tagInterracial LoveA True Black Slave

A True Black Slave


Dear reader, this is a story, it isn't true, it is a complete figment of my imagination, fiction, my mind running wild. Please read it as such, thank you.


I couldn't believe what I was seeing, what I was looking at. There on my PC screen was a photo of a mans appendage, or if you want to be pedantic, his cock, and it wasn't my husbands either. How did I know it wasn't my husbands, well apart from knowing every crinkle, crease and shape, this was a black cock!

I had no idea why it had been sent, well, I did when I scrolled down later. It was fully erect and I have to admit in my shock when I opened the attachment that it was a very fine cock, perfectly shaped, slightly curved upwards, a thick hard red and smooth bulbous mushroom head on it. I couldn't tell if it was a big one, and average one, or a small one, it's impossible to tell from a photo, but I was to find out as the following two weeks passed. I confess right here that after staring at it for a long time, my eyes were popping out of my head that I thought it was just the most beautiful cock I had ever seen.

I am not a voyeur, but I do love the sight of a mans cock, it's a thing I have; plenty of people have 'things' don't they. And the fact that this was a black cock grabbed my attention too. No one knows this but I have always had a thing for black cock, I had imagined many times being fucked and made love to by a good looking black man. It's an untested, untried and never will an enacted fantasy. But why had someone sent it to me, it must be a mistake, I thought.

I sat there stunned and mesmerised at the same time just staring at it. I learned every curve, tilt, colour, and finesse of the photo on my screen. I have to confess here I actually slobbered a little as a picture popped into my head showing me sucking it. My husband would have a heart attack if he had known, but he never would so no harm, no foul. I saw myself holding it, feeling it, sensing the pulsing power a good cock has, transferring it to the holder's hand.

I had to go and lay down, I was exciting myself, I left the photo there on the monitor and looked at it as I fingered myself to an enormous orgasm, imagining it tearing into me and beating me half to death. After I gathered my senses I rose and sat back in my seat. I scrolled down to see if there was more about the now (in my head) magnificent black cock there.

There were words typed at the bottom.

'Hi Jilly, I have sent you this photo of me, because I understand you, you may or may not know it, but you are a black skin lover, I saw the way you looked at me when you didn't know I was observing you. You have a fantasy about black skin don't you?'

I nearly fell off my chair, mortified wasn't the word for it, how on earth could someone even think, even know that about me. It was sort of true I admit, but I had only ever imagined being fucked by a black good looking man, nothing else, and no one knew. I had never ever said a word about such a thing, not to my husband, not even to my best friend, never! I also knew I had never 'ogled' another man any where at any time, so how did this person know of me, who was he?

I couldn't stop staring at the photo, I started thinking of who could it be, they must know me I decided, we must have met that's for sure, I wracked my brains to think back and find him in my memory, it was no good, I couldn't think of one person who it might be. He was aware of me some how. He had used my personal e mail address, he knew my name, did he know where I lived too? That thought frightened me a little.

I turned my PC off, but I didn't delete the photo, I know I should have, but I was so intrigued by it, I couldn't just let myself ignore it. I also thought, well, if he has sent me this, it's there in the law of averages that he'll send another, quite the detective aren't I? So I couldn't delete it yet anyway. I actually turned it back on to look at it three or four more times that day.

How had this strange person nailed me like this, was he one of those psychics' who can read your mind? I was nonplussed more than I ever had been in my entire life. The thing was, I had fingered myself to a huge orgasm while staring at the cock on my screen, I had only ever done that in my head, now I had used a photo sent to me, of himself, he had said, and now I had a focus to use by, for, and on me.

I never told my husband that night, I know I should have, I love him, and it was my duty to tell him I had received the mail with a very explicit photo in it. But it was my secret now, he would never know about it, so I thought to myself, what the eye doesn't see, the heart won't grieve, wrong I know, but?

I am Jilly by the way, I am 24 years old, married 7 months to a lovely man, we had dated about 2 years before we tied the knot, we had a great wedding followed by an even better honeymoon, and we have settled into happily married life. I was a secretary but the firm went under, so now I am even more happily unemployed, Graham, my husband has a very good job so we don't have any money worries, and he is going places with his firm, they are fast tracking him to senior management.

This is where I should have maybe guessed why I had been sent a very nice but crude photo of a black cock, one that had grabbed my imagination. I have long blond hair, giveaway hey? Black on blond and all the rest of it, well maybe it's true, I was of that nature, I already knew that, I know some women are and some aren't.

But I had never followed the path as it were. I am very good looking, dated lots of men before my husband, but funnily enough never once was I asked out by a black man. I saw a porn film, (sort of porn) at a friends house and I/we were quite young at the time, but I do remember being taken by the way this black man in the movie had his way with this white blond woman. My friend had said to me at the time, 'that'll be you one day Jilly!' We were both hysterical but it did stay with me, even to this day.

As I was saying, I am very good looking, men chat me up, or try to all the time, but my husband has my undivided attention. I'm about 5ft 7" tall and would dearly love to be another 3" higher, but? I have all the attributes that go to make a lovely sexy woman, lovely face, great figure that can drive me nuts when handled properly. And I love cock, 'okay you've guessed that you say?' But I do, I don't care where my husband wants to put it, I'm up for it, he does shy away from my ass, but he wouldn't get refused if he tried a bit harder.

We make love anywhere any time, I don't care where we are, if he wants it, and it's possible, then he gets it. I am more of an initiator than he is, but we can't have every thing can we? We have made love in some funny places, elevators, ski rides, on a beach, a bus, in a taxi, a train, a boat, in the sea on holiday while there were thousand's on the beach, we just waded out to chest high and did it, done it on a plane, 'Oh yes we have!' He sat on the seat, I sat on him, and the stewardess gave us a 'look' when we came out. I am still on the pill, we don't want children yet, that's for the future.

That night I just about bent my husband in half in bed, even he was taken aback by my keenness to get all the way there and back in double quick time, what he didn't know was I had that beautiful black cock on my PC in my head. I just about killed him; he was exhausted when I had finished with him. It really was mind blowing sex, I loved it.

The next morning I was actually disappointed to find my PC empty of a new picture, I had been certain I would receive another. I sat down in a hump and sent an e mail to the address provided by my unknown admirer. I hadn't intended to reply really, but my two amp fuse got the better of me.

"Hah," I wrote, "is that it then, is that all you have of your little winky?" I hit send, an hour later I had a response, and it really did knock me out.

The mail dropped in and I opened it with a great deal of anticipation.

The attachment came into view, I was floored. There on the screen was his black cock, but it was in the hand of a white woman, perfectly manicured nails, long slender fingers, and they were wrapped tight around it, and her wedding rings were clearly visible. And unless she had babies hands, then the black cock was big, very big, her hand was around the base, and there was still a good 4" or 5" easily showing above it. But what really stopped me breathing completely was, there was a wisp, a curl of soft blond hair, the same golden blond as mine, and there were two lips fastened over the end of it, two soft firm lips, and they were pouting because of their position on that black red head.

I stood up and walked around my bedroom, I sat down again, and stared at the sight in front of me, I was captivated, and not unnaturally, I was turned on by it. My hands found my nipples, they were at attention, super hot and super sensitive, I moaned loudly, I remember me doing that, and then I was up my skirt and into my pussy. I climaxed straight away, and fell off my stool; I hit the floor with a bump and didn't know where I was for a minute.

I had never experienced such an intense arousal as that; it had been totally unexpected, and so so hot! Who was that woman, I was feeling unjustly jealous, I was green with envy. I could actually see her lips moving on it and he pushing it in, but it was a still photo, I was beside myself. I threw myself on my bed and fucked myself senseless looking at the graphic detail there on my screen.

I saw myself as that woman, I saw myself on my knees giving that gorgeous black prick all I had to give. It was my blond hair, they were my pouty lips, it was my hand, they were my wedding rings, I came again. My fingers were a blur in my pussy; I could see that prick in my head behind my eyes battering me mercilessly.

I manage to get up and shut the PC down, I couldn't look at it any more, this was getting out of hand, I hadn't been unfaithful to my husband, but I had in my head, and I so wanted to have a black cock in my mouth just like her in the photo, I was insanely and absolutely irrationally jealous.

I didn't reply to that mail and photo, I couldn't trust myself, and I still couldn't, no matter how I tried, to remember who it could be. It had to be someone who was acquainted with me somehow. I turned the PC back on, I was so animated it was burning me up, my husband was going to get it big time tonight that's for sure!

There was another e mail, with another attachment from him, I sat and looked at it for ages, I knew I would open it, it was a powerful magnet just pulling me in. What was wrong with me, two photos had hit me right between the eyes and my life was upside down. I clicked on it and there it was.

His cock was all the way in, well as much as she could get in I imagine, I could just see half of her face, most of it was hidden by her soft blond hair, it was almost exactly like mine. Her pink lipsticked lips were sealed around it, her eyes were up looking up at who ever it was. I saw ridged defined stomach muscles level with her button nose. Her hand was sort of flat around the base. Fingers splayed and her rings were there too, just looking at it made me see her sucking as hard as she could.

Then I saw a message under it.

'Jilly this should be you, it is you, can you see yourself on me?'

I nearly fainted, an orgasm ripped right through me, I didn't need to read that, I was already thinking it. After an eternity I recovered, my eyes stopped rolling around my muddled head. I attacked the keyboard.

What do you want from me, who are you, why are you doing this? You have to stop.

I knew already I was hooked on that big beautiful black god like prick, I had never been consumed about anything before in my life, but this had me under wraps wholesale. I suddenly wanted to be who ever she was, that woman, I had to be, I was behaving irrationally, but I did, all I could think of was sucking that black masterpiece, tasting it. And then look down and watch it as it disappeared into my volcanic vagina. I really did.

Another mail, another attachment.

This will be you Jilly as soon as you say so, I knew you were a black lover, needy, urgent, willing, wanting, desire, yearning, an under lying passion to give yourself over to black. It was right there in your eyes when I looked at you, it was unmistakable when I caught you glancing at me. It doesn't, didn't have to be me, but it is, I found you, you need me, you need this, you can't deny it to me, but more to the importantly, yourself Jilly.

I scrolled down and there it was, the next photo, he was on top of the mystery woman, her arms and hands on his strong shoulders, they were naked. I couldn't see either faces, hers was covered by her blond hair, his was turned away slightly. I didn't recognise anything about him.

Her feet were high in the air; he was holding himself up in the air on his outstretched arms. And there it was, either going in or going out, I couldn't tell, but I heard her moaning from the photo. His slick black magical cock was glistening; her love juice was slathered all over it. It was a sight that will stay with me forever; I could hear squelching and sucking in my head as it drove in and out.

I must have sat there for an hour looking, watching and listening as he screwed her in the still photo. I had several climaxes ripple through me. I was getting to the point where I couldn't take anymore. I climbed on to my bed and fell into a fitful sleep, I was exhausted.

When I awoke I was a mental wreck, a car crash, the screen was in hibernation, I touched the mouse and it flickered into life and there it was, the photo of that black mahogany cock, taunting me again. He was right, I did need it, or at least to find out what I had been yearning for all these years without ever really admitting it to myself.

Then I noticed the little envelope, it was another one, and this was the one that tipped me over the edge into adultery with another man, I didn't know it right then but this was the one that got me. I opened it and the gasp I made might have been heard down the street.

He was behind her, holding her hips, his prick halfway in or out? Her head was down, her blond hair hanging low, her back arched downwards, on her hands and knees as he rutted her. But I still couldn't see who he was, this was driving me mad with frustration, I desperately needed to know who this was that was driving me unstoppably towards him.

I could see all of his body though, and what a body it was, strong legged, big tight muscular ass, very strong arms, a superbly crafted torso, powerful and muscular without being knotted. And black, fantastically black, he shone in the photo. He reached out to me drawing me in. Mt breathing was ragged.

I hurriedly typed a message.

Please tell me who you are, who is she?

I received an immediate reply.

She is you Jilly; you just need to be there.

No! I wrote back, she isn't me, she never could be.

Well, I suppose you are right there, she could never be you!

So who is she?

She is a model, someone I have hired to show you where you know you need to be Jilly. She is just someone, someone who could never stand in your shadow.

What do you want from me?

It's not about what I want Jilly, it's what we both know you want.

How did you know all this, you can't possibly know me that well.

I know you well enough now Jilly, don't I?

Stop playing games with me.

The last thing I would do is play games Jilly, this is real. When you really admit it, you will know you need what only I can give you, come to me Jilly, tomorrow.

That stunned me, everything he had been saying was correct, I did need to find out now what black cock was like, but meeting him, I wasn't sure about that at all.

Meet you? I don't think so; you won't tell me who you are. I'm not walking into somewhere I may not get out of.

I understand that Jilly, but you do know me, you just haven't recognised me yet. I will be at the Oasis Hotel in town tomorrow, be there by 10am, I will e mail you the room number, come and meet your destiny Jilly, you know you need to, even have to, you will die a sad and very unhappy old lady in 60 years time if you don't. Think about the photo's Jilly, look at them, see them, see you, see me, your black skin fantasy is waiting for you to grasp it, do it.

After sitting there forever I had to admit it, he was right, I hated myself but he was. I had to find out if being fucked by a black man was different to my husband, to any one. His cock was bigger than Graham's that was indisputable, even though my husband is well hung, my black man was bigger all round.

I sat there in a stupor, I don't know how long, but I realised I was going through the mails and the photos and I was bending more and more. Then an envelope appeared all it said was.

Room 511, 10 am.

That was it then, the decision was mine to make, 'go or no go,' as they say on a space shuttle launch. I managed to get myself back to some sort of normality before Graham came home, he knew I was quiet, earlier in the day I was going to rape him, but now I had something else on my mind. I knew myself well enough. I gave myself every reason in the book to be a good faithful wife, and the only argument against it was the thought of black cock.

By the time morning came around I knew black cock was going to win the argument hands down. It did! But with also a huge feeling of trepidation about what I was actually doing. I also was going with no absolute intent of being unfaithful to my husband and marriage; I was just going to have a 'look' not a test drive. At least that was what I kidded myself. Say things enough and you'll believe them is what I say.

I was up that morning as usual with Graham, I remember looking at him and thinking, 'oh Graham, what am I doing?' I got ready as soon as he left the house, all the while thinking, 'you are heading for trouble here lady!' I did my hair; it was down around my shoulders, just like her in the photos I thought. I wore a simple but fetching summer dress, low cut, loose around my thighs and knees, and finished about level with them, it was a lovely day. My dress was white with lovely red roses as a pattern. I also took with me a matching head scarf and dark glasses as a disguise. Did my face and I was ready.

I was there an hour early, binoculars in hand and watching every one come and leave, I saw three black men arrive, none looked the part I had in my head. One left, so it wasn't him was it. I almost drove away a million times, but something kept me there.

Then I looked at my watch, 10am, I drove to the steps of the hotel and luckily a car pulled out and I was in right next to them. I put my disguise on and got out. I headed for the steps leading in and happened to look up, I gazed right into one window as if guided there, and in the window was a black man, I couldn't tell who it was but he was looking directly at me of that I was certain.

I stopped in my tracks, my eyes fixed on him and his on mine, then he drifted away. I stood there for quite a while hoping, thinking he would look out again, he didn't. I didn't even know if that was room 511. I made my way into the lobby, saw the elevators in the centre, slowly walked to them, no one was staring at me, I was 'incognito.'

As I got to the elevator another man did to, I stood back and waited until he had gone and then pressed the button, when the door opened I entered and got in and pressed the 5 button. All I could think of was what the hell am I doing, but that black cocked skin was fixed, hammered into my brain, I had to find out. I almost stumbled out and into the 5th floor hallway.

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