A Thrilling Prophecy


Peter hadn't moved ..... and her voice got louder, more urgent.

" .....................................SHE COULD FEEL THE YOUNG MAN CLOSE UP BEHIND HER NOW, HIS HANDS ..... Ohhhhhhhhh"

Peter finally threw caution to the window, stepped up behind her, threw her panties onto the table and, as instructed, placed his hands squarely on her rounded posterior. As he felt the soft flesh under her skirt, a thrill ran through him and the bulge in his pants expanded uncomfortably.

She was silent for a moment as she absorbed the exciting sensation of his strong hands on her.

"those hands soon began to caress the rounded ............... SOON BEGAN TO CARESS ..... Ohhh God!!"

Peter was beginning to get the hang of this as he let his hands roam smoothly over her rounded posterior, a wide grin spreading across his youthful face.

After a short while, and between deep breaths she continued reading.

"she was soon floating on a sea of anticipation as she waited for the hands to start sliding down her legs and .... aaaaaahh ...."

Peter's hands were quick to follow the lead, running smoothly down the outside of her thighs before hooking under her skirt and starting to rise up her inner thighs, lifting the skirt higher and higher until her stocking tops appeared. He stopped for a while as he let his fingers roam over the soft, bare skin above, enjoying the effect as his storyteller squirmed under him and let out a whoosh of air as she felt the electric sensation of his fingers running over her bare skin. But she soon soldiered on as she spread her legs slightly to encourage some further exploration!

"Jeeeeeesus ............ his hands felt so..... so......masterful! She squirmed again as she realised how close they were to that defenceless spot between her legs that was the throbbing centre of her attention ...... crying out for his touch! It had to be SOON!! She was feeling so aroused that the slightest touch would .... ohhhhhhhhhhhh. "

It had taken him just a second to yank the skirt up and over her bottom, revealing a sight that almost sent him into orbit as he took in her smooth, rounded cheeks, the long stocking clad legs and that small, peachy mound peeping out from between her slightly parted legs. His eyes were riveted on the moist looking slit, her light coloured hair giving a soft, warm looking covering.

It was sensational!

With a deep swallow he placed his hand on the soft white skin of her left buttock, letting his fingers trace slowly over the rounded surface until they were drawn almost magnetically into the valley between her legs, finally letting them run almost gingerly over the soft, warm skin of her soft, oily labia.

The effect was instantaneous on the woman spread out in front of him. Her head had dropped down onto the book, her eyes closed as she lost herself in the moment. She let out a long, low cry as she felt the contact, her arousal complete as she squirmed against his fingers, trying to force them between her inner lips into the dark, warm lair that lay beyond, tingling in wait for their inevitable exploration.

Peter was enjoying the moment as well, letting his fingers linger on her damp inner lips, teasing across the folds of skin, running tantalisingly around the pink entrance to her inner cavern before reaching further forward to search for her clit. He knew when he'd found it! Her whole body shuddered under his hands and a thin little scream escaped from her taut lips, as his fingers began to rub gently against the sensitive skin surrounding the magical little button.

Her head was now swaying from side to side on the book as his fingers did their work, triggering wave after wave of pleasure that was building and building within her until it swamped her brain.

Somehow she managed to regain some semblance of control, her urgent little mewing sounds giving way to the storyteller again.

"Oh God ....... Oh God ...... Ohhhhh God ...... she was soaring so .... high ... that all the woman wanted was the feel .... Ohhhh God .... of him INSIDE HER........" she paused, gasping for air as she faintly heard the welcome sounds of him unbuckling his belt, "her whole body was on fire, she needed ........... she needed him ......... inside and ..........aaaaaaaaaahhhh!!"

As he placed the tip of his rampant cock up against her firm, inviting opening Peter drew in a long, deep breath. He'd been amazed how big he was when he'd dragged down his shorts, his hot cock immediately jumping up almost vertical, throbbing away in anticipation. This was so erotic and he was feeling so aroused that he was wondering again if he'd last long enough to satisfy her.

She wasn't waiting for him though!

As she felt him nudge up to her most sensitive opening, she pushed backwards, forcing him into her tingling, wet entrance. They both sucked in air as they felt the penetration, and it was automatic for him to thrust forward himself, driving deep into her hot vagina.

But there was something else he needed to do.

She was impaled on his cock, her hips pushed up hard against the big wooden table, so he reached forward to slide his hands over her the smooth back of her shirt and quickly round to cup her taut breasts as they strained against her thin bra. His fingers felt for and found the erect nipples and she cried out again as he squeezed them firmly, her hips squirming hard against his as that fabulous sensation boosted the fire blazing away between her legs.

It seemed the storytelling had stopped for good as his strong hips began to drive his throbbing member smoothly backwards and forwards. Her initial deep breaths of awe at the penetration were soon replaced by regular shallow panting as she felt him driving deeper and deeper into her welcoming soft cavern, each thrust triggering a myriad of electric sensations that were swamping her brain with unadulterated pleasure.

Peter grasped her waist with both hands and drove faster and harder. Her tight vagina was rubbing exquisitely against his cock as it rocketed back and forth, gradually increasing his own sexual tension until he began to lose track of time. He could vaguely feel the sweat on his brow as he tried harder and harder to hold back his own release, but he knew that he couldn't last much longer. Her head was thrashing from side to side in front of him, her eyes tight shut and the original mewing sounds had merged into a long drawn out moan of excitement as the relentless pounding between her legs built up relentlessly until she was on the verge of a mind shattering climax.

"Oh God, come on!" he thought to himself in desperation.

"Ohhhhhhh God .................. nnnnnngh .........I'm ......... .I'm .............. I'm coming aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" she finally gasped.

And as he felt the delightful little convulsions rip around her pussy, he grunted and finally let go himself as he made one last thrust that pushed him as deep as he could go before exploding inside her raging hot cavern, letting the satisfaction of release course blissfully through his taut body.

He collapsed forward onto her back as the strength seemed to have drained out of him. What a fantastic, totally unexpected experience! He was sucking in big breaths of musty air until, finally, his heart started to beat more regularly and he eased himself backwards sliding reluctantly out of the warm, velvety place that only seconds ago had been the centre of his whole existence.

She was still breathing hard in front of him, the white cheeks of her bum rising and falling rhythmically with her heavy breathing. Then, as he pulled up his pants and began to buckle his belt, there was a surreal moment as she propped up her head again and continued to read!

"Their passionate love-making had driven them both wild! Her climax had been everything that she'd hoped and, incredibly, even more! She was taking her time as her breathing quietened, absorbing every little moment of pleasure from her body as he drew out of her. Who was this strange young man? Would she see him again? Would their bodies feel that tumultuous thrill again? Who knew? It would be in the lap of the gods!"

With that she closed the book with a sharp bang and slowly straightened up, letting the bunched up skirt drop back into its demur position as she turned and gave Peter a wide, satisfied smile.

"That's one of my favourite books!" she gasped before adding a little tremulously, "I do hope that you liked it as well?"

He wasn't at all sure how to deal with this, "It .....it was ....... well, errrrr .......God, it was absolutely fantastic!" he finished in a gush of words.

She smiled broadly, and reached up to plant a warm kiss on his lips.

"That's good then," she added, all business-like again, "maybe we could read from it again some time?" she added with a raised eyebrow.

Peter couldn't believe his luck! She was offering to do this again -- with him!

"I err, well naturally," he responded with a big grin of his own, "As a student it's my duty to take every learning opportunity!"

He reached forward to grasp her again, but this time she swung away from him with a bright, bubbly laugh.

"Hey, not now! We've been in here long enough. People will be wondering what we're up to!"

She picked up the big volume and handed it to him. "Maybe you could put it back on the top shelf over there again. You know.....where I can't reach it!"

"Of course," he laughed, striding over to the bookshelves, glancing inquisitively at the gold leaf title as he lifted it up. What sort of erotic volume could this be?

When he span round, it was just in time to see his librarian yanking her panties up before smoothing down her skirt again. "I didn't know that 'Social History of Virginia in the Eighteenth Century' covered this sort of thing?" he chuckled.

She smiled slyly back at him, "You've got absolutely no idea what they get up to in those days!"

As they came out of the room and back into the main library, the librarian's friend came over and, with a knowing smile, asked them if they'd managed ok.

"VERY OK!" laughed Barbara as she guided Peter out of the office area before adding , "Peter's promised to come back and help whenever we're in need, haven't you?"

"Well, I errr .........." he was looking at the second woman now, who had a fuller figure than Barbara, but had curves in all the right places and was now looking expectantly at him.

"Oh that WILL be something to look forward to," she replied in a deep husky voice.

Peter was getting worried. It was all very well having all these women suddenly falling over themselves for him, but now he was wondering about Sarah. Was she involved in this sort of thing? It didn't bare thinking about! And then something else struck him.

"Will Sarah....... I mean, can we keep this ....... errr, does Sarah......Oh God!"

Both women were chuckling now at his obvious discomfort, but the dark haired woman came to the rescue.

"Oh don't worry yourself. Sarah doesn't get involved in our little -- errr arrangements. And I'm sure she won't find out ........ particularly if you're as helpful as you said you'd be!"

With that they shooed him away from the admin area and he finally stumbled back into the bright light outside wondering incredulously whatever the rest of the day could have in store for him?!

5. After Dinner Lecture

It was a bit tight, but when he'd checked his watch he'd just had time to get down to the refectory to meet his friends before the one o'clock lecture. As usual, it was packed with hungry students and he'd almost missed them, but he'd just managed to grab a sandwich and juice before heading over to meet them on the way out.

"You must be getting really serious on that library chick if you're letting it affect your food intake!" laughed one.

"Actually, you looked absolutely knackered mate, "proffered another helpfully, "hope she's worth it!"

"Sod off!" he responded in kind, "she wasn't even there. I just .....sort of .... studied a bit instead."

"Oh that's why you're looking knackered then," they laughed, "it won't catch on you know! Anyway, we'd better blow, you know how busy Sexy Sadie's lectures get!"

It was true. The one o'clock lecture by Doctor Sarah Livermore was a highlight of the week. It was a non-core module, one of a number of options that students could take to 'broaden' their college experience. The title had attracted a large female audience, 'Feminine Influence on the Modern World'. The lecturer, an extremely attractive PhD in her mid thirties, had attracted an equally large male audience, who were equally happy to mix with the female students as well!

The snag was that the lecture room tended to fill quickly, so there was a rush to get there early for once!

Hurrying down the corridor of the Sociology building towards the lecture theatre, Peter was distracted by something that was said behind him and as he turned to respond, he suddenly caught sight of a movement out of the corner of his eye. Then he was bouncing off something soft and into the corridor wall!

"Ouch!" he gasped automatically, spinning round.

On the floor sat a black spectre, surrounded by books and a pencil case that had spilled its contents across the floor. He just had time to see a side door closing opposite and realised that he'd bumped into someone coming out before the spectre materialised into an extremely angry young student!

"You clumsy oaf! Don't you look where you're going!!"

At this point he realised that the 'spectre' was in fact a young female student dressed completely in black, apart from a red satin scarf loosely wrapped around her neck. Her thick black hair was cut short to shoulder length and a pair of intense eyes fixed on him as she started to get onto her knees.

"You idiot! Look at all my stuff!"

He did. Books were spread on the floor and pencils were still rolling around. They were now being bypassed by more students as they squeezed past the crash scene.

"Well done Peter," shouted one of his friends as they disappeared into the lecture room, "watch out she doesn't bite!"

He bent down to help retrieve some of the spilled items.

"I'm sorry. I just didn't see you!" he muttered, although feeling slightly aggrieved that she could hardly have paid much attention when she'd walked through the door herself.

"Typical man!" she hissed back, "And thanks for making me late!"

Peter checked his watch, and the thinning crowd of students entering the room.

"Come on," he said in encouragement as he tried to take an arm to lift her to her feet, "we won't miss anything."

It was only then that he realised that she was dressed as a Goth, and a rather shapely one at that! Black casual jacket, over a black, belted mini-dress with the splash of colour at her neck. She wore black ankle boots covered in chains and her short legs were encased in sexy looking black fishnet stockings.

By now she'd got most of her things back together and he handed her a couple of books that he'd retrieved, put on a winsome smile and said "There, that's better now?"

She twisted back to him and he saw her take a deep breath as some of the anger drained away, leaving a pretty, rounded face looking up at him. His eyes were drawn to a couple of studs in her nose, and suddenly her face seemed to light up as she smiled back, hazel eyes twinkling.

"Not all your fault I suppose. I was in a rush ....... and.... errr thanks for the books."

With that she whirled away and disappeared into the lecture room.

He paused for a moment taking stock. What was all that about? Was this another 'prophecy' moment? It didn't seem likely. She'd been pretty angry with him and although he'd seen her around a few times at previous lectures, the Goth look hadn't attracted him before. But having said that she had looked pretty sexy 'up close and personal' so to speak!

"Oh well," he thought looking at his watch again, "better get in, I'm five minute late already."

It was easier said than done.

After he'd pushed through the doors to the lecture theatre, he pulled up short. It was packed!

He couldn't see a spare seat anywhere and to make matters worse, 'Sexy Sadie' had stopped speaking and was glaring directly at him, hands on beautiful, rounded hips.

"Nice of you to finally drop in," she called from below him on the stage, sarcasm dripping from her voice, "well .....?"

The fact that every eye in the building was looking his way had him flustered, so he muttered an apology knowing that he'd gone beetroot red but still not seeing anywhere to sit. He was preparing to drop down onto the steps when he noticed an arm waving at him lower down.

Incredibly, he realised that it was his Goth opponent of a few minutes ago. She was sat about six rows down at the end of the bench, next to a couple of statuesque blondes that he'd seen her with before. He'd heard that they were twin sisters, and, according to local college gossip, a bit weird as well. 'His' Goth appeared to have shuffled along a bit and had left a small space that he knew he'd struggle to squeeze on to, but it was the only option in the place. He quickly tripped down the stairs and squeezed himself onto the seat muttering his thanks.

The smile that she returned was much nicer than the glare from earlier!

"Well, at last! Maybe we can all carry on then?!" was the sarcastic response from below.

When he'd got his breath back, he dumped his notebook and pencil case onto the table, and breathed out a sigh of relief. He was almost fully sat on the bench but not quite. He tried shuffling up a bit but was immediately aware of his leg pressing hard against the soft, fishnet covered thighs sat next to him. He glanced down. There was no way that she could move any further, as her other leg was tight up against one of the blonde's. She looked back and gave him that 'sorry, can't be helped' expression.

He responded in kind and settled back to listen to the lecture but was gradually getting more and more aware of the hot soft flesh that he was pressing into. It was incredibly distracting, and as time passed he became ever more sensitive to her little movements, her subtle scent and the cute way that she pursed her lips as she thought of something to write.

Eventually it happened - a crazy, unscripted moment.

She'd been rubbing out some pencil comment that she'd made in error and her rubber had slipped out of her fingers, bounced a couple of times on the bench before diving backwards and settling in his lap. Instinctively she'd chased after it with her hand, and as her fingers wrapped around it to retrieve it they pressed into him and his cock responded automatically. She'd clearly felt the reaction through his pants as she gave out a little 'Oh!" as she quickly pulled her hand away and gave him a sharp glance. He kept his eyes straight ahead, somehow hoping that she'd ignore it, cringing internally in case she said something.

Fortunately she didn't, her attention apparently back on the lecture. He breathed again. All was well.

Until, about five minutes later, it happened again!

This time, out of the corner of his eye, he saw her pick up the rubber and, with a quick glance around,flicked it into his lap again. His whole body stiffened in surprise, one element stiffening more than the rest of him! This time her hand dropped into his lap more deliberately and as she grasped the rubber she was careful to rub the back of her hand gently up against the large bulge that had appeared in his jeans. God, it felt good! Finally, the hand almost reluctantly seemed to pull away again. He let out a long, deep breath and glanced sideways. She was looking straight at him a wide grin on her face. Would you believe it? She was enjoying tantalising him!

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