tagRomanceA Train Ride to - Love Ch 02

A Train Ride to - Love Ch 02


The weather was cooling... It was the beginning of September and the weather was definitely cooling. It was four weeks ago that Sarah had met Sam, met Sam and her life had somehow seemed empty ever since.

By the time she had emerged from the train there had been no sign of him, he had disappeared into the crowd and that had been that.

Every Friday since then Sarah had arrived at waterloo station at ten to three and her heart would do a little skip as she scanned the crowd looking for the tall, dark haired man who had so thoroughly kissed her.

She would climb onto the train and enter the same carriage and as the train would lurch into motion she would swallow her disappointment along with the slight sickly feeling.

It was September and she pulled on her jacket and changed summer dresses for snug fitting jeans and pretty blouses. She let her hair down and left it flowing in soft curls down her back.

It was six minutes to three as she clambered onto the train and dove into the nearest carriage just as the doors slammed closed and the train began to move.

Sam looked up at her as she turned from closing the door.

"How are you Sarah?"

She fell into the seat and sat staring at him. God he was gorgeous!

She cleared her throat and tried to sound casual. "I'm fine thank you Sam. How about you?"

"The same thanks."

He sat staring at her and she began to feel uncomfortable.

"What's the matter Sarah you don't look too happy to see me again."

He sneered a little, though more at himself, she thought "Don't worry I'm not about to attack you again."

She could not help but feel disappointed. She'd had a lot of fantasies about where that kiss might have led to - had they been anywhere else.

"Oh!" she sighed as she sat back in her seat and drew her legs up, tucking her feet under her.

Sam's eyes flashed at her before he looked down at her discarded shoes.

"I'm surprised that you can walk anywhere with heels like that!" He frowned at her.

"You sound just like my dad." She smiled. "I need the extra inches they give me."


"Just cos." she shrugged her shoulders. "They boost my confidence."

"Why would a girl like you need her confidence boosting?"

"What do you mean, 'a girl like me'?" she scowled at him preparing to be offended.

"Beautiful, intelligent... Nice," he finished lamely.

"Oh." she said again.

He leaned forward suddenly. "Did you miss me?" he asked softly.

"I'd only just met you Sam. I hate to break it to you but you didn't have that big an impact on my life!" she fibbed.

"Liar!" He moved across so that he was sitting next to her and took one of her hands in his.

"Don't tell me that you haven't once thought about me in these last few weeks."

"What are you doing Sam?" Sarah leaned away from him and tried to reclaim her hand. "You're spoken for... Remember?"

"I lied." He pulled her hand back, and bent and kissed it as he raised his eyes and met, and held hers; something seemed to flash in his, and Sarah felt a moment of alarm.

"You want this as much as I do," he said as he pulled her suddenly into his arms.

"Sam, please!" Sarah tried to arch away from him but he held her firmly.

His head lowered and his lips claimed hers. Soft and gentle, coaxing and seducing and Sarah was lost.

Sam pulled away, his breathing a little ragged.

"I knew it," he muttered, "I knew that it wasn't just a one off!"

Sarah sat upright moving away from him.

"What are you talking about Sam?"

He sat back keeping hold of her hand.

"All I've thought about for the last few weeks - is you Sarah."

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "It's stupid I don't know anything about you, but here I am sitting on a train I don't need to be on... just so that I can be with you."


"Yes Oh!" he growled at her as he moved to pull her close again.

She moved away in panic. "Please Sam!"

It was the sheer panic in her voice, that brought Sam back to reality; and he suddenly felt like a real lecher.

"God Sarah I'm sorry!" he brushed his hair back again and sighed. "I know that this is too much too soon but you drive me crazy. I look at you and all I want to do is hold you. I hold you and all I want to do is kiss you. I kiss you and all I want... well I don't think your quite ready for that!"

He got up suddenly and moved across to the other side again. Sarah breathed a small sigh, partly relief but partly she felt regret.

He was nice and safe across the other side, but he did have this tendency to stare at her; and that look in his eyes was very unsettling!

She searched for something to say but her mind was a complete blank.

"So what have you been doing these last few weeks?" she asked stiffly.

"Working... Not sleeping much... working." He shrugged dismissively.

"What do you do?"

"I deal in law," he said vaguely. He laughed suddenly. "We really don't know anything about each other; do we?"

"There wasn't exactly any opportunity to get acquainted last time; was there?"

"What do you do? What puts you on this train every Friday?"

"I do computers with a friend," she said promptly. "We do work for several of the smaller companies, some of them are still living in the dark ages though," she smiled.

"Friend? Was that the girl I saw you with, last time?"

"Yes. That was Maggie, we went to college together and when we left, we decided to try our hand at running our own business. Maggie's parents live in London and they let us stay in the flat over their garage for a small rent. They have always liked to travel a lot, so they never saw the need of owning a car, especially living in London where the most effective way of getting around is by using public transport." She grinned as she shrugged her shoulders, and held out her hands as if to emphasise the point.

"Maggie's dad had the garage turned into a workshop for us... and while they are away we can keep an eye on their home for them, so everyone is happy... then at the weekends I get to go home."

"To Derbyshire?"

"To Derbyshire," she confirmed with a nod of her head.

"What about you?" she asked. "Where do you live? Work? - Any family? You said you were over twenty-one, but how old are you?"

He held up his hand with a smile, and she stopped the beginnings of her interrogation.

"I'm thirty three, years old, and Scorpio is my star sign I believe." He grinned mockingly. "I live and work in London," he told her, "I have a flat there. My parents are both still alive, and well... and together thank you. I have two brothers both older than me - both married... and you Sarah... any family?" he changed the topic from him to her, so suddenly that all she could do was sit and blink at him for a moment as her thoughts reorganised themselves; from assimilating information, to gathering together and parting with information.

"Yes; mum and dad both alive, both well, and together still."

"Any siblings?"

She smiled slightly. "Yes thank you; I've two brothers..." she paused and then grinned mischievously, "and five sisters."

His eyebrows rose slightly. "Six daughters! Your dad must have his work cut out for him!"

Sarah laughed. "He has lots of grey hair, and a slightly manic look in his eyes - most of the time."

"Do you look much like your sisters?"

"There's a passing resemblance, but I think it's certain mannerisms that we have in common that gives the game away."

He looked at her, trying to picture several more like her.

He muttered something to himself before asking abruptly. "So what is the line up in this family of yours?"

"Well, Paula is the eldest then there's James. Samantha's next followed by Janey.

Then there is Laura, then Peter then Jenny. And last of all there's me." She pointed to herself for emphasis.

"So you're the baby of the family?" he mused softly.

Sarah grinned at him. "Scared yet?" She raised her brows and her grinned widened. "You should be you know."

Sam look at her blankly for a moment, before the implications of him fooling around with the baby of such a large - and female dominated family dawned on him.

He frowned at her. "Have you told them about me?" he asked warily.

She grinned again. "What's to tell? I met you once, we talked briefly – you kissed me - you left - I haven't seen you since." She shrugged her shoulders dismissively.

"Hah!" He leaned forward and ran his fingers through his hair, disgruntled by her reply.

"So tell me..." he suddenly asked, he kept his eyes on the ground, refusing to look at her; "your sisters, are any of them married?"

She scowled at him distrustfully. "The elder four are," she nodded. "Jenny - the next one up from me she's engaged to Keith, but they haven't settled on a date yet, they seem to be happy enough just living together at the moment – both my brother's are married." She added before he could ask.

"So there's just you left?"

The door was suddenly pulled open and they both jumped guiltily.

"Refreshments anyone?"

It was the same woman as before.

Sam looked up and then dug his hand in his pocket

"Coffee please." He looked across at Sarah, "what about you Sarah can I get you anything?"

Sarah giggled.

"Same please," she nodded her head and the tea lady poured two cups of coffee and handed them over.

"Anything else?"

Sam looked at her with his brow raised questioningly.

She giggled again then she shook her head. "Nothing for me, thank you."

He took out a five pound note and has he handed it over to the woman, realised what was amusing Sarah so much.

"Déjà vu?"

She giggled again and nodded her head.

The tea lady handed over his change and left, pulling the door closed behind her.

"Will you have dinner with me this evening Sarah?" Sam asked suddenly.

She beamed across at him. "I'd love to Sam!"

"Great! I'll pick you up at seven thirty?"

She scribbled down her address on a piece of paper and handed it to him. "Could you make that eight o'clock?"

"Sure." He sat back and started a casual conversation and Sarah felt herself relax.

The time flew and before she knew it, they were pulling into the station.

The train came to a halt and Sam walked onto the platform with her. At the entrance, he stopped and took her hand in his.

"I'll see you later," he told her softly, and bent and kissed her cheek. Then he turned and walked away from her... AGAIN!

She walked to the bus station and caught the bus, which would take her the rest of the way home.


Walking through the back door, she came straight into the kitchen. Her mum was there cooking dinner. "Hello love what are you doing here? Are you staying for dinner?"

"No mum; not tonight." She grinned at her mother, "I've got a hot date tonight so I won't see you until tomorrow."

"Anyone we know?"

"No and I need to go and get ready; so I haven't got time to tell you about him."

She kissed her mother on the cheek and left the house. Walking up the road and around the corner, humming happily to herself as she went. She walked down the path to the tiny two bed roomed house that was her home.

She had received a modest inheritance on her twenty-first birthday; and with it, and some savings; she had put down a nice healthy deposit on this house and been left with only a very small mortgage to pay off.

Her mum and dad had very soon after moved from the four bed roomed house; where she and her siblings had been raised, and moved to something smaller, with it just being the two of them now. They were quite content to let their children find their own way in the world as adults, and so everyone was quite happy.

Her sisters were always popping in on each other - when their work and family commitments allowed them the time that was.

Sarah entered her house and made straight for the kitchen. She put the kettle on and stood munching on a cookie while the water boiled. She made herself a cup of coffee, which she took upstairs with her. She left it cooling on her dressing table whilst she undressed and dove under the shower. Then wrapped in a bath towel she curled up in the chair in her bedroom and sipped at her coffee whilst she mulled over what to wear.

Sam went to the flat that he had rented in Derbyshire city centre. He poured himself a small brandy and then went to shower and shave. He was looking forward to taking Sarah out tonight, but was not sure how he felt about meeting her family. He had always managed to avoid this part of any relationship process. On the plus side though - at least he would not be able to get any ideas - or urges he could not control.

He dressed and left his flat at seven thirty. Walking down the main road, he could see a line of taxis.

He hopped into the first one and read off the address on the piece of paper. Then sat back and relaxed whilst the driver took him to Sarah.

The house the car pulled up at looked small, and a little shabby although nicely kept.

Sam frowned up at it. He just could not imagine Sarah and her siblings growing up in this shoebox.

Tiny alarm bells began to ring in Sam's head as he walked down the path and knocked at the door.

Sarah answered wearing a dark blue satin dress that swirled around her knees, and was cut dangerously low in the bodice. She looked absolutely stunning.

She smiled at him, and her eyes lit up at the sight of him; and he felt his good intentions crumbling fast.

"Hello Sarah, the taxi is waiting - if you're ready?"

She blinked and the smile faded into uncertainty.

"Yes, I just need my jacket and bag – if you'd like to come in for a moment?"

"I'll wait by the car for you." And he scurried off like a petty criminal.

She did not keep him waiting; and Sam heard the taxi driver give a low whistle as she walked towards the car.

Sam opened the door for her, and climbed in after her. Slamming the car door closed he told the driver the name of the restaurant and turned to Sarah as the car pulled away from the kerb.

"Whose house was that?" he demanded.

She looked surprised at his aggressive tone but answered calmly enough.

"That house was my home." she leaned forward and emphasised the words "MY HOME."

"I thought that you stilled lived at home - with your parents."

"I never said that!" she protested.

"You never denied it when I assumed that earlier either."

She sighed. "Does it matter?" she asked.

"Damn it I thought we would be chaperoned by your over protective family!"

"I think that you're over reacting Sam."

"That's all I ever seem to do around you Sarah, with one little look you have me feeling like a love sick teenager."

He ran his fingers through his hair and sat back with a sigh of exasperation.

Sarah itched to take his hands in hers, and tell him she felt the same way; but she held back.

Things were happening so fast that her head was beginning to spin.

He turned to face her again and smiled. "Let's just go and have some dinner and try and have a good time; shall we?" he asked.

She smiled at him with more than a little relief on her expressive face. "I'd like that."

The taxi came to a halt at the kerb, and after receiving his fee, left them standing on the pavement. Sam had not bothered tipping the man very generously, not after seeing the way that the driver had been eyeing Sarah through his wing mirror.

They entered the restaurant, and were escorted to their table; where they were handed menus, and were asked what they would like to drink.

Their drinks arrived, and then they were left in peace to study their menus.

After making their choices and placing their order, they were again left to chat for a while.

Sam was on his best behaviour, his talk was light and amusing; but his eyes whenever they rested on her were full of promise... and danger. Sarah could feel the butterflies in her stomach and the excitement building inside of her.

Afterwards she could not remember what she had eaten or what they had talked about. She could only remember Sam's burning eyes; and the way his look and touch made her feel.

At the end of the evening, Sam paid the bill and walked Sarah outside. A taxi pulled up next to them and they climbed inside.

"Where to?" the driver asked.

Sarah leaned forward and gave her address and the taxi pulled away.

"Would you like to come in for coffee?" she asked hesitantly.

Sam looked down at her. Her eyes were bright and she was a little breathless.

She was nervous but he also knew that she was excited – by him.

"I don't think that would be a good idea tonight," he told her sharply.

A few minutes later, the car pulled up outside her home, and Sarah climbed out of the car.

"Wait here. I won't be a minute," Sam told the driver as he followed Sarah out of the car. He slammed the car door closed and led Sarah to her front door.

She did not know what had changed, but Sam had gone from being a lighthearted companion, with the promise of becoming, something more... and now he seemed impatient and irritable - as if eager to be gone from her.

Her hands were shaking as she fumbled through her bag, looking for her keys. At last, she found them and pulled them out with a tiny sob of relief.

With a little curse of pent up frustration, Sam pulled her close and put his mouth over hers. The kiss was brutal, and her lips were being crushed; but all she could do was to hang on to him.

He pulled away abruptly. "WHEN I do enter your house Sarah it will NOT be for coffee."

He took her keys from her and unlocked her door.

"Now go inside and lock your damned door - before I change my mind and we BOTH do something we'll regret."

"Goodnight Sam." Sarah whispered through her tears, as she ran into her home and slammed the door too behind her, letting the catch fall into place.

She leaned against it and listened to the slam of the taxi door and then the car pulled away.

Only after she was sure she could not hear it any more did she move.

She climbed up her stairs and headed for bed, she felt totally drained and all she wanted to do was curl up in her bed and dream about Sam, the way she had been doing for the last few weeks.

She undressed in a daze and slipped her nightgown over her head, and then she crawled under her covers.

She barely knew the man but she knew that she was falling in love with him.

It had probably been love at first sight and she had been too dense to spot it.

Her instincts told her that he was a good man. Her heart told her that he would be a loving partner. Her body though, her body was jut screaming at her. 'What are you doing you fool? What are you waiting for?' Yes, her body knew that Sam would be everything that a lover should be!

When Sam let himself into his flat, he made straight for the shower pulling off his clothes as he went.

The cold water blasting over him was agony, but he deserved nothing less!

The thoughts he had about Sarah, the lust that raged through him every time he was around her. Well, he was almost out of control. He had never felt like this about ANY woman and he had dated some seriously gorgeous women in his time. None of them had ever got to him, the way that Sarah did, and he was just not sure how to deal with it... or with her.

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