tagBDSMA Toy's Battle Ch. 01

A Toy's Battle Ch. 01


It was a dark and dreary night, one of those evenings they spoke of in various old folklore tales, when the monsters would come out and take you away for some vicious reason or another. The rain had been drizzling down for hours now, just a constant glazing mist which gave the streets an odd type of shining beauty as though the world was made of glass, even the people. The incandescent yellow orbs atop the tall cast iron black lamp posts reminded many of a small sun floating about in the darkness.

The shop door opened and closed with the chipper ringing of the wind chimes that had been struck, it was the owner returning from his trip to the market down the street before they closed. He owed his poor wife an anniversary present since he was already going to be late, his mumbling carrying through the building and making his young assistant smile as she went to help him with his coat and umbrella. "Ghastly weather Isolde, simply ghastly weather I tell you, I should drive and see you home safely," the tall aging man told her as he pushed the door closed and allowed her to help him, a black bag in his right hand.

"I'll be alright Mr. Seward, did you manage to find something nice for your wife?" she inquired nonchalantly as she hung his coat on the rack and set the umbrella atop the towel by the door to drip dry and be cleaned later.

"Yes, yes, now come we should close up and send you on your way, no one will be out in this weather and you need to head home before it gets much worse," he readjusted his tie and headed into the office after he locked the door and turned out the exterior lights as well as the front shop area.

His office was as simple as anyone could ever imagine, hardwood flooring like the rest of the shop with a wooden desk, filing cabinets cluttering one wall within arm's reach of the executive desk, and a long bookcase along the other, two comfortable armchairs sat to the visiting side of the desk and one high-backed office chair on the business side. The door to the back of the room she knew led up to the loft apartment above where he and his luxurious wife lived. He dropped the bag onto the desk and began writing out her paycheck as well as reviewing the night's closing papers to be sure they were all as they should be before he let her go home. "Good, good, two thousand profit today. Alright Isolde, you can go home now, see you tomorrow," he waved a hand and she nodded bidding him goodnight before she went to retrieve her bag and coat.

At the door she unlocked the heavy wood and tugged the hood of her shirt over her head before she stepped out into the night. Mr. Seward locked the door back behind her just as she began to head in the direction of her garage apartment. It wasn't an excruciating distance her apartment, but it was far enough that the walk could be considered a constant daily exercise. She had nearly been hit several times by passing cars late at night, though she guessed it was likely because her black trench coat did nothing but make her appear as a moving shadow between the street lamps. When she heard the accelerating engine of a car she knew to move deeper onto the sidewalk so as not to get side-struck by the idiot at the wheel. It was a dark and dreary night, one of those perfect evenings for some heinous act – the black van had dark windows which made it all the more alarming to her as she glanced over her shoulder at it.

Something was wrong – but there was nothing she could do as the van suddenly slammed on it's brakes, the side door already open and two men jumping out. She moved to run but it was too late, they had her by the waist, a hand clamped tight over her mouth before she could finish her inhale for a loud scream. She slammed into the opposite side of the van which winded her and made stars dance in her vision as she fell to the hard metal floor. The door slammed and there was a banging, the signal for the driver to go before they were noticed, all she could hear was her heart beating hard in her ears as she lifted her head to see only the red odometer lights and the street lamps disappearing as they raced out of the light and became a shadow on the light-less road. Her head ached, her knees now ached equally from taking her weight against the unforgiving metal floor, she was starting to move when she felt a pressure on her spine. Shoved to the floor of the van, cheek scraping on the wet rocks that littered the floor as her coat was ripped from her shoulders, her wrists bound tight behind her back. She was going to scream but the moment her mouth opened she had a leather bar placed in her mouth and buckled behind her head, a blindfold snapping into place over her eyes and on the strap along the sides of her head. All she could do was sob as she was bound and blinded, jerked onto her already bruising knees and shoved into a hard chest.


She had been certain she was going to be taken somewhere and killed, but instead she must have fallen asleep. As she woke she heard several other sobs and felt cold air on her skin that had been covered before. She squirmed and felt her wrists still bound behind her, a loud clang sounded the more she moved and sent her stock still, that was the sound of metal against metal and the wielder meant business. She was still wearing her clothes but they had apparently been strategically ripped open to show her thick cleavage and tight muscled legs. The blindfold was still tight on her eyes keeping her in darkness though she could feel hungry eyes on her and in a sense was rather glad she was left blind. A cane boomed on the ground and sent light vibrations through the metal her knees were against, the shuffling sound that had seemed just a constant static background noise ceased and silence choked the room of oxygen – even the sobs had stopped likely out of shock at the sound of the cane.

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have some fine treats for you of every flavor and all colors desirable. Let's begin the auction. This little beauty is just legal, her body still growing and developing a pretty grapevine that will give only the finest of wines to the gardener who decides to take her home. Still unbroken but very weak willed, she is a prize for the collector of fine art and pride. Let's begin the opening bid at 25,000," a voice announced as a young woman started sobbing again, she was muttering incoherently which meant she was obviously gagged like the rest of them and just as blind, left only with her ability to smell the cold air of the room and hear the voices as bids were placed for her. This was a black market sale of human beings – human trafficking, something she had never thought possible to happen to her.

There were six girls and three men ahead of her before she heard a metal hinge creak and felt strong hands lifting her out of the confinement they had placed her kneeling form in. She was walked down a stage with bare feet and forced onto a hard wooden surface. Her body positioned just so as wooden pedestals dug deep into her chin, hips and knees, a threat hissed into her ear that if she dared to move she would be killed. Out of fear she stayed perfectly still even as she felt her breasts falling forward and threatening to spill out of her too small camisole and opened pull-over, the pedestal at her hips forcing her rear high and her back to arch at a spectacularly uncomfortable angle, her chin pushed high and back to keep her back at that arch. She didn't even want to imagine what she must have looked like with her jeans ripped and transformed into a mini skirt that didn't hide her lacy panties from peeking as the denim stretched tight over her backside.

"This one is spirited, still untouched and fully matured. This voluptuous sylph here will surely make quite the stunning little doll, but such spirit is not to go to those faint of heart. She needs a firm hand and a rough beginning to become a special little doll to showcase. Bids will start at 100,000," the announcer brushed – those were a man's calloused hands – his fingers over her exposed skin and down her cheek before she realized her price was the highest so far. To her surprise the bids started flying left and right until she reached 500,000 and the announcer decided to stop at the last bidder before the price went to high.

Something was clasped around her neck and hung heavy after a moment of clinking – a thick leather collar. The chain rattled as it was clipped to the ring of the collar and she was carefully hoisted back onto her feet and taken back across the stage to the woman who had purchased her. The woman sounded elegant, her voice was like cool silk and wrapped around her mind like a spider's gossamer thread as she thanked whoever had brought her over and took the chain. "You will be such a pretty little toy for my pets to play with, come along now," the woman spoke calmly without a hint of anger or threat in her voice, more like admiration and awe if Isolde had to place it. She wisely did as she was told and followed on the chain, allowing the woman to lead her along until she was shoved into the back of an SUV. Left face down on across the backseat, she couldn't fight the restraints that had been left on her as she felt the assailant bend her knees and slam the door closed. The front doors both opened and closed after a few moments, the engine turning over as the vibrations consumed her tired mind and she fell fast asleep once again.


Waking again she felt lighter than she had before, still blind to the world around her, she focused on listening to her surroundings and discovering where she was now. She was in only her thin white camisole, the fabric bunched up beneath her breasts exposing her bare stomach and sparkling rhinestone belly button ring. Against her bare thighs and back she could feel soft fur, they had removed all but her final layer of clothes, she could feel the fur poking through the lace of her white panties. Her arms were bound above her head to a metal bar, tugging she heard the clanking from the testing struggle, the same at her feet which were spread wide making her completely defenseless. Everything was silent save the crackling fire she could hear off to her right and the sounds of talking and laughter beyond the door to her left, panic rose in her chest as she realized she had been left alone but tightly restrained.

Her blood ran cold as the door opened, the sound of music coming through the opening as well as the voices of several others and the laughter of both men and women. The person in the doorway sighing and calling into the other room, "Your present is finally awake Kreyos." Two pairs of footsteps were all she could hear as the door closed, one in heels and the other just barely creaking on the wooden floor. Her heart skipped as she struggled against her restraints and heard a satisfied groan from the silent man. The heat of a face beside hers made her still as she heard him take a deep inhale just a breath away from her ear and a possessive growl rumble deep in his chest.

"Thank you Mistress," he spoke softly and Isolde felt her heart melt a little, his voice was dark and sultry, like nothing she had ever heard from her, just the sheer depth and scratch of his words made part of her mind turn to the dark fantasies of her dreams.

"This is your chance Keryos, I will not get you a new toy if you break this one. Now be a good boy and I will examine her in the morning, then we shall know how long her training should take. Enjoy your free first evening," the woman cooed as the door opened and closed quickly and the silence crept back into the room. She could feel eyes on her, examining her every curve, the light footsteps paced the sides and foot of the bed until she was ready to scream as the anxiety clawed at the edges of her logical mind.

"Slave, this is your new home and your new life. These words will be your only reality and obligation from this day forth. I am Sir Kreyos, you will call me such always or you will be punished. I am your Master and you will obey me above all others including the Mistress, your loyalty remains mine and only mine. You are mine in every way, to use at my own discretion and cared for as I see fit. You will do as you are told the first time or you shall be severely punished. Is that understood, slave?" his voice slid up from her feet like a mist of summer air with a mind of it's own and drove straight into her core causing her to tremble but still she nodded – unable to reply for the leather bar still in her mouth.

Instinctively she jerked as she felt his hands touch her cheeks and hair, an instinct that got her slapped hard across the face, the leather strap of the bar digging deep into her cheek and making tears burn her eyes as she gasped in horror. "You will not flinch when your Master touches you or would you rather keep your mouth so unattractively held open?" She didn't move but could hear his smile as he exhaled, "Good, now be still like a good slave. If you try to move away or attack me you will not enjoy the consequences."

There was a series of snaps before he ordered her to release the bar from her jaw and it was removed, letting her stretch her mouth back into it's normal shape as she breathed heavy. He smelled of a dark musk; cedarwood, clove, and cinnamon a heated forest that sent a tingling sensation through her senses as she breathed in the scent more and more. She should have been afraid but something about him was soothing as it was frightening, her emotions were scrambled with her lack of sight. He chuckled dark, a deep rumbling sound from his chest as he ran his fingers through her loose hair like one would a lover. She felt heat spreading over her and couldn't help thinking it was where instinct told her his eyes were roaming, making her breath hitch and shake as his fingers tracked a line from jaw to collarbone, collarbone to hip, and down to her knee. "What is your name slave?"

"I – Isolde..." she answered tentatively and he backhanded the other side of her face making her head swim as her body shifted from the force and she felt a new bruise forming where the strap still held the blindfold in place.

"You will address me by my proper title at all times slave, that is your only warning! Now what is your name slave?"

"Isolde, Sir K – Kreyos," she amended her response and grimaced expecting another hard smack across the face but instead he went back to trailing delicate lines over her curves.

"Much better, you're a very quick learner which means your lessons should go swimmingly. Would you like your blindfold to be removed slave?"

"P – please Sir Kreyos," she pleaded and he pressed a finger to her lips.

"All in good time, however you have not earned the right of sight yet, so it will remain for now. These clothes are so restricting to my view slave, but what fun is a present without having to unwrap it?" he whispered into her ear just as she heard a click and felt ice cold metal against her stomach, trailing up until she heard fabric slice and rip, her breasts falling free as he cut the camisole from her body entirely and slid it from beneath her. He did the same with her panties at the hips, tugging them from beneath her and leaving her fully exposed to his hungry gaze as she tried to struggle and hide herself but it was impossible. She was spread eagle on display and he was enjoying the view entirely. She whimpered as she felt him tug her nipples by the barbells that went through them horizontally, his chuckle thoroughly amused, "Tell me slave, just what have you decided to pierce with metal hmm? Better yet let's find out."

She felt his fingers on her bared hairless mound, slowly and carefully sliding down to pull apart her swollen lower lips and his whistle as he gazed at her hood piercing and ever so gently ran his thumb over it, gently moving the metal and making her hips instinctively buck toward his hand as he chuckled again. Devilishly he began working the metal with his thumb until she was panting and ready to burst, her juices running over her lips and down onto the fur beneath her. His lips found her right breast, his free hand her left as he worked the metal bars there and sent her mind into a frenzy of stimulation. She hadn't gotten the piercings for this reason, though the piercer had told her of the amazing feelings the rotations of the metal could be in such sensitive areas and now she saw the words as a vast understatement as her climax built high and heavy. She was on the peak, she could feel it building to the unstoppable point and just as she felt herself tumbling over the edge an unbearable pressure hit the side of her throat over her carotid artery. It was too late, the pain from the heavy pressure sent her reeling as she gasped and cried out, her wrists and ankles tugging tight at her bindings leaving deep imprints as she felt her climax rush from within her and onto the fur, wet and slick.

She didn't realize the pressure was his mouth until she felt his lips press softly to the closing wound as he raised up from her throat and she paled at the thought – it couldn't be. His laughter made her blood cold, "Yes, I can be and I am, does that frighten you slave? Knowing that I have complete power over you and that I can do such things to you even if your morals tell you this is wrong?" She shook her head and panted trying to get herself free only to make him laugh harder before she felt his weight above her. Opening her mouth to scream he pressed his finger to her lips, "No, because if you do I will gag you again and you don't want that."

Her mouth closed, tears sneaking out from beneath the blindfold as he positioned himself over her, the head on his member brushing the metal that pierced her hood. Her body immediately betrayed her conflicted mind as he brushed up and down, back and forth over and over again until she was dripping wet once more with hot, fresh juices. Her nails bit into her palms as she clenched her fists and screamed when he slid into her in one long, steady stroke breaking through her barrier and sending pain recoiling through her pelvis and legs down to her toes which curled tight. He was merciless, not giving her a moment's pause as he slid in and out of her tight vise again and again, smooth hard strokes in a pace easy to keep until her walls began milking him. Against her will her body was begging for his, the strokes becoming hard thrusts that bounced her up until the restraints pulled tight at her ankles and moans ripped from her lungs out of instinct. She was appalled with herself, she shouldn't like being raped, yet there she was – bucking, moaning, sweating, her body begging for his sweet release once more. His thumb once again finding the metal and rotating in slow circles until she was nothing but a whore lost to a lust she had never known before and she wished she could muster the strength to show her hatred for her body's betrayal, but her logic was in it's own cage waiting for her primal instinct to be gone. An event that came to be as hot streams sprayed deep within her and she was left full of the sticky substance.

"Nothing but a greedy little slut. Look at you, still flushed and panting like a bitch in heat, pathetic. You'll be broken in by the end of the week. You will hold that inside of you until you are cleaned in the morning, slave. Enjoy your rest," he grinned before he left her alone in the room and she felt it slipping out of her onto the fur, she would be punished in the morning and she would fight back in the morning, but now she needed rest.

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