tagGroup SexA Titillating Tale Ch. 04

A Titillating Tale Ch. 04


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It was Saturday, mid-morning and Billie was laying on top of me, nude, her preferred state of dress. My little sex goddess had been telling me about the erotic adventures she'd had the past two weeks; she'd been a horny little thing.

With her sweet bottom still wiggling from our last session of making love, her breasts gently brushing my chest, Billie looked at me and purred, "I think, I'll go take a shower."

"Okay... want me to join you?"

"No, after my shower I want to fix us something to eat and if you're with me we'll probably end up back in bed making love. You rest," giggling, "I think you're going to need it."

Billie pushed up, with her knees on either side of my hips. What a wonderful sight! Her tousled, waist length hair cascaded over her shoulders and down across her breasts; her hardened nipples playing peek-a-boo with me.

My eyes continued down her flat, taut stomach to her trimmed and groomed pubic patch, her slit just barely visible. She was still gently rocking her hips back and forth on my stomach.

As she got up both of our eyes fell on the mess on my stomach, Billie giggled, "You have as much spunk on you as I had last Saturday after Thomas and James finished with me."

Teasing, I said, "It was a threesome? I thought you said it was a gangbang."

"It was... a small, gangbang."


Billie snickered, "Now, I've told you all about it! Thomas, James and Steve. Steve had already fucked me earlier in the day and was pretty used up. He kindly and gently held me while the other two fucked me." She turned and walked toward the john.

I watched as her adorable butt swayed its way into the bathroom. Looking down at my abdomen, I had to laugh; I was definitely the 'wet spot.' I heard the shower running and lay back to wait my turn.

Thinking back over the past several hours I recalled Billie had asked me, "Don't you ever get any strange pussy?"

And... I had informed her, "Yeah, last weekend."

This of course, led her to say, "Tell me."

She had just finished telling me about a romp in the sack she'd had with a fellow art student, when I'd told her about getting some strange pussy. I had deferred telling her the tale until she had finished telling me about her erotic adventures over the past two weeks.

After we opened our marriage it became obvious Billie was much better at getting laid than I was. Then again, Billie was a hot fox enrolled in a coed college in a college town while I was stationed on a military base in a military town.

There was plenty of pussy available in this particular military town but it was of two kinds: a) cheating wives or (b) women looking for husbands. It was wise to be picky about who you slept with.

Billie had a small clique of fuck buddies, Thomas, Steve and James. She would still have sex with other guys if the mood struck her, but this usually occurred at one of the beach house or pool parties. For some strange reason she was always invited to these parties.

I must have dozed off while reminiscing; the shower had stopped running. Looking over I saw Billie standing in the bathroom door. There was a cloud of steam swirling around her; the sun was dancing shadows over her nude form. Her hair was brushed out and hanging down her back.

Her posture, as usual, was nearly perfect. High riding, b-cup breasts capped with quarter size areolas and erect, pencil eraser nipples; a flat stomach, a tight ass and strong shapely legs made her the embodiment of a sex goddess.

Looking at her, I said, "No wonder all the guys want to get in your panties."

Laughing, Billie said, "Won't happen. I don't wear panties. So no one can get in them."

She hates to wear anything and goes nude whenever she can. If she has to wear something it's as little as possible; short, brief sundresses, running shorts, blue jeans, tank tops, halter-tops, tee shirts and peasant blouses were about all she'd wear.

Billie looked at me and asked, "What are you thinking about?"

"You. How beautiful you are. And... how much I love you."

Her warm smile was all the response I needed, but her soft reply made my heart beat faster, "Thank you sweetheart. I love you. You're the love of my life."

I got up and walked toward her, I put out my arms to hug her. She placed the fingers of one hand against my chest and stopped me.

"Heellooo! Day old fish and oysters! Sound familiar? Go take a shower."

She stepped around me and walked toward the door of the bedroom. The well-developed cheeks of her adorable bottom were thrilling. Exercise keeps her well toned. She doesn't carry any fat, anywhere. The rear view looked sooo tempting!

At the door of the bedroom she stopped and looked sharply over her shoulder at me, "You're watching me!"

"Damn right I am. Honey, you're a sight for sore eyes." I glanced down at my groin.

Billie looked at my renewed erection and laughed, "Save it. Go take a shower! We'll get something to eat and then we'll see what we can do with that."

She disappeared through the door and I went into the bathroom to take a much-needed shower. Smelling myself, it did seem that at the moment, day old fish and oysters were to the prevailing odors. PHEW!

Finished with my shower I was brushing my teeth when I heard voices from the living room of the apartment. The noise of the shower had masked the sound of someone knocking on the door.

I stepped out of the bathroom and peeked around the door of the bedroom into the living room. Lithe, little Leigh was talking to Billie. I had met Leigh at a beach house party where she had demonstrated her oral skills on me. The little minx deserved a gold medal in cock sucking.

She was wearing a little black bikini, actually an almost non-existence bikini. The top just covered her small breasts and the bottom was, well, it was barely there. A thin, white, semi see-through sarong was wrapped low around her tiny waist.

Leigh was about five feet five inches tall. She wore her blonde hair cut short; her eyes were sky blue. She had a sleek and slender body; properly proportioned with small breasts, perpetually alert nipples and a sassy little ass.

Watching her move was like watching living art, very graceful and fluid. I would guess she had a yoga, dance or gymnastic background. What's even more intriguing about her was she didn't seem to realize it. Leigh was a walking wet dream.

As I stood there secretly admiring this hot little chic I couldn't help but overhear some of their conversation. It was very interesting; especially the part when Leigh giggled and said, "It smells like raw sex in here. Have y'all spent the whole morning fucking?"

Billie's response, was all Billie, "My husband and I have been having sex, but we weren't fucking, were making love. When I have sex with other men, then it's fucking."

Leigh looked a little confused, "What?"

Billie smiled, "It's simple Leigh, I make love to my husband. I sometimes fuck other men."

Coming silently out of the bedroom, I came up behind Leigh and said, "Hey." The poor girl jumped as though shocked by a cattle prod. She spun around facing me and stumbled backward; I caught her before she fell.

Leigh exclaimed, "Jeezus! You almost made me wet myself!"

I pulled her to me in a hug and apologized. Leigh's hands automatically went around my neck. Her warm, near naked body felt wonderful against my completely naked body. I started to let her go.

"No," she murmured, she leaned her forehead against my chest, "please hold me. It feels so good to be held. I love being held and no one ever... just... holds me."

Pulling her tightly to me, I looked over at Billie. Billie shrugged and said, "Leigh came by to ask us to go to the beach with her. Everyone else is gone or has something else to do."

I dropped my hands to her pert rump; she snuggled in tighter to me with a muffled moan. My dick had a mind of its own. It was getting hard. Billie noticed and chuckled softly.

Billie had told me Leigh was sending a lot of time at our apartment. At twenty-four, Billie was five years older than Leigh and married with a very active sex life. Billie had helped her with her class schedule; she had even helped Leigh get her birth control pills.

Leigh looked up to her; she had become Leigh's older sister, mentor and confidant. She really didn't have anyone else. Her parents were against her even going to college. They felt it was a waste of money for a girl to get a higher education. Billie was her only supporter.

Holding up a tray of sandwiches made of whole wheat pita bread, alfalfa sprouts, avocados and tomatoes, Billie asked, "Where to?"

Our apartment was a small one-bedroom cracker-jack box. Shrugging, I asked, "The bed?" It was the only place or piece of furniture big enough to seat three people.

The three of us trooped into the bedroom. Billie crawled up and sat in the lotus position. She placed the tray in the center of the bed. As Leigh went to get up onto the bed I stopped her.

Untying the straps holding her bikini top, I stripped it off her while telling her, "You're way overdressed to be getting into our bed."

She blushed, but then removed her sarong and allowed me to remove her bottoms. Her puss was totally shaved. While not unheard of, it was a rarity in the mid 1970's. It was extremely sexy and very appealing. She climbed up onto the bed and sat Indian style.

Sitting against the headboard I was savoring the view. What more could a man want than two totally nude, gorgeous women sitting, on his bed, in a position that hid nothing. Eating pita sandwiches was not on my mind! For some strange reason I wanted tacos.

Billie smiled, looked at Leigh and said, "I've been telling my hubbie about who I've been fucking this past two weeks. Then he told me he'd gotten laid, too."

Eyes wide, Leigh spluttered, "Wh... what?"

I looked at Billie and we started laughing. I asked Leigh, "What's wrong, Leigh?"

"It just blows my mind y'all are okay with each other fucking around! You're so open about it! And... it's obvious how much you love each other! It's... freaky!"

Smiling at Leigh, Billie said, "Well... it's unconventional... but we're unconventional. We always have been. We're vegetarians, we believe in protecting the environmental and we don't want kids. Our parents pitched a fit when I had my tubes tied and he got a vasectomy.

"I know, it's redundant, but we can't see bringing kids into what we feel is becoming an over populated world. We were already, shall we say, practicing an open marriage. We sure didn't want him knocking up someone anymore than I wanted to get pregnant."

"Leigh... why do you say our marriage is... freaky?" I asked.

"Oh, hell guys! The... the first time I ever saw Billie she was dancing naked at a party! AND... she was the only one naked! THEN... I saw her sucking Steve's cock while Thomas fucked her from behind! When they were done... she... she did two more guys!

"Later, after I... after I'd fucked a couple of guys, I poked my head in a bedroom looking for a bathroom... and Billie was in bed with Thomas and Steve... again! I didn't find out until later that she was married! I was thinking... well... I was thinking what a slut!

"I'm sorry Billie, but that's what I thought... at first... but then I met y'all at the next party and the two of you were so... so together... so caring for each other and so in love! And then... Billie... you told me it was okay for me to suck your husband's cock!"

Billie softly laughed, "Leigh, it's okay. I've been called a lot worse than a slut since I... well... since I started 'fucking around.' But... do you remember what else happened? After, I told you it was okay to suck his cock?"

"Oh, god, do I! It was the one of the hottest things I'd ever done or been involved in!"

I reached over and pulled Leigh to me. I put my right arm around her, cupped her little right breast, tweaked her nipple and whispered in her ear, "Tell us what happened."

Leigh gasped as my hand caressed her breast and then she let out a low moan of contentment. She snuggled up closer. This young woman thoroughly enjoyed being held.

Billie spoke softly, "Tell us Leigh. Tell us what was so hot."

"Okay... I first met both of y'all at the beach house party and your husband had just stripped you out of your dress, leaving you naked. Then we went in to dance and I... I asked you if I could suck his cock... and ... you hugged me and told me to go ahead...

"I was so nervous at first... I still had panties on and... and I knelt down and started sucking his cock. We... we became the center of attention. Ev... everyone was watching me. Then... then someone came up behind me and... and started... fingering me...

"Whoever it was pulled my panties off... and I had to lean forward so he could get his cock in me..." she looked at me, "I couldn't keep sucking yours. Billie found a cushion from somewhere so you could sit down... she knelt behind you and pulled you back against her...

"I was then able to get to your cock while being fucked. What was so hot was... I looked up and Billie... Billie was... was sucking the cock of one guy while jacking off another... and then she'd switch... it was so fucking hot and ... I felt... so wicked!"

Billie had moved over to my left side. I had my left arm around her; the three of us were cuddled up listening to this very sexy tale.

"Yeah... it was hot. Do you know who was fucking you?" asked Billie.

"No. That's why I felt so wicked! I sometimes walk around campus looking at guys and thinking, 'was it him or him or... could it have been him?'"

Billie reached over me and patted Leigh's leg telling her, "Yeah, I know what you mean. After those two parties I couldn't remember everyone I'd fucked. Then when a guy looked at me a certain way I'd wonder, 'did I do him?'"

I slid down in the bed so Leigh was cuddled up with her head on my right shoulder and her right leg thrown over mine. Billie was cuddled up on my left side; she had reached down and had started to slowly stroke my hard on. Leigh joined her.

Billie looked at me and said, "Your turn, tell us your tale about getting some strange tail."

Laughing, I started, "Madam, your wish is my command. Leigh, as you know I'm in the military. At present I'm stationed at a training command under going advanced training. This is one reason I can't get home but every other week or so.

"A group of us went to a local watering hole last Friday. The bar features live bands on weekends and there are usually some women out looking to have a good time. I've been there several times and I've danced with a few of them."

Leigh interrupted, "Have you... huh... have you fucked any of them?"

"No, not until this one."

Billie laughed, "He would've told me about it if he had."

"Anyway, one of the girls found out I was married. When I came in last Friday she saw me and raised hell with me about it. She even asked me, 'How would you feel if your wife carried on like this?' I tried to tell her we had an open marriage. She didn't believe me.

"While she was lecturing me I noticed a cute, slender young woman at the same table. The band was playing three fast songs to two slow ones so I knew a slow song was coming up. I asked her to dance.

"Miss Morality warned her I was married and probably more interested in getting into her panties than anything else. Despite the warning the young woman accepted my invitation to dance. As we walked toward the dance floor she told me her name was Traci.

"As we started to dance she suddenly flinched backward and told me there was a woman sitting across from the dance floor whom she hated. I asked her why and Traci told me she had caught her with her husband doing something nasty."

Leigh was into the story and blurted out, "Was he fucking her? Oh! It was something nasty! I bet he... he was butt fucking her, wasn't he?"

"No sweetheart. Traci was too embarrassed to tell me at first. I had to draw it out of her just to find out she was giving him a blowjob. When I asked her if she didn't suck her husband's cock she got so flustered I thought she was going to walk off the dance floor."

Sitting up straight Leigh said, "I love sucking cock! What's wrong with sucking cock? She doesn't do it? Not even her husband's? What's wrong with her?"

Billie looked at Leigh, "Honey, not all women like it or enjoy it the way we do."

Leigh truly looked put out and muttered indignantly, "Why... I love sucking cock."

Laughing I continued, "When I asked her she just about screamed 'NO!' She was actually horrified at the thought. I then asked her if her husband had ever gone down on her. Once again she acted like it was the most disgusting thing she'd ever heard.

"I pulled her to me before she could turn and leave. I whispered, 'No one has ever really made love to you have they.' I dropped my hand low on the small of her back, just above her bottom... "

Billie had a mischievous look in her eye. Smiling she said, "Show us... let's dance."

She got up and led us into the living room. Picking a Lionel Richey tape she put it in our eight-track (it was the 1970's!) and selected "Stuck On You". As the music started I reached my hand out to her.

Billie paused, "No... no... dance with Leigh. Show her how you danced with... Traci. Dance with Leigh like you danced with her."

I turned and took lithe, little Leigh in my arms. With big blue eyes she eagerly plastered her nude form to me, resting her head on my shoulder. With one hand on her little naked ass I started slow dancing with the nymph.

Whispering in Leigh's ear I continued my tale, "My left leg went between her legs. I could feel her heat through her dress on my thigh. I caressed her bottom with my left hand and told her, 'If I was making love to you, I would gently kiss your eyes, your nose and then your lips.'

I was doing this to Leigh as I told her the story. She was trembling, her eyes wide. As my thigh ground against her bare pussy I could feel her heat and her dampness. Her nipples were hard and lightly brushing against my chest. I gave her a deep, lingering kiss.

Billie laughed, "Leigh, you do know he's planning on fucking you, don't you?"

Leigh looked around at Billie and grinned, "I... I'm okay with it... if you are."

"As we danced," I said, "I told Traci how I would kiss her ears, her neck and would caress her back. I lightly slid my right hand down between her breasts as I whispered in her ear how I would unbutton her dress, allowing me to explore her body.

"I then tenderly and quickly cupped her pussy telling her how I would kiss her all over. I brushed my right hand up and over her breasts and flicked the hard nubs of her nipples with my thumb. Then I circled back and stroked her back with both hands."

Leigh was grinding her pussy into my leg. I lifted her chin and kissed her again. I continued the tale, "After the song was over I walked her back to her table and walked outside. She followed me and asked me, 'Are you leaving?' 'Yeah. My ride is heading back to the base.'

"Traci told me, 'I'll give you a ride back. I want to hear more about... well... about what you were telling me.' I asked her, 'Where?' 'My place.' Was her answer. We left in her car. On the way I asked her if she had a roommate. She did, but she was out on a date."

Leigh and I were still dancing. Her nakedness, the raw sexuality and warmth of her body was affecting me. Billie saw my erection and was trying to keep from laughing. Leigh took my cock in her hand and maneuvered it so the head was nestled between her legs.

I continued, "When we got to her apartment I kissed her as soon as we got inside. I surprised her by asking where the bathroom was. When she told me I took her by her hand and led her to the bathroom. It was small, but I wasn't gong to need much room.

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