tagRomanceA Torrid Love Affair

A Torrid Love Affair


Brain and Vickey has known each other since high school. Thirty-three years later, they were still friends but had chosen different life paths. Brian was married and Vickey was divorced but moved back into the area they grew up which was in Northern California. They both had their fiftieth birthdays in February of this year.

Back in high school, Brain was a football player and captain of the wrestling team. His dreams were to go to law school and become an attorney one day like his father.

Vickey was the captain of the cheerleading squad. Her dream was to become a teacher for young children plus having a few herself.

One day, Vickey rushed over to Brain's football practice. "I got the scholarship!" she shouted. "I'm going to Stanford University."

Brian was already accepted into Stanford. His family would cover his tuition and dad bought him a BMW for high school graduation.

Vickey never envisioned being able to go to Stanford with Brian and her other friends from high school. Her father was a blue collar worker and she was going to have to put herself through a private university. But, it was her lifelong dream to graduate from college and it would be worth it to her. She would later become the first college graduate in her family on both her mother's and father's side.

Brian and Vickey went on their own ways during the summer after high school graduation. Both of them were dating other people and like most boys his age, Brian wanted to play the field with other girls (of many different proportions).

During the first fall at Stanford beginning their freshman year, Brian entered a pre-law program and Vicky entered the school of arts and sciences to get a teaching credential.

Brian and Vickey continued to see each other throughout their college years. Sometimes they would go out on a casual date but neither really ever talked about their personal lives or personal ambitions involving each other.

Brain loved Vickey very much. He always had and always would.

Vicky felt the same way but like two passing ships in the night, they went about their own ways after college.


At each high school reunion beginning the first 10-year reunion, Brian and Vicky would spend the evening together reminiscing the entire evening, without their spouses to accompany them. They would go about their business and not see each other during the years in between.


At the thirtieth high school reunion, Brain and Vickey both showed up again alone; Brian, without his wife and Vickey without her ex-husband.

"I'm noticing you're not wearing a wedding ring, Vickey!" Brian said to her.

"I got divorced from Tom a few years ago, Brian. How about you? How's Becky?" she asked curiously.

"She's fine. She's working in Los Angeles."

Brian was thinking that the years had treated Vicky well. She was still beautiful, curvy and more buxom than he remembered. Indeed, he was still attracted to her.

"So, can I steal you away from her?" I asked jokingly but half-heartily.

"Well, you know the answer to that ... if only I wasn't a married man!" Brian alleged. "Actually, my wife made the comment to me the other day that we were more like roommates than a married couple. She assured me that things would change and that she was just going through a difficult time with work and her elderly mother."

"So, how's your sex life?" I asked posing the question devilishly.

"What sex life?" he invited me in to speak illicitly.

"I know what that's like," I said. That's why I was divorced because of a lack of intimacy and sex. 'Just spread 'em and ease 'em in,' [... in a loveless marriage, I thought to myself].

"Brian, why don't you book a hotel in Napa Valley and get her drunk ... go back to a B & B with a bottle of champagne (4), strawberries, smoked salmon, a crusty loaf of bread with cream cheese and purple onions. Then, try to seduce her romantically."

"I doubt she'd go for that," Brian eluded.

"Well, then, schedule a room and a few appointments for her. I suggest a massage, a facial, a manicure and a pedicure. I guarantee you that she will be yours, especially if, as she walked through the hotel room door, you are standing there naked to greet her." I was thinking how nice that would be if my husband had ever been so romantic, just even once.

"In addition, you should opulently place on the bed a new piece of lingerie ... of course to your liking ... the sluttier, the better. What do yah think about that? Women love romance," I thought to myself. Brian used to be very romantic and I would love having these things done for me.

"And, then sumptuously, put a rose stem into your pecker, a red one of course. Don't forget to take off the thorns," I said laughing. "Then place a dozen assorted long-stem roses on the dresser in all colors ... red, pink, peach, yellow, lilac and white. Then you say to her, 'Honey, you represent each color to me like each of these roses ... my wife, my lover, my friend, my best companion, my foe and my lustful heart."

"Brian, if you don't get laid then, you have a real problem," I stated forcefully knowing he was probably on the verge of a divorce.


Brian and I had a nice evening together at the reunion. We spent the evening seeing old friends, looking at yearbooks whilst reminiscing about old times when we were young teenagers so many years earlier.


Brian and I had never fucked in high school. I was too inhibited and he was too shy to press the issue heartlessly. Then in college, at about the time I thought I should try to grab hold of this good catch of a man still in my midst and finally let him seduce me, he had moved in with Becky, his wife.

Still, to this day, we were both still a little shy ... especially Brian.

Brian would finger me and kiss me till the sun rose on my parent's couch. During our younger days, I never much reciprocated with an orgasm or even jerking him off. Finally, when he started performing oral sex, I panicked, not understanding the sensations of an orgasm my pussy was experiencing.

I remember we got caught once having oral sex once on the beaches of Ensenada, Mexico. The gayest guy in our group of friends brought a pack of friends and a flashlight. Unbeknownst to us, while Brian was going down on me they appeared out of nowhere. That was very embarrassing, to say the least!

Later that summer after we broke up, Brain caught me trying to, perhaps, lose my virginity at a party. It was the home of his future brother in law Frank's parents. Talk about seeing ghosts. Frank's parents walked in on us. From that point on, I was never the reputably known as 'Virtuous Vicky' again.

To this day, that was one of the most humiliating and mortifying evenings of my life. Well, there had been one other the first New Year's Even Brain and I spent the night together but this was worse.

Needless to say, I think Alex was gay, too, adding insult to injury with the awkwardness and shame I was feeling at the time. Alex and I had continued dating once he went to college. When he came back for the summer that year before I was beginning college, we still never had a sexual intimate encounter with each other.


I had been dating a few years after my divorce. At this point, I was yearning for a good, loyal man to enter my life again. My husband had just grown so distant during the last years together. I became tired of his affairs when he was traveling and looking at the credit card bills at the money that should have been spent on me.

At 50 years of age now, the dating world had become much more interesting in a lot of ways. There was the Internet, no chance of pregnancy and condoms to make everything a little simpler in this age of ours ... to a degree.

A lot of men, younger and older were attracted to me, my desire for sex and my freedom of sensuality. There were the new personalities of men of maturity. Some were sexually amazing. Some had various assorted relationships with numerous women with no hope of a relationship. Some just liked to have fun. Communication and sex was good at this age. But, I was looking for another husband to spend the rest of my life with. I loved being married ... during the good times.

Out in the dating scene, there were also those men that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Some wouldn't touch me either because they were looking for a newer, thin and young figure.

But, after being out on the dating scene again, I started becoming rather bitter and antagonizing. I was ready to develop a better outlook about men, especially if I wanted another serious and permanent relationship.

As my attitudes were softening, I began to realize what men really wanted was sensuality, sex, orgasms, and sensitivity from a woman who could communicate with them openly. In some ways, they were frightened little birds with a hard-on wanting to be held and freed in order to be loved.

I liked realizing that. I liked that I understood men better now instead of loathing them from past unfulfilling experiences of being single again.


After the reunion, I emailed Brian a few months later. But, he ignored my emails for several years.

Then, one day, I emailed him again, not expecting to hear from him, but said I had moved into the same area he was living.

"Well, you lived too far from me in past years. Now that you're closer, maybe we can get together for lunch or something."

We carried on back and forth a bit with emails. He was still married so there were still several lapses in our correspondence. Then, one day I suggested we start to talk on Instant Messenger. Gradually, we got to know each other again, over a period of almost a year. IM seemed to be much easier for Brian to communicate with me than on the phone. It seemed like we had more in common in Mid-life and at fifty years old.

One day, Brian asked, "So what do you do about relationships," [knowing well that he was making reference to my sex life]."

I hadn't been dating anyone for awhile, feeling a bit guilt-ridden, shamefaced, and uncomfortable with this married man but most of all lonesome for the hard, solid cock of a loving man. After a lot of casual dating affairs and a relationship that had just ended after about six months, I was horney, really horney. In between my ex-husband and now, I had had a long – term relationship. It had fizzled because of a lack of interest on my part.

Brian became familiar with my rantings about Sam and my ex-husband to boot. He was a good listener and empathetic but rarely expressed his own feelings about his relationship with his wife, Becky.


Through our discussions, I knew Brian's marriage was on the rocks. Also, I knew he had always loved me in spite of the years that had passed us by. Ironically, our lives had simulated parallel path ... no children, sick elderly mother, a life of solitude and loneliness although with a spouse to a great extent. I wandered if our pathways would ever meet again, at a better time and in a better place channeling us to an avenue of a final consummation between us.

With a clandestine yearning inside, we continued an online relationship. I had helped Brain with some computer consulting and he had helped me with some legal advice. We teased and titillated each other online without a lot of shortcomings of anything really happening.

Then, one night, I had a little bit too much to drink. Brian brought up the idea of an affair. I probably was mostly to blame but I avoided the subject.

The subject came up a few more times with a burning sensation in conversation only. I didn't know what to think. Did I want to travel this road again? Did I want to have this man divorce his wife for me? Did I want to love this man again?

Because of our ages, I think we understood and communicated life better than we had ever done throughout our earlier acquaintances. We seemed to both like sex. But, we were both lacking intimacy. He, because of his wife and me from just dating.

One day, I emailed him that he "Wasn't' brave enough," for an affair. I received a response of no response regarding the subject. However, I knew we were going to have an affair soon and the timing was beginning to be good.

Trying to digest the thought of an affair, I put it on the backburner of my mind for several months passing. I hadn't heard again from Brian and I thought just as well for the best.


Then, out of the blue one day, I received an email from Brian.

It said, "Want to go to lunch?"

I emailed him back and said, "Sure, name a day."

He called later and optioned for meeting me down the street at the Marriot Hotel.

"I have a seminar there in the morning and my expense account will cover a nice meal."

Brian was a bit frugal these days so I wasn't surprised that he would be using an 'expense account.' But, in our younger days, I remembered he could be very extravagant in buying me gifts and going out. Of course, his father was very wealthy. He was too now but still a bit cheap.

Laughing at this frugality, I said, "Okay, it better cover a few lemon drop martinis."

"Drink till your heart's content but take the afternoon off so you can," Brian suggested.

I didn't have to work on Friday. It was a day off at my company but I didn't tell Brian that.


Brian and I had a wonderful lunch. We ordered some drinks, an appetizer and then a delicious entrée. He ordered a steak and I ordered some shrimp scampi which was my favorite.

We carried on like no time was spared between us. Without a lot of inference to why we were meeting or what was going on in our personal lives, we were having a wonderful time.

"Vicky," he alluded. "I booked us an ocean view room. What do you think?" he inquired nervously.

"Let's go see the view, Brian!" I responded back timidly.

We got to the elevator and he gave me a long, wet, sensuous and entrapping kiss. "That's just for old time's sake, Vic," he stated.

He took my hand and walked me to the hotel room.

As he opened the door, I saw a dozen roses in assorted colors on the dresser.

I cried, "You remembered what I said," and wept happily.

On the bed was a cream colored negligee which was transparent and revealing.

I walked over to him and unzipped his trousers. "Tell me how I do, Senior citizen?" I goaded. "Maybe you might like a little more of my badgering." I put his erect dick in my mouth and started sucking relentlessly.

He was moaning and groaning with delight and pleasure. I knew it had been awhile since he probably had a blowjob.

"God, this is the best blowjob I've ever had. I forgot about the amazing mouth you had."

I laughed, knowing that I had had a little practice since our youth.

It didn't take long for him to cum. I took his full load and swallowed. I was weak from his pleasure.

"Now, lay down!" he insisted.

He sucked my pussy giving me the best oral sex I had ever had. He was good in high school but phenomenal now. I screamed and climaxed in ecstasy.

"I needed that Brian. You don't know how desperately I needed that. God, you'll never know how much I need that." I knew I was being redundant but it had been so long since I was with a man who enjoyed sucking me so much.

"I've only just begun," he bragged.

He climbed on top of me and inserted into my pussy his rather long cock. "Do you like big?" he asked confidently.

"I don't know, Brian, how big are you?"

"Don't you remember, Vicky?" he asked confidently.

As he entered me, his dick found my pussy craving him. He shoved it in and out as I was becoming wetter and wetter. I squeezed him with my cunt grasping the air out of him.

Then, I pushed him away and climbed on top of him. I shoved my pussy onto his erect cock putting it in bottomless deep inside of me. I was entrenched with his cock inside of me and the pent up anxiety of all these years past and wanting him so desperately.

Intrinsic in my wanton lust, he started kissing me intensely and passionately. We withered inside of each other not realizing that we had stopped fucking.

Subconsciously, I reached for his hard dick and he reached for my moist, dripping wet, succulent pussy. I was bucketing with juices flowing in lust and with love at the same time.

We both came within each other's arms, alone and fleeting.

Brian was still erect and I knew he hadn't fucked his wife probably in years. He raised my legs in the air over his shoulders and started violating me again. I was sighing from the constant penetration and I orgasmed again radically.

He kept going in and out and said, "I dare you to do that again." He pulled out and started licking my pussy furiously.

I unbelievably came again more powerfully than the others. I was fragile and drained at the same time with the desire of wanting more cock. I was exhausted. I felt faint and feeble-minded with his tongue still inside of me.

Rising to his knees and Inserting his hard cock again, I orgasmed to my delight again.

He wouldn't stop. He kept fucking me and fucking me. He kept penetrating me and I kept cumming.

Cuming so hard and desperately, Brian began kissing me eagerly shooting his hot cum in up pussy irreverently.

This was the best lovemaking I had ever known.

The years had settled us down and our lust for each other resurfaced in an amazing fresh way. We hadn't said a word the whole time we were making love.

Unbelievably, especially for a man his age, he was still hard. I felt his cock exhaustively thinking to myself, "Please stop now before I die."

He didn't stop. He turned me over while massaging my back. He raised me to my knees and jabbed into me his rigid cock into my pussy again. He rode me and rode me till I just laid there in disbelief.

I think I was up to ten orgasms.

"This is the best fuck I've ever had," I said with incredulity and disbelief.

He came inside me once again and said, "This isn't fucking, Vicki, this is making love."

"I love you. I always have. You came back to me like an angel in a time of need."

"I'm finally divorced, Vicky!"

"Seriously?" I bequested.

"Yes, seriously!"

"Marry me, please?" as he pulled out of the night stand the most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen. There was one rose he handed to me and another with a shortened stemmed rose.

Brain got on his knees and put the little short red rose in the tip of his penis. "What's your answer?" he asked.

"You don't know, Brian? It only took you over three decades to ask!"

He put the ring on my wedding finger.

I pulled the rose out of his dick hole and said, "But, just prove how much you love me, once again, please?"


We got married the next year on New Year's Eve ... while we were still 50 years old.

"Let's live till we're 100 years. Till the century mark!" I exacerbated.

"We just might," Brian ended. "Age has been on our side."

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