tagLoving WivesA True Nymphomaniac

A True Nymphomaniac


This is really a sad story. It's a story about my wife, who is a nymphomaniac. I stay with her because I love her and I feel responsible for her being this way. I know this forum is for stories that get men hard and women wet, and I promise not to disappoint you in that area. But it is also a story about what can happen if you let sex consume your entire being.

We met in high school. Up until that time she had been in Catholic schools all through her elementary education. Public high school was a new experience for her. The mixture of boys and girls in the classroom made her very nervous at first. She seemed to be ashamed of her body. She wore bulky clothes which hid her curves and disguised her ample breasts. Her eyes were always looking downward so she didn't have to make eye contact with anyone.

Today, at forty, she is still a very attractive woman and still has a luscious body but time and behavior have taken a toll on her. Let me describe how she looked then. In high school Kimberly Ann was 5' 10" tall. Her hair was, and still is, shoulder length, very black and shiny. It seems to shimmer as she turns her head. Kim's breasts are about the same size now as they were the, 36c, satiny smooth with large nipples. Her nipples seem to stay hard all the time. She has a sexy body with a small waist, wide hips and lovely legs that flow into a well turned ankle. Even her feet are pretty. I've always told her she has "neat feet." Kim's best feature, however, is her coal black eyes that, still to this day, look down in a shy pose. But when she lifts those eyelids and looks at you, a certain emotion of sex makes a man tingle.

We were married a little over a year and our sex life was very satisfying to both of us. So, who could want more? I met a guy through work who told me about him and his wife and about how they enjoy "swinging" with other couples. This intrigued me and I pumped him for more information. The stories he told were hot and exiting, especially the details. He told about wives having sex with other wives in front of their husbands; about wives taking two men at a time. My imagination ran wild with the possibilities. I decided to talk to Kim and see how she felt about it. That is where it all began.

"Kim honey," I said as we cuddled in bed one night, "have you ever heard of swinging?"

"What's swinging," she asked with wide eyed innocence.

"It's having sex with other couples. It enhances their sex lives and makes sex more exiting. Tom and Betty are into it. He told me about it at work." Kim was silent for a long time.

"Is that what you want to do Tom?" she asked, not looking at me, but staring at the wall.

"It sounds exciting," I said, "but I just wanted to see how you would feel about it."

Kim looked into my eyes and said, "If that's what you want to do, I'll do it. You are my husband. I would do anything to keep you happy."

Feeling guilty, I told her that our sex is wonderful the way it is. Just the thought of doing it with other couples intrigues me, gets me hot.

"OK," Kim said, "you'll have to always be near me. I really don't know how I should act or what I should do."

I spoke again to Tom the next day about swinging and told him Kim is game for it.

"Great!" Tom said, "Kim is a real knockout. The guys will love her and the girls too I bet. We're having a party at our house Saturday night at eight, why don't you two come. Have Kim wear something sexy. There will be four couples counting you and Kim.

"We'll be there," I said. My cock was hard the rest of the day in anticipation.

Saturday came and I waited for Kim to come downstairs. "Honey, it's almost eight," I yelled." Hearing her high heels clicking at the top of the stairs, I looked up to a vision of loveliness and sex appeal. She wore a black mini skirt that flared out from her thighs and as she began to descend the stairs I got a glimpse of powder blue lace panties and I saw the blue garters holding up her sheer hose. The flesh between her nylons and panties was breathtaking and made my dick stand at attention. Kim wore a black peasant blouse that was off her shoulders and I just knew she wore no bra. Her lovely black hair was pulled back in a luscious ponytail. She smiled at me and, as usual, her eyes were downcast, emphasizing her long lashes. I was thrilled with how she looked. I wanted to run up the stairs and fuck her right then, to hell with the party. Maybe I should have.

We arrived at Tom's house at about 8:15 and were greeted by Tom and his wife June. June wore a simple terrycloth robe and no stockings or shoes. Hmm nothing like being ready, I thought.

"Come in, come in," June said. "Everyone's here. What would you like to drink?" Turning toward the living room she announced, "I want you to meet Tom and Kim, our newest friends." Introductions were made and I could see the men's eyes glued to my wife's lovely body. The two other couples were (believe it or not) Dick and Jane, and Mike and Donna. Dick was a husky guy with a receding hairline. He was good looking and could have been a linebacker. Jane was very tall and her hair was very red. It fell down to her shoulders and was in ringlets. Mike was thin and probably the oldest of the bunch. I figured about 50. His wife Donna was several years younger and blond. She was short, about 5' 1" I guessed. She had a very nice figure with small breasts.

Tom and June didn't waste any time and said, "In order to get everyone acquainted we'll do the "Blind Feelies" tonight." With that she turned off all the lights and said, "Everyone move to the center of the room."

It was total darkness. Kim grabbed my hand and we moved to the carpet on our hands and knees. Pulling Kim with me, I moved to the center of the floor. A lightly perfumed face found mine and we kissed with opened mouths. I had no idea who it was. Kim's hand slipped away from mine and I heard her murmur something like "Oh my."

My clothes were being removed by someone and the lips I was enjoying moved to my neck and then down to my nipples. She was licking my chest while someone pulled my pants and underwear off my legs. I could hear moaning and gasping, some of it coming from my wife. Just as those wonderful lips began moving closer to my crotch, I felt a warm wet mouth engulf my hard cock. The lips, finding my prick taken for the moment, moved back up to my mouth. More tongue kissing as my rigid cock was being sucked by someone with experience. Then, the lips were removed from my mouth and replaced with a sweetly scented cunt. Someone sat on my face and I opened my mouth to feel a woman's juices flow onto my tongue. I welcomed the flavor and licked all around and into that tasty cunt. As I worked my tongue over her hard little clit I felt the vibrations of a pussy cumming over my mouth. I heard a loud moan and tasted the flowing juice from her very wet pussy, wondering who I was tasting.

Time passed and the moans and groans continued. The mouth on my cock was removed, to my dismay, but was replaced by another. This one was very good. She sucked like she needed it and wanted it bad. I was going to cum in her mouth. As my sperm shot into her eager mouth she sucked harder, taking every drop down her throat. I felt her (I hope it was a her) lick me clean.

During the next hour or so I must have sucked three or four cunts, been sucked several times and had a cunt engulf my cock twice. I came at least three times. Just as another wet pussy was lowered onto my face, the lights went on all over the room. The pussy was quickly removed from my mouth, but that wonderful mouth kept sucking my cock, even with the lights on. She didn't care. I looked down and to my surprise; it was my wife Kim's mouth on my cock. Seeing her, I blew a tremendous load down her throat and she sucked every drop I had.

As we all adjusted ourselves and moved to our seats on the couches, I looked around to see everyone else looking around. They were all smiling. It was obvious they had played this game before. I turned and looked at Kim. She had the biggest smile of all. Her face was flushed and beautiful. Her hair had been released from the ponytail and looked lovely cascading over her bare shoulders. I noticed what looked like a drop or two of pearly white cum at the corner of her luscious mouth. I looked down at her cunt and saw pearly white drops of male cum leaking from her.

The night continued like that well into the morning, until all of us were exhausted. We said our goodbyes and went to our respective homes.

After almost a whole day of sleep, Kim and I showered and made breakfast. Nothing was said until after we ate and cleaned up the kitchen. Then we talked.

Kim wanted to know the things I did and how it felt. I told her my experiences of the night and went into detail on how it made me feel. Even though it was obvious that Kim really got into it that night, I was a bit apprehensive about talking about it to her. Her description of her experiences made me relax.

"I was scared at first," she said. "When my hand slipped out of yours I wanted to scream your name and tell you to take me home. I know you would have. Then someone was kissing me and I was tasting his tongue. My clothes were being removed. There were hands on my pussy, my breasts and then a mouth started licking my pussy. Something happened to me. I forgot all my fears. The mouth and tongue on my pussy felt so good. I just lay there and let them do what they wanted. Then, as the lips left mine, I felt the head of a large cock being pushed between my lips. I pretended it was yours and opened my mouth. It slid in all the way to my throat and I knew then that it was not yours. He was bigger and longer. He fucked my mouth and while he was doing that someone was sliding a cock into my pussy. I wanted it! I pushed my hips upward to get him all in me. The guy in my mouth came and shot a load of cum down my throat. It made me crazy! I wanted more. I licked all his cream from his cock and balls. He quickly moved away and another cock entered my mouth. I eagerly sucked on it. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I need him to feed me his sperm! All this time I was being fucked by one cock after another. This guy filled my mouth with his cream and then another. Then the cock in my pussy came in me and pulled away and was replaced by a very talented mouth. I reached my hand down to pull his head closer and found that it was a woman. She sucked me like I've never been sucked before. She worshiped my cunt. I had cum many times and wanted more. This woman made it last and last. She didn't want to stop and I didn't want her to. While she was sucking me some guy tried to enter my ass, but he was too big and after some complaints from me he went on to someone else. All this was happening while I was sucking one cock after another. I had a tremendous orgasm into this woman's mouth. It seemed to last forever. It was the best cum I ever had. Then to my dismay, there were no more cocks to suck. No one was fucking me. No one was eating me. I roamed around on my hands and knees and found a cock standing up straight. I immediately went down on it and began sucking. After a few minutes, I knew it was yours. I know how your cock feels in my mouth. Then the lights went on. I didn't want to stop until I drank your load.

This experience opened up a whole new world for Kimberly. And I said to myself, "What have I Wrought?"

As the week went on we tried to bring our feelings back to normal, at least I did. The things that happened kept coming into my mind. At work, every time I remembered some of the details of that night I got a hard on. When I called Kim at noon, she seemed breathless. She said she couldn't stop thinking about it and was playing with her pussy. She said she had come twice already and couldn't wait for me to get home to fuck her. I left work early.

After some wild sex that night I asked Kim if she wanted to do swinging again.

"I hope you don't mind," she said, "I called June and asked when it was going to happen again. She said just about every Saturday night at her house, sometimes with different couples. I told her we'd be there.

I was all for it but there was something about her eagerness that bothered me.

We went to Tom and June's that Saturday and, at Kim's insistence, got there early. June greeted us at the door as before, in her robe and nothing else. Since we were early we sat and had a drink with them.

"How did you two like the party last Saturday," Tom asked?

I said it was awesome and Kim said, "I never knew I could cum so many times. It was wonderful."

After a while Dick and Jane showed up and told us that Mike and Donna were not coming. They had relatives over.

"Well, it looks like a cozy sextet, pun intended," June laughed.

The lights stayed on this night.

"Why don't we all just get undressed," June suggested, "and get together in our king size bed." She led the way to their bedroom.

Everyone quickly undressed, anticipating the good sex that was to come. I looked at Kim and saw that she hadn't taken any of her clothes off.

"You're not backing out now," I said.

Kim answered by asking June if she would put on some soft music. June turned on the bedroom stereo and we heard some of Jackie Gleason and Buddy Hackett mood music. Kim then began to sway with the music, turning and moving exotically. She was wearing a bright red see-through blouse with a red lacy bra underneath. Her skirt was straight and black and came just above her knees. Kim's spike heels made her long legs very sexy. She had on a red silk scarf that she began to loosen slowly. She ran the scarf back and forth around her delicate neck, then letting it fall to the floor. Kim turned around and, with her back to us she unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor. Turning again we saw the beautiful lacy bra, just barely covering her large nipples. With her thumbs she gently pinched her nipples and made them even harder. Turning from us again, she reached behind her and unhooked the bra and let it fall to the floor. Then she turned and faced us, cupping her ample breasts in her hands. She spent a while squeezing them and pinching her nipples, then she brought her nipples up to her mouth and licked each of them in turn. There were three very rigid cocks standing in ovation.

Once again, turning her back to us, Kim began sliding her skirt down over her hips, swinging to the music as she did so. When the skirt fell to the floor, she looped her thumbs in her sheer panties and quickly brought them down her legs and stepped out of them. Then Kim bent down and picked up the red scarf. She held it in front of her pubic area and turned to face us. Swinging to the music and swaying her tits from side to side, she held the scarf between her legs and began running it back and forth between her ass and her pussy. It was obvious the scarf was getting very wet.

Ending her dance, she gave the scarf to me, holding it under my nose. I smelled the sweet aroma of her sex. Just as everyone gave her a big round of applause, Kim turned to Tom and went right down on his cock, taking all of it in her mouth and down her throat.

The night of sex was amazing and exciting. We fucked and sucked each other's wives, had two on one, three on one and one on one. We fucked and sucked in every imaginable position. All of us came several times, Kim the most I think. After a few wild sessions we relaxed and June made us all drinks. Everyone except Kim relaxed. While we were sipping our drinks, she licked Dick's cock, trying to get it hard again. Having no success she went to Tom and worked on his. No luck. Finally she came to me and began sucking on my flaccid dick, trying to get it hard.

"Shit," she said, "You guys can't be through already." Then she turned and went for June, pushing her legs open and diving onto June's pussy. June was startled and so was I. I never knew Kim had any tendency toward women. June looked at me and then at her husband. Finally she relaxed and let my wife lick her cunt. Kim ate and sucked on June's pussy as if she were starved and couldn't get enough. June lay back and put her hands on Kim's head to steer her to where she wanted her tongue. June's fingers laced themselves in Kim's luxurious black hair and, that alone was an erotic sight.

Watching this hot show was just too much. All three of us guys started to get hard again. Jane was intrigued also. She was sitting right next to June and Kim. Jane started to caress June's tits. Wow! This was going even better that I expected.

June lifted her hips, pushing her cunt into my wife's face. She began to cum.

"Oh, Kimmie, Kimmie, baby, I'm cumming. Oh your tongue is so good. It's making me cum. Ahhh, Ahhh, mmmm."

Kim continued to lick and suck on June's pussy until June pushed her head away.

"It's too tender now Kim. Thank you for that wonderful cum, but I'm kind of sore now."

Kim, after tasting her first pussy, turned to Jane and quickly went down on her.

"Yeah Kim," Jane said, "I'll have some of that tongue. Can you make me cum like you did June?"

Kim said something but it was muffled by Jane's cunt lips. She hooked her arms around Jane's legs and greedily sucked on her pussy, licking slurping, her head moving back and forth. It wasn't too long before Jane was reaching her climax. Like June, she lifted her hips up to meet Kim's face and screeched as her orgasm took over her body.

Breathlessly she moaned, "I've never had a cum like that before. It was so good. Are you sure you're not gay Kim?"

Kim, paying her no attention, noticed that all three cocks were now hard and throbbing. Going for the nearest one, she threw herself on Dick and took him deep into her throat. She sucked him until he filled her mouth with his cum and then went to Tom. No foreplay, no licking up and down the shaft and tasting the balls like she used to do, Kim took him in her mouth and into her throat eagerly. She stayed down on his 8" cock for the longest time. I was amazed and wondered how she held her breath so long. Finally she backed off and took a deep breath. Then she dove down on Tom's prick again, going deep. She stayed down even longer this time.

"Oh, shit man," Tom hollered, "I'm cumming right down her throat. He had to push her off. She didn't want to release his cock.

"Wow, you sure are great at sucking cock," Tom said.

"And eating pussy too," June added.

My wife looked up at me and took hold of my hard prick. She smiled and lowered her head and engulfed my cock into her throat. Kim held my balls in her small hands as she sucked and nursed my cock to climax. My prick shot what it had left in it, into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed all of it. I had to push her off.

"Oh, my, it's four a.m." June said. We have to get some sleep. With that we all began to dress, except for Kim.

"We're not leaving yet are we," she pleaded with me.

"Honey, we have to get some sleep too and we're all fucked out," I said. I got agreement from the guys.

Kim sat on the floor, working her hand into her cunt. She was trying to cum one more time. "No, no, please, not yet," Kim was pleading.

We all looked at each other in amazement. I used a little force and lifted my wife to her feet and helped her get dressed. A pained expression was on her face.

When we arrived home, Kim quickly undressed and wanted me to fuck her. Ignoring her, I went into the shower. After a long, hot shower I went to the bedroom and fell into the bed, exhausted. Kim stripped and got into the shower. I fell asleep immediately. When the sun began peeking into the bedroom I turned to embrace my wife, she was not there. Getting up, I stumbled into the bathroom and saw her on the floor, a tall thin bottle of hairspray in her hand. She was pumping it into her cunt.

"I need to cum again," Kim said.

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