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A Totally Different Form...


A Totally Different Form Of Phone Sex!

My wife, Lori, and I have been married for 10 years now! How the time flies by! We had a rather short romance - about 10 months - before we decided to get married. We hadn't known of each other before we met and I was so thrilled to catch onto such a lovely girl as my own. Lori is an outstandingly lovely girl. She is tall but well shaped and she is not gangly at all! She has lovely long legs which are really very well shaped. She is often first noticed by her legs. She rarely wears stockings or pantyhose saying she loves her bare legs. Her waist is just right and her behind is very trim, taut and terrific and attracts much attention. Her breasts are just right! She is very proud of her breasts with their well shaped nipples pointing outwards. I love her breasts and worship them. She has very sensitive nipples and loves for me to suck and bite gently on them. Amazingly she can cum quite easily if I suck her nipples in just the right way.

Lori had been fucked before I met her. She often told me stories about her previous lovers and what they had done to her. I find I can listen to her telling me about getting fucked without getting jealous. Mind you, if she attempted to fuck around now that we are married it would be a vastly different thing! Then I could get very jealous. Anyway, Lori had been a very attractive teenager and as she had grown up and left college she moved into interesting circles and it was here that she had her lovers. She told me she had fucked regularly with any of her lovers but had never participated in multiple partners or gangbangs!

Whilst lying in bed, naked, with her I would sometimes visualize the other men fucking her and this made me even more aroused. She would see that I was turned on and would tell me stories about her sex life before me! This would get me so stirred up I would just have to fuck her in a hurry. This was what she loved and it was a great thrill for me to be able to fuck her when ever I wanted! She joined in this lovemaking every time and never showed any sign of our love for each other dying!

My job as a lawyer is thriving. I don't have my own business but the firm I work for is very understanding of its employees and I have no difficulty getting time off for holidays or even just a day off for a picnic with Lori. Lori worked after we were married as a sales assistant in a fine jewelry store where she was highly regarded for her sales skill. She loved working there but one day a real estate salesman called in for some jewelry and, seeing Lori, offered her a position as a realtor. She had no experience as a realtor but the man encouraged her to consider the position and, when she told me about it, I could see she was interested.

She finally undertook a training course to be a realtor and studied very hard and in no time at all she passed the necessary examinations and became a qualified realtor! During the study time she was still employed at the jewelry store. Once she was qualified she applied for a position with the man who had first approached her.

Right from the start she was a successful realty salesperson! She made lots of sales of houses, apartments and even office buildings always earning very good commissions from her sales.

It was about this time I started to notice changes in Lori. Granted we still fucked as regularly as before and probably even more so. She also seemed to be fucking me with more gusto and I was loving it! She also began to change her appearance by wearing very thin blouses and miniskirts! She had the figure and was always really attractive but the clothes she wore made her more attractive than ever.

There were times when I worried she wasn't wearing enough clothes! Sometimes she would go out with a see-through blouse and the smallest possible bra which didn't always cover her nipples properly and, coupled with the smallest miniskirts, she really looked wonderful - but I worried. What worried me was that it was other men who were looking at her! She kept up this change in her clothing for about 6 months and her success in sales continued to blossom. We were at a dinner party for some of the successful realtors given by the agency manager when I overheard several of the other women realtors discussing their sales methods. I heard one of the very attractive women, about Lori's age, say - "I can always clinch a sale but the best method of making the sale is for me to give him a quick fuck - that always clinches the deal!" Having heard this, I could see she would be just the type who would fuck her way through a sale! At the same time I immediately wondered if my darling Lori was doing the same!

After the dinner and when we were lying naked in bed at home I decided to talk to Lori about what I had overheard. I had stroked her body for a while before I spoke and she was certainly very excited at the time. I pushed two fingers into her very wet cunt and, whilst I was holding her there, I asked her if she had ever had to fuck any of her customers to make a sale. She tensed up and said, "Darling, why would you ever think I would do such a thing? I must admit I sometimes flash my tits at a customer and that often helps but that is rare and almost always happens when I am wearing a bra and blouse and all they would see would be the tops of my breasts! I know that might turn the sale my way but that is about all!" I relaxed my mind a little and told myself she would expose more of herself than that by wearing her bikini at the beach! After that we happily fucked before we turned over and slept, still holding each other.

Twelve months of very successful sales had made her one of the top earners in the firm and I knew she was very pleased with herself. It was at this time that I found a totally different form of phone sex!

Lori would quite often work from first thing in the morning until late at night. We didn't have any children and we both seemed to be working long hours. Occasionally she would start work about lunch time and then work through to 9pm because that was when she could make contact with her customers. These customers worked too during the day and appointments were easy to make in the evenings.

One evening I came home to an empty house. It was about 8.30pm and I had been working hard on a special client and the time had passed quickly. I had expected to see Lori at home - she had told me she didn't think she would be working that night. By 9.45pm when I was just starting to get worried the phone rang! That would be Lori telling me she was on the way home!

When I answered the phone it was a man's voice - a slightly intoxicated man - and he asked me if I was Lori's husband! When I told him I was, expecting to hear she had had an accident or something, he said, "Well John, Lori has been telling us about you and I thought I would ring and see how you are getting on without Lori. She can't come home yet because she is too busy finishing off the sale she made this evening! Lori was telling us you have a fairly small cock and I was wondering just how small it is! Would it be longer than 6" John?" I can tell you I didn't like the tone of the conversation and said I wanted to speak to Lori. This man identified himself as Juan and he was one of the partners who had bought the property through Lori and they were celebrating right now! He also added Lori was too busy at the moment to talk to me but if I would like to hang on he would let her talk to me as soon as his partner had finished fucking her! What the hell was going on? Was Lori actually fucking these men?

I demanded Juan put Lori on the phone immediately! He replied, "O.K. but you mightn't like to hear her at the moment - are you sure you wouldn't like to wait until she has finished?" I yelled, "Put her on straight away!" There was a long pause before Lori's gasping voice came on the phone. She was panting when she said, "Darling, what do you want - didn't Juan tell you I am busy at the moment!" I said in reply, "Lori, what are you doing right now?" After a couple of loud gasps I heard her say to me, "I am being fucked by the longest hard black cock ever and you want to disturb me by asking a stupid question?" I could tell from Lori's voice that she had been drinking - perhaps not drunk but at least she had been drinking. She was slurring her words but her panting and noises which could only come from two people fucking told me she probably was fucking someone! I implored her to stop and to come home. She laughed and told me, still gasping that she had completed a very big sale of an entire apartment block and she was entitled to celebrate with her clients!

Her next words hurt me a great deal. She said, "Darling, this huge black cock in my cunt is driving me insane. I have to stop talking until I have cum and then I will be able to talk to you. I will put the phone down alongside my body and you will be able to hear Rupert fucking me!" I was shocked to hear her say that but next I heard the unmistakable noise of bedding rustling as she placed the phone alongside her body. I could also hear a sort of a rubbing noise which I assumed was caused by her body moving against the phone. What disturbed me most was the sound of her voice saying "Fuck me, please, fuck me harder!" Then there were some screams which I recognized as Lori cumming and then the deep voice of a black man telling her he was cumming and to hold on! Obviously he had cum in her and after a while when they had recovered their breath, the black man came on the phone and told me I had the best wife in the world and she was the best fuck he had ever had! I felt like crying! Rupert than handed the phone over to Lori who was still panting but she tried to calm her voice when she talked to me. "Hello darling, gee, I have just had the best fuck in my whole life! Rupert has about 12" and I have had the whole lot inside me! Oh, just hang on a minute - there is another cock being shoved into my cunt! Oh, God, this is almost as long as Rupert's cock! Oh hell, darling, I will just have to put the phone down again - you will be able to listen in again!" Again I could hear her being fucked! She was groaning and then screaming as she came time after time until at last I heard her say, "Yes, cum in me - yes, cum in me!" and then the screaming began as they both came again together!

I began to wish my wife would get off the phone but at the same time my cock was telling me I was excited about her getting fucked! Again her voice came on the line. She told me she had just cum several times (I already knew that) and she had been fucked by an expert! I listened as she described the man who had just fucked her! He was huge and also black and he had fucked her for a long time before he came in her cunt. Suddenly I heard her say, "O.K. but just wait a second or two. Darling, I have a huge cock ready to cum in my mouth - please listen in as I suck him off. I will hold the phone close to my mouth!" I could hear her slurping on his cock until he began to groan and then for the first time I actually heard a man cum in my wife's mouth! The noise he made as he was pumping his cock into her mouth and then the noise of his cum splashing into her open mouth was almost too much for me! She must have had the phone right alongside her open mouth because the sounds were so realistic I couldn't believe them!

Lori held the phone either in her hand or alongside her body while she was fucked in every conceivable position over the next hour! I became terribly aroused when I heard one of the men tell her to get on her hands and knees and get ready to have his hard cock in her asshole! She kept yelling for some lubricant because it was hurting until I heard one of the men say he would fix that problem. I heard her say if would be alright to use her hand cream lotion. She gasped when the man took the lid off the bottle and upended the whole bottle into her asshole! She screamed that it was too cold and that it was running all the way into her rectum but the man simply told her she would now be lubricated enough and to hold still. I could visualize by what I was hearing that he was pushing his hard cock deep into her asshole. She was still complaining about the cold lotions in her rectum when he yelled out he was cumming! Juan now held the phone and told me he would put it right alongside her asshole and I would be able to hear the cock being pulled out of her hole. I certainly did hear the loud plop followed by another scream from Lori indicating another cock was plunged into her open asshole! There followed 3 more attacks on her asshole and she was complaining she was feeling very full and wanted to go to the toilet very quickly. They didn't let her up and continued to fuck her asshole!

I heard Lori tell the men she had had enough and that she wanted to go home! These were the first words I heard that I liked! Lori came back onto the phone and said, "Darling, I don't think I could drive home right now - would you come and collect me please?" I told her I would gladly collect her and asked for the address. She told me she would be waiting for me near her car and told me where I could find it!

It was now almost 2.30am and Lori had been fucking these men all this time. It was about a 25 minute drive to find her and fortunately the traffic was very light at this time of the morning. I found Lori without difficulty and she was leaning against the fender of her car looking very sore and sorry! The first question I asked her was - "have you been raped?" She replied, "Of course not, silly, I wanted it to happen to me!" I helped her into my car and, after making sure her car was securely locked, I drove her home. We didn't talk much on the drive home, but every now and again she would groan if we went over some rough patches of road.

Once we were inside our home, she stood in front of me looking just a little bit sheepish. She was wearing her blouse - her bra was missing - and she had on her miniskirt but, as I found out soon, her panties were missing too! She was holding her sides and asking me to help her into the toilet. Once we were there she changed her mind and told me she wanted a shower instead. She also asked me to shower with her! I wasn't too sure about this but I helped her remove her clothes and she stood naked in the shower. I quickly stripped off my clothes and joined her. When the water was running at the right temperature we both stepped into the stream of water. This was the first time I had seen her relax since I picked her up. She just stood with her legs apart and soon she looked at my face, grinned at me and then let off what was a very loud fart! This fart was a prelude to the flood of rubbish which poured out of her asshole! Because it was joined by the water as soon as it left her body I couldn't tell what it was but I guessed it was a mixture of cum and hand lotion. The amount which poured out of her body was amazing!

At the same time she had cum running out of her cunt as well. As I washed her body I could see she had bite marks on her breasts and particularly her nipples. Until I had washed it, her pubic hair was covered in cum and was a sticky matted mess. Soon she was free from cum and most of the refuse from her body had dripped out. When I was satisfied she was completely clean I led her from the shower and dried her body very gently with a very large towel. She looked so lovely standing there naked as I rubbed her body dry. She looked very unsteady on her lovely legs so I picked her up and carried her into our bedroom.

On the one hand I was disgusted at her behavior and didn't want anything to do with her! But on the other hand I loved her and nothing she could do would change my mind about that. I laid her gently on the bed still naked and because the room was warm I didn't cover her lovely body. She was almost asleep but I looked at and stroked her lovely body and my cock was so hard I just didn't know what to do with it! I didn't want to fuck her because I was sure she would compare my smallish cock with the huge black cocks she had been fucked with. But on the other hand I had to give myself some relief otherwise I might explode! Lori was smart enough to know what I was going through and so she took my very hard cock in her hand and began to stroke me. I knew I would cum fairly soon if she kept up this stroking. She asked me where I wanted to cum - in her body or out of it - and she would help me! I couldn't help saying, "Darling, I love you no matter what you do or have done but I don't want you to tell me my cock is too small after the big cocks you have just had so I really don't want to fuck you." She looked into my face and then said, "Darling, I do love you and you are right - I have just been fucked by the largest cocks I have ever seen. However, I am sure you wouldn't be too small after the other men. My cunt may be stretched but I am sure my asshole is back to normal and, if you would prefer, I will gladly suck you off - I really love you and want to make it up to you."

I asked Lori to suck me first and then, if she was sure it would be O.K. I would like to fuck her asshole. This was one place she rarely allowed me to fuck her and this might be my best opportunity. Lori moved until she could take my cock into her mouth and she sucked and sucked as hard as she could. I could begin to feel my balls tightening and asked her to stop. I am sure she looked disappointed but she turned around and moved onto her hands and knees presenting her asshole to me. Her hole was certainly dilated but it was still fairly small. I presented my cock to her hole and gently pushed it inside her. I expected it to be very dry but it was still very wet and I had no difficulty pushing the whole length of my cock into her asshole. She was able to close her asshole around my cock and very soon I began to cum. I shot my load right into the recesses of her asshole and I was delighted when she came at the same time as I did. Eventually my erection subsided and it plopped out of her asshole.

Lori turned to me and, taking my softening cock in her hand and stroking it, she told me she didn't want Juan to ring me but they had been playing with her body and one of the men had taken her purse away and found my telephone number. He had rung me just to make sure I knew they were fucking her. I asked her whether this was a normal procedure after making a big sale and she simply grinned at me and said, "Of course, darling, how else do you think I can make so many sales so easily! I allow the customers to fuck me as a reward for the sale and this has been going on since I first began to make good sales. All the women realtors do this and it is part of the fun of selling real estate. I haven't told you about it because I didn't want you to be upset because I was fucking other men. All they do is fuck me - you make love to me and there is a great difference! If you are unhappy because you know I am fucking the customers then I will stop and give up my job as a realtor! I can't offer more than that and the decision will have to be made by you!"

I had a million thoughts running through my mind at the one time. I resolved to make a decision before we slept and that meant I had to make my mind up quickly - Lori was almost asleep! I weighed up the situation by telling myself I had been very excited hearing Lori had been fucking other men! I also realized no harm was coming to Lori by doing this - she wasn't hurting me except that she hadn't told me about it - and she was able to earn big commissions by fucking the clients. When I asked myself if I wanted to have Lori fucking men in the future I wasn't so sure. I reasoned that it might be O.K. in the future if I knew all about it when she came home. It was on that basis that I told Lori I loved her; I had no objections to her fucking other men after sales provided she promised to tell me all about what happened when she arrived home. I also insisted that after she arrived home, because I would have a really hard cock, she was to fuck me as soon as she arrived home. She agreed to all of this and that was about the end of it.

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