'Surely Beth didn't leave him like this, so he must have woken up... and taken a shower? His hair did look like it was still a little wet. Maybe she should just turn and leave, but then what if Beth and her friend came back to find him like this, or worse yet, what if the towel falls completely off during his sleep? Her friend would see him naked.....and what would Beth think? What if tomorrow, she asks if I saw her son naked? Worse yet, she might bring it up in front of Mike....Mike! Oh my god, he will be here in just a few minutes. I've got to do something to cover him up.'

"Okay, take a deep breath," Lil spoke softly to herself, hoping the sound of her own voice would help corral her frantic thoughts and settle her nerves, "You can handle this, just relax and think."

She stood there, trying to clear her brain and think of a plan of action. After less than a minute, Lil suddenly realized she wasn't thinking at all, but simply staring at the towel draped so obscenely over the teenager's penis. Her next realization was that the temperature in the room seemed to be rising, as evidenced by the increasing heat spreading from her clammy forehead, downward until she could literally feel the hot moisture between her legs. She instinctively clenched her thighs tight to keep the juices, primed by her husband's tongue and now magnified by this second serendipitous presentation of this boy's overgrown penis, from running down her thighs.

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