tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Trip to the Mall

A Trip to the Mall


It was a warm spring day when Janis decided to go shopping. She pulled out a black skirt, which would hang just above her knees, a pink pull over sweater, a pink bra and matching g-string. Feeling frisky she reached into her top dresser drawer and pulled out a pair of thigh-hi’s, which had a dark seam running down the back. Finally she selected her 4 in stiletto’s to complete the outfit. As she looked in her mirror she realized some stock boys would definitely have a hard on today.

Getting in her car, she put the top down. As she drove to the mall, she felt the freedom of the wind blowing thru her hair, not realizing that her skirt was also blowing around her legs flashing the truckers as she past them. As she pulled up to the toll booth, she passed a black pickup, catching the attention of the driver, seeing the pink panties and stocking tops peeking from under her skirt. Mike reached into his lap, feeling his cock thru his cotton running shorts; not wearing underwear may have been a good choice today.

The mall was a short distance from the tollbooths; she didn’t realize the guy in the pickup was tailing her. Pulling into the parking she had no problem finding a spot, it was early in the day, the mall would not be crowded now. Again she failed to realize that the pickup truck had pulled into a spot a few cars down.

Janis entered the mall and headed straight the her favorite clothing store, eager to try on an evening gown that she had seen a few days before. At this time of day the store would not be crowded and she would not have to fight with other shoppers for a spot in the dressing rooms. As she entered the store a saleswoman greeted her, Janis explained that she knew exactly what she wanted, and wouldn’t need any help today. She went immediately to the rack, which contained the dress she was interested in. Grabbing the dress she went immediately to the dressing rooms, which were down a narrow corridor. She went to the furthest one so she could take her time without interruptions.

Mike had followed Janis thru the mall and watch her enter the store, as Janis grabbed the dress mike entered the store. The saleswoman asked if she could help. Mike explained that he was just looking for something for his wife and wouldn’t need assistance right away. As the girl went to help another customer, mike grabbed a pair of stockings from the shelf, and after a quick check to make sure no one was looking, followed Janis into the dressing room. Once in the passageway he removed the stockings from the package. The dressing room doors were full size that went all the way to the floor, peering thru the slats Mike made his way to the last one, their he saw Janis, her skirt was already removed, she stood their admiring her body in the mirror. Standing in her pink g- string she thought to herself of the good job she had done to keep her figure at 39, she still felt and looked sexy.

Janis began to remove her sweater, pulling it over her head, mike entered the room and grabbed her hands, pinning them above her head, he also covered her mouth with his free hand, shutting the door with his foot, and he instructed Janis not to scream. Reaching under the sweater he put he gently put one of the stocking into Janis’s mouth, the other stocking he wrapped around Janis’s sweater covered wrist. Having her face the wall he hooked her hands on a coat hook. Her hands were tightly bound above her head, the sweater blocked her vision, although she had had fantasies of being tied up against her will, now that it was a reality really frightened her.

Mike took a deep breath, the smell of Janis’s perfume filled the room, he made sure the door was locked. He breathe deeply, running his fingers down Janis’s back, he ran his hands over her tight ass cheeks. Slowly he ran his hand between her cheeks, stopping when he felt his fingers reach the wet spot in her panties, her fear was giving way to excitement, as she sensed she was not in physical danger. Mike traced his fingers back up her ass crack then in one swift motion slapped her ass cheek, which initially shocked Janis, but gave way to a pleasurable sensation. Kneeling behind her he began kissing and sucking and Janis’s ass cheek, pulling her away from the wall, which forced her to bend forward, he moved the g-string aside and began to tongue between her legs moving towards her cunt. Slowly she spread her legs, allowing him more access to her love box.

Her juices began to flow as Mike moved his tongue up to her cunt hole. She spread her legs more and leaned further forward, exposing her clit to his tongue. Just as Janis began to enjoy Mikes tongue, he stood up and removed his shorts. His cock sprung into action. Mike stood behind Janis and slid his cock between her thighs; pass her cunt hole up to her clit. Feeling his hard cock rub on her clit, brought Janis to the brink of orgasm just then mike pull his cock back and in one motion pushed his cock into her hole, driving it deep. Janis clamped down with her pussy muscles, wanting to keep his cock deep inside her, this aroused Mike even more, making him thrust harder and harder.

As Mike pumped Janis’s cunt he could hear her moan through the stocking in her mouth, he pumped her harder feeling her cunt pulsating with each thrust, she began to pump him back not wanting it to stop, she was slowly giving in to the excitement. Suddenly Mike stopped and pulled out not wanting to cum yet, he sat on the floor with his head between her legs and began to suck on Janis’s swollen clit. Reaching up he inserted two fingers into her wet pussy, putting them in deeper and deeper. A feeling began to overtake Janis as she began to orgasm violently, thrusting her hips into his finger, her pussy juice flowing from her, running down Mike’s face and chin.

Mike slowly stopped pumping Janis, with his fingers. Standing behind her once again he began to rub her wet pussy with his hard cock. Her swollen cunt lips moistening his shaft, he slid his cock deeply inside her, lubricating his shaft more. The smell of sex filled the tiny room, exciting Janis even more. Reaching under the sweater that covered Janis’s face, mike put his pussy soaked fingers up to Janis’s mouth, pulling the stocking out; he inserted his fingers into her mouth. She eagerly sucked on them. Removing his cock from her cunt, and reaching up he unhooked her hands from the coat hook. Whispering he instructed her to get on her knees facing him. Raising the sweater just above her mouth, he one inserted his hard cock into her mouth, still holding her arms above her head, maintaining control. Janis could smell the mixture of sex and sweat in his pubic hairs, his cock began to pulsate in her mouth, his strokes became shorter and faster, driving his cock deep into her mouth. He came suddenly shooting warm cum deep into her mouth, she tried to swallow it all, but there was too much, it began to spill out her mouth along the shaft of his cock. Afterwards he withdrew his cock and rubbed it on her lips. As he went soft he let go of her arms, she fell forward into a kneeling position, cum still in her mouth and on her cheeks. He put on his shorts, and without saying a word unlocked the door and left. She struggled to get her hands untied, finally freeing herself. Straightening herself up and getting dress she left the store unsure of how she felt. As she approached her car she notice a guy sitting in a black pickup looking at her. Could this be him she thought to herself. No she decide he would have waited around like that.

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