tagLoving WivesA Trucker Team Takes My Wife

A Trucker Team Takes My Wife


My wife and I took to the open road in pursuit of our favorite pastime, trucker fucking. Just as we had done several times before, we picked a truck stop a couple hours away and made a weekend trip of it. My wife enjoyed flashing her beautiful 38DD headlights at the male truckers we passed. She played around on the cb in her sexy and seductive voice under the call handle, Hotwife. Hotwife really enjoyed this play, and I enjoyed watching her and listening to the radio filled with truckers lusting for my wife. We found the truck stop and had dinner.

It seemed like a rather tame truck stop. Afterwards we went back to our hotel to prepare. This was always a long process as my wife liked to look her best for the truckers and she spent a lot of time on her hair and makeup. She then put on the same Hotwife attire she always wore for trucker fucking, a pair of panties with "Hotwife" written on them, her babydoll nighty, and a robe. I also changed into what my wife began to call my Hothub outfit in which I wore a pair of boxers with "Hothub" written on, a tank top, and a robe. We never knew what could happen when we entered a truck stop or climbed into a big rig, so we would both be prepared for trucker fucking.

On the drive from the hotel to the truck stop, we heard a trucker on the cb by the handle of, Warlock, asking for commercial company. Warlock never got a response so he asked again a few minutes later, and then every few minutes after that. Finally another trucker got on the radio and said there were no lot lizards at that truck stop that night. "Poor horny trucker", my wife told me with a smile that revealed her selection for the night.

She picked up the cb and called out, "Warlock, this is Hotwife. I'm no commercial company, I am a swinger that likes to party in big rigs with truckers. My husband always comes along and likes to watch. I have neck length dark brown hair, brown eyes, 38DDs, and some nice curves. I'm no skinny minnie, but I'm not a big girl either. I have some cushion for the push'in."

"Well come on over. I'm in the blue Kentworth in the third row lot. The doors are unlocked", replied Warlock. The truck stop was unusually quiet, which was the first surprise of the night. We were able to walk in our revealing outfits under the cover of darkness without seeing or hearing anyone. Our next surprise came when we climbed into Warlock's big rig. Hotwife went in first and I followed.

We saw Warlock sitting on the bed with a big cheesy smile on his face. He giggled and greeted us, welcoming us in. Warlock had a thin goatee and wavy, shoulder length sandy colored hair. His face was thin and pointy and he wore jeans and a tee shirt featuring a popular rock band. To our surprise, there was another trucker sitting on the bed beside Warlock. This other trucker was known as, Skinny. He was indeed a skinny fellow, tall and lean with dark hair hiding under his trucker hat, he was a Mexican with a shy and quiet demeanor behind his plaid shirt and jeans. We learned that Warlock and Skinny were team drivers. They worked well together and not only did they drive together, they fucked together too. A trucker team was unexpected, and I wondered if my wife was up to it. However, she turned and gave me an excited smile with a horny twinkle in her eye. I told her she was to be naked when she was in a big rig.

Warlock giggled and put on his rock music, then asked, "Can you strip for us?"

Hotwife grinned and started to seductively move as she threw her robe off. Keeping in beat to the music, she turned away from the truckers and gave her booty a good shake for them. With her back to the truckers, she slowly pulled up her nighty revealing her lovely and bare backside. She turned around with her arms wrapped around her chest and covering her bare breasts. She smiled as the truckers watched her intently. Dancing to the music she opened her arms and shook her big headlights back and forth. She jumped back around in beat to the music and shook her ass as she slowly slid her panties off. She turned back to face the truckers with her hips swaying to the music as she worked her hands up her sides and started to squeeze her own boobs. She sent one hand down to finger her clit and gave a stunning visual to the truck team.   She then straddled Skinny and started giving him a lap dance. She kept moving to the music as she began to grind against the trucker's crotch. Hotwife bumped the hat of Skinny and pulled his head into her chest and shook her boobs back and forth in his face. My wife looked great as she worked her naked body, making it move and stretch to show all the best parts. I think she liked showing off and getting trucker attention in the big rig. Hotwife hopped over to Warlock and started shaking her boobs in his face. He licked them with his fast moving tongue. Hotwife climbed off Warlock and turned shaking her ass for him. With a few giggles, Warlock began spanking her ass. He started smacking her harder and harder and I was almost concerned for my wife. But she moaned with pleasure and seemed to get seriously aroused by it. She had the horny and primal look on her face that I have seen when she is very turned on.

My wife went to her knees and sent each hand out to rub the crotch of the truckers. They both eagerly dropped their pants and Hotwife pulled their cocks right out. I knew that playing with two cocks really stimulated her and she was busy stroking each cock and giving them turns in her mouth. Warlock had a smaller cock while Skinny had a long one with quite a curve to it. Both truckers were hard as a rock and needing release. While Hotwife went down on Skinny, taking his long and curvy Mexican cock in her mouth and throat, Warlock dropped behind her and gave her ass some hard slaps. Hotwife whimpered a little as Warlock giggled. He started to finger her pussy from behind. With more giggles, Warlock said to Skinny, "Let's give her the trucker roast."

Skinny nodded and took hold of Hotwife's underarms and stood up, lifting her upper body with him. Warlock took my wife's thighs from just under her hips and stood up as well. Warlock slid his cock into Hotwife's pussy and started to pump away while she was suspended by the grip of the truckers. Indeed she did appear to be roasted, having been suspended and skewed at both ends by trucker cock. The trucker team worked in rhythm like a well oiled machine. One cock took the in-stroke as the other took the down-stroke. Both truckers made the occasional sex grunt as Hotwife moaned and slurped on the cock in her mouth. My wife's ass rippled as Warlock plowed her harder and harder from behind. Her big boobs bounced around freely with her suspension. She was really turned on and enjoying herself. Her slurped and gargled moans intensified and sounded more like squeals. Her pussy went from dripping to gushing out her ejaculations all over the floor of the big rig. My wife was fucked silly by the truckers for several minutes, until they seemed to stiffen and blow their loads into my wife at the same time.

The trucker team helped Hotwife onto the bed. They were all panting and trying to catch their breaths. The truckers each worked a hand over my wife's inner thighs, and each took one of her nipples into their mouths. Hotwife still let out horny moans and soon the truckers were both rock hard again. Warlock pulled out some lube and worked over Hotwife's anus. He began to finger fuck her ass while Skinny played with her clit. After a few moments, Warlock lubed his cock. He brought Hotwife over and sat her down on his lap, facing away from him with his hands holding her from under her arms. Warlock lowered my wife's ass onto his cock. She let out a deep moan and started to bounce her ass on the trucker's cock. Her eyes were glazed and she looked as though she were almost having an out of body experience. Skinny came around to her front and slid his long and skinny Mexican cock into Hotwife's pussy. Skinny's hands took her by the hips as he began to hold onto her and pull her in as he fucked her. Warlock continued to pull Hotwife from his grip on her up high. Again the truckers took a rhythm so that one cock slid up while the other slid down. Hotwife moaned intensely while the trucker team double penetrated her. Her moans turned to shrieks of pleasure. Her body shook as she was sandwiched between the trucker team. I couldn't watch any further without reaching into my boxers and stroking my own cock. The smell of sex filled the big rig and sex sounds echoed behind rock music. It didn't take long before I blew a big load at the sight of my wife getting double trucker fucked. A moment later the truckers were blowing their wads into my wife.

Hotwife added to her anklet her first trucker team. She left her panties behind and rode back with cum dripping down her legs. She seemed tired, but smiled with satisfaction. I knew that this night's experience would only add to her lust for truckers and that she would desire more wild and intense adventures in the big rigs. She was Hotwife, trucker fucker.

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