tagBDSMA Test Of The Heart Ch. 01

A Test Of The Heart Ch. 01


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Sweet sound of my Sir crawling across the bed awoke me.

"Good morning Darlin. It's time to get up!" He whispered and kissed my cheek.

"But the alarm hasn't gone off yet!" I said with a playful pout. "What time is it?"

"It's 6:28. I've been up for a couple of hours."

"I have two more minutes to sleep! Leave me alone and come back in two minutes!" I smiled and turned away from him making sure he had total access to my ass.

"Two more minutes huh? Well Darlin if you don't get your ass out of this bed right this instant I'll have to make you and it won't be pleasant whatsoever!"

I rolled over to see his face. He had a serious look but I still thought it was apart of his act. I giggled and stuck my tongue out at him and then stuck my ass up in the air for him.

I felt him get up off the bed. I laid there wiggling back and forth with my head face down in my pillow. I started to think Sir had left the room when I felt his fingers gently run through my hair.

He then took a handful and jerked my neck back. He leaned his head to my ear and just stood there. I felt his hot breath tickle my neck. He knows that silence is more of a punishment than pain. In fact I enjoy pain. There is nothing in the world better than a good thuddy smack on my ass.

"Are you awake now?" I manage to nod my head in spite of his death grip on my hair. He ran his free hand down my back, slowing down as he reached the top of my ass. When he reached my puckered star he circled it with his fingertips which made me moan. I loved to have my ass fucked. I almost preferred it to having my pussy fucked. A finger gently opened me. He let go of my hair and turned towards my ass. His hands spread my cheeks apart as he spits on my tight hole. He takes his middle finger and teases it until he works it in to the knuckle. He reached into the nightstand and pulled out my large anal plug and placed it in my mouth to lubricate it. The cold plastic tips gently slides in and out. He then puts more pressure and it pops past my tight ring making me cry out.

He then turns his fingers to my slit and smears my juices down my clit and on my lips preparing it for his large thick cock. He easily slides in and buries it to his balls. The bulge from the plug makes me even tighter and presses on the top of his dick. He brings himself out slowly until he fully leaves me. His head begins to rub my clit and tease my opening. He then slams himself back in hitting my cervix and then began to violently fuck my drenched pussy.

"Oh God Sir I need to rub my clit and cum for you! May I please cum on your cock?" I scream.

"Yes princess. Cum for me"

I reach up and grab his balls before finding my swollen nub. My slit is drenched from my juices escaping out around his cock. I swirl my fingertips around my nub working myself up fast. With every wave of pleasure I clench down around his dick and the plug, milking them for my pleasure. I love how full I feel being stretched around them both.

"Ohh baby I'm almost there! May I please cum for you?"

"Fuck yes baby I'm almost there!"

I cum so hard squeezing down on him that it send him into his own orgasm. He thrust hard one last time and shoots his seed deep inside me until he empties every last bit of himself in me.

"Now go clean yourself up. I've laid your clothes out in the bathroom. They'll be time for more playing later." With that he gets up, kisses me, and is gone.

I managed to pry myself from my warm comfy bed and head to the bathroom. The hot shower feels almost as good as my bed and I'm having a hard time parting with it too. I pull the fluffy towel off the rack and wipe off the condensation on the mirror. Examining my body for any marks our love making left on me. I'm quite a beauty I thought to myself. Although short, 5'3", I have an athletic but curvy build with porcelain skin and long black hair to my waist. My eyes are crystal blue and many men have surcomed to their powers. If that didn't work my big red pouty lips put the nail in their coffins. Sir always said I was his perfect Snow White.

After toweling off and putting on a lavender scented lotion I look around and can't find my clothes Sir had left out. Maybe he left them on my dresser and forgot. I went ahead and put on my makeup and dried my hair.

When I got to the dresser there were no clothes there either. I opened my jewelry box to get my collar and find a small red card. I opened it and read:

My sweet Darlin,

I am having a special guests this morning and I want you to be on your best behavior. You are to do as you're commanded and only speak when asked to do so. As you have noticed I haven't laid clothes out and you are to be in only your collar today. Remember I love you and I know you will make me proud.


My heart skipped a beat. I have never been shown off in person before. I had no idea what to expect. Who was the guest? I ran back into the bathroom to add some makeup, straighten my hair and spread honey flavored shimmer dust all over.

I made my way into the kitchen. Sir was sipping his coffee and reading the paper. I grabbed a mug and walked over to the coffee pot. Sir looked up from behind the paper and I did a little spin for him waiting to hear his approval.

"That's my girl." He folded the paper and walked towards me. "Are you ready?"

"For what Sir?"

"For our guest of course."

I nodded my head hoping he wouldn't see through my lie. He wrapped his arms around me and gently kissed my lips. His beard and mustache tickled my face.

I loved when he grew his beard every winter. He looked rugged and handsome with it. I really enjoy it when he goes down and it tickled my pussy.

I stood there admiring him. His steely blue eyes, broad chest, and big strong tattooed arms. He was the strong silent type. The kind of man that would take you in his arms and kiss you so hard it would make your legs go weak. God I loved everything about him!

"Sir what are we doing today?"

"Well my Darlin, I am having a friend from work come by for awhile. His wife has expressed some interest in our lifestyle and I agreed to mentor him."

"Who is it?"

"Someone you haven't met yet. He just started this past year." Sir and I worked together up until a year and a half ago when he convinced me to stay at home. He was the head of the respiratory department at the hospital where I was a nurse. That is how we first met twelve years ago. He was just a therapist then. I had first met him when he came to help another therapist. After that night Sir requested my floor every time he worked so he could see me. We had our first date at the end of August and by Thanksgiving we were engaged.

I was not thrilled with the idea and it must have shown on my face. "What's wrong?" He said looking concerned.

"Nothing really." I said sighing. He raised one eyebrow as to say yeah right. "Well I don't know how I feel letting someone else dominate me and practice on me."

He took my face in his hands and stared into my eyes and said, "My Darlin, you know I would never let anyone else hurt you in anyway. If I see you are uncomfortable with anything I will stop it at once. I know everything about you and can read you like a book. Trust me baby."

I pout my lips and say, "I guess so." He laughs and kisses me.

"Okay now for breakfast. You have a long day ahead of you and need your strength. What would my Darlin like me to make for her?"

Shocked that he offered to cook I just stood there. "How about scrambled eggs?"

"Sounds good. Want me to make some biscuits?" I ask.

Sir looked up from inside the fridge. "You just go get everything out and ready in the bedroom and leave this to me."

As I go into the bedroom I am still leery of letting another man touch me. Many of our friends let other Sirs and Mistress' play with their pets, some even fuck other men and women to punish them and make them watch. Sir has brought the subject up and has always told me to do anything he ask of me whether or not I wanted to. "If I tell you to suck a man's dick, you do it and you better do a good job. Everything is for my pleasure and if I want to see it you will do it understand?" His words were so commanding just thinking of them made my clit begin to throb.

I was his toy. His most valuable object to use as he pleases. Even if that meant I was to be used by someone else. Right now I was damned turned on I needed to be fucked hard and I really didn't care who.

I laid out all of the instruments that they may require. Even the leather belt which I hated. I secured the restraints to the bed and door. Finally I put the leather fitted sheet on the bed and head back to the kitchen.

"Finished sir. God it smells good! Is it about done?"

"Yes it is. Get us something to drink. You need water or Gatorade. I bragged to him that you can squirt and I intend to have you do it several times today."

"Ooh! That sounds nice!" I said and kissed him.

After breakfast I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes. At 9:30 I hear a knocking on the door. Sir opens and welcomes our guest to our house. My heart was racing and I didn't want to leave the kitchen. I just stood at the sink and dreaded going into the living room so a strange man could stare at my naked body.

Sir cries my name and tells me to come welcome our guest. I close my eyes tight and say to myself everything will be alright. With that I take a deep breath and head to the living room.

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