tagLoving WivesA Trucker Takes My Wife

A Trucker Takes My Wife


My wife and I have always enjoyed trying new things in our sex life. We are very committed and happily married. Our sexual adventures have never been about trying to save our marriage, but a way to grow closer as we feed our sexual appetites. We have tried swinging and dogging and roleplaying, and while it was a good time, we never seemed to fit in with the culture. We were looking to find our own sexual fetish that would turn us on for another adventure.

I had been taking some electronics classes and started tinkering with radios. I started playing with the cb radio and started listening to the chatter of truckers. My wife would hear it sometimes and comment about the unique slang and radio language used by the truckers. Maybe it was because my wife was an Indiana girl where trucking is a big industry, or maybe it was the big rigs possessed by the truckers, but my wife seemed to really get into the trucker talk.

I put a cb on our car and we started to listen to the truckers. Sometimes my wife liked to get on and give a little tease by using her sexy voice and the call handle, Hotwife. This seemed to be welcomed though my wife remained cautious about going too far on the public air channels. She would giggle as she seemed to embellish the situation.

One day we heard a trucker reporting being flashed by, "a blonde with big headlights." This of course led to a lot more chatter and seemed to be the hot topic of conversation. Several truckers began telling their favorite stories about being flashed. This led to some interesting stories about rest stop encounters. My wife and I enjoyed the stories and as I approached to pass a semi-truck, I made the suggestion that my wife try flashing the trucker. She looked at me long and hard for a moment and said nothing but gave out a devilish grin. I didn't know if she would do it, but as I was making the pass, my wife unbuckled her seat belt so she could turn and give the trucker the best view. When she could see him, she pulled up her top and bra to reveal her perky DD breasts. She turned as we moved by and gave her boobs a little shake for the trucker.

We got a friendly toot on the air horn and a moment later a trucker with the handle of, Mustang, reported being, "flashed by a brunette with huuuge headlights." My wife giggled and picked up the cb and called out, "Mustang, honey, you've just been flashed by, Hotwife."

By now there were a few that knew the sexy voice of Hotwife and they all stated their desires of seeing those "huuuge headlights" of hers. I could tell my wife loved the attention and I knew it was making her horny. I love to see her get turned on so I intentionally passed our exit on the express way. When she asked what I was doing I told her that I wanted Hotwife to play more. We passed two more trucks before I turned around and we passed another three on the way back. Each time my wife bared her breasts to the truckers so they could view her headlights. Each flashing got her some attention on the cb and she embellished the moment. I noticed her squirming in her seat as she got more and more horny talking to truckers that desired her.

"Hurry up and fuck me!", said my wife as soon as we home. I was happy to fuck her and we had some great sex. She had a very wet pussy and squirted her ejaculations all over creating quite the wet spot on the bed. I love to see it when my wife gets really turned on. She gets very horny and can be in a primal almost hypnotic state. Whenever I find something that turns her on like this I like to give her more of it.

The next day I came home from work with a surprise for my wife. I decided to role play as a trucker so I wore boots, blue jeans, and a plaid shirt with the sleeves ripped off. I also wore a trucker hat, sunglasses and had a wallet chain. I don't mean to generalize or stereotype truckers here, but I wanted to role play and work my wife up all horny again.

"Hotwife, I'm home", I called as I stepped in. She looked at me with a grin and wondered what I was doing. She seemed a little hesitant and wasn't quite in the mood yet. I wasn't going to give up and I asked her to step into my rig so we could go out to dinner. We passed a couple truckers on the way, but Hotwife wasn't yet worked up enough to flash. We did listen to the cb, though nothing very exciting was happening, and it seemed there were a lot of county mounties out with the radar. I pulled into a truck rest stop. Hotwife asked what we were doing there and I told her we were having dinner there. She shook her head and said, "You're determined to get me all horny again."

The diner had real good food and we watched the big rigs pull in and out from our seat by the window. After a good meal my wife started to warm up more. We ordered some pie for dessert and I told my wife how beautiful she was. I told her she had a great pair of headlights and that any trucker would lust to have her. As the truckers went about their business in the background I told her how they would love to take her into their rigs and fuck her. I guessed it would be like dogging but in a big rig and with less weirdos running up to watch in the windows. I pointed out the sleepers that some of the trucks had and I could tell that Hotwife was getting excited again.

Hotwife flashed every trucker on the way home and went back to her sexy voice on the cb. Her pussy was hot and wet when we got home. We had two rounds of hot sex that left me feeling drained and tired. As we lay in bed cuddling, I told my wife that it was time to take this to the next level. She asked what I meant and I told her that truckers were becoming a fetish for her and this was something that her wet pussy made very obvious. She admitted that it would be a thrill to be taken into a big rig and fucked like crazy by a big and strong trucker that had been on the road for some time. She admitted how much she loved playing the Hotwife role and that she was also rather intimidated about going into such a big rig. I assured her that I would go in too and watch as that was one of our rules when we were swinging. We are always together, even if one of us only watches. Good communication had always been essential for any of our sexual adventures. We talked and worked everything out and we were ready to give truckers a try.

For reasons of discretion, we decided to spend the weekend out of town. We booked a hotel room not far from a trucker rest stop several hours away. As this was a new experiment for us, we wanted to keep from becoming known as the rest stop sluts in our own home town. Hotwife made the haul across the open road to our destination very enjoyable by flashing every trucker we passed, which was a lot, so many that I lost count. She announced over the cb that she would be at a certain rest stop, "to pick out a trucker to check out her headlights, check under her hood, and fill her up while her husband supervises." This of course built up a lot of chatter and excitement on the cb. There were a few doubters that Hotwife was real and serious about it, but we knew that we were.

We got to our hotel and unpacked for the night. We had a few drinks and relaxed for a bit. Then my wife went about with her make-up and bathroom time to doll herself up. We had decided that she should dress to be ready to go for the lucky trucker. She had been wearing a pair of panties that she had written "Hotwife" on, white knee-length stockings, and a white babydoll nighty. She certainly was a hot wife and looked very beautiful in her mid-thirties and with her outfit showing off her best curves, revealing ample cleavage, and highlighting her beauty. I looked into her brown eyes, and ran my fingers through her neck length dark brown hair. I gave her a long and passionate kiss. I helped her put an evening robe to cover up as we stepped outside and headed to the next adventure.

We pulled into the trucker rest stop around 10:00 p.m. just as it was starting to get dark. I parked a discrete distance away. My wife was ducking down in the back seat as we didn't know who might be watching for us. I stepped out of the car and locked the doors and went into the store to buy a pop and provide some cover. I returned a moment later and reclined my seat back so it would look like I was sleeping. We watched across the parking lot as the big semi-trucks pulled in. We talked about which big rigs she liked as she would pick the lucky trucker tonight by his big rig. After all, she really couldn't see the truckers themselves, and she only had their big rig to go by. Earlier, Hotwife had announced that any truckers interested in her should put on their left turn signal at 10:30. It was getting dark and there were quite a few trucks with their left blinkers on. I asked Hotwife if she had picked one yet, she said yes, a big red Peterbilt with lots of pretty lights and a sleeper. We stepped out of our car and tried to move stealthily across the parking lot, wondering how many truckers were watching for us. We strolled past several very impressive big rigs with the noisy diesel engines running. Finally we reached the selected truck. My wife let go of my hand and stepped up to the door to give a knock.

"Hi there, its, Hotwife", she called out. I couldn't see anything in the darkness, but the driver side door slowly opened and I heard my wife talking to a man with a low voice. She stepped up and started to climb into the big rig and then pointed back at me and talking, evidently identifying me as her husband. My wife climbed into the cab and disappeared as I made my way up and into the massive truck. There was a thick curtain separating the cab from the sleeper. I poked my head through and found Hotwife sitting on the bed next to the trucker.

"This is Bulldog", said Hotwife introducing me to the trucker. He appeared to be an experienced trucker at around forty years old with a short brown beard and brown curly hair. He was a little heavy set, and wore a pocket tee shirt and blue jeans with a big Peterbilt belt buckle. Bulldog waved me to come in, but even as big as the truck was, there wasn't a lot of sitting room. I sat in the passenger seat and poked my head around the end of the curtain so that I could watch.

"I like your truck, Bulldog. I like the bright red color", said Hotwife.

"Thank you, I've put a lot of miles on this truck and she's been good to me", said Bulldog. He looked Hotwife over real good and with a smile and a deep voice said, "Hotwife, why don't you take off that robe and stay a little while."

Hotwife blushed as she stood up and slowly opened her robe and slipped out of it before tossing it over to me.

"Now turn around so I can have a look at you", said the trucker. Hotwife took a step closer to him and slowly turned around giving him a slight shake of her fine ass. "Mmmm, I like this body style. I could really enjoy riding this. Now how about these headlights that I keep hearing about? Aren't you gonna show me what all the talk is about?"

Hotwife turned and shot me a glance. I smiled back with approval and she stepped up and straddled herself over his lap. Her boobs were now at the same level as Bulldog's face. She held on to his broad shoulders to steady herself and slowly worked her hands down his chest and then moved her hands to the bottom of her babydoll and slowly pulled it up and off to expose her big and beautiful breasts. She stretched and leaned arching her back as she tossed me her nighty and give Bulldog a good look. She then leaned into him and pulled his head in to her boobs. They both started to breathe deeply as Hotwife started to bounce up and down trying to grind against Bulldog's cock while he sucked her nipples. They did this for several moments as they built up the intensity and my wife was bouncing against him harder and faster and their breathing got louder and louder.

Quite suddenly, Bulldog turned and tossed my wife across the bed. I could tell that she was very horny from her breathing as she lay on her back and started to squeeze her own breasts. Bulldog put his hands on her knees that were up in the air. He looked her over good for a moment and then slowly slid his hands down her inner thighs. He then reached to her panties and slowly pulled them off while working his hands all over her legs. He tossed the panties to me and then moved his hands slowly back down her legs and brought his face down to her pussy. He went to town eating Hotwife's pussy and he must have done a good job because I saw her shake and quiver as she let out moans of pleasure. Bulldog brought her to a good orgasm before he brought his head back up.

"You sure are horny for truckers. Are you ready to take my big rig in your trailer?"

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me trucker", cried out Hotwife. Bulldog quickly dropped his pants and boxers and was soon on top of my wife. Her head kicked back and she let out a loud and slow moan as he slid his cock inside her. Bulldog humped away pumping her pussy full of his cock. There were both panting and moaning and enjoying some hot sex. He fucked her like this for several minutes. Then he stopped to change positions by lifting her legs up and into the air. He was up a little higher and reached down to squeeze Hotwife's nipples as he fucked her wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure and Bulldog slowed down and stiffened up as he dumped a heavy load into her pussy. He then climbed off my wife and pulled his pants up and took a seat. He reached into his small fridge and handed us each a can of beer.

Both Hotwife and Bulldog struggled to catch their breath after the intense fucking. Hotwife kept asking me for her robe, but I refused telling her she should be naked while in a big rig. We drank our beers and asked Bulldog to tell us some trucker stories, which he was happy to do. Bulldog was thankful for the sex and admitted that he really needed that after making a long haul. He then mentioned that he had another long haul before he headed for home. I told him he had better take another round of sex while he could. He raised his beer can and finished it before dropping his pants. My wife gave me a sly smile as he pulled her off the sleeper.

"Come over here and take all fours", he told Hotwife. She did as she was told and took her place in the walkway from the front cab to the sleeper compartment. I moved off my chair and kneeled down in front of her. Bulldog climbed on top of her and said, "Hold on we're go'in for a ride!"

With that the trucker started pumping away full throttle at my wife's pussy. Hotwife's eyes flashed big for a moment as she let out some moans and started to roll her head, evidently feeling the sexual energy building. I knew this was one of her favorite sex positions and she loved it when a man pounded her from behind like that. I decide this was too sexy and I needed some relief. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Hotwife eagerly took it in her mouth and I started to fuck her face while she got fucked by a trucker from behind. I knew she loved having two cocks in her at opposite ends pumping away. Hotwife jerked a little, the way she does sometimes when she orgasms, which seemed to set Bulldog off as he stiffened up and unloaded into my wife's pussy. I then shot my load into her mouth with great pleasure.

We told Bulldog that he could keep Hotwife's panties as a memento. He was obliged and handed my wife a small tag with "Bulldog" inscribed on it. We asked what it was for and he said it was for her trucker anklet. He then went on to say that truck sluts usually have anklets and they like to attack the tags with the call handles of the truckers they fucked. As we drove back to the hotel to get some sleep, I asked my wife what she had thought of the little adventure. She was tired and replied only, "Well, my anklet sure would look funny with only one tag."

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