tagGroup SexA Time of War Ch. 05

A Time of War Ch. 05


I awoke about 0630 and carefully levered myself out of bed to avoid waking Linda. I went into the bathroom and closed the door to avoid waking her. When I finished showering and drying off I wrapped my towel around my waist and walked to the other bathroom, where I shaved and brushed my teeth.

I found my jeans and a tee shirt and I got dressed quickly and quietly. I was a little tired, and wanted to get a little exercise. I decided to go out for a look around. I brought the paper with me as I took the elevator to the lobby.

I slipped the paper under my arm as I went out to explore the area. The streets were quiet, and the sun was shining. It was a good day to be alive. I reviewed everything that had happened over the previous couple of days and realized that things were moving quite fast. The girls were good friends, but they all seemed to be quite competitive with each other. Women are more naturally competitive than men; the fact that most men don't realize this is a sign of how much more socially adept women generally are.

I saw a coffee shop that was open, and went in for breakfast. I noticed that I was not dressed nearly as well as most of the customers were, but my waitress didn't seem to have a problem with the way I looked. I looked up from my paper as she came over with a coffee pot, a menu and a big smile. I thanked her, took the offered coffee and examined the menu. She took my order with a cheery smile and hurried away.

I was looking at a recap of the news from Vietnam over the previous week. The fighting had been severe in the northwest part of the country and there were several causalities near Cu Chi, not far from Saigon (currently called Ho Chi Min City). The waitress brought my breakfast, looked at what I was reading and asked, "Army or Air Force?"

"Army," I said, "How did you know?"

"You have the look, when did you get back?" she enquired.

"I haven't been to Vietnam yet, I'm going in a few months." I told her.

"Most of the boys who come back start looking at the paper only when they get back." She said. "Enjoy your breakfast; I'll stop by to check on your coffee in a few minutes."

As I ate my breakfast, I looked around. I noticed that my hair was the shortest in the restaurant. I was also the youngest and most fit person in the coffee shop. I thought that was what the waitress might have noticed. I was half way finished when the waitress Sharon came back to refill my coffee. "So, what is 'the look' that I have?" I asked.

She looked at me, recalling our previous conversation, and replied, "Your hair is short, but mostly you have intensity in your eyes. I really don't know how to describe it, but I bet every woman who's ever seen you has noticed it."

I thought about what she had said while I finished my meal. I left a good tip, paid for my meal and went back to the hotel. When I opened the door to the room, Linda was sitting on the sofa naked, crying. She ran up to me, flung her arms around my waist sobbing into my chest. She began speaking to me in Spanish, saying "Where did you go?"

I answered her quietly, in English, since I was much more comfortable in that language: "I didn't want to wake anyone up. We were all up late last night. I wanted to go out for a walk, and I got some breakfast. I came back before I thought you would wake up. I wasn't gone for much more than an hour."

I picked her up and took her toward the back bedroom. As I was carrying her she spoke in Spanish again, "I thought I scared you away. I thought when I asked you to marry me you decided to run away from me. I don't know what to do baby, I can't live without you. I've never felt this strongly about anyone else. I'm losing control of myself and my emotions. I feel like a teenager again."

As I was putting her down on the bed we had slept on, I asked her, "I'm not fluent enough to follow everything you said in Spanish. I think I understood most of what you said, but could you repeat that in English?"

She apologized and repeated what she said in English. She grabbed me tightly around the neck and said, "Just hold me."

I crawled into bed and held her. She began removing my clothes and I helped. She pushed me onto my back and climbed over, straddling my hips. She began wiggling against my crotch and said, "You promised last night that you would fuck me in the morning. I want to collect now."

We made love. It wasn't just lust; I could tell that she put all her feeling into it. Every time that she came, she would collapse onto my chest and hold me for several minutes. After her fourth orgasm, she said to me when she had recovered, "Please cum inside me. I want to feel you cum in me."

I began thrusting into her and moved my hand from where I had been stimulating her clit to her other hip. When I came, I tried to be as quiet as she had been when she came. I rolled her onto her back and began to tingle her. She stared up at me tenderly until she got right near to her plateau, when her eyes rolled and the jerky motions began in her limbs. I only kept her at the peak for a couple of minutes, and then I lay down beside her to hold her.

When she began to move, she held me back, and we tenderly embraced each other. She looked at me and asked, "Would you go out to breakfast with me?"

"I've already eaten, but I'll come with you and have some coffee," I replied.

"We need to shower," she said standing up.

We went into the bathroom and washed each other in the shower. We dried each other off then we each got dressed casually. I double checked to make sure that everyone was still asleep, and told Linda that we needed to be as quick as possible so that we were back before anyone else awoke.

We went down to the coffee shop in the hotel. Linda ordered breakfast and I got some coffee and an English muffin. We talked quietly as we waited. She seemed to be happier than I had seen her in a while. I assumed that it was because she had me all to herself, so I focused all my attention on her. I held her hand, touched her shoulder and whispered endearments to her. I concentrated on her to the exclusion of everything else. The waitress had come up to us to fill our coffee and I hadn't seen her. I still had my head turned as I reached for my cup, putting my hand into the stream of coffee she was pouring. While a little painful, it wasn't disabling.

The waitress hurried to get a towel with cold water and Linda examined my hand. It was a first degree burn, only a little worse than a bad sunburn. Linda told me that she had some first aid ointment in her luggage, and she would get it for me as soon as we went back to the room. I told her that as long as she was around to kiss it, I wouldn't need it.

I held her hand as we walked back up to the suite. I told her, "I want to thank you for this weekend. Being able to spend time with you has been amazing. Not just getting away from the post, but being with you. I don't need to be entertained. You don't need to take me anywhere, just spend time with me. This breakfast has been the most wonderful part of the weekend for me simply because I was able to get to know you better."

Linda smiled at me as she opened the door to the room. We headed into the master bedroom as Linda went to get the ointment out of her luggage. I looked at the bed and saw Cheryl and Carol still asleep, holding each other. I realized that Elle was in the bathroom when I heard her flush the toilet. I went in to kiss her good morning.

Elle was bleary eyed, but showed a big smile when she saw me. She walked up to me, hugged me and kissed me. With her hands on the back of my neck, she said, "Good morning Davey."

"My morning just got even better," I told her.

Her grin got even bigger as she walked over to the shower. As she was adjusting the temperature, I asked her, "Do you need someone to do your back?"

"I thought you'd never offer," she said as Linda came in with the tube of ointment.

I told Linda as Elle got into the shower, "Why don't you strip down and help Elle wash her back. I'll be right in to help."

I walked out to the living room and called room service, ordered coffee and pastries. I then called the front desk to ask what time we needed to checkout. Noon was the answer, so we still had a little more than 3 hours. I stripped down on the way into the bathroom and joined Linda and Elle in the shower. We enjoyed our time together, relaxing in the warm water.

I looked at Linda and noticed that she seemed to be upset, so I asked her "What's wrong?"

"I just started my period." She answered.

I kissed her cheek and told her and said, "I still want to be with you."

Elle looked at her with sympathy and asked her, "Did you bring something?"

"I've got some tampons, but when we get back to the apartment I'll get some pads too." She told her.

I had never watched a woman insert a tampon before, and was fascinated as she propped one leg on the toilet and reached in to insert it. Linda looked at me with an embarrassed grin and said, "You had to watch didn't you?"

"I've never seen anyone do that before, I was curious." I replied.

Linda put on her panties, Elle and I wrapped up in towels. When the knock on the door came, I went to the door and the girls went back into the bedroom. I signed for the breakfast and rolled the cart into the bedroom.

We were talking and laughing as we had our coffee. Cheryl and Carol woke as we were drinking our coffee. I gave Cheryl my coffee cup, and poured the final cup for Carol. We only had four cups, so I shared with Linda.

I told the girls that we had about two and a half hours before we had to check out. Carol got up and went to the bathroom, followed closely by Cheryl. They emerged together laughing after a few minutes.

Cheryl said, "Davey, you need to tingle Carol again before we have to leave to give her something to remember us by. We're leaving and we won't see her again, we don't want her to forget you."

I agreed and told her, "I'll do you as soon as we finish up here."

I put my arms around Linda and Elle who were sitting beside me. Linda would put her cup of coffee to my lips and tilt it up for me; Elle was breaking off small bites of cheese danish and feeding them to me. When I finished eating the bite Elle fed me, she would put her fingers in my mouth for me to suck them clean.

Elle and Linda were giggling at me when I began tenting my towel. Cheryl and Carol came up behind me, resting their breasts on my shoulder.

"Looks like he stopped thinking about breakfast," Cheryl giggled.

"Let's see what he's thinking about," Carol said as she reached for the towel.

Three sets of hands started ripping the towel off of me as Cheryl pulled me flat on my back by my shoulders. I felt hands tugging on my stiffened member and hands cupping my balls. I grabbed Cheryl by her hips and pulled her onto my face. As I began eating her, someone was straddling my hips. I felt myself being enveloped in hot wet vaginal folds, as I began tonguing Cheryl. I felt a pair of hands rubbing my stomach faster and faster as Carol became more and more enthusiastic in her lovemaking.

I heard Elle tell Linda that she was so turned on, and ask her to pleasure her orally. Any reply she may have made was lost in moans of pleasure made by the rest of us. When Cheryl came, she backed up off my face and Carol leaned forward. Her breasts were dragging along my stomach, to my chest and back. I reached out to grab her breasts and pulled them to my face. I sucked alternately on her nipples as she got more and more aroused.

I saw Elle watching Carol's hips bouncing on my crotch. Linda's hair was visible at the juncture of her thighs, with one of Elle's hands on top of her head. I loved the look of lust and ecstasy on her face. The same look was mirrored on Carol's face as she looked over at Elle. Carol leaned over to suckle on Elle's nearest nipple. Carol was so excited that she began cumming almost immediately. Her vaginal contractions felt like smoothly being tugged. The contractions triggered my own orgasm and I pumped her full of my cum.

I rolled her over, got into position and began to tingle her. "Oh lover that feels soooo... gooooodddd ..." Elle began to cum as she watched. Cheryl was looking on closely as she masturbated. When Linda stood up, she worked her way around behind me, held me around the waist and kissed my back.

Carol began the jerky motions when she reached the plateau. The look on her face seemed frozen into a look of surprise, with a long nearly inaudible low moan escaping from her lips. I kept her at the peak for nearly five minutes. Cheryl came before I stopped tingling Carol. When I finished, I moved her to the center of the bed and was about to lie next to her when Elle insisted, "Me too."

Since she had just come a few minutes before, I moved her into position beside Carol and began tingling her. Linda had once again moved behind me and watched over my shoulder while Cheryl moved to Carol's other side to hold her. Carol was finally beginning to recover as Elle reached the peak excitement phase and her disjointed muscle spasms began.

"That is so hot," Carol said as she closely observed Elle's unconscious movements.

Cheryl was watching over her shoulder and massaging Carol's breast as she told her, "It was even hotter watching you. Your boobs were wobbling around; I came while I watched you, seeing it turned me on so much."

I finished after about four minutes, and lay down beside her to hold her. Carol watched closely to see how long it took for her to recover. Within a couple of minutes Elle began showing signs of coming around.

Carol said in confusion, "I would have bet anything that it took a lot longer to recover. It seemed like I lost fifteen minutes."

Cheryl told her, "I'm always surprised when I see it too. It feels like it lasts a whole lot longer."

I asked Carol, "Do you have a lover at home?"

Carol shook her head no and said, "I haven't found anyone I like at home. My husband turned me off to most appropriate men and I haven't looked much at all."

I told her, "Now that you've had it done, you can teach a lover to do it to you. Show him where to hold his one hand, and how to tingle you with the other. When it feels right, tell him and when it's wrong tell him to speed up or slow down. At some point he'll be able to do it without you having to direct him. It may take a while, since if he's doing it right, you'll only be able to talk for less than a minute at a time."

"It took me several months to learn to do it right all the time with my lover. When I tried to do it with my next lover, I had to learn the different way she reacted before I could please her all the time. Now I can do it to most women, I just have to pay attention to their response."

Carol looked at me and then at Cheryl. She then said, "Maybe I'll just send my jet down to pick you up and bring you up to Fort Worth if I need another treatment."

"You're rich?" Linda asked.

Carol answered, "My great granddaddy made a pile of money with the railroad when he was a young man. He was a very smart man, and he used that money to build an empire. Between my brother and me, we own half of downtown Fort Worth. We try to be real quiet about it, but most people in that area know about me, and are always trying to get money out of me. One of the really appealing things about being with all of you is the money doesn't seem to make any difference. I get the feeling that you like me just for me."

"I first thought that Davey had the money, but Cheryl told me that it was Linda. I noticed that it didn't change the way he acted toward me when he found out that my suite was even larger than this one."

"I met my husband while I was in college. I was young and in love, and ignored the signs of future trouble. I know that he loved me, but his pride was wounded by having to survive on my money. After he graduated, we got married. He went into the Air Force to become a pilot, and I went with him to all his bases they sent him to train. I got pregnant right after we were married, and again less than two years later. He made us live like paupers, because he didn't want to embarrass his superiors. If I came here with him we would have been in a budget motel, not a nice one like this."

"After he was shot down, I didn't do anything for about five months, I was ...in shock. Finally my brother came to visit. He took one look at my house and asked what the hell I was doing. Why was I living like I was poor? I had a guest room, he wouldn't stay in it, and he took his family to a luxury hotel and took the penthouse suite. When I saw how my children reacted, I finally came to my senses."

"I moved back to Fort Worth, into the family mansion. I bought out my brother's share and did some remodeling to make it fit my family better. I put my children into the best private schools I could find, and settled into Fort Worth society. Everyone I meet knows all about me when they meet me and I have to be very cautious. Everyone I meet wants my money, not me. When I find someone who doesn't want my money, it's because I haven't looked close enough. I've been hurt too often to not be careful."

That's the reason this weekend has been so wonderful for me. You had no idea who I was, and when Davey discovered I had money, it didn't change the way any of you treated me."

"Davey, you've made me feel like a school girl. I feel desirable again, like I haven't felt in years. I love you more than I've loved anyone else in a long time. When I go back home, I'll be thinking of you, probably for the rest of my life."

Carol's eyes were brimming with tears as we all hugged her. She finally said, "I think I need some more coffee."

I got up and brought the last full coffee pot over and poured for her and Cheryl. Carol looked at me puzzled as I poured for Elle and Linda and asked, "Davey, why is your hand so red?"

I grinned, embarrassed as I admitted, "I went down to breakfast with Linda before anyone else woke up and put my hand over my coffee cup while the waitress was refilling it."

Elle's eyes filled with concern as she said, "It looks painful. Burns are the most painful type of wound."

"It hurts a little bit, but Linda promised to kiss it and make it better." I told them as Linda blushed.

Elle looked at me and said, "I want to kiss it too."

All of the girls murmured their agreement as the put down their coffee cups and pulled me onto the bed. My hand was pulled one at a time to the lips of all the girls until it was Cheryl's turn. She grabbed my rock hard dick and moved in with her lips puckered.

"That's not where I'm burned," I said chuckling.

"I know," she said giggling, "but I figured that if I gave it a big sloppy kiss, it sure would make everything feel better."

We were all laughing as they all began kissing me all over. When Elle straddled me she said, "I have another set of lips that I wanted to kiss you with," as she lowered herself onto me.

Linda got onto my legs behind her and began hefting her breasts and tugging on her nipples and kissing her on the neck. Carol was sucking on my nipple; I was surprised at how good it felt. Cheryl lay down on my other side and began sucking my other nipple and rubbing my stomach. I looked at her and noticed that her free hand was being used to masturbate herself. With Linda on my legs, I was unable to thrust up into Elle very much, so I was reduced to waiting while she fucked me slowly to increase her enjoyment.

Carol had put her head on my chest and moved her hand down to flick Elle's clit and manipulate her to orgasm. Elle lurched forward onto my chest as she came, looking into my eyes. When her orgasmic spasms stopped she said to me, "I love you baby."

She rolled off me, and Carol and Cheryl both got up. Carol looked at Cheryl and pleaded, "Please let me fuck him, when you have to leave I won't be able to see him again for a long time, if ever."

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