tagBDSMA Treat for Daddy's Girl

A Treat for Daddy's Girl


EVERYONE in this story is over 18 years of age and everything is done with consent.


Daddy called me and told me to be ready at 6 o'clock and to meet him in our special place. I am always excited to see him. He makes our time together special because he is very busy and we don't get to spend as much time together as I would like.

I am there a few minutes early because I want to be Daddy's good girl and I don't want to upset him. But he still is there when I get there and I hurry and get into his car and he looks at his watch and looks at me. I look at the floor, I don't say anything just look at the floor, I am not sure if he is upset with me or happy because I arrive before I am supposed to. Daddy backs out of the parking lot and still hasn't said anything to me the tension in the car is palpable.

"I am glad you were on time tonight my good girl. I have a treat for you tonight." Daddy says.

I am relieved that I pleased him; my goal is to always be his good girl. It is a hard thing to do because he expects so much from me, but I do my best. However sometimes, I can be quite rebellious.

"What do you have planned for me tonight Daddy?"

"That is a surprise, but I know you will I love it." He tells me. He continues driving and he is heading towards downtown. There are so many possibilities the direction we are going.

"Life your skirt." He commands. I lift my skirt and what he sees just what he expects to see, no panties, his pussy bare and wet waiting for his command.

"Spread your legs wide open"

I spread my legs as wide as I can in the car. The smell of my sex is permeating the car.

"Touch yourself for me, girl."

I touch my clit and then run my hand down my lips and a finger slides into my pussy it is so wet with excitement.

"Do not cum girl." Daddy demands.

"Yes Daddy." I reply as I rub my clit and feel it getting harder. I lift my hips off the seat, I already want to cum, but know that if I do, I will be punished and that I will not get my surprise.

I want to touch my tits too; they are rock hard and want to be touched so badly. Daddy reaches over and slaps first one then the other tit and I gasp and moan.

I come back to reality a little bit and see we are headed into the heart of downtown. There are many places he could be taking me; he hasn't given me any clue yet as to where we are going.

"Keep touching yourself, I want to watch you."

"Sorry Daddy, I didn't realized I had stopped." I reply and start touching myself again.

He slaps my on my clit. I jump not expecting that.

"My god girl, you are so wet." Daddy says.

He pulls into a parking garage and finds a place to park. "Cum for me girl!"

I rub my clit and finger fuck my pussy it doesn't take me long to get to the edge and jump off.

"Oh Daddy" I scream as I cum.

"Clean your fingers off, and put down your skirt girl. We have things to do."

I put my fingers in my mouth and taste the sweet, saltiness of my juices and want to cum again, I love how I taste. I straighten my skirt and wait for my next instructions. Daddy pats my leg and gets out of the car.

"Come on girl."

I hurry up and get out of the car and take his hand and follow him a couple of steps behind like I have been instructed to. My eyes are looking at the ground. I follow Daddy not knowing where we are going.

He opens a door and I follow him in. I look up and see we are in an adult theatre. This excites me; we have talked about this for a long time. Daddy plans on showing me off tonight this makes me even wetter still, my thighs are slick with my juices. He pays the admission and takes me by the hand and leads me to the front and up on stage.

"Undress girl." He commands.

I begin taking off my clothes and lay them down next to the wall. I stand next to him with my arms behind my back hands clasped together.

"Tonight, my slut is here for all to use. Here are the rules. 1. No Cumming inside her, you can cum all over her such as her belly, face or hair. 2. Do not hit or spit on her, no pulling of hair or anything else that can cause pain. 3. You may use any and all holes to fuck. 4. Do not let her cum. 5. Do not kiss her. If you stray from these rules you will have me to deal with and that will not be pleasant for you. Who will be first?"

The first man to come up on stage had his cock out, he was already hard. "Suck my cock girl."

I get on my knees and open my mouth and he shoved his cock in my mouth. I sucked on his cock, he was so close to cumming already it didn't take long for me to feel him stiffen and pull out right before he started spurting cum all over my face.

I knelt there with his cum dripping down my face and I was in heaven, my Daddy knows how much the humiliation of this turns me on.

The next one gets the nerve to come up on stage and has his cock in his hand stroking it to make it harder. He bends me over and puts me on all fours and fucks me doggy style.

I can hear the hecklers in the audience giving him directions as everyone is getting into it, no one is watching the movie anymore they are more into the live show. He fucks me faster and I can tell he is about to cum. He pulls out and cums all over my back and he lets out a moan as he does.

The cum on my face is drying and now my back is covered in cum as well, next thing I know I have a dick in my mouth and another one in my pussy. I overhear them talking to each other and they have decided to cum at the same time. I am still on all fours and I am having a hard time keeping still, I am being fucked from both ends and they are both going faster and faster, as they pull out at the same time I fall to the ground and one cums in my hair and the other cums on my ass. After they put their cocks away they give each other a high five as they head back to their seats. I can feel the cum dripping over my hair and down my back.

"Girl are you having a good time?" Daddy whispers to me.

"Yes Daddy I am, I don't want to stop."

The next one comes up on stage and has me get on all fours again and touches my ass. I know he wants to fuck my ass. He brings out his hard cock and rubs it over my hole he sticks it in a little bit then pulls out. I moan wanting more of him. He gets the idea and pushes his cock all the way in and I feel his balls hit my pussy. While he is fucking my ass, someone comes up and puts their cock in my mouth and face fucks me at the same time.

The one in back is going faster and faster I know he is getting close. He grabs my hips and pulls out and spurts all over my ass. The man in fucking my mouth I can feel his cock getting ready to cum, he lifts me up so he can cum all over my tits. He shoves his cock down my throat one last time then comes out and finishes by spraying all over my tits.

I have cum all over me and I can feel it dripping from my rock hard nipples. I want to rub it all over my body, but Daddy has not told me I can do that. So I wait for what is going to happen next.

"One more then it is time for you to cum for everyone. Lay down for Daddy."

I do as I am told. Now there is a line at the bottom of the stairs waiting to fuck me.

"Whoever wants to cum on my girl needs to come up here now, because she will be putting on a show for you very shortly."

Several of them come up on stage and stand around me, all of them stroking their cocks. I want to touch myself so badly, but I know that will displease Daddy. I lay as still as I can, but it is becoming harder and harder to wait on these men to cum all over me. Soon the first one cums and spurts all over my face, then the next one cums and the next one, soon I am covered in cum. I love the feeling of having so much cum all over my body. I am a cum slut there is no doubt. I want to cum myself so badly.

"Now it is time for my girl to cum for all of you." My Daddy announces to the audience. As I look out to the audience I see that many of them have gathered around the edges of the stage for the show, this makes me even more excited. I make sure I am positioned that everyone can see. "Girl now it is your turn. Do what you do best."

"Yes Daddy."

I touch my clit and rub my pussy, as I am doing this my Daddy bends down next to me and slaps my tits first my left then my right again and again. This makes me hotter still. I finger fuck myself faster and faster as he slaps my tits, I lift my hips trying to get farther in my cunt.

"Cum now, my girl." Daddy demands. I moan and scream "oh god" and I cum hard and I squirt all over the stage over and over again.

When I come back to reality Daddy is holding me close and telling me I am his good girl. He helps me to get dressed and kisses me on the forehead. Daddy holds my hand as we leave the theatre and walk back to his car.

"I am very proud of my good girl"

"Thank you Daddy. I am glad I could make you proud of me." I am covered in dried cum walking down the street next to my Daddy and I am as happy as I have ever been.

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