tagGroup SexA Time of War Ch. 03

A Time of War Ch. 03


Time was elastic. Being busy helped the first two hours of Thursday morning flow with comfortable speed. When I dismissed the platoon to go to class, I quickly headed to my desk. After sitting down, I opened my book to skim the material that had been covered yesterday. Time slowed down as I waited. I noticed Kelly walking into the class, holding the arm of a short, heavily muscled Hispanic corporal. I was glad that she found someone, and I hoped that he was what she needed.

With just over a minute left, Cheryl finally came in. She gave me a tentative smile, said good morning and sat down. When the class started, the first order of business was to pass out the graded quizzes from yesterday. Once again I had aced the test. Next, we received today's quiz. While still easy, much of this quiz covered army specific paperwork and terminology. Time sped up as I worked on the test. I knew that I had done well, but wasn't 100% sure that I had aced the quiz. I knew from college that any questions that I reviewed and changed were almost always changed from the right answer to the wrong answer. So having completed the quiz, I turned it in and was released from class 15 minutes early.

I went to the break room, got a cup of coffee and waited for Cheryl as time once again slowed to a crawl. After 10 minutes, I went to get a refill, and I picked up an extra cup for Cheryl. She joined me shortly after I sat back down. Cheryl thanked me for the coffee, and began talking.

"I didn't wake up in time to go to PT this morning. I'm not required to, but it was the first one that I've missed since I have been stationed here. I was so tired last night that I didn't set my alarm. I was really sleep deprived. I think that was part of the trigger for what happened last night."

I said "Don't worry about last night, as far as Linda and I are concerned, we were only worried about you."

"Linda left a note on my pillow saying that she was going to stay in her own bed last night so that she wouldn't wake me." Cheryl said.

"I'm sure that she did it as a sacrifice for your benefit." I told her. "I know that she enjoys staying with you."

"Let's change the subject. What did you think about the tingler?" I asked.

"Oh god, it was amazing. It felt as though I came for a solid half hour. I lost count of the number of orgasms that I had. When you finally stopped, I kept cumming for maybe a minute or two. The sensations finally started to taper off, and the physical sensations were replaced with emotions, so strong there was no way that I could contain them. If I wasn't so tired, I may have been able to direct them better. I only know that you were right, it was at least a thousand times more than I was prepared for."

"So you liked it then?" I teased her.

"Oh god yes, I'll prove it tonight when you come over, I'll fuck you stupid." She stated with conviction.

"About that, I wasn't planning on coming over tonight." I told her.

"Why not?" She pouted.

"I have so much to do to get ready for this weekend. I have to go to the PX to pick up a suitcase, I'll need to get a haircut to stay in regs for next month, I need to get my uniforms with my new stripes on them, I need to pack up my room so that I'll be ready to move Friday afternoon and I need to pack something to wear for this weekend in my new suitcase. By the time I get done with that, I should probably rest up so that I will be ready for you and Linda this weekend." I told her.

"I've got a better idea," She said. "Isn't the barber right next to the laundry?"


"I'll pick you up at the barracks, and take you to lunch at the snack bar. Afterwards, I'll take you to the barber shop, and then the laundry. Put your uniforms in the back of my car, and then we'll go over to my place..."

"But I still need to get a suitcase."

"I've got one that you can borrow, and it will save you money. I'll cook dinner tonight. It will be nice, please say yes." She said.

"Well, it sounds okay if you promise to get me home by 2100 so that I can pack up before lights out. I would love to spend time with you, and it would certainly save me time and money, plus you're throwing in a home cooked meal; sold." I smiled.

"I have to go to the restroom and it's almost time to go back to class. I'll meet you there." She told me.

I agreed, and as she left, I noticed that the two girls that had been sitting at the table right beside us immediately got up to follow her. I didn't believe that it was a coincidence, but I trusted that Cheryl would tell me if there was anything I needed to know. I got up, threw away my empty coffee cup and went back to class.

On the walk back to class, I thought about those two girls. They were the same two who had come up to talk to us before. The seemed very pleasant, but quite young and a little immature. I thought that the tallest of the girls was named Julie, but I couldn't remember the name of the other girl, it may have started with a T. I knew that if I thought about it, I would remember eventually. I sat down at my desk scanning my book, and waited for Cheryl.

Cheryl and the two girls came in just before class started and sat down. We didn't have time to even say hello before class started. I knew that she would tell me what I needed to know the next time that I talked to her, so I cleared my mind and forced myself to concentrate on the instructor.

When the break finally came, I had to use the restroom. Cheryl said that she would wait for me right there. As I was walking back to the classroom, I remembered the other girl's name, Tara. I wondered what Cheryl would have to tell me.

When I sat down, Cheryl asked me if I remembered the two girls who came up to us earlier in the week.

"Yeah, Julie and Tara I think," I said.

"Exactly," Said Cheryl very quietly. "They were sitting next to us in the break room last break and they heard what I said, In fact, everything we said. The girls are nice enough, and don't mean to be any trouble; but they could cause us and Linda real problems, especially if they put everything together."

"How could they do that?" I asked just as quietly.

"They heard about Linda leaving a note on my pillow while I slept. For god's sake the note said she wasn't going to sleep with me that night. They didn't threaten, maybe they didn't pay any attention to that part of the conversation, what they wanted to know was about the tingler." She whispered as she looked around.

"So, what did you tell them?" I asked quietly.

"I told them that you would tell them about it starting the next break. You need to get them real curious and turned on so that is all that they can think about. We may have to tingle them just to keep them from talking to anyone else."Cheryl concluded in a whisper.

"Where do we meet them?" I asked.

"We need to find a quiet table in the break room, and they'll join us," said Cheryl whispering.

"I'm better one on one; it's real hard to turn on two women at the same time without at least one of them getting jealous." I told her quietly.

"Just pretend that you're a stripper, table dancing for two people at the same time. You can turn them both on and they won't even think of each other" said Cheryl quietly while grinning. "I have faith in you, besides, I'll be right there to guide them back in the correct direction if they get off track. Just get them hot without promising them anything. Linda, you and I can talk about it tonight." Cheryl said

The rest of the class began filtering in, so we stopped talking about confidential things, and flirted quietly until class began.

When the class ended, we hurried to the break room to find the ideal table. We ended up with a table against the far wall. The table was square, with one corner nearly against the wall. The other tables seemed a little farther away than was average. Cheryl and I sat in the two chairs closest to the wall. Julie and Tara came in and sat down as soon as we were seated.

They both smiled as they sat down, and leaned forward. "I understand that you overheard us talking?" I probed, mirroring their lean forward.

Julie blushed, looked down and said "We weren't trying to spy on you, and I really didn't pay much attention until I thought I heard you say tinkler. I told Tara to listen, and we heard Cheryl talk about cumming for a half hour. A little while later, we heard Cheryl say that she was so happy, that she was going to 'fuck you stupid'. Tara and I discussed it, and we decided to ask to borrow it."

By this time, I was having a hard time keeping a straight face. They seemed to think that the tingler was a battery operated device that we could loan them.

Tara said, "Julie and I decided to ask Cheryl if we could borrow it, next time she went to the ladies room. When she left, we followed. We talked a little, and she told us to meet you here now."

I smiled softly and intimately at them and said, "You misunderstood, it's not an electrical device, it's a technique, something that I do. As far as I know I am the only man that knows how to do it. And it's tingler, not tinkler," I said, as I looked deeply into their fascinated eyes. "It gives you an orgasm so intense, it's addictive. The sensation is not localized in any one area of your body, but you'll feel it from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and it keeps getting better and better. You'll keep cumming until I let you stop."

"Is this really true?" Julie asked Cheryl, cutting in.

"Not only is it true, but it's a hundred times better than he described. I'm getting wet just thinking about it." said Cheryl.

"But he's so hot, why would you trust him with another woman?" Tara asked in wonderment.

"He made me cum eight times before I ever saw him naked. When I finally saw him naked I nearly came again. He has the hottest body I've ever seen. His chest is great, and his stomach is flat you can see the individual muscles sticking out. The best part is his ass, it's perfect," said Cheryl.

I was embarrassed by her description of my body, but Tara and Julie were hanging on every word, fascinated, as Cheryl continued. "I don't think that any one woman can keep up with him. He can cum five or six times a day, but he makes me cum about ten times each time he cums. It would kill me to try to keep up with him, and I love watching him make another woman cum."

"You watch?" Tara asked, her eyes widening in amazement.

"I've got to use the men's room; I'll see you all in class. Don't forget to watch the time, there are only a few minutes left." I told them as I excused myself.

Cheryl continued to speak quietly to the girls as I walked away. I could feel eyes following me as I left the room, headed for the restroom.

I walked into the classroom and sat down when I had finished, patiently waiting for Cheryl's report. When she finally returned, smiling, there was a little over a minute till class started. Julie and Tara came in seconds later and both smiled and waved at us on their way to their desk.

"You did great," whispered Cheryl, "they were so turned on I bet they were dripping on the way back to class. I'll tell you the rest later." She said as class started.

On the march back to the barracks, I went over in my mind what had happened during the last two breaks. Cheryl told me that the girls were turned on by the idea of me tingling them. They promised that they wouldn't say anything to anyone about us. She also gave permission for the girls to rub my tummy, chest and ass for the rest of the day; which they took advantage of as often as possible. It was a lot like kitties who wanted to be petted, rubbing up against your leg. I walked around with a raging hard-on all of the breaks, and half of the classes.

I was unable to talk to Cheryl privately, but I could tell that she was enjoying watching me being teased very much. Some of the other girls began watching in interest, trying to figure out what was going on, but the guys who noticed, like sharks smelling blood in the water, zeroed right in. All in all, I was very happy when class was over for the day before there was a riot.

Shortly after we arrived at the barracks, and I dismissed the platoon, Cheryl pulled up in her car. I climbed into her car and she took us to the snack bar.

The lunch crowd was beginning to thin out, and we got back our same table from the other day. The waiter that came over to take our order was the same waiter who had served us before. His broad grin and warm greeting to Cheryl, and grunt to me, let us know that he remembered us.

When he asked Cheryl how she was doing she answered, "So much better, now that I've convinced him to come home and play with me." smiling happily.

His crestfallen look as he took our lunch order told the whole story. I told her, "You probably shouldn't have said anything until after we were served."

"No," Said Cheryl, "he'll work even harder trying to stand out from you since I was smiling at him."

Cheryl was right, our food arrived quickly and we ate and talked. It was nice just enjoying each other's company. When we were leaving, I stopped to leave the tip and Cheryl went up to the register and paid the bill. When I arrived, she was telling our waiter that she hoped he was here the next time that she came in, while giving him a dazzling smile.

We hit the barbershop and the cleaners, and with my uniforms safely in back, we arrived at her apartment. Within two minutes, we were naked on the bed and I was eating her hot wet cunt. I moved up her body and kissed her lips. I knew that she tasted herself from my lips. I moved down to her breast, and began sucking on a nipple, while I massaged the other breast as well. I reached down with the other hand and slowly began to masturbate her.

I couldn't see her face, but I could tell that her head moved. I was surprised to hear her say, "Hello Linda. When did you wake up?"

I looked over, and saw Elle standing in the doorway wearing a silky peach robe.

"I woke up a little while ago, but I didn't get out of bed until I heard all the moaning," said Elle to Cheryl. She then turned to me and said with a wicked smile, "Hi, Davey, it's always good to see more of you."

"Don't just stand there, have a seat and get comfortable," I told Elle as I continued masturbating Cheryl.

Elle came around the bed, and sat down, leaning her back up against the headboard. Her robe fell open, as her legs parted and she began to masturbate. With her free hand she rubbed Cheryl's breast, telling her, "You are so beautiful baby. Is he getting you there baby? It looks so hot. You make me so horny..."

"Oh honey, please eat me," Cheryl told me, "Please, you're so good at it and I need it so much."

I crabbed around and put my face between her thighs. To my oral ministrations, I added G-spot stimulation. Cheryl's moans became more urgent, and I felt her arm grab around my thigh. Cheryl's hips began moving, and she began chanting, "Oh god... oh god..." When she came, she grabbed my thigh so hard, it went numb. I slowed down and teased for a minute with my tongue; but I kept up the g-spot stimulation.

When the major spasms had stopped, I restarted stimulating her clit with suction and my tongue. Cheryl really enjoyed the suction, and responded immediately. Within a minute she began to cum again. From that point on, her orgasms were continuous.

I kept her cumming for about 10 minutes, the last half of which I felt an extra hand rubbing my ass. I was so turned on from everything that had happen today, I couldn't wait any longer.

I spun around to fuck Cheryl but she gasped out, "Please... wait... until... I... can... breathe...."

Elle was masturbating furiously, as I slid over to her and said, "Let me help."

A panicked look came to her face as she said, "I can't fuck you."

I was disappointed, but said, "We don't have to fuck, just let me help you cum."

Elle's froze for a moment, then her legs fell further open as she told me, "Do to me what you did to her."

I began to gently eat her, but she grabbed my head and pulled it hard into her crotch. I began to eat her in earnest, adding manual stimulation. In no time, her breathing gave away her extreme excitement. When she came, she was completely silent, except for her breathing. After a brief time she recovered enough to say, "Thank you."

I told her, "That's just the beginning," as I moved her around and began to tingle her.

Her reaction to being tingled was different than I expected. She was silent, her eyes went wide open and her mouth opened slightly. When she began cumming, her eyes closed, and the jerky, disjointed limb movements that I was so familiar with began.

When she reached the plateau, I kept her there for about 5 minutes. Cheryl watched closely, looking from Elle to me and back again over and over with a surprised look on her face. When I stopped, I moved Elle to the middle of the bed lay down beside her and began to hold her. When she began to recover, she pushed me over onto my back and told Cheryl, "Climb onto him and fuck him hard for me."

Cheryl quickly climbed on me straddled my hips and guided my rock hard cock into her hot wet cunt. A sigh of pleasure escaped her lips as she slid all the way down onto my hard dick. Cheryl leaned forward and began rocking, as her full breasts were dragged up and down along my chest.

Elle ran her hand from my temple down to my cheek, pulled my face over and kissed me urgently. Cheryl had sat back up, and was bouncing up and down with abandon. Watching her boobs bouncing and wobbling was extremely sexy. Her hand was busy rubbing her clit. I was so excited from everything that happened over the day, I couldn't hold out any longer and came explosively. Cheryl continued bobbing up and down until she joined me seconds later. I felt her vaginal muscles squeezing and milking me as she slowly leaned forward moaning in pleasure.

Elle kissed me again and hugged me tightly as Cheryl sat up and pulled herself away. My cum was dribbling out of her in blobs as she moved. She climbed over Elle leaving a gloppy trail of cum on her thighs and lay down beside her.

I was lying down on my back as Elle pulled me to her and said in wonder, "I've never felt anything like that before, and I have a great vibrator. How did you learn to do that?"

"A woman that I cared for deeply taught me how to do it. It took several months to learn." I told her, and then I asked, "Why did I scare you so badly when I wanted to help you cum?"

Elle's expression as she looked at me made me think that she wouldn't' answer. Finally she took a deep breath and began talking. "I haven't had sex with a man in nearly ten years. I'm 27, almost 28 years old. When I was 18, I went out to dinner and a movie with a high school class mate. When we got out of the movie, it was very dark. There was a gang breaking into cars stealing radios. When they saw us, they came running at us. Billy told me to run back to the theater, and he stayed there to slow them down. I ran as quickly as I could, but I was real slow in my high heels. They caught me and dragged me into an alley. For more than an hour, they took turns raping me. When they were finished with me they left me naked, bleeding and unconscious in a pile of trash behind a dumpster."

"Billy had been stabbed twice, and left to bleed to death between a couple of cars. He wasn't even found until the police came to investigate the missing car stereos. They did manage to save Billy's life, but they didn't even know I was missing until they notified his parents. I woke up in the hospital several days later with only a sketchy memory of what happened. The men who did this to me were never caught. "

Cheryl was rubbing her back in a comforting manner and I hugged her tight, kissed her forehead and calmly told her to continue.

"Billy eventually recovered, but we never went out again. He either felt guilty that he didn't protect me, or was disgusted with me. I had enjoyed sex with Billy, but couldn't even think about sex with men any more. I may have had to live without sex entirely, but for a chance encounter."

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