tagRomanceA Touch of Cinnamon Ch. 03

A Touch of Cinnamon Ch. 03


Dawn was riding him. God did it feel good. She was taking him in fast even strokes but suddenly she changed pace. She slowly rose up and slid quickly back onto him, taking all of him into her at once. He couldn't handle it anymore. He needed to be in control and take her until they both came to screaming orgasms. He rolled over only to fall off the bed. Damn. That had just been another dream. Taking notice of his morning wood he went to take his daily shower or as he could also call it, his daily relief.

He striped off his clothing revealing a lean musculature body and stepped into the hot steaming water. His mind wandered to the previous night as he began beating off to the idea of how the night potentially could have ended. He imagined her naked body tangled up with his, her arms desperately grabbing onto him, her tongue massaging against his, and her sweet voice manifesting the pleasure he was giving her. Allowing himself to finally climax to an orgasm, he cleaned himself up and stepped out of the shower.

Erich heaved a sigh. It was still just imaginary. Erich had wanted Dawn ever since he first saw her. He remembered seeing her at a nearby café when he was in the neighborhood looking for an apartment. She was sipping coffee at an outside table while reading a giant textbook. Erich couldn't help but to notice how cute she was. Her mood seemed to change every two minutes. First she would be smiling, obviously enjoying the book, only to change to an expression of palpable frustration. After another few minutes her expression would revert back to its happy nature. He laughed as he once again saw a small line appear down her forehead frowning in confusion at what she was reading. He wanted to walk over and talk to her but he couldn't, not then. Watching her was too entertaining; he was going to wait until she broke away from the contents of her book. Only to his dismay, he never got the opportunity. Another man in the café had noticed her as well and stupidly decided to make an attempt to flirt with her. Erich watched the man walk up to the table and clear his throat. Dawn looked up with a look in her eye that sent him fleeing in two seconds flat. Erich decided that it would be best not to speak to her in fear that she would reject him in the same manner. Yet, he was still in captivated with her.

He ended up signing the lease to the apartment nearby in the hope that he would run into her again in better circumstances. He couldn't help but to have vivid dreams of making passionate love to her since he saw her and he started a morning ritual of beating off to the thought of her that continued even now. During the month before he moved in, he kept thinking to himself, maybe it was better to have her be a mere fantasy. What if her personality was horrible and nothing to reflect her cute, sweet, innocent, sexy appearance?

To his surprise when he moved in, Dawn turned out to have the apartment across from his. He was so nervous that he couldn't stop talking. She was still amazingly pretty although she barely said two words partially because he was scared to let her. He was scared that she would no longer be his dream girl if he found out what she was really like.

When she had come to ask for him to light the candles for her, he found her to be even more amazing than he could possible imagined. She was sweet with a hint of sassiness. Her humor was quirky but added to the essence of her lure. Her personality, he thought was equivalent to sugar and spice. Not any spice though. Some spices were too dull to describe her but others were too fiery and piercing. Cinnamon, that's what he had compared her to then, his favorite spice. They were both sweet with a sense of warmth.

He had hoped his candle light dinner would win her over but his hopes were crushed when she so outwardly rejected him. She continued to say how Erich could be the younger brother that she never had, how young he was, and how he had so much more to learn about life. 'Fine,' he had thought, 'if she wants me to be her younger brother, then I'll act like her little brother.' With that notion, he continuously pestered her with meaningless trivialities. 'Dawn, a button fell off my lucky shirt and I have a presentation tomorrow. Please fix it for me?' He could have easily fixed any of the problems by himself but why would he? Dawn would always ever so sweetly help him. Even if she only thought of him as a younger brother, at least her attention would be on him.

That was until she got a boyfriend eight months later. The relationship only lasted for three months. He wasn't sure why it had broken off only that he couldn't be more relieved. Those were the worst three months of his life. There were some office girls that were interested in him and had been trying to get his attention since he started working as a businessman at the company. They had gone to the extent of making up excuses to come to his apartment with him. He never made any moves on them until Dawn started dating 'Albert'. Erich couldn't deal with Dawn ignoring him. He wanted to make her jealous so he began sleeping around with a few of the girls from his office. He knew Dawn saw them coming in and out of his apartment but she never said anything about it. Sleeping with a girl who wasn't the girl he wanted was bad enough, but to have Dawn not even show the least bit of jealousy was even more painful. For some reason he couldn't stop playing around with these other girls though. It was probably to help drown out the reality of the situation. When Dawn finally had broken up with Albert, Erich dumped all the girls he had been seeing. Unfortunately, some of those girls wouldn't "allow it" and continued to try to "fix" the relationship. Those girls still showed up at his apartment from time to time, it was sad really. Erich had no intention of getting back together with them since Dawn had been the only girl that he truly wanted from the beginning.

Erich went back to his initial "brother-sister" relationship with Dawn at that time. He couldn't help but to want more though but he couldn't complain since her attention was fixated back on him. He thought that he would never be able to have her and that he should be happy with how the way things were, that was, until last night.

The sound of an alarm went off in the bedroom and Erich awoke from his recollections. 'Time to go to work' he reflected. He finished getting dressed and left his apartment hoping that today, maybe, just maybe, his dreams would turn into a reality.


To Erich's disappointment, Dawn called earlier to cancel their dinner plans. She was supposed to have dinner with him and his mom. It turned out that there were a few hitches in the case her firm was preparing for. Dawn didn't know when she'd be able to leave that night. He looked at the clock that read 10:30 and then stared at the trash bag that was beginning to overflow. He better take it out he thought. When he came back from the trash chute he saw Dawn stumbling toward him. She looked absolutely haggard. As she reached her door, she started to collapse. Erich ran and caught her.

"Dawn are you ok?" Erich worriedly asked.

"Mmph..." She groaned into his shirt.

"Ok. Let's get you inside and you can get ready to go to bed." He baby stepped her forward into the apartment and into the bathroom. "Now you can brush your teeth while I'll hold you up. I can get you your clothes and you can change in here ok?"

"I don't want to get ready for bed." She complained. Erich handed her a toothbrush with toothpaste anyways. She reluctantly brushed her teeth anyways and Erich ran to get her a pair of pajamas. A lace camisole and short boxer shorts. He smiled at the image of her wearing it. He brought it to her only to find her falling over again. She glanced at the pajamas and made a face.

"What now Dawn?"

"I don't want to change." She was acting like a five year old now. And Erich was supposed to be the little brother? Here he was, having to take care of her now.

"Come on Dawn. Please? You aren't making this very easy on me. Do I have to dress you?"

She smiled happily in a haze and simply and sweetly answered: "Yes." He couldn't believe his ears but he obliged anyways. He moved her over to her bed and sat her down. Erich slowly unbuttoned her blouse and slid down her skirt revealing a matching pair of black lace bra and panties. He could have attacked her right then and there but he resisted the urge. He didn't want to ruin their relationship after he was ultimately getting closer to his goal. With self-control, he unhooked her bra and slipped the camisole and boxer shorts over her. Then, he moved her fully onto the bed. To his amazement, she clung onto him and wouldn't let him leave. He decided that since he couldn't leave, he might as well get comfortable. Erich removed his own shirt and slacks and climbed into bed next to her. Dawn cuddled up to him and Erich drew her into a kiss. She smiled and curled up even closer to him and dozed off into the land of dreams. Erich brushed his hand through her hair watching her sleep and eventually fell into a deep slumber himself.

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