tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Trip to Singapore Ch. 03

A Trip to Singapore Ch. 03


By the time we had the tent set up, I was hot and sweaty and so was Bridge. One thing about the tropics, it's always muggy. I looked around, and our neighbors were nowhere to be seen. Most of the beach was visible from our camping area -- I saw no one anywhere. Bridge had just slipped out of her shorts; she was wearing the less risqué thong underneath, when I told her that I didn't see our neighbors anywhere. I said that maybe this would be a good time for her to wear the "other" bikini.

At first she said "absolutely not". I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me, kissed the back of her neck and fondled her bottom, which of course caused me to rise to the occasion. She pushed her bottom back against me and asked where I thought "they" were. I told her they were probably out somewhere on a hike or in their tent acting like teenagers, which maybe we should do too. She pulled away, stepped out of the tent and looked around. Not seeing anyone she asked if I really wanted her to wear it, and when I said I did, she said "why?" I told her I wanted her to be naughty, and sexy and hot -- and that it made me hot when she was almost naked.

I could tell she wanted to, but didn't, all at the same time. She stood there for a minute, looked around as if to see if anyone was around, then stepped back into the tent pulling the flap closed. A few minutes later she poked her head out of the tent and looked around, then stepped out wearing the micro thong. The first thing I noticed was that her nipples were hard. So far I'd found her nipples to be responsive to my sucking and touching, but otherwise weren't normally hard.

The crotch barely covered her pussy lips, her hard little nipples barely covered by the tiny swatches of cloth from the bra. The string back left her nude from behind, and she was definitely HOT. While she'd been in changing I'd grabbed a bottle of wine and some cheese, salami and crackers and some plastic glasses to take to the beach with us. When she came out, she picked up our towels and we walked down to the beach.

It was almost sunset; we were on the eastern shore of the island so we were in deep shadows. We set the stuff down and waded out into the water for a bit, a little over knee deep. I asked Bridge how she was doing, and she said she was really nervous as she felt completely naked. She kept repositioning the cloth between her legs, but her lips kept wanting to pop out so the cloth would ride up in her slit so the bottoms covered little more than her clit. I told her to relax; we went back down to the beach and sat down on our towels. I gave her some wine, and cut the cheese and salami. No sooner had I laid it back on the plastic bag than I looked up and saw our neighbors walking down the beach toward us.

They were dressed in shorts and shoes, she also had a bra although he was shirtless; they'd obviously been walking a trail that started and ended at the end of the beach. Where we were, they were going to have to come right by us. I said to Bridge "Don't look now but here come our neighbors."

Bridge immediately stood up and said "I'll be right back" and headed back to the tent. By the time our neighbors arrived at my location, she had disappeared into the tent. Our new neighbors stopped and said hello and we started the "where ya from" conversation. I asked if they'd care to join us for some wine and crackers, they said they'd love to. I told them that Bridge would be right back, and when I looked up she was already walking back, now with her other swim bra and shorts -- I presumed she was now wearing her other thong -- the one that actually covered something.

It seemed like we'd only been there maybe 10 minutes and already it had gone from twilight to nearly dark. We introduced ourselves all around, found out that they, John and Marie, weren't newlyweds, but nearly so -- only having been married for slightly over a year. He'd been to the area with his parent's years before and had brought his new wife to show her Thailand. We shared the wine, and after just a little, it was practically gone. John excused himself saying he'd be right back, and soon was -- carrying not one, but two more bottles of wine and some grapes. We shared alike, and soon we all had a buzz going on.

The horizon over the water was turning light again with moonrise. Eventually, despite the warmth of the day, the slight movement of air off the water made it feel quite cool and by mutual agreement, with nearly three bottles of wine polished off, we parted ways.

I was inebriated, Bridge was just flat drunk. "Wine makes me want sex" she told me as we staggered up to the tent. I asked her if there was anything that didn't make her want sex -- and after a moment she laughed and said "No." We sort of put our stuff, what little was left, away, but mostly we sort of collapsed into our tent, and began kissing and fondling each other. It took nothing to get our clothes off and soon we were both naked. "If they hadn't shown up when they did I'd have done you right there on the beach" Bridge said.

"Have you ever made love on the beach?" I asked. She shook her head no.

"Neither have I," I replied, as my plan began to form in my head. I stood up, poked my head out of the tent and looked at our neighbors. There was a light on in their tent, I could see shadows. I grabbed my shoes and tossed Bridge hers, and said "come on."

Bridge started reaching for her shorts and I said "Forget those --it's dark and they're in their tent -- I'm going naked. Wear your pearl thong."

"Just the thong?" she asked. I affirmed the decision, and she agreed. She pulled the thong out of her bag, slipped her shoes on, I grabbed her hand and a towel and we stepped out into the darkness. She stopped at the door, carefully looking around with just her head out of the tent before she followed me outside. We were slightly in the shadow of the trees, and as we walked toward the beach we stepped out into the open. The areas that had been bright and sunny during the day were now virtually bright as day from the moon, at night. The night wasn't near as hiding as I'd thought it would be, and the white waistband of the thong shown as if lit with a black light.

We walked to the beach, where our passion finally caught up with us. As I'd found out before, the pearl thong aroused Bridge so she virtually orgasmed as we walked. We fucked and sucked until it seemed like we had sand and cum everywhere, then went into the water to clean off. We shook the towel off and dried ourselves as best we could. I again told Bridge "Come on" and taking her hand we left our towels and shoes and walked naked in the moon light to the cliff at the far end. The breeze had stopped; the sea was dead calm and reflecting moonlight -- a dreamlike setting. I stopped in the shadow at the far end of the beach and pulling Bridge to me, we kissed. Not the passion of "I want to fuck again" but just a "thanks, this is great" kiss. We held each other for a few moments, than began our walk back toward the towel.

We picked up our towels and shoes, Bridge put the thong back on, and we headed back up for our tent. Right at the narrow point of the trail where we stepped out of the shadow into the wide area and headed toward our tent, I looked up and coming across the field directly toward us, were John and Marie. I stopped and Bridge whispered, "Why'd you stop?" I stepped aside and she gasped and tried to cover herself, but there was no where to go. Still in the shadow, they hadn't seen us, but I'd seen them -- and even from the distance could tell they were also naked.

When they got about 20 yards away, John recognized us standing in the shadow and suddenly stopped. Marie bumped into him and said "What's wrong?"

I heard his British accent say "I think we aren't the only ones naked on the beach tonight."

Marie, like Bridge, was at first trying to cover her breasts with her arm, but her only protection was to stand behind John, as Bridge was standing behind me, so she just gave up. I laughed and said "We beat you to the pool but it's all yours now". I took Bridges hand and pulling her along we walked right by them and said "Goodnight -- have a good time."

They walked on by; I was right -- they were both naked too. Bridge and I stopped by the bathrooms and washed up. I checked my watch, thinking it must be midnight, and was surprised to find it was only a little bit after 8. By the time we got to our tent we were both beat, but horny. Bridge didn't want to admit it, but she was quite turned on by having been seen outside naked, or at least nearly so. After a somewhat sedate round of lovemaking -- for us -- we both fell asleep quite rapidly.

After too many years of rising early, I awoke just before dawn whether I needed to or not. I got up and went to the restroom and took a leak and then walked naked down to the shore. The stars were just disappearing, the horizon turning orange. The water was like a mirror, no wind, just a few small waves. I went for a swim, then walked back to the tent and climbed back into bed with Bridge. She was still asleep, and in trying not to wake her I fell asleep again, only to be awakened an hour or so later by some noises. Rising and looking out of the tent I found that there was a caretaker or ranger or someone emptying trashcans and doing some minor things. Shit, I'd thought we were alone, I didn't realize that someone lived there too. So much for my thoughts of taking Bridge skinny dipping again before the boats arrived that would bring more people and take us back. I crawled back in with Bridgette again, and this time she asked what the noise was. I explained and she said she'd wondered if maybe there wasn't a caretaker on the island.

We got up and dressed, and broke out the breakfast we'd brought along and took it down to the shore to eat. I told Bridge she should wear her pearl thong again, but she said she wouldn't in the daytime. When I asked her about the skimpy thong, she just looked at me and put on the not so skimpy one. Naked or not, she looked good and I told her so.

We ate on the shoreline, and then once again walked down the beach to the far end. We'd been there all alone for maybe half an hour, and the sun was now coming up and it was beginning to get quite warm. Although it had not really cooled down during the night, being in the sun was much hotter. We went for a swim, then started walking back up the beach towards our stuff, and as I glanced ahead I saw John and Marie stretching out towels in the vicinity of where our stuff was. As we approached, I at first thought that they were both naked, then I realized that both of them had something on, Marie had a thong, but her top was untied as she was lying face down. I wasn't sure what John was wearing, but his butt was bare although he had a waistband. We walked up to them and bid them good morning, to which they both rolled over and sat up. Marie pulled her top strings together and asked John to tie them which he did. I glanced down and could see that John's balls and penis were in some kind of a sack, tied around his waist with the strap I'd seen from behind. John said "We'll I see you two have a bit more clothing on than last night."

I laughed and said "The same can be said for you, although I've never seen that before," motioning at his crotch. "What do you call that?"

"It's almost a thong -- but it's called a jock sock. You know the Thai's officially frown on nudity and even topless women, but they sell bikinis and thongs and swimwear that sure doesn't cover much. I guess it meets the letter of the law." I glanced over at Marie, although she had on a top, it was nearly as small as the top for Bridgette's micro-thong. She was much more amply endowed than Bridgette, and it did little more than cover her nipples. I commented that with only the four of us there, we probably didn't even need what little we had on until the boats showed up. John said that this was there second day on the island, and that the previous morning when they'd been alone they were naked and the ranger had come down and told them that nudity and topless was forbidden so they'd put these on and he hadn't said anything else. He said they, like us, hadn't even realized there was a ranger that stayed there as his house was well secluded from the camping area.

We sat and had a conversation with them for quite some time, lying in the sun, just feeling the warmth of the morning. When it finally began to get too hot as the sun got higher, I stood up to go swimming and realized that our boat was on the horizon. We told our new friends we needed to go break down our tent and get ready to go, and left them on the beach.

When we got to the tent Bridgette was all over me, rubbing my crotch. "I want you to wear one of those" she said. I told her that was pretty skimpy; I didn't know if I had the balls to wear something like that. "Now you know how I feel," she said, "it's no less skimpy than the little bikini and you want me to wear that."

"Yeah," I answered, "and you won't wear that either."

"If you wear one of those, I'll wear the thong" she said. I looked her in the eyes, but she wasn't bluffing. "Deal" I said, grinning and holding out my hand. We shook on it. I wasn't going to go out of my way to look for one, I wondered if she would.

We gathered our stuff and took it down to the beach. The boat didn't arrive for maybe another 30 minutes after that, and we waited for all the other tourists to get off before we loaded our stuff on the ferry boats that took us out to the deeper water and the bigger boat. It was still going to be quite some time before they left so we bought some lunch and soon enough we were headed back to Koh Samuai.

Back at our hotel, the first order of business was a shower, sex of course, and then Bridgette wanted to go shopping. We wandered through the streets, stopping at individual stores and small malls. She found some clothes she bought, really nice business type attire, and then we found a lingerie and swimwear store. We looked at the swimwear, some bikinis, some practically nothing, others full coverage one piece. Bridgette said something to the clerk that I didn't understand, but I did recognize her beckoning. I followed Bridgette and the clerk, and suddenly there they were: male thongs, and just like John had on, the Jock Sock's. Bridgette sorted through them, finally pulling out a non-descript (yeah, right) bright red one. I had no choice in the matter; I recognized exactly what she said when she told the sales clerk "We'll take this one."

When we got back to the room, Bridgette couldn't wait for me to try on the sock. It had an elastic bottom that hooked under my scrotum, and a draw string on top that basically closed the package. I took my clothes off, put it on, and immediately saw the problem. Pubic hair - everywhere. Bridgette giggled and started running her fingers through my curly pubes that were completely surrounding the sock. "Maybe we should put bows in your hairs?" she laughed. I couldn't help but laugh myself, I was pretty comical looking. There was only one thing to do, I took it back off and Bridgette led me naked into the bathroom.

She had me sit on the bathroom counter, while she rummaged through her bag and came up with a pair of little scissors. She handed me the scissors and I proceeded to trim my pubes, which to that point in time had not been cut since I had my vasectomy, as short as I could. While I was trimming, she got out the razor. She watched until everything was pretty short, then she took over. Lathering up my cock and balls, she began to shave me, holding my cock to one side or the other. Her handling of me caused me to grow until finally I was completely erect. She said nothing, just continued to stroke my skin everywhere making sure she got all the stubble off. She took a washcloth after that, and washed me to make sure all the soap was gone, then grabbing my cock like a handle said "come on" and pulled me along into the bedroom. She pushed me down onto the end of the bed, knelt in front of me, and proceeded to make love to my cock with her mouth.

So far in our relationship, she hadn't really given me a blow job, at least not to completion. She'd used her mouth on me a few times, to get me hard again, or just in foreplay, but primarily our sex had been fucking. When I shaved her pubes, which I'd done every Friday when we got together, I'd go down on her afterward, but she hadn't yet done the same to me.

This time she made up for it. Kneeling before me, she worked my cock with her tongue and mouth, slowly, exquisitely, knowing exactly what she was doing and savoring every minute of it. Now that my cock and balls were naked, she licked and sucked my entire package, sometimes using her hands, sometimes just her mouth, but slowly working me to an exquisite orgasm. When I finally came, she didn't pull back but took me in her mouth, sucking until I quit pumping. I'd been leaning back on my elbows but collapsed onto my back, spent.

"That was nice. I should have had you shave before."

"If I'd have known you were going to do that, I would have."

That evening she had me wearing my new sock under my pants, and whenever she could she was rubbing her hand over my bottom, feeling the fit of them on my bare ass. When we finally retired to our room for the night she didn't need any foreplay to be ready to fuck -- which we did.

The following morning, our final in Thailand, was slow and luxurious. We slept in, entertained ourselves in bed before finally rising and heading off to breakfast. The buffet at the hotel restaurant was almost done for the day when we arrived. The restaurant was virtually empty; there were three women at the buffet that immediately caught my attention due to their looks. I at first thought they were alone, then realized their men were sitting at a large table in the back drinking coffee. That was only temporary as their husbands and/or boyfriends joined just a few minutes later.

All three were good looking. The shortest one, Marisa, was Filipina, with a beautiful face and an American accent. The other two were Spanish, both of medium height. Carmen, was blond haired and blue eyed, and was wearing shorts with a tight fitting pink tank top, without a bra. The subtle bounce of her breasts as she walked was mesmerizing. The third gal, Maria, was about the same size as Carmen, but much larger busted. She had on a swimsuit bra with a mesh cover-up, and short shorts.

We said hello to them as we went through the buffet, Bridgette began a conversation with them and before we were done getting our food they had invited us to join them at their table. They mentioned that they hadn't seen us the last couple of days and wondered if we'd just arrived. We explained that we were back, that we'd spent two days at Mu Koh Angthong camping, and actually this was our last day. We said we just planned on spending the day on the beach until we had to leave that afternoon. They said that they were planning on spending the day on the beach themselves, and invited us to join them.

After breakfast I checked with the desk to see if we could get a late check out, and they agreed as our room was going to be unused until the following day. I made all the arrangements for transportation to the airport, and returned to the room to find Bridgette already "dressed" in the mini-bikini, and laid out on the bed was my jock sock. I could see Bridgette's nipples were hard, I wasn't sure whether it was because of what she was wearing, or whether it was because of what I was supposed to wear -- or maybe both. I didn't hesitate, went ahead and put the sock on, which immediately had Bridgette running her hands all over my ass and cupping my package. I started to rise to her touch and told her to knock it off or I wouldn't be able to go to the beach just yet. She laughed and we both put on shorts and shirts to walk through the hotel.

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