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A Trip to the Gynecologist


Today was the day that my annual GYN exam was scheduled. It's one of those things that most women must endure for their health, but not something that they anticipate or enjoy. I know I feel very vulnerable as I lie there with my feet in the stirrups and my legs wide open as my private areas are exposed and explored.

Although my appointment wasn't until 1:00, I decided to take the day off work so I could relax, and get myself ready for my exam. I always take extra care washing on the day of my exam. Although the smells of a vagina are enticing in the heat of passion, the odor can be unpleasant at other times, and even in a medical environment, the thought of someone being close enough to smell my vagina in a non-sexual experience mortifies me. So, I took a long shower this morning, taking great care in washing my vagina and anus with soap and water to ensure that my private areas were clean. I trimmed my pubic hair, and washed it with soap and water to ensure that there were no dried vaginal fluids in there. After shaving my legs and armpits, I let the hot water from the showerhead cascade over my body and rinse the soap suds away.

I arrived at the doctor's office about 15 minutes early, and filled out the medical history form. I took a seat in the waiting room, and flipped through a magazine as I anxiously awaited the medical assistant to call my name. She called me in shortly after 1:00, and took me back to ask me when I had my last period (three weeks ago), take my blood pressure (better than it had been last year), and weigh me (I'm down 10 pounds since May). She lead me into the exam room, and instructed me to strip from the waist down, and unhook my bra strap.

I quickly took off my shoes, socks, jeans, and panties, and sat on the exam table, covering myself with a paper sheet. Brenda, the nurse who would be examining me, came into the room within a few minutes, and asked me for more detailed information on my medical history. She asked if I wanted to have my first mammogram, but I decided to put it off, since there isn't a history of breast cancer in my family. Sitting on the exam table half naked, covered only by a paper sheet was a bit uncomfortable as I answered all of her questions.

Brenda is a wonderful nurse practitioner. Her bedside manner is very caring and tender, and she really talks you through the exam. She always makes me feel at ease and comfortable during an exam. She has a light and tender touch that is very soothing in the exam.

I have to admit that I do find my GYN exam to be somewhat erotic, and after the exam, I do sometimes fantasize Brenda's lips on my breasts and vagina when I am masturbating. Brenda is an attractive but plain looking woman with a wonderful personality. Even though I understand that the exam is a clinical environment, and Brenda's job, I have to admit her hands on my breasts and deep inside my vagina really make me feel good.

Once I answered all of Brenda's questions, she began the physical exam. She listened to my heart, and checked my glands by feeling by looking at and feeling my throat.

Brenda then supported my back, and instructed me to lie back on the exam table so she could examine my breasts. She positioned my arms about my head and lifted my shirt and bra off of my breasts. I have large breasts (44D) with very sensitive nipples. As soon as Brenda's warm hand applied pressure on my breasts in small hard circles, my nipples turned rock hard. I took a few deep breaths as her hand felt for masses on my breasts. With deep, firm circle, her fingers slowly covered every inch of by breasts, making my body react with waves of pleasure down to my vagina. She looked closely at my nipples for signs of discharge. She told me that my breasts looked great, and commented how they are the same size, as many women have one breast larger than the other.

When she was done with my breast exam, Brenda gently cupped each breast and fitted them back into my bra. She pulled my t-shirt back over my breasts and began to feel my abdomen, asking if I had any pain or discomfort at her touch. Other than a little ticklishness, I felt no pain as she applied firm pressure on my abdomen.

Brenda then moved to the bottom of the table and pulled the stirrups up to start the pelvic exam. She gently guided each of my feet into the stirrups, and reminded me to try to relax as she spread my legs apart. Brenda asked me to slide my butt close to the edge of the exam table. She lifted the paper sheet away and sat on a rolling stool, moving inches away from my moist vagina. She spread my legs a little further apart, and gently pushed aside my clitoral hood and closely looked at the outside of my vagina. She told me that my skin looked really good between my legs.

She then took a large plastic speculum attached to a small light from a nearby tray. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to relax, as she inserted it deep into my vagina. I felt the walls of my vagina expand as she used the speculum to widen the space so she could get a better look inside. She moved her face close to my vagina and I could feel her warm breath on my clitoris as she looked inside me. She told me that my cervix looked excellent.

Brenda then took a sterile cotton swab and inserted it into my vagina. She scrapped it against my cervix to take a sample for my pap smear. She then gently removed the speculum from my vagina.

Brenda then told me that she was going to feel inside my vagina. She put some lubricating jelly on her gloved fingers and slid two fingers deep inside my vagina. I have to admit that when she put her fingers inside of me, it took my breath away. I involuntarily closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of Brenda's long dainty fingers wiggling in my vagina. With her second hand, Brenda pressed down on my abdomen as she continued to feel inside my vagina, and checked my ovaries. This portion of the exam lasted only about a minute, but I enjoyed the feel of Brenda's fingers deep inside me so much that I wished could have lasted a bit longer.

After removing her fingers from my vagina, Brenda pulled the paper sheet back over my vagina, and assisted me as I pulled my legs out of the stirrups and relaxed. She removed her gloves, and washed her hands. After exchanging a few pleasantries, she told me she would see me next year, and left the room so I could get dressed.

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