tagLoving WivesA Trip to the Nudist Beach

A Trip to the Nudist Beach


Thought I'd tell you about our recent that happened recently whilst holidaying in Gran Canaria. First though let me tell you something about us. We are both in our early thirties and married for several years. We have quite a good sex life together and both of us are faithful to one another and love each other very much. I am tall dark skinned with an athletic physique and average looks. My wife, Helen, is a sexy slim leggy brunette. She has model looks to die for including beautiful big blue eyes and long straight perfectly kept hair.

Despite our good sex life she is still a bit of a prude when it comes to talking about sex and trying new things. Having said that she does delight me by always wearing sexy clothes but never looking tarty. You know the sort of thing - she'll sometimes wear no bra on a slightly see through top and a very short but expensive looking skirt.

Time to get on with the experience. We booked the holiday late via the internet and knew we wanted a relaxing beach holiday with guaranteed good weather and good restaurants. Gran Canaria and the resort of Playa del Ingles were the answer since we had been there twice before and really enjoyed the bars, nightlife, food, weather and beach. For those that have been already I am sure that you know what I mean.

The first week went by without major event - just us having a good time sun bathing and drinking. Most days we went to the beach near to the promenade and restaurants. Despite her prudishness a while ago she started sunbathing topless and has some very skimpy bikini bottoms.

She is always completely shaven and I was turned on all week by her sexy bikinis and the amount of attention Helen was getting from guys walking past and spent most the time trying not to get a hard on on the beach.

Helen said she had noticed guys looking when I quizzed her but she said that they were just perverts.

We were both getting ready one night early in the second week and Helen said that I had "white trunks" referring to the olive coloured area of untanned skin that stood out against the dark brown on the rest of me.

I said that I know and that I fancied a trip on to the nudist beach tomorrow.

She said all right but that there was no way she was going naked. I was disappointed but didn't let on. I was still hopeful!

So we get down to the nudist beach which is a long walk from the main touristy bit and found the only two spare sun loungers and brolly at the back of the group. It was quite busy. We both joked together that is was more like Crimewatch than Baywatch with mostly elderly German tourists there. I mean 50 yrs+ with big bellies. Having said that there were a few younger ones like ourselves scattered around. Sorry if I am sounding age-ist!!! I don't mean to.

I stripped off and finally removed my pair of new very tight low cut swim shorts. I lot of people were watching us with voyeuristic intent. Helen was stripping but left her small side tie bikini bottoms on. It was a delight to see her topless again. Her boobs are size C cups and very pert. I laid down on my front immediately to hide my arousal.

Everyone was looking at her bending over just wearing a little pair of bikini bottoms. It was almost as though people were getting a kick out of someone with some clothes on and wondering what her pussy looked like!

Finally she laid down and we bathed for a bit. We chatted about it being a bit calmer and more peaceful on this part of the beach even though all the beds were taken with Helen commenting that almost everyone was shaven including the guys.

A couple of hours went by and Helen still had her bottoms on. I asked if she wanted to remove them and she said no. I didn't want to push because when I do this she just does the opposite and turns into prude mode.

A guy in his late twenties then appeared and put his things down on the now spare bed in front of us. He was fully clothed and just sat there looking around. 20 minutes past and he still had his shorts and top on. Helen whispered to me "what is he up to?"

I said that I didn't know and wondered whether he was taking secret photos for some website somewhere!

After a few more minutes he stood up and walked the couple of steps over to us asking Helen if she "had a small mirror that he could borrow?"

We both said no sorry. He seemed disappointed and sat down again on the edge of his lounger. We were confused and wondered what he wanted one for and why he just asked us and no one else and also why he thought that anyone would have such an item. I joked and said it might be some sort of nudist swinger code for "come on lets go on the dunes for a threesome". Helen laughed.

The guy was quite good looking and sounded as though he was Dutch or German judging his accent. A few more minutes past and Helen said to me that he keeps staring at her and that when he came over he was ogling at her tits.

I said that I didn't blame him. I noticed him looking at Helen's crotch a few times also.

Helen was getting a little pissed off with his observations and finally said to me "Ok! that's enough - I'll give him something to look at!"

She said it quite loud so he could hear. He had sun glasses on at this point in an attempt to disguise his looking. Helen stood up and walked a few paces closer to the guy whilst I was wondering what the hell she was doing. She stood facing him and slowly peeled down her bikini bottoms right in front of him revealing a shaven pussy.

He sort of jumped back with shock and lifted up his shades. Helen turned and bent over to recover her bottoms giving him temporary full view. She returned to the bed and proceeded to lay there legs wide open before starting to slowly massage sun cream all over her pussy. She kept stroking her pussy lips and clit in an erotic fashion. The guy was salivating like a dog at this point. After finishing the self massage she finally said to the guy "keeping dreaming" before closing her legs and putting her top over her pussy to prevent any further viewing.

The guy was just totally quiet and soon got up walking away with an obvious hard on in his shorts!!! Everyone seemed to be watching with a few couples laughing at embarrassing this passing voyeur.

Later on that evening Helen and I joked about it. I said that it really turned me on seeing her flashing a perfect stranger and she said that she was turned on too by being very naughty and enjoyed teaching him a lesson. She even said to me that she also thought about asking him to rub sun cream on her tits but thought that was going too far and that flashing her pussy might be even more shocking and teasing.

Wow!!!! I could hardly believe it. Especially when she asked if we could go back to the nude beach tomorrow. She didn't need to ask.

So next day on the beach and Helen completely stripped naked, stretching a lot, and generally acting like an exhibitionist to everyone's pleasure. Quite out of character. There was a Spanish couple in front of us who were both looking at Helen's pussy as she laid on her back with her legs either side of the bed whilst reading a book. I had a semi erection because of the whole situation and they kept looking at this too and were giggling about it.

There was soon to be an even bigger surprise in store for me when a guy came over asking people if they would like a massage. He was quite young - about 25 - and had a Spanish accent. He had speedo style swim shorts on leaving nothing to the imagination and was quite a handsome chap. No one was taking up his offer despite the large official looking plastic box he was carrying with the name of his massage business on the side.

He approached us and asked us if we would like a massage and we both declined through sheer surprise at this sort of service on a beach. He gave Helen his card in any case and wandered off to some other people. Whilst he was there I noticed Helen looking at his swim trunks quite a bit since the shape of his quite large cock was clearly visible in his pale blue speedos.

I knew this turned Helen on - she had a thing for men in tight shorts. Helen asked me if that was for real.

I said that I think so and that he seems like he has got all his gear in the large plastic box he is carrying. The business card also looked quite professional and listed his place in Maspalomas.

Helen said that she was worried he might just be some dodgy bloke trying it on and that had put her off. She said she could have done with a back and shoulder massage.

Fortunately he returned about an hour later and Helen asked how much it was.

He said 5 euros for a 5 minute neck and shoulders massage, 10 euros for a full back massage, etc. etc. before finishing with "25 euros for 15 minute full body massage with aroma therapy oils".

As Helen once worked as a beauty therapist and aromatherapist a long time ago she started asking questions about the oils he uses and the techniques. He told her and showed her the selection in his case.

As they chatted Helen's gazed shifted now and again to this guys bulge in his tight swim trunks. I was really getting turned on by her as she was even starting to laugh and flirt a little - touching his leg occasionally. I had never seen her do anything like this before (or the other day for that matter). I could see why she was flirting - he was a typical Spanish young male in colouring and appearance with a six pack to boot. He too was flirting back and occasionally looked across to me as if embarrassed or worried about what I might say.

Helen finally turned to me and asked if we could afford 25 euros.

I couldn't believe it! She wasn't going to go for a full body massage on a busy nude beach was she? Yes she was and I had the money!!!

I paid him and he asked Helen to lie on her front.

He told us what he was doing at each stage and that first he was going to apply a cleanser to remove the sun cream. Once again people were watching since we were the first takers of his services. Helen laid their, legs slightly apart whilst he rubbed a clear lotion up and down her back with both hands. With each stroke he got closer to her firm butt. He shuffled along further down and began the same procedure on the back on her legs starting at her calfs and up her thighs. I could see him grabbing a sneaky look at her shaven pussy that was just visible. I was just sat upright watching trying not to get hard.

Next he moved on to my wife's butt rubbing each cheek in a circular motion. Each time her cheeks parted slightly and pink pussy lips could be seen. He reached into the plastic box and pulled out a cellophane wrapped hand towel, unwrapped it, and rubbed it up and down my wife's body. A few couples were sat upright now gazing over. The massage guy rubbed some oil on his hands from a small bottle. It had a sweet slightly intoxicating smell. Slowly he began massaging Helen's shoulders and neck and she moaned that it felt nice. He worked down her back and down her sides brushing slightly against the sides of her breasts.

He then moved from the kneeling position he was in at the side of the bed straddling my wife of the bed with a knee either side of her thighs. Bending over her he continued the back rub occasionally adding more oils to his hands. It wasn't my imagination but this guy had a hard on since the size of his cock had doubled in his shorts. Helen's eyes were closed and she kept moaning in pleasure every minute. He shuffled further down after a few minutes and began massaging her butt cheeks before moving to the tops of her thighs. Gently he rubbed his finger tips over her thighs slipping them in down the insides almost touching her pussy lips.

He kept staring at Helen's pussy the whole time as she continued to let out gasps of pleasure. He said to her "do you enjoy" and she replied "oh yes - don't stop". He worked up and down each leg moving closer to her pussy with each stroke. He looked across to me and I gave him the Ok! sign.

Finally, his finger tips brushed over my wife's outer labia a couple of times and along her butt crack.

She moved her legs further apart and he stroked her outer labia for about a minute. Then he was done.

Helen looked really flushed when she turned over to thank him. Her pussy looked quite red and swollen with excitement. She really had been getting off to another man. She asked him for directions to the business he has and he told us. She asked about opening times and if she needed to make an appointment. He scribbled his personal mobile number on his card and said to call him. Then he left.

I asked her what it was like and she said it was fantastic and that he really knew what he was doing. I asked if it had turned her on and she said don't be stupid it was just a massage. I wasn't disappointed because I knew she was lying. Later that evening after a few drinks she confessed that she had been really turned on and was embarrassed about how wet she was getting. She was really horny as we walked around the bars and had put on an extremely short tight denim skirt that was no longer than 5 inches below her crotch. She wore a tight fitting white halter neck top with no bra and her nipples were poking out clearly. We talked about all sorts of sexual stuff that night and I could see that perhaps the prude inside of her had been extinguished!

Little did I know that this was the tip of the iceberg. About 1 am that evening we went to a nightclub. Little did we know but there were male strippers on that evening. Normally Helen would have said that she would rather go somewhere else but for some reason she said that it was great.

About time she said there was something for women rather than this sexist go-go girls arrangement everywhere. I wasn't bothered about the strippers either way but it was good to see her enthusiasm. After a few more drinks the strippers came on. Typically muscular hunk types stripping off their clothes down to a black and a red thong and dancing up to woman in the crowd.

Helen cheered them on and shouted for them to take it all off but they didn't - yet. Soon they left the stage and returned 10 minutes later in new outfits. They asked for a volunteer and I asked Helen if she fancied it.

She said too right! and waved her arms. One of the strippers noticed her and immediately ran over to us especially since she was the best looking and sexiest looking woman in the club I guess. He dragged her up onto the stage and had her sit on a chair.

The other stripper was doing the same with another girl.

It all started a little like a bit of fun with the guy stripping to his thong and straddling Helen. He made thrusting gestures towards her mouth and she laughed but looked embarrassed. He took her hand and made her stroke his caged cock - mock wanking him. She looked over to me and shrugged her shoulders. I was really getting turned by this point seeing my wife in this position. Next the stripper stood behind Helen and started fondling her tits in the tight white top she was wearing. She moved his hands away.

Then he had her remove his thong unleashing a 6 inch hard cock. Helen just looked at it amazed. Pulling up her top in a quick move he pushed his member between my wife's exposed tits. She was as red as a beetroot. He kept thrusting as she tried in vain to pull down her top. He stepped back and she managed to pull it down over her now hard nipples. He sat on her knee and grabbed my wifes hand and made her wank his rock hard cock rhythmically. Helen looked across at me a little concerned about where all this was going I just gave her the thumbs up and blew her a kiss. She smiled back at me from the stage.

He took her hand and pulled her off the chair making her lay down on her back on the floor. Helen could see the other girl now who was still on the chair but the stripper held a white towel around his middle and the head of the girl to obscure people getting a good view. Her head was bobbing up and down - he was making her suck him off. I was certain that Helen had no idea it was going to turn out anything like this and nor did I. What the devil was is store for Helen I wondered who was looking really nervous now.

The stripper sporting a raging hard on straddled my wife in a 69 fashion and pushed her legs far apart and pulled up her skirt - not that it needed much pulling up. I couldn't believe my eyes she when I saw that she had no knickers on!!! She had only done this once before in our 4 years of marriage. I couldn't believe it. His cock wobbled side to side in Helen's face and she was doing her best to avoid it going anywhere near her mouth or touching her.

By now the strippers head was between my wife's legs moving around and around. His hands held her legs wide open mid-thigh as he seemed to suck and lick my wife's pussy. Helen's eyes were closed and she wasn't moving but her mouth was slightly open. Her back was arching more and I knew there was a good chance she would come so I moved round to get a better view. He really was going down on her - not pretending at all! Helen started to tense up and she pulled her feet up to her bum as the stripper continued to suck and lick. She started to moan loudly before guiding his cock into her mouth with her hand and then sucking hard on his bell end and wanking him with her hand. This was turning out to be a dream come true. I couldn't believe that my prude wife and turned into some sex and cock hungry animal.

The stripper pulled away and stood up. Helen grinned as she pulled down her skirt and wiped her mouth on her forearm. Heading quickly away from the stage to a round of applause she came up to me, grabbed my hand and said lets go to the beach.

At the beach we started kissing passionately, tongues deep in each others throat. I slipped my hand up her short denim skirt and she was dripping wet all over her inner thighs. I mean soaking like she has never been before.

We stopped kissing for a second and I said "that really turned you tonight didn't it?"

She replied yes in a hushed voice still embarrassed.

I wanted to know the details and pressed her further for answers.

She told me that he was trying to put a finger inside of her but she had pushed him away telling him NO. Apparently that was when he got up and left her spreadeagled on the floor. She also said that he kept trying to push his tongue inside her too. She said it was making her cum and she didn't know what she would have done if it had happened.

Helen then told me to lay down on a sun lounger, undid my trousers and grabbed my cock which was still rock hard and guided it to her pussy as she got on top of me. She was so moist that I went straight inside her. We were both so horny that we quickly got into the groove and I managed to undo her top and massage her wonderful tits.

Helen then leaned back and arched her back thrusting her chest in the air and I grabbed her round her hips pulling her on to me as I filled her pussy with my warm cum.

As soon as I'd finished I felt her body tense and she gave out a loud moan as the satisfaction of an orgasm went through her body before she collapsed on top of me. I did her top back up and we went back to our apartment for a nightcap and were both looking forward to another day at the nudist beach tomorrow.

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