tagLetters & TranscriptsA Touching Chat For You

A Touching Chat For You


I've reached you on chat tonight. We're an ocean apart. It's late and you are getting ready for bed. You had a drink or two with your girlfriend, and she's asleep now in the other room. I've been waiting for a chance to talk more intimately with you... when you're not in a rush, and when you're not feeling shy. I think this is the chance. You are feeling relaxed and giggly, and you're alone. Since it's late, and you've had a couple of drinks, I know you're going to get sleepy. And the conversation continues...

Me: There IS one way to help keep you awake and alert

You: oh??

Me: but you have to be a little brave

You: oh no

Me: yes

You: I need to go to bed

Me: yes, it's fine I suppose, if you'd rather not hear what I have to ask

You: oh go on

Me: first you need to either be in your nightgown

Me: or you need to be undressed

You: give me 5 mins

Me: k

(about 5 minutes later)

You: what

Me: are you in your nightgown?

You: yep

Me: wearing anything else?

You: nopie

Me: good girl :)

You: not much too night gown either ;-)

Me: now, hike up your nightgown so your bare bottom is on the chair, and your nightgown is behind

You: what chair?

You: i'm in bed

Me: are you under covers?

You: a little

Me: pull the covers off of you, and pull up the night gown so your bare bottom is on the bed

You: and?

Me: just do it, and tell me when it's done

You: k

You: nightie on or off?

Me: take off your nightie

You: k

Me: this will help keep you awake, understand?

You: oh yes??

Me: are your legs stretched out? or cross legged? or what?

You: they're up.... to hold laptop

Me: sitting on your bare bottom, with your legs together and knees pulled up sort of?

You: yep

Me: ok, i can picture it

You: really???

Me: yes, i have a vivid imagination

You: (chuckle)

Me: now, i have a few questions for you... i've been waiting forever to ask

Me: ready?

You: maybe

Me: tell me if you're embarrassed.. that's fine.. i expect it... but i want you to answer anyway

You: k

Me: first question.... do you occasionally give yourself pleasure when you're alone... you know, by touching yourself?

You: very seldom

Me: seldom? because you don't have the need? or too inhibited?

You: both

Me: seldom? like once per year? or more often?

You: more often

You: (chuckle)

Me: more than once a month?

You: less

Me: how was that, embarrassing?

You: no

Me: good... you're doing great

You: cool

Me: you mentioned you're a little inhibited about it... does it make you feel guilty? or naughty? or what?

You: not sure

Me: but it feels good when you choose to touch yourself that way, right?

You: when i feel in the mood

Me: give me an example of what makes you feel in the mood?

Me: romantic movie?

You: dont know

You: it's been a while from last time

Me: ok, this is quite a bit more personal, and don't need a lot of detail, but just curious... you said you don't live with him, but do you have sex with your boyfriend?

You: yes...but not often

You: its good when we do

Me: that sounds nice when it happens

Me: last question about that... if you had your way, and it was only up to you... would you have sex more often with him? or is it just right as it is?

You: more

You: I have to initiiate

Me: sounds pretty typical of men and women our age

Me: i have one final request, and it's VERY personal... but hopefully it's a tiny treat

You: for whom?

Me: for both of us!

Me: i've teased you about giving you back rubs

You: yes

Me: but i'm not there to do it

Me: i want you to follow my instructions, take your hands off the keyboard, and do what i say for a little bit... a little bit of guided touching

Me: will you?

You: uh huh

Me: you can stop when you want

You: k

Me: not too x rated... just tender and personal

Me: if you want to type a little feedback from time to time... you can type "mmmm" if it feels nice, k?

You: k

Me: but you don't have to type very much

Me: and if you want to say something, just type "q" for question

You: k

Me: ready?

Me: hands off keyboard

You: I am in the mood anyway! ;-)

Me: good

Me: cross your arms over your chest, with your hands on your shoulders

Me: arms covering your breasts

Me: feel yourself hugging your self... nice skin on skin

Me: soft and warm

Me: rub your fingertips on your shoulders lightly... affectionately

Me: stroke your neck softly on both sides, enjoying the quiet embrace

Me: let your thumbs wander to your chin....

Me: your throat

Me: your fingers caressing your collar bones, feeling your soft warm skin

Me: i imagine your skin is very sensitive and soft... enjoying the touch

Me: i imagine that you don't take time for this very often, very busy, very occupied with life's details

Me: letting yourself feel the pleasure of your own skin

Me: hands wandering on your shoulders...

Me: throat...

Me: neck...

Me: collar...

You: and down

Me: would you like to take your hands lower?

You: (nod)

Me: down your chest

Me: don't touch your breasts directly yet

Me: tease a little

Me: your arms should still be crossed

Me: stroke your fingers along your sides, and under your arms

Me: i imagine that your breasts are quite sensitive now, and would actually enjoy being touched

Me: you might particularly enjoy your fingers under your arms along the sides of your breasts... just the outsides

Me: just lightly

Me: tingling

Me: maybe even shivering a little....

Me: is it the chill?

Me: is it the pleasure?

You: not cold

Me: now uncross your arms

Me: stroke your hands on the front of your shoulders... right hand on right, left hand on left

Me: breasts uncovered and exposed

Me: with the backs of your fingers... tease the sides of your breasts... just the sides...

Me: just a light touch

Me: now slide a single finger underneath each breast...

Me: stroking the skin where your breast meets your abdomen

Me: taking time to enjoy each touch, each stroke

Me: and you can do this any time...

Me: it's your skin

Me: it's your sensation

Me: doing ok so far?

You: yep

Me: does it feel good?

You: nice

You: hows it for you?

Me: it's wonderful

Me: i love guiding you through this

You: :)

Me: do you want me to put my thoughts in there, so you can hear me too?

You: k

Me: it's more about your pleasure though, k?

You: k

Me: that's what i want right now

You: k

Me: i'm completely here with you

Me: i think your breasts need more attention

Me: touch the space between your breasts with your right hand

Me: tracing a finger in the valley between

Me: noticing how every touch changes...

Me: notice how it feels when you breathe out...

Me: or breathe in

Me: or hold it for a while

Me: take the index finger of each hand

Me: lick them

Me: and rub a gentle circle

Me: around each nipple

Me: feeling the wet caress

Me: lick them again... suck your finger in your mouth... each one...

Me: and rub lightly around the nipples

Me: now... you're going to touch your nipples in a moment

Me: and when you do... i want you to make an audible pleasure sound...

Me: an "mmmmmm" or " oooohhhhh" or a groan or something that feels natural... doesn't need to be loud

Me: rub your nipples ever so lightly

Me: stroking the sensitive tips of your lovely breasts

Me: imagine i'm watching

Me: or you can imagine i'm touching them

Me: or you can imagine being alone

Me: but i can picture you sitting there

Me: relaxed in a way

Me: and excited in a way

Me: use the palm of your hand... flat

Me: and rub sideways across... touching only palm to nipple

Me: now grab the whole breast with each hand... squeezing gently

Me: kneading...

Me: stroking..

Me: so sensitive

Me: whenever it feels natural... make an audible sound

Me: oohhhhhh

Me: mmmmmmm

Me: it's your pleasure

Me: express it to yourself

You: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Me: roll your nipples in your finger tips

Me: pinching ever so delicately

Me: if you like, pinch a little harder... you know what you like

Me: if it was me, i'd watch your face...

Me: and listen to your sounds...

Me: and i'd squeeze them lightly

Me: or firmly, depending on how you react

Me: now leave your left hand on your nipple

Me: and put your right hand on your thigh

You: laptops in the way

Me: move the laptop

Me: would it help to be in a kneeling position?

You: on my back is ok

Me: ok, good

Me: knees pulled up?

You: mmmm

Me: i'll take that as a yes

You: yep

Me: left hand on your breast

Me: right hand on your thigh

Me: your left hand is stroking lightly, playing with your breast

Me: your nipple

Me: your mouth

Me: feeling the skin

Me: the warmth

Me: the pleasure

Me: you're doing great

Me: it should feel nice

Me: and make you feel beautiful

Me: and your right hand strokes your thigh

Me: and your hip

Me: lightly caressing your hip and thigh

(at this point, I got interrupted for a few excruciating moments, but fortunately not too long)

You: dont stop there

Me: (sorry)

Me: and there is a connection between the two...

Me: i don't know if you can feel it

Me: maybe it's strong

Me: maybe it's gentle

Me: it's like electricity,,, running from your left hand

Me: through your breast...

Me: through your nipple

Me: and down your stromach to your other hand

Me: wherever your right hand wanders... the connection is there

Me: you feel both places...

Me: connected... pleasured

Me: touches

Me: tingles

Me: shivers

Me: you're doing so well

Me: so responsive

Me: as much pleasure as you want

Me: let a sigh escape

Me: let your breath exhale audibly...

Me: as much as is natural

Me: you're breathing your pleasure into the room...

Me: it circles around you

Me: fills your head

Me: and enters your lungs again

Me: your right hand on your stomach

Me: around your belly

Me: down a little lower

Me: back to your thigh

Me: now touch your inner thigh... mid way from your knee

Me: to your middle

Me: the skin is so delicate there

Me: it might even tickle a little

Me: but feels so good

Me: the electricity flows from your breast to your thigh

Me: tingling everything between

Me: your stomach flutters

Me: your lungs shudder each time you exhale

Me: you may even feel it in your sex

Me: draw your right hand up your thigh a little

Me: teasing higher

Me: let your fingers form a "V"

Me: and touch both the left thigh and right thigh

Me: teasing

Me: stroking

Me: the electricity current runs stronger now

Me: joined in two places

Me: going directly through your sex

Me: would you like to touch there?

You: asha

Me: yes?

You: yes

Me: first, below your belly... slowly move your hand

Me: to the mound above your sex

Me: rub the fingertips gently on the pubic bone

Me: not too hard

Me: let the electricity flow from breasts and neck to your mound

Me: warmth flowing through it all...

Me: tingling

Me: stroking

Me: teasing

Me: now reach down again with the V

Me: touch both inner thighs

Me: just below your sex

Me: getting higher

Me: sliding dry fingers on tender dry skin... so soft, so warm

Me: higher

Me: now... run your V of your two fingers

Me: along the outside

Me: of your outer lips of your sex

Me: not the moist inside

Me: but the sensitive dry outside

Me: if the current has been strong.. the lips might be puffy

Me: might be swollen

Me: might be aching a little

Me: longing for touch

Me: but you're only touching the outside

Me: slowly

Me: teasing

Me: letting the feelings build

Me: letting your sighs escape with any sound you like

Me: now, put two hands on your outer lips

Me: stroking the upper

Me: inner

Me: thigh

Me: and your puffy, dry outer labia of your aching sex

Me: feeling the warmth of your skin on skin

Me: your tingling pleasure

Me: now slip one finger...

Me: gently in the middle

Me: of your inner lips

Me: it might be a little moist

Me: slide it in the moisture

Me: spread it around a little

Me: feel the lips and how sensitive they are

Me: move your left hand to your mound above your sex

Me: rub the mound above your sex

Me: and slipping a wet finger up and down the middle,.... but not inside

Me: your sighs are probably stronger now

Me: your breathing a little more rapid

Me: continue?? say "k"

You: k

Me: you're feeling the pleasure, i can tell

Me: you're doing great, so sexy!

Me: move your left hand down from your mound

Me: to your clit

Me: touch it lightly

Me: there might be sparks

Me: depending on how sensitive you are

You: very

Me: continuing to touch your inner slit, but not inside

Me: if you need to avoid direct contact with your clit... you'll know

Me: you can tease around it

Me: in a circle

Me: or touch it very lightly

Me: as it feels good

Me: maybe roll it between thumb and finger

Me: you know

Me: you feel it

Me: your pleasure

Me: your speed

Me: your right hand is ready to explore inside a bit

Me: your right finger...

Me: dip it into your cunt just a little

Me: up to one knuckle

Me: feeling the pleasure... the connection...

Me: the tingle

Me: laying there

Me: breathing

Me: sighing

Me: moaning when you feel it

Me: or more if you like

Me: slide your finger in further

Me: deeper inside your canal

Me: your left hand on your clit

Me: or use your thumb of your right hand on your clit

Me: and your left on your nipples

Me: if it was me... i would be alternating... teasing

Me: building

Me: kissing your mouth

Me: nibbling your neck and breast

Me: and touching my hand tenderly on your sex

Me: vary it when it suits you

Me: your finger deeper inside

Me: curled up high inside you

Me: maybe there's a very sensitive spot high up on the inner wall of your vagina

Me: if you hook your finger in and up

Me: stroking in and out with an upward pressure

Me: now two fingers

Me: teasing your clit

Me: stroking in and out of your warm cunt

Me: it might be clenching

Me: you might feel your strong sexy pelvic muscles working

Me: squeezing

Me: grasping with your pleasure

Me: taking your fingers in and out

Me: maybe two fingers

Me: maybe three

Me: upward pressure

Me: building pleasure

Me: breathing more

Me: touching your clit

Me: your nipples

Me: your cunt

Me: pleasure

Me: building

Me: let it build

Me: more

Me: as much as you can

Me: moaning dear

Me: stroking

Me: enjoying the skin

Me: the sensations

Me: your feminine beauty

Me: in the room

Me: on your bed

Me: touching yourself

Me: let it wash over

Me: and over

Me: waves of pleasure

Me: stronger

Me: touching yourself

Me: for me

Me: for you

Me: enjoying it as much as you can

Me: so much joy

Me: so much warmth

Me: so much pleasure

Me: ohyes dear

Me: stroking quickly

Me: it might build again

Me: it can build over and over

Me: your body has more pleasure

Me: in higher waves

Me: don't stop

Me: don't stop

Me: touching

Me: moaning

Me: sighing

Me: spasming

Me: your nipples are so sensitive

Me: your clit is throbbing and swollen

Me: your cunt is moist and dripping

Me: you might even squirt some fluid

Me: it's fine

Me: it's normal

Me: it's your pleasure

Me: your skin

Me: your cunt

Me: your breasts

Me: your feminine beauty

Me: taking your time

Me: feeling your hands

Me: everywhere

Me: your focus in your spine

Me: in your head

Me: in your stomach

Me: in your cunt

Me: open to yourself

Me: open to me

Me: wave after wave

Me: washing over

Me: like a tidal wave

Me: rolling you in pleasure

Me: soaring in the sky like flying

Me: floating

Me: higher

Me: warm

Me: light

Me: colors

Me: so much pleasure

Me: overwhelming you

Me: losing your breath

Me: catching it again

Me: exhaling your pleasure

Me: inhaling it again

Me: filled up

Me: empty

Me: all your muscles and limbs

Me: flexing

Me: feeling

Me: alive

Me: tensing

Me: releasing

Me: spasming

Me: clenching

Me: yes dear

Me: slowing down a little

Me: when you're ready

Me: continuing if you need more

Me: catching your breath if you need a break

Me: give me a k if you're still with me

You: k

Me: continue?

Me: or need a break?

You: need sleep

Me: :)

You: got to get up in 5 hrs

Me: ok

You: youve done this b4

Me: it's been a while

Me: did you get some pleasure?

You: yep

Me: you liked?

You: uh huh

You: mmmmm

You: not bad ;-)

Me: i need just a little feedback, since i wasn't there

Me: anything you particularly appreciated?

You: all

You: build up

Me: tell me..

Me: did you orgasm?

You: :)

Me: good

Me: i enjoyed that.. thanks for letting me guide you that way

Me: thank me and then go to bed, k?

You: fank u (sleepy smilie)

Me: good night dear... sleep well

Me: (sleepy smilie)

You: (wave)

Me: (wave)

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